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It's been a little over seven years since I've swapped last on swap-bot! I've missed it so much! The penpals I've made over the years here have become so close that we've added each other on FB and most have stopped writing since we can readily talk on IG or FB. Because of this, I would like to add a few new pen pals these days and start again with some small, flat swaps for now.

My name is Stephanie (She/her). I am 36, reside in Florida. I am engaged and have two children, ages 12 and 5. I currently have sixteen pets, a garden... basically a little hobby farm. My favorite colors are black, blue, red and silver. I love darker colors. My biggest collection would be my books; I currently own around 1000. I had to get rid of a lot of books in 2019 when we moved as we've downsized. My favorite genre is fantasy, thoughI found myself reading mostly romance (what I call my 'fluff' reading) in 2020. Books that weren't as serious. I also love to collect stickers (and often have a difficlut time actually using them), pens, and paper crafting items though I don't have an office anymore so I've downsized quite a bit of that as well. I tend to write long letters when I am excited to write and if my penpal gives me a lot to respond to, or asks questions. I am quiet in person until I get to know someone but I can write or type all day. I play games on steam and roblox from time to time. Taking care of my garden, farm animals, and family are my number one priorities in life currently.

I ALWAYS send & I always rate, usually on the day I've received. If I have somehow missed rating you, please message me.

I re-use/recycle packaging and I hope you do the same! =D


I had a short lived obsession with the Twilight Saga... I even founded a group called Twihards that was active 2010-2011, until I took a full time position at work, and was unable to dedicate as much time to swapping as I had in the past. The group is still open, but not active.

Favorite Crafts

In the past, I have enjoyed making inchies, twinchies, ATC's, Tiny felt stuffies, Altered Matchboxes, Card Making, Scrapbooking, putting together craft kits or inspirational kits, journal 52, big boutique style hair bows, post cards, amongst other things, and I hope in the future, or as time allows, I am able to craft more.

As of 2021, I have moved back to paper crafting the most. I bullet journal, use a travelers notebook that I enjoy decorating, as well as Llewellyns Witches Journal this year. I love vintage themes, using washi, and stickers. I currently have two penpals left that I've had for coming up on 10-12 years. Over the last few years I have focused on my instagram (bookstagram) page,reading, and schooling for my children. We moved in 2019 and currently have pigs, a goat, bunnies, and two dogs. I also have a garden and we are always working on the once overgrown yard. In 2019 I began a garden and expanded that in 2020 when Covid hit and everything began to close down. I reside in Florida so we have not experienced the level of being shut down that most countries and other states have experienced. Between all of that, I stay busy.

My Family


(Update 2021:) My sisters no longer participate in swap-bot due to time constraints. Ihave even inspired my sisters to begin swapping here (they are very crafty and artistically inclined and we all share the same love for creating new things)

Updated to 2021!: I now have a 12 year old girl and a 5 year old boy!

What she would like to receive (for any kids swaps I join for her) would be:

Anime anything! Stickers! We unfortunately lost her sticker book while moving in 2019, where she had been saving stickers from the time she was 5. I know, so sad. So both of the kids have started new sticker books as her brother has as much fun with them as she does! Super cute plushies or anime plushies Anything sky, cloud, or starry Notepads Coloring books Poppin Kitchen/Happy Kitchen kits Kawaii plushies and squishies Craft Kits

Anything kid friendly & unopened. =D

My 5 year old son: He loves all things LEGO, Mario themed, Minecraft and more!

My other half: Enjoys baseball, football, the weather, video games & video game accessories, & wrestling entertainment. He is a great guy with a big heart, and can always make me laugh. He is sarcastic, goofy & a big nerd & I love the crazy crap out of him. He is a gamer! I love watching him play! Though he doesnt have much time to game these days with work. Put the two of us together and you are bound to end up laughing your butt off!!! (Or at least looking at us like we're crazy.. O_o :P )




*Stickers *Craft paper *Empherma Emphera? (sp?) *Vintage everything. Book pages, photos, stickers, vintage themed anything *Peter Pan anything and everything! *Pirates!

  • The PC game series Stronghold (I just got the Windows 8 operating system so my game doesnt work :( (Update 2021: I use steam now and have been able to acquire stronghold, but it doesnt appeal to me as much as it once did these days and I hardly play!)
  • Minecraft
  • Vintage EVERYTHING. I have recently found a love for all things vintage. I used to pass on all the vintage themed things but now I am in love with it and use it as much as possible!
  • Dave McKean's Artwork
  • Tattoos
  • Piercings
  • Kawaii
  • Mythical Creatures, films, books, art...
  • Movies
  • Elephants
  • Dolphins
  • Koalas
  • Pandas
  • Tigers
  • Sarcasm
  • Goofiness/ Sillyness/ Craziness
  • pink, black, red, blue, silver
  • trees
  • silhouettes (I find black against white imagery extremely beautiful)
  • birds in the wild. Listening to them, spotting them...
  • Nature. Wind in the trees, going for a hike deep into the woods... *Gardening *Animals
  • Supernatural Phenomenon of all kinds. I enjoy stories about it, but do not meddle in it myself.
  • Organizing. I am always collecting things (whether it be kawaii, crafting items, trinkets, ect...) So, I love to organize and reorganize everything...
  • Collecting! It must be my all time favorite thing to do!!! I get it from my mom. She's a chaotic somewhat organized hoarder. 3 bedroom home full of all the things and she thinks she needs a bigger one! =P
  • The Cosmos, stars, clouds, the sky, the sun and moon... I find them all very magical.
  • Neil Gaiman (One of my favorite authors) Add Leigh Bardugo and VE Schwabb to this list these days.


  • Printed or handmade swap cards (especially with kawaii, mythical, or circus images)
  • Envelopes, handmade or store bought that are 4x6 or larger. Any color(s) .
  • Circus, Carnival and Vintage themed items for my Smash Book. (Circus, and Carnival especially!, cutouts, die cuts, random images , trinkets, ect would be amazing!!!)
  • Faeries & all mythical creatures!
  • Octopus images, trinkets, cut outs, ect for my smash book!
  • Handmade items such as: cards, stuffies, felt plushies, amuguris, ornaments, clay charms or ornaments, resin charms, lucky stars, cards, as well as other handmade items! *Letter sets *Decorative paper for crafts or writing letters

MY KAWAII FAVORITES/DISLIKES (Update 2021: I do not collect kawaii any longer and have sold most of what I owned. I do still have a few letter sets and mini memos that I am happy to trade or send as extras through swaps or penpalling). It was a good run but I am no longer consumed by the cuteness.


Right now I am VERY addicted to: * Little Twin Stars * Cinnamoroll * Sun-Star Yum Yums
* Manjukunweight * Pom Pom Purin * Hannari Tofu

My other Kawaii Likes: * Monokuro Boo * Strawberry Town (especially circus themes!) * Keroppi * GHOSTS!!!! * Halloween themes! Ehr-muh-gosh, I absolutely die when I see cutesy pootsie witches! * ELEPHANTS!!!!!! Did I say elephants?! Yes! I freaking love kawaii elephants. * Kawaii Poop * Mameshiba * I absolutely LOVE the dark/night/circus/carnival themed kawaii * Tuxedo Sam


  • I truly appreciate swaps & the effort everyone puts into putting them together, but please do not send me items that are unusable. Water logged, ruined, torn, dirty, ect... I do recycle/up-cycle, so as long as it is in good condition, I will be happy with it! I do not want things that smell like smoke. We live in a smoke free home and my nose is sensitive to harsh smells.

Food & Drink

I love tea. I now have a loose leaf infuser so can even accept loose teas! I have a garden these days and grow many things for making my own teas, including but not limited to: lemongrass, sage, rosemary, lemon balm, peppermint, spearmint, roses, and more! I just bought a Camellia Sinensis (Tea plant!) Its the China tea type, not Allum (it has serrated leaves). And it is a new plant so it will be around a year or two before I can begin to harvest from it for tea making.

I love Sweet Cinnamon Spice Tea, Flavored Green Teas, ect. I Do not like English Breakfast Tea. (Update 2021: I LOVE English Breakfast tea now! My how our tastes change!) I do not like Crystal Light singles as the only flavors I can stand are lemonade and raspberry green tea. I do not truly care for things with aspartame or other artificial sweeteners. I prefer to use honey or raw sugar to sweeten things.

I love trying new flavors, and foreign teas.

Candies: we LOVE candies! Especially ones that are new to us! Japanese candies & snacks especially, but we would like to try things from all over the world! I only have access to Hi-Chews, Strawberry, Chocolate, & Vanilla Hello Pandas, Strawberry & Chocolate Pocky and occasionally Chocolate YamYam here. We subscribed to Universal Yums in 2018/2019 and it was a pleasure to try snacks from across the world!

Favorite Television

I dont watch cable much, but I LOVE my Netflix! and Hulu.

I have most recently enjoyed watching: *Vikings, * Hannibal, *Dare Me *Bridgerton (OMG I just binged this baby and now I need to read the books!) *The Witcher *KDramas like It's Okay to Not Be Okay, Start UP, Sweet Home, Crash Landing On You... My All-time favorites would be: Descendants of the Sun, Strong Girl Bong-soon (or whatever variation the title has), Meteor Garden 2018, A Love So Beautiful.

Shows I've watched or binged in the past: * Game of Thrones. Why did no one tell me about this show ages ago!!! No, actually Im glad I didnt know about it because it would have killed me to wait so long between shows!!!! I SO need to read these books! I have one from a thrift shop but need to get the others!!! * Reign (OMG I ADORE this show!) * Star-Crossed * The Walking Dead (It's close to home as R.K. is a friends big brother & I grew up reading the comics in their beginning stages!) * Secret Circle (sad it was cancelled) Want to read the books it was based off of. * Supernatural. I am on Season 7. (2021: We never did finish Supernatural) * Breaking Bad * Once Upon A Time (stopped watching at season 3) * American Horror Story * The Vampire Diaries
* Heroes (Season 4) * Bones (Watched randomly) * Adventure Time (Have seen them all) * NCIS (Watch Randomly) * Weeds (up to season 3 on Netflix)

Random Things

Music: I have what I've been told is eclectic taste. In my opinion, I just enjoy a bit of music from a lot of genres. I don't enjoy much gospel, and very few country songs appeal to me, top charts pop has never been a favorite of mine either.



I have never been rated for the following swaps:


Swaps I have never recieved:




  • Smoke free home (yay!) and loving it!

  • We now have TWO dogs in our home. So if you have allergies, I am not the best swap partner for you unfortunately.

  • We also have chickens, pigs, a goat, and a rabbit but they are outside. XD


yvonne401 rated for RAK Destash #1 - January on Jan 16, 2021
Comment: Happy New Year!
fernsmama rated for KSU: Kawaii MEMO Bags June! on Aug 7, 2014
Comment: thanks for the great swap ♥
paperpusher rated for KSU: Kawaii MEMO Bags July! on Aug 4, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the memo bags!
Comment: Cute envie! Bags received and will be moving along as soon as possible. Thanks for swapping!
kasini rated for KSU: Washi tape samples! on Jun 30, 2014
Comment: Thank you! I don't have any of them, the elephant one is my favorite 😍
raniheartspaper rated for Kawaii Sticker Flakes on Jun 30, 2014
Comment: Thank you for an awesome selection of sticker flakes and also all the cute extras you sent!
pamcake rated for KSU: PinkPinkPink on Jun 28, 2014
Comment: Thank you for your swap and the extra as well!
foxyfoxy rated for (10/10/10) Swap series #4 on Jun 24, 2014
Comment: Thank you! :)
xoxocat8845 rated for WEIRD Kawaii! on Jun 23, 2014
Comment: Thanks for being in my swap and for the "weird" stuff :)
JazzyHearts rated for Kawaii Lettersets! on Jun 18, 2014
Comment: Thank you for picking things you knew I would like :)
Wingy rated for Random Washi Samples on Jun 18, 2014
Comment: thank you so much for the cute selection of washi...thanks for the extras also...much appreciated :)
paperpusher rated for KSU: Kawaii MEMO Bags May! on Jun 18, 2014
Comment: Thanks so much for the memo bags and extra goodies! I appreciate you resending and am still hoping the first bunch make it here and aren't just gone forever.... Fingers crossed!!!
Response: Yeah it stinks when they get lost in the mail, but it happens. It's happened to me a few times this year already. :(. No problem resending though! My last partner sent me at least 10 bags!!!
Comment: Thanks for the great assortment of bags! =)
mommyrox rated for Kawaii Penpal Questionnaire on Jun 12, 2014
Response: Wow! Thanks for rating me exactly one year after this swap was sent.... lol
Comment: Thanks for the variety! I think almost all the memos were new to me. :)
Comment: After I said the 10th anniversary pad I was like... don't I have that, though? Well, I don't, this is new to me. =D Thanks for reading my mind, and for joining my swap!! (PS, love the "repeat" note on it!)
Response: lol, Im very glad you were pleased with it! It's by far, one of my favorite mini memos! & Rilakkuma designs in general! Lol tsos I leave that note on there? That was so I knew not to use it because I already had the exact one that I had pulled sheets from! Lol
fernsmama rated for KSU: Kawaii MEMO Bags April! on May 3, 2014
Comment: thanks :D
Comment: Wow, Stephanie...you sent some "awesome" my way, and I'm so appreciative! Love it all, from the sticker flake sack to the memo pad to the sticky notes. Thank you so much ♥
Response: Im glad you liked everything! =D
Comment: Thanks for all the sticker bags! =)
Comment: Thanks for the sticker bags too, lol! =)

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