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Help! I'm Lost! Can You Send Me Home? 2 - USA

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Help! I'm Lost! Can You Send Me Home? 2 - USA
Swap Coordinator:iamred (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Postcards 
Number of people in swap:15
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Rating requirement:4.99
Last day to signup/drop:October 19, 2015
Date items must be sent by:November 2, 2015
Number of swap partners:5

Hello Everyone! =)

Sometimes I like a challenging swap, don't you? =)

This is Round 2 of this Swap if you joined the first one, then you know what to do. =) If this is your first time joining.. Please Please Please read thru the whole swap description as this is swap that takes some effort.

ALSO please note, this will be the last public lost postcard swap, all future lost postcard swaps will be via the Lost Postcards group, here: Here

This swap is way different from your regular run of the mill postcard swaps here on swap-bot! This swap requires you to send some postcards and "lose" some postcards! =D This is an experimental swap to see what a person will do when they find one of our lost postcards.

This swap requires a total of 10 total postcards and some effort on your part, if this is too many postcards for you, then this is not the swap for you. Please make sure to read all the guidelines before you join this swap

If this swap works out as planned, I would like to make it a monthly swap. ! =)

Currently this swap is for USA only.. the reason for this at the moment is because this swap is an experiment to see how it goes and if it works the way I hope it will.. and because from the USA a postcard costs over a $1.00 to send overseas compared to $0.39 cents to send within the USA. If this swap goes as planned.. I will make an international version in the future. So please hang tight. =D

About This Swap:

  • You will have 2 weeks to complete this swap.

  • In this swap you will have 5 partners to send too.

  • You will get 10 postcards.. can be store bought or nicely handmade.

  • You you will send each of your partners one of the postcards like normal so they have something to rate you on.

  • This is the most important part: For the second set of postcards you will address them to your partner like normal ( except only using their first name and first initial of their last name ) and add a stamp it. You will also add the following information on the left side of the post card:

  • Date
  • The Following Note: Hello, I am lost, can you please drop me in the mailbox so that I may find my way home? Thank you.
  • Then The Following: Would you like to leave a note or say hello? =)
  • Leave a space for them to write in.
  • At the bottom write your Swap-Bot Username and the Name of this swap.

  • It should look like this (bigger version in the comments):

  • Last step, "lose" your postcards! How do you do that? While you are out shopping, getting gas, at the coffee shop, out to eat, etc etc. Place the postcard insight to people so someone will find it and hopefully send it home. =)

  • Please post a comment below when you have lost your postcards.

  • Please post a comment below if/when you receive the lost postcard, letting us know you got it! Please also post the note from the stranger that sent it if there is one.

A Few More Things:

  • This swap is USA ONLY

  • I have set a rating for this swap at 4.99. And open to new swappers.

  • You will have a total of 10 postcards for this swap. 5 to send right away to your partners and 5 to lose.

  • Please include your Swap-Bot User Name and Swap-Bot Swap Name on the bottom of the postcard.

  • You have 2 weeks to send and *"lose" your postcards. Mark this swap sent, once you have done both steps of sending and loosing.

  • This swap takes some effort to complete, if you think you can not complete it, please don't join as it wouldn't be fair to the rest of the participating swappers.


  • Make sure to rate your partner once you receive the postcard they send you. The "lost" one is a bonus, as there is a chance it may not ever get to you.

  • If your partner followed the guidelines of this swap and it was sent out on time, please rate them a 5. Hearts are completely up to you Γ’β„’Β₯

Last But Not Least

  • I will be going thru all swap participant's profile before assigning partners to make sure they have at least a 4.99 rating or higher. If they are new to swap bot, I will be checking on their profiles as well.

  • I have the right to ban anyone from this swap due to no sends, unexplained 1's or 3's or due to having a rating less than 4.99

  • I can angel if necessary, but hopefully, I won't have too. Γ’β„’Β₯

If you have any questions, please feel free to IM me @iamred

Happy Swapping! =D


iamred 10/ 7/2015 #

iamred 10/ 7/2015 #

If you were interested in Round 1 and how its going, you can see it here: http://swap-bot.com/swap/show/207313 =)

aisbaby 10/ 8/2015 #

I can't join the swap since I'm from the Philippines, but I just wanted to say... THIS IS TOTALLY AWESOME :D I envy you guys :D

iamred 10/ 8/2015 #

Make sure to join the group @aisbaby :) I will add int'l swaps there.. You can see the link above in the description :)

jannieb 10/16/2015 #

For Round 1 Click Here

iamred 10/20/2015 #

Partners have been assigned! =) Can't wait to lose my cards!

AZmom875 10/20/2015 #

I mailed the on lost cards.

LilCowgirl 10/21/2015 #

I just came back from a loooong walk on which I lost 3 of the 5 cards. So excited for them. 2 more to go. :)

LilCowgirl 10/21/2015 #

OH, in case you are curious: Lost one at the art museum, one at Starbucks, and one at a coffee shop close by my work. now I just gotta find nice places for the others.

Kraftylady777 10/21/2015 #

I lost one at the doctor's office, one at Walgreens and one at my son's middle school

TraceyHepburn 10/21/2015 #

I have sent my first set of cards today. My second set is ready to be lost this week. I will post comments as I lose them. I have a concern, however! It was easier for me to put the Swap Name and my User Name at the top of the card, above the cars's caption. It is much easier to read there on the post cards I am using. It also allows maximum space for finders to write a note. I hope this does not detract from my ratings because I did not follow the exact rule of placing it at the bottom!

Kraftylady777 10/22/2015 #

Lost the last two, one at Red Robin, a burger restaurant, and one at McDonalds

LilCowgirl 10/22/2015 #

I'll lose my last 2 tomorrow... one at the eye clinic, one at the restaurant we eat dinner at, most likely. I'll keep you posted.

TraceyHepburn 10/22/2015 #

Lost first card of second set at a local brew pub tonight in Ludington, MI!

iamred 10/23/2015 #

i will be losing my cards today while out and about! =) hope they make it home! <3

LilCowgirl 10/24/2015 #

List is my last two yesterday. One at the mall, one at the eye doc. Hope they all make it home. :)

JeanetteC 10/24/2015 #

"Lost" my cards yesterday. I hope they all find their way home =o)

squince 10/24/2015 #

Losing all mine today while out running errands!

TraceyHepburn 10/24/2015 #

Lost the rest of mine today in Ludington, MI. The library and a "hipster" coffee shop, both next to the post office.

sherryg221 10/25/2015 #

Lost today.

AZmom875 10/26/2015 #

I got 2 non lost cards from Tracey, and Pobuffy.

TraceyHepburn 10/27/2015 #

Jeanette C: I got one of your lost cards today! There are two notes written on it: "Hello! -Violet from WA" "Hello, I'm happy to send you to where you are heading to! Enjoy your trip little post card. -Bobbie Jean S. from WA"

jannieb 10/27/2015 #

Got my 1st postcard returned today. Unfortunately, my partner wrote my entire name on it & not just my 1st initial & last name like they were supposed to. It also did not have a note written on it either so...double bummer!

JeanetteC 10/27/2015 #

@TraceyHepburn I love that! I was a little worried about leaving some of them in a used book store but when I dropped by the next day they were all gone. Thanks for letting me know!

My first 'lost' card showed up today, a pretty scene from Philly, thank you hushpadwitch. It included a nice note from a Sandy and Michael and they included their addy and a request to write them back....what fun!

pobuffy 10/29/2015 #

Lost one at the doctor's medical building in Cumberland MD. Lost another in the Mt. Savage Post Office. Both were beach scenes. One was for Sherry G.

pobuffy 10/29/2015 #

Received from Squine the postcard to me, and also received the lost one from her to me. Both were funny cards.

pobuffy 10/29/2015 #

No notes on the lost one.

gizmodust 10/30/2015 #

Got the first LOST card of round # 2. From @hushpadwitch and it's a picture of the Phillies playing field. Sorry to say that there was no message written. That's O.K. at least it made it home.

jannieb 10/31/2015 #

Received one from @sherryg221 today. No note :(

jannieb 10/31/2015 #

Oh...but there was a little cat sticker on the PC & they wrote "Meow! Meow!" on it in teeny tiny letters.

JeanetteC 11/ 1/2015 #

Received a lost card from @Sherry221 today, abandoned in a grocery store in Illinois.

sherryg221 11/ 2/2015 #

Received a lost postcard with a beach scene and "It doesn't get any better than this." on it. No user name or swap name, so it could have been from round 1 (?). No message.

gizmodust 11/ 2/2015 #

Got a LOST card today. It was from @Kraftylady and had a picture of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Would love to see that !! It had this message "Everyone is handed adversity in life. No one's journey is ez. It's how they handle it that makes people unique." K. Conroy/

AZmom875 11/ 6/2015 #

I got a lost card with a NOTE!!! it was a Laguna Bay vintage card sent from Squince. Thanks.

jannieb 11/ 7/2015 #

What did they write?

TraceyHepburn 11/ 7/2015 #

One of the cards "lost" by Gizmodust arrived today! Lamely, the founder did not write anything Γ°ΕΈΛœβ€’

AZmom875 11/ 8/2015 #

Jannieb, they just wrote hello, their name and the place they lived.

iamred 11/ 9/2015 #

this is such a cool lost card i got today from @squince ! thank you.. there is a note on it that says: "Hello From St. Charles =)"

LilCowgirl 11/10/2015 #

Got a lost card yesterday. No note, and no user name. The front of the card says "It doesn't get any better than this" with a beach scene. Whose is it?

AZmom875 11/10/2015 #

I also got a card with no swap-bot nickname. The postcard was Deep Creek Lake, Maryland and it was postmarked Nov 5the from Baltimore. No note from the person who dropped it in the mail but the card is nice.

squince 11/12/2015 #

Yay! Glad a couple of my lost cards got found! :D

jannieb 11/13/2015 #

Hey! I finally got a good one...It's a card from @LilCowgirl

The person wrote a note that reads: "Hello! A Vegan, a Cross Fitter & an Athiest walk into a bar. How do you know? They tell you - because they tell everyone everything! LOL! Have a Fabulous day!"

Hmmm. Kinda strange, but at least they left a note.

LilCowgirl 11/14/2015 #

Haha, funny that I am a vegan lol.

hushpadwitch 11/18/2015 #

I got a lost card from @iamred ! It said, "Kathen found it but I took it because she wanted to keep it. Hi world! Go about your merry way and with my love. Jackie

LilCowgirl 11/29/2015 #

I got a card from @iamred It says hi! Lydia! And has a smiley face.

squince 11/30/2015 #

I just received a lost card from MorahLaura. No note though!

TraceyHepburn 12/ 7/2015 #

Geeze, I expected my cards to make it to someone! They were stamped, clearly written, and so close to the post office! I haven't received many, either. Bummer :-(

iamred 12/21/2015 #

i think total from the first swap and the second that i have only received a combined of 3 lost postcards outta 10.

sherryg221 01/ 8/2016 #

Wow! I received a card today that was sent 10/23 from iamred. No postmark. The message was written in pencil so it got a little smudged, it says found this on Halloween at the theater (?) and found in a shopping bag. Josie

iamred 01/14/2016 #

wow!!!!!! i thought all my cards were lost forever! so there is hope that our lost cards may still make it home!

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