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Date Joined: July 20, 2010
Last Online: August 16, 2022
Birthday: October 12
Country: United States
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About Me

Hi, I'm Janis from Texas. Yee Haw!

I have 26 year old twin boys and a 31 year old son who is developmentally delayed due to a rare chromosome disorder called "Ring 4". More information on this disorder can be found HERE

I have been married for 33 years. I was a military wife for 10 years. We lived on Ft. Huachuca in AZ: (Loved it!!). Ft. Eustis in Newport News, Virginia: (Liked it!) & Ft. Meade in Maryland: (Hated it!). He is a Veteran of the Gulf War & left 1 week after I found out I was pregnant with Grayson & came back 2 weeks after he was born. My twins were born at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia.

Grayson's Section

This is a pick of Grayson after we opened up some Tricky Cat blind bags & we got a rare one!

If you are sending me a swap & want to include something for Grayson, here are some ideas...

  • He loves corny jokes. You can write them on the inside of the card or send a few on a sheet of paper.
  • He enjoys getting $1 bills or as he calls them "tips" to save in his bank to go to movies & shows. He is saving up to go to the Power Morphicon this fall.
  • He collects $2 bills & says they are his "Magic Money.” He collects them for good luck & never spends them. He keeps them in a lock box & is the only one with a key.
  • He loves the Power Rangers
  • He loves The Wiggles. Greg & Sam (the yellow wiggles are his favorite).
  • Cats - the real thing & in general. He collects cat ATC's & has his own binder for the ATC's that you guys have sent him.
  • Gum, Popcorn & sour worms.
  • Everything makes him happy, so just getting a plain ol' PC or card in the mail makes him smile.

You can address cards to him at my address (PM me if you need it) or send it along with a swap.


Likes & Wishlist in no particular order

  • I LOVE killer whales...all whales & dolphins really, but Orca, Narwhal, Sperm whales, & Beluga
  • Bottlenose & Commerson's Dolphins are my favorites!!
  • My #1 favorite thing to swap & receive is ATC's, Artist Trading Coins, Inchies & Twinchies too!
  • An origami killer whale.
  • A mosaic eggshell magnet or ATC
  • Bright & happy suns
  • The Mayor from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I love when he panics & rotates his head to reveal his frazzled, stressed out face!
  • Zipper pouches.
  • Edgar Allen Poe
  • Animals dressed in hipster clothes.
  • Mariachi Bands, Mexican art, & Day of the Dead
  • I collect vintage postcards & photos from Miami Seaquarium, Sea World, Sea Land of the Pacific, Marineland & any other aquariums or destinations depicting whales/dolphins in aquariums.
  • Good Luck anything - Pennies, coins, tokens, clovers, charms, pocket cards, etc.
  • Numbers
  • Worry stones
  • Beaded rosary & other catholic items.
    • New & used dog/cat/animal rabies or registration tags & licenses as well as blanks.
  • Wooden nickels, bottle caps.
  • Keys (any type)
  • Flower seeds

I LOVE tuck-in's. Here is a list of some of my favorites:

  • Pieces of scrapbook paper...especially with polka dots,& numbers, but others are good too.
  • Tissue paper or napkins for collage.
  • Interesting papers like Gelli print scraps, paint, ink or splattered paper. Stained paper (like coffee stained.
  • Die cut paper pieces: I am particularly looking for circles & bubbles similar to these.
  • Die cut paper gears or metal type gears plus other metal ATC embellishments.
  • Blank Library cards
  • Numbers of any kind - paper, chipboard, metal, etc.
  • Clocks - die cut pieces, dials, parts, etc.
  • Flower seeds

Other stuff I like..

  • I love funny chickens & roosters like Hei Hei from Moana, Foghorn Leghorn, Alan-A-Dale from Disney's Robin Hood. etc.
  • Kliban Cat
  • Cute avocados!
  • Kelly Rae Roberts
  • Thimblestump Hollow - Huskyshuffler is my favorite!
  • Chris Ryniak art & vinyl figures.
  • Joe Ledbetter art & vinyl figures.
  • Mark Ryden art.
  • Marion Peck art.

Animal Loves...

  • Whales & dolphins as listed above
  • Octopus
  • All cats & dogs
  • Chickens & roosters
  • Betta fish & Goldfish
  • Blue-Jay's, Cardinal, Tufted Titmouse, Chickadee
  • Black & White Cows, Spanish bulls (not the fighting part, just that type of bull)

Dislikes/Don't Send

  • Improperly packaged items that get damaged during shipping
  • Strong smell of cigarette smoke
  • Nudes (not opposed to receiving one...just not what I would typically go for)
  • Gore, or gross stuff like medical specimens & realistic horror.
  • Monkeys & Chimps, (Apes are Ok)
  • Animals donning circus gear :(
  • Sea shells
  • Spiders - YUCK!

Please do not send: These are things I do not need or have an excess of, so while I appreciate you sending them, please be aware that they might be shared with others, which will put a smile on someone else's face too.

  • Journal or Planner items
  • Foam /reward stickers
  • Iron On's
  • Jewelry
  • Scented sachets or perfume.
  • Books or Bookmarks (I do audiobooks)
  • Gems, rhinestones, bling, GLITTER, spangles, confetti or sequins.
  • Make up, or Bath & body stuff of any kind.
  • Food or drink of any kind (no tea bags/drink or coffee packets please)

ATC Themes I Like

I am the founder of the Experienced ATC Swappers Group as well as the USA ATC Swap group.

I prefer hand drawn/painted ATC's. I also enjoy Collage ATC's that show good work and attention to detail and Mixed Media ATC's as well. If it's in your unique "style" then that's even better.

Besides my favorite animals & themes listed in my "likes/ wishlist" section above, I like...

  • All Dog breeds - Faves are: Dachshunds, Pugs, Greyhound
  • Cats (and my son Grayson collects cat ATC's)
  • The Nightmare before Christmas background characters too like DR, Finkelstein, Bat Boy, Mummy Kid, Vampires, Clown with the tear away face, Witches & the Harlequin Monster.
  • Edgar Allen Poe
  • Backyard birds - especially Blue Jays, Tufted Tit Mouse & Chickadees.
  • Mariachi Bands, the colors& style of Mexican art, & Day of the Dead.
  • Beta fish, goldfish
  • Octopus
  • Animals dressed in hipster clothes.
  • Lowbrow Art
  • Zetti , Distress & Grunge.
  • Houses: row houses or house shaped ATC's.
  • Numbers
  • People & animals - with big eyes. Odd, weird, surreal, quirky, puns, whimsical, cutesy, realistic, cutesy or fantastical.

Just because it's not listed here doesn't mean I don't like it or want it. I am open to any & all topics & themes.

My Swapping Policies

I use a LOT of tape on my envelopes, so please have some scissors ready if you're expecting a swap from me.

I swap USA only due to postage costs, wait times & reliability. I will however, swap with Canada on an individual basis.

I ALWAYS send, I ALWAYS rate, & I will ALWAYS let you know.If something is going to be late. I will angel any of my swaps.

**Feel free to use any of my past swap ideas, wording, or pictures to host your own swap or to start an International version of a swap I am currently hosting. No need to ask. We are all here to express our creativity & meet others who enjoy our interests, so if helping others achieve that I am happy to help.

I welcome any FRIENDLY guidance, advice or reminders. I enjoy constructive criticism… not being blasted in the public forums, so please contact me first. I am always willing to talk it out.


WildStick rated for USATC Stripes ATC on Aug 14, 2022
Comment: Thank you for this beautiful card! I love all the little textures
MissRich rated for FREE THEME ATC #32 USA ONLY on Aug 9, 2022
Comment: I am NEVER disappointed when I get something from you! Thank you SO much Janis! I love this Blue Eyes & Antlers ATC!
JKartstuff rated for EASU: Ocean Animal ATC on Aug 8, 2022
Comment: A gorgeous ATC as always, my friend! Thank you!
colodad rated for USATC: July Advent ATC on Aug 7, 2022
Comment: Such fun stickers. Thanks for making the anticipation build even more!
Comment: such cute inchies! Thank you.
groundhogstamper rated for FREE THEME ATC #31 USA on Aug 6, 2022
Comment: I love this snail ATC! Thank you so much.
Arabella rated for EASU: Free Theme Inchie/Twinchie on Aug 2, 2022
Comment: Love your inchies, Janis! You always send such beautiful swaps!! It's hard to choose a favorite, but maybe the Queen? No, the bird and heart! Or maybe the upside-down girl?? Like I said - hard to choose a favorite when they all are wonderful!! Thank you!! (Love the card you sent them in, too!)
Response: Ha, Ha, Ha! Thank you so much. I'm glad you like them. I think the bird & heart was my favorite :)
Comment: Thank you for the lovely purple haired ATC! ❤️ And for hosting another fun swap :-) always a pleasure getting mail from you!
boriquaz rated for EASU: Advent ATC - July on Aug 1, 2022
Comment: Can't wait to open these! Happy Swapping!
boriquaz rated for USATC: July Advent ATC on Aug 1, 2022
Comment: Can't wait to open these! Happy Swapping!
Rabbitfreedom rated for USATC: Steampunk on Jul 26, 2022
Comment: Thanks for a fantastic steampunk atc - I love it! I just got done watching the newest season of The Umbrella Academy, so to see the Sparrow is rather timely and appropriate!
Comment: Thank you! So cute.
lmacdavis93 rated for EASU: Bird ATC Coin on Jul 24, 2022
Comment: HI Janis and thanks so much for this great steampunk bird coin. I haven't made any ATC coins in awhile so was happy to see this swap come along. And I love your take on it. A little bit Halloween with the "nevermore" and a little bit steampunk with the gears and goggles on the bird. So fun! And thanks SO much for the extra blank trading coins - what was so thoughtful of you. Will make my next start with an ATC coin a piece of cake. Thanks for swapping!
ChrisD rated for USATC: Free Theme ATC Coin on Jul 22, 2022
Comment: This coin is fantastic. You did such a great job on this. Pink is one of my favorite colors. This expression on the owl ...priceless.
Comment: Thank you for the gorgeous resend. I really love the little cow! I hope that someone else is enjoying that original ATC. That would be such an amazing origin story.
2Hearts rated for USATC: ATC w/Texture on Jul 12, 2022
Comment: Janis - the ATC is so cool! I really love it! My brain doesn't get creative with "steampunk" theme - it just doesn't go there - so I really admire those that can create in that theme! Thank you!
nomadmama rated for USATC: A Touch of Gold on Jul 10, 2022
Comment: Thanks for the great ATC!
wordlesspoetry86 rated for USATC: That's Odd! on Jul 9, 2022
Comment: Always love your art. Thank you.
Comment: Janis, oh my goodness, I have actual tears of joy in my eyes right now after opening this swap from you:,) I love these budgie ATCs so much, with my whole entire heart! You have brought so much happiness into my day and into my life with these ATCs. I truly can't find the right words to describe how grateful and appreciative I am for you! I am going to cherish these ATCs forever<3 Thank you so so much, from the bottom of my heart<3 I wish I was able to give you so many more hearts for these thoughtful ATCs<3
colodad rated for EASU: HD/HP ATC on Jul 8, 2022
Comment: What an interesting couple. they seem to have so much on their minds. Maybe they could use a little counseling to help them communicate all they have on their hearts. I have been into making journals lately. I think Agnes and Chad may each need one to workout their thoughts. Thanks for sharing your creativity with me. And, thanks for hosting such great swaps. Your swaps have encouraged me to join HD/HP swaps. I need to expand my subjects, but I am glad I have started. (I will let you know how Agnes and Chad are getting along in the months ahead.