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Swap Coordinator:drewzel (contact)
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Number of people in swap:55
Last day to signup/drop:January 31, 2007
Date items must be sent by:February 25, 2007
Number of swap partners:1

If you're like me, you love magazines from overseas, whether they be craft, fashion, decorating etc. ...But they cost lots to buy!

So I thought we'd have a swap with 1 partner of a magazine from their country, or if you're both from the same country, a magazine you want but can't get your hands on.

This is an international swap, everyone welcome. Post your magazine preferences in the comments so your partner knows what you like...eg. I like sewing, Japanese craft, and decorating.

Oh, and make sure your magazine is in English, unless you know your partner would prefer otherwise.


drewzel 01/ 4/2007 #

I prefer English, unless it's a Japanese craft magazine. =) As I said, anything sewing or homemaking. Or a copy of Lucky, or something by Martha Stewart.

cranialbleeding 01/ 4/2007 #

i love vogues in different languanges. any fashion magazine would be amazing. as would music.

Grinch 01/ 4/2007 #

I would like a decorating or fashion magazine or a Martha Stewart type magazine from overseas.

user5526 01/ 4/2007 #

I am from Australia and as such cannot get the wonderful Pottery Barn catalouge so I would really love it if I got someone from America if they could send that? Otherwise a scrapbooking or decorating magazine.

user5527 01/ 4/2007 #

Hi - I am in England and would love to receive a mag about crafts, sewing, japanese crafts, Martha Stewart or anything similiar. x

funkykchicken 01/ 4/2007 #

I would like Japanese Crafts,Crazy Quilts,Embroidery Stitches,Altered Arts.I would like something with more instructions ect.I would prefer not to receive any Somerset Studio,Quilting Arts,Cloth Paper and Scissors or Stampington i suscribe to those.

user255 01/ 4/2007 #

I'm from the US and would like any foreign childrens, crafts, or decorating magazines. :)

mazzam 01/ 6/2007 #

I love magazine swaps! I really like knitting magazines best but subscribe to Interweave Knits, Knitting and Simply Knitting. Any other craft or design magazines would be gratefully received.

OyeMichi 01/ 8/2007 #

To my partner: I love magazines in different languages and with lots of vivid pictures. If you're from another country, I would not mind magazines in a language other than English.

These are the type of magazines I like: art, music, travel, cooking, fashion, international news, etc.

I like magazines that have unusual photos (like Rolling Stone, Harper's Bazaar, National Geographic) and if you're in the U.S., I love indie magazines and something local from your city/state.

And my profile has a lot more of what I'm into.

Thank you bunches!! :-)

daffyd1963 01/ 9/2007 #

I just joined this one sounds fun I would love to have a magazine in a foreign language and I like weird unusual art , pictures or magazines with lots of strange pictures would be great I do a lot of college and atcs and im always looking for mags with cool pictures and print to use If you are from the USA I like any kind of altered art magazine or ATC magazine or anything with wild and unusual pictures and text thanks this should be a fun swap carolyn h

LadyYing 01/11/2007 #

I enjoy in any language, fashion, art, craft and home decor magazines :)

nifwlseirff 01/12/2007 #

I'd love to receive a magazine in Japanese - cooking, home decor or manga. ;>

Craftycakes 01/14/2007 #

I love crafting(especially jewelry), desserts, decorating and art

user2310 01/15/2007 #

oooh i love this swap! glossy fashion magazines for me please (: apologies for my swap partner in advance since i'm in Australia and the postage will probably be exxy! (i love gardening and also interior design mags as well)

Susi 01/15/2007 #

For possible partners in english speaking counties, I'd love any magazine about papercrafts and/or altered arts. for those in countries that speak a language other than english, or where it would be difficult to get magazines in english, i have the same interests as carolyn (post above) for us partners, i'd like any back issue of rubber stamp madness, stampington, cloth paper scissors take ten.... or any magazine that has articles on altering cds, books, making atcs or art dolls would be very cool! this is a big list so it shouldn't be difficult susi

user5486 01/15/2007 #

I love foriegn fashion magazines or music magazines:)

yarnpie 01/18/2007 #

This swap is such a great idea! My requests are: if my partner is from any country other than the US - please send me a knitting magazine. As I already subscribe to most US knitting magazines, if you are from the US please send a cool craft magazine or something like martha stewart. Thanks, can't wait to get my partner!

user5648 01/18/2007 #

Hello! For me a magazine about literature in English or German or French or Spanish would be the first choice or a vogue or other fancy womens magazine. My second preference would be a magazine about Star Trek. Id like a magazine about cats as well, or about nature, but not dogs and not fishing. A childrens or teen magazine for about 10 year olds and older would be fine, too (I mean this magazines which come along with small gifts). Japanese craft like Origami would be cool, too. I can not knit and Im not really interested in music magazines either. I guess I gave you a lot of possibilities so that you can find something for me. Surprise me with your choice!

Simsan 01/18/2007 #

I'd really like a Japanese craft magazine since other than ebay and Japan I have no idea where to get these.

figneutrons 01/21/2007 #

I'd like either a film related or fashion magazine (I like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar types). It does not have to be in English, I actually prefer it not to be!

gooddog56 01/26/2007 #

If you're not in the US, I'd love a knitting magazine, a jewelry craft magazine or paper craft magazine. If those aren't available, or you're in the US, I'd be delighted with a magazine that has lots of pictures to use for collage. Thank you!!

birdbeth 01/26/2007 #

great idea for a swap - i love magazines! especially home magazines, japanese craft or if in the US any unusual regional magazines not available everywhere - or anything with really great pictures! does not have to be in english.

SimplyAdorable1983 01/26/2007 #

I like any kind of english launguage teen magazine.

user2648 01/26/2007 #

Yippee! What fun! I love magazines! Japanese craft magazines, home decor, knitting, sewing, fashion, art.

user5257 01/27/2007 #

I love magazines, I'd love to get something I've never seen before. I like craft, fashion, decorating, sewing, cooking, and travel, in English or not. I just got Cafe vol.5 (japanese craft magazine) and I LOVE it. The magazines I currently subscribe to are: Cottage Living, Domino, Mary Englebert, and Cooking Light.

ukquilter 01/27/2007 #

I subscribe to Quilters Newletter, Quilting Arts, Down Under Quilts, New Zealand Quliter Oprah Magazine, Australian Patchwork and Quilting, British Patchwork and Quilting, Sunday Times Travel and Yoga Journal ( gosh that's a lot when I list it like that!!) so none of those please. I like intelligent woman's magazines, current affairs, food and cookery and travel. I'd be interetsied in a magazine covering alreted books and ATCs if one exists too.

Lunaria 01/29/2007 #

I'd love a beading/jewelry/glass art/craft magazine, travel magazine, or a local magazine about your city or country Those can be in any language or from any country. Also any cooking magazine in English. Thanks! What fun!

user3614 01/29/2007 #

this sounds like fun!!

i would love any type of crafting, scrapbooking, or paper crafting magazine in any language. if those aren't available where you are from, any kind of cooking or fashion magazine would be nice to receive. :) just in case someone from the us gets me, the only magazine that i subscribe to is 'creating keepsakes' - anything else is fair game. :)

happy swapping to you all!

mediatinker 01/29/2007 #

I live in Japan, where English magazines are scarce, limited and expensive. I'd like to participate since I see many people want Japanese craft magazines. But if I get an "English only" partner, I won't be able to send anything worthwhile.

Should I participate, or pass on this swap?

drewzel 01/29/2007 #

Mediatinker...I think you should join, so many people love Japanese magazines, and I'm sure your partner would be happy with your choice, English or not...so please join in!

Baglady 01/29/2007 #

I have alot of magazines to sway so this is a good swap for me. I like anything that has to do with fashion, home, crafts or scrapbooking! Thanks

wollbindung 01/29/2007 #

hello all,

i would prefer magazines about knitting (i subscribed IWK and knitscene)or decorating. the language doesn´t matter. a wonderful swap-idea!

mediatinker 01/29/2007 #

OK, I am in and my partner is likely to get a Japanese magazine on the topic of her choice. As for me, if English is your local language, I'd love some meaty reading of essays or short stories - ala the New Yorker - or anything with interesting photos: fashion, food, craft as you like.

KMC 01/30/2007 #

I like knitting, crocheting, and travel magazines...Any language will be ok.

user4463 01/30/2007 #

I love knitting and Japanese crafting magazines. I already subscribe to Interweave Knits and have many copies of Vogue Knitting. I wouldn't mind back copies of Interweave Knits, anything before Winter 2003.

If you're in Europe, Phildar or Rebecca knitting magazines would be greatly appreciated.

Alternatively, there are many mags I can't get because I'm in Australia and I'm happy to be surprised.

Visit my blog for more info about me.

alliec 01/30/2007 #

i like photography, electronic music (ambient/chillout), cultural geography, liberal politics, and vegan cooking/baking. i am traveling to southern france, italy, germany, belgium, luxembourg, sweden, and norway in june so any travel magazine that discusses these places would be cool.

i have subscriptions to: harper's, national geographic, canadian geographic, demaisonneuve, and dwell.

i can read french, english, and spanish.

hanjiwest 01/30/2007 #

i also like japanese craft mags,(seems like so many of us swap bot do) as well as zines of any sort. mags in english or other languages are ok! smart intelligent mags appreciated-but i also like to be surprised!

i have subs. to the somerset mags and cloth,paper,scissors so please don't send these...

craftymomma 01/30/2007 #

I would love a magazine in a different language (other than english). My first choice would be french but I'm not picky. The content isn't really important to me either, I plan on using it as backgrounds in my atc's. This is a great swap idea. Good job!

sleepingrover2010 01/30/2007 #

I also want to let you know that I will be sending you a thank you note via snail mail if you are my partner. I will do the rating on the site as soon as I can. Thanks

sara0811 01/30/2007 #

I live in the US, but used to live in Japan so I can read Japanese. I'd love Japanese craft magazines or cooking ones... like Orange Page. If not Japanese, then any kind of craft magazine or cooking magazine. What the heck, just surprise me... it's all good! I'm very rural and hoping that I will be able to find something special enough for my partner. Will do my best!

user5824 01/31/2007 #

I live in the US and I love fashion,crafts & cooking mags. If my partner is from outside the US - then anything that you think in cool. I can't read other languages but if lots of great images then I will enjoy. If in the US - I already get vogue, martha, in style & bon appetit monthly. I look forward to this swap!

user2726 01/31/2007 #

What a fun swap! I would LOVE a Japanese craft magazine or any foreign magazine for that matter! Altered art, scrapbooking, jewelry, fashion, cooking -- I like them all! I like Body & Soul magazines.

I subscribe to: Domino, Real Simple.

mayfly80 01/31/2007 #

I love, but rarely buy interior design/decorating magazines. Also, graphic design and photography (photos, not camera stuff) magazines. I've never been able to find any Japanese craft magazines or any of the wonderful Swedish design mags I see on people's blogs.

user969 01/31/2007 #

My magazine doesn't have to be in English, but I like lots of pretty photographs. I love Japanese craft magazines like Cotton & Paint. I also like home magazines like French Marie Claire or British Ideal Homes. I would prefer something with crafts (no knitting magazines, please) or home decorating magazines. I subscribe to Mary Engelbreit Home Companion. This swap is going to be great!!! :)

user4433 01/31/2007 #

The best would be a magazine in Italian. A knitting magazine from any country but the U.S. would be great. I subscribe to most of the knitting mags here in the U.S.

If you are in the u.s. any cooking or travel magazine would be nice.


user1598 02/ 1/2007 #

To my partner Id love an International papercraft magazine or interiors magazine... I also love Country Living/Country Home mags Martha Stewart Living or Blueprint is great too so any one of those would be awesome...

No knitting or quilt mags - cheers ACx

taia 02/ 1/2007 #

I´d love music, art, travel or cook magazine. Scrapbooking magazines would be nice too. I´ve never read Martha Stewart Living (I live in Brazil), so it´s a choice.

Even news magazines would be great =) I´m very anxious.

taia 02/ 1/2007 #

Uh, sorry. Psychology magazines would be great too. I can read both English and Portuguese.

michellelliott 02/ 1/2007 #

I would love to have a knitting magazine from a country other than the US. I prefer English but, a Japanese knitting mag would be great, too.

If my partner is from the US, I'd like to receive a magazine about spinning (wool), beading or recycled art, etc.

Surprise me!

user5302 02/ 1/2007 #

I prefer english please. I love science, gadgets, dogs, birds, electronics, crafts, beading, just about anything! Peace, Raven

schlabs 02/ 1/2007 #

HI, I like all magazines but in english please.


user5407 02/ 1/2007 #

I'd love to get magazines about fashion or home/interior decor. Preferably English, but Japanese/Chinese/French is fine with me as well.

user1598 02/ 1/2007 #

oh - how many mags do we swap? Just one?

user5648 02/ 1/2007 #

I think we need to send one magazine and can add more as extra goodies. I`m so glad I got a partner who allows their mag to be not english!

user5648 02/ 1/2007 #

AnastasiaC, I think many people just mention many things they like to make it easier for the sender to find something.

Zanara 02/ 1/2007 #

I like anything to do with gardening, photography, altered art, beading and knitting. ( would prefer english but as long as there was beautiful pictures anylanguage would work) Thank you.

swapperk 02/ 1/2007 #

Hi everyone, I love British mags, anything to do with knitting - from anywhere!! Also like Martha Stewart, organization mags, or gardening.

LadyYing 02/ 1/2007 #

Oh yeah I forgot to add in mine no knitting or quilt mags. No doll making stuff either. Cheers

sara0811 02/ 2/2007 #

Mine's off to Kimmie in North Dakota.Hope you like what I sent!

cath 02/ 2/2007 #

Hi, I would like to receive a home decoration magazine or cross stitching magazine... thanks...

gooddog56 02/ 3/2007 #

nifwlseirff -- sent your package today--should be there in 2 weeks...

kathy w -- gooddog56

sleepingrover2010 02/ 3/2007 #

I get a lotof magazines. However, I would love to get a magazine about cardmaking, that actually comes from the UK. I would enjoy getting a quilting magazine that comes from your area. Also, I am very interested in the magazine called Mind Games--it is a puzzle, games magazine that comes from your area. If you have any other magazines like that I would enjoy a magazine like that if you can't find Mind Games. Craft Magazines from your area would be wonderful--I am a cardmaker, scrapbooker, bookmaker, starting to explore beadmaking, learning to quilt make.

Also, you can read my profile and if there is something in a magazine that is available and you think I would like it, please feel free to send it. Thanks very much. Barb

user5370 02/ 3/2007 #

Hi I love home interiors mags - contemporary rather than traditional. Also because we have such a poor choice of craft mags (sewing particularly) in the UK then a good inspiring mag from the US would be great. Something like Craftzine and I'd be in Heaven!!! Thanks Carole

drewzel 02/ 3/2007 #

Hi all, Regarding the issues raised of partners and deadbeat swappers. The majority of people have emailed me and are happy with their partners. So please send to your person allocated by swap-bot. Could you please do me a favour and comment on here when you've received you magazines. If you're running late, just message your partner and let them know :) Second week of March I'll organise "swap angels" for anyone whose partner didn't come through. thanks! happy swapping, steph xx

user5705 02/ 9/2007 #


Rec'd my MANY magazines!!!WOW!! So generous...the quilting magazine is lovely..thanks so so much!!!

mazzam 02/11/2007 #

I'm still not happy about sending to someone who has straight 1's for all her 6 swaps, but hey it's only the cost of postage if I send a magazine I already have. Just resent her apparent attitude of just taking.

daffyd1963 02/14/2007 #

Just wanted to say I got a wonderful magaine the other day from my partner one of my favorites Sumerset studio thanks

michellelliott 02/14/2007 #

Thank you, Mandy for the great beading magazine. I'm thoroughly enjoying it!

LadyYing 02/15/2007 #

Thank you Beth, (birdbeth) I got your magazines today on Valentine's day :) I love them, I really like the fashion mag very arty. I also love the French home, french magazine. I have seen it before and really like it! Thank you so much!!! Oh and the tea bags was a nice addition to ;)

user5370 02/16/2007 #

Fantastic mag choice from my partner Stacey - thanks so much. Yours are on their way:)

wollbindung 02/22/2007 #

the mags are sent off to canada - via airmail. and i hope they will arrive soon and have been a good choice =)

cath 02/23/2007 #

Mag sent on February 22nd.. I hope it has been a good choice

user255 02/24/2007 #

Sent mine out today! :)

gooddog56 02/28/2007 #


The magazines came yesterday--thanks so much! Lots of fun to look at...

Simsan 03/ 5/2007 #

I haven't received anything yet from my partner :-(

user5648 03/10/2007 #

me, too. but I got an email that it is on its way.

yarnpie 03/10/2007 #

I can't rate my partner because she was reassigned to me, but I just want to say that Kym, nifwlseirff, did an awesome job with my package. She sent me 2 magazines and some stationary and other treats. Above and beyond what she had to do. Thank you, Kym!!!!

mediatinker 03/16/2007 #

Still nothing from my partner...sent her a message, but no reply. :-(

drewzel 04/ 6/2007 #

Okay, I think I've got Angels under control for all who missed out - Media Tinker, Simsan, and Kristy Knitter.

Hope that's everyone looked after now. xx steph

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