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About Me

Hi im cait and I am 30 years old.

☀️ aries, 🌙 sag, ⬆️ scorpio.

Hufflepuff. INFP.

I love snail mail and getting surprises in the mail so I’m looking forward to participating in lots of swaps.

my favorite color depends on my mood but I love yellow and pastels

I love history (especially women in history) and outer space and flowers and celestial bodies. I love mythologies & legends (Greek/Roman, Celtic, Egyptian, Norse, Arthurian, etc)

I don’t consider myself very active but I love swimming and diving, playing croquet and badminton. I love riding bikes and am trying to learn how to roller skate. But most of my free time goes into reading and journaling.

I have been journalling since i was 5 and have boxes and boxes of journals. My big project right now is to condense some 25 years of journaling into one journal. its massive project but i hoping to finish by the end of the year so i can go into this new decade of my life fresh (in the journaling aspect of things)

My favorite flowers are pink peonies, daffodils, and tulips! I love French lavender.

I like candles/incense and crystals and catholic saint cards and rosaries and stickers.

I’ve been reading tarot cards for 15 years. I have a lot of tarot and oracle decks that I mess around with. if you'd like a reading, feel free to message me. (I dont charge for tarot readings and I dont feel comfortable introducing money into my practice of card reading but I always say that i appreciate a cup of tea/coffee on ko-fi, if you'd like to do so)

I drink lotsa tea and collect scrunchies, postcards, wheat pennies, and enamel pins.

Enamel pins that I like are associated with the books, movies, shows, but I also like witchy themed pins and I collect disney pins (Cinderella is my big collection but i also have some princess sets. other characters focus on are Marie (from Aristocats) Tiger Lily (from Peter Pan, im also a fan of wendy and the mermaids in mermaid lagoon), pocahontas, merida. (from brave), hercules and its a small world.

I’m teaching myself, American Sign Language and think it’s a beautiful language and have a deep appreciation for deaf culture.

Favorite Music

florence + the machine Mitski Hozier Halsey Natalia Kills Postmodern jukebox Molotov Jukebox The Kills Yeah yeah yeahs billie eilish Boys World Qveen Herby Ibeyi Marina and the Diamonds Lana del rey The Civil Wars Lorde Lizzo Billie Holiday Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra Aurora Basia Bulat Laura Marling Bishop Briggs Caitlyn Scarlett Apashe

Folklore by Taylor Swift is amazing. Sour by Olivia Rodrigo gets its fair rotation on my shuffle.

Movie/television scores Listening to Natalie Holt’s Loki score on repeat, it’s so good. Broadway and Movie Musical Soundtracks (Six, Anastasia, Bajirao Mastani, Phantom of the Opera, Across the Universe, Repo! the Genetic Opera etc, Mamma Mia 1&2, Disney)

The Bridgerton musical on tik tok 🤣

OBSESSED WITH CARLY RAE JEPSON’S The Loneliest Time Album and same-titled track. I love a good disco song 🪩 💃🏻 🕺

Other fav songs rn:

Good times by Lydia ainsworth

So hot you’re hurting my feelings by Caroline polachek

Blinding lights by the weekend

Body by mother mother

Frankenstein by Rina sawayama

American teenager by Ethel cain

Kathy left 4 Kathmandu by Raveena

Flowers by Miley Cyrus

Favorite Books

The Virgin Suicides Frankenstein The strange and beautiful sorrows of Ava Lavender Little Women Margaret the First Open Me The Deathless Girls So This is Love A Little Princess Anne of Green Gables Bridgerton series

The Royal Diaries Dear America American Girl

Fav Authors: Jane Austen Shakespeare Kiersten White The Brönte sisters Beatrice Small Julia Quinn Jane Ashford Grady Hendrix Victoria Holt/Jean Plaidy Alison Weir

Mostly historical fiction, fantasy, magical realism, and cozy murder mystery series with female detectives.

I very recently got into romance after attending a book convention for romance writers but I’m very picky, I do tend to go to my tried and true historical fiction in regards to romance. The time periods I enjoy are regency, medieval and WWII.

I’m also super into comics, mostly marvel as it’s something my whole family likes and binds over since I was a kid. but I enjoy smaller prints too. My favorites are:

Fav Marvel: Runaways by Brian K. Vaughan Exiles by Judd Winick All New X-Factor by Peter David Hawkeye by Matt Fraction House of M by Brian Michael Bendis Astonishing X-men by Joss Whedon Captain Marvel by Kelly Sue Deconnick Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson Operation S.I.N. By Kathryn IMMONEN

The Maximoffs and Hawkeyes are my favorite!

Other fav comics: Princeless by Jeremy Whitley Lumberjanes by Watters, Ellis, Allen & Stevenson Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughan Wicked + Divine by Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie Saga by Brian K. Vaughan

CURRENTLY READING: Here so far away by Hadley dyer The Me You Love in the Dark by Skottie Young Strange Academy by Skottie Young The mark of the cross by Judith pella Demon Days by Peach Momoko Mami by Sas Milledge

Yes I read several books at once because I have issues focusing on just one thing at a time 😅

Favorite Movies

2022 had so many great movies i loved so much Fresh, MEN, Everything, Everywhere, All at Once, Werewolf by Night, X and Pearl, Scream, The Northman, The Princess, bodies bodies bodies, Smile, Nope etc

There were other movies that came out that i wanted to see and didnt get a change to like,

Catherine called Birdy, Prey, Wakanda Forever, Rosaline, Hatching, Corsage, She is Love, Bones and All, Prey for the Devil, Three Wishes for Cinderella, Cyrano, etc hopefully i can see them all in 2023.

but really 2022 was a great year for film. I'd love to hear what your favorite movie of the year was and why.

Practical Magic Knives Out Wolfwalkers The Mummy Bajirao Mastani Crimson Peak Thoroughbreds A Little Princess Matilda Madeline Professor Marston & the Wonder Women Ophelia Love & Other Disasters Midsommar Populaire The Love Witch Clueless Inception Amelie Cinderella (2015)

Jane Austen adaptions Harry Potter Series Pirates of the Caribbean (trilogy) Little Women (2019) MCU movies/X-men movies The Scream Franchise Nightmare on Elm street The VVitch Ready or Not

Anything with Anya Taylor Joy, Florence Pugh peaks interest.

Favorite Television

Ongoing shows: Stranger Things Loki Bridgerton The Great

Completed Shows: Lovecraft Country Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel Charmed Game of Thrones Merlin bbc Legend of the Seeker The Borgias Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Agent Carter (s1) Legion Anne with an E The Time in Between (El tiempo entre costuras) The 100 (s1-s2) Penny Dreadful The Queens Gambit Marvel Shows

BBC and PBS historical DRAMAS 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

My favorite show right now is probably Stranger Things and I loved Season 4. My favorite new addition to the show was Chrissy Cunningham. She was such a minor character but of what they showed us I thought was really interesting and I could relate to some of her issues. I thought her being the catalyst into the Vecna storyline with well done but I wish she had lived a bit longer because I think she would have been a fun addition to the team and I would loved to see her interactions with everyone, especially with Eddie because their scene in the forest was really enjoyable to watch.

Bridgerton is another favorite right now. I love jane Austen and love the trailer for the this gossip girl esque regency concept. i loved the 1st season and then devoured the entire series, reading all 8 books. Ive watched the entire 2nd season in one day, i love the changes the show made, i think it made the character more complex and interesting, the drama was upped and stakes were higher. thats good television. i cant wait for Benedict's season! But I’m looking forward to Colin and Penelope’s season in #3!

I’m currently back on my Marvel bullshit with these new Disney+ content. I am particularly obsessed with the Loki show. I’ve always liked Loki but after his show, he’s probably one of my favorites! That show gave me everything I wanted and liked, weird comic book stuff, alternate realities, time travel, deep meta character introspection and development and an awesome love story. I loved Sylvie’s character so much, I was surprised by how much I liked her and she quickly became one of my favorite MCU characters. And Alligator!Loki is obviously the superior Loki. 🐊 It was really great.

I love Game of Thrones.i think my favorite book in the series is actually the history books that tells all about the world. I got it for my mom for Christmas before I got into the series but I think I’ve read it more than her at this point 😂. My favorite character is Sansa Stark. I love House Stark and House Tyrell (Margaery is another favorite) but I’m probably, personality wise, would fit in best with House Martell. I love Oberyn, he was such a fun character. I have a wonderful Brienne of Tarth art, that I got at Megacon on my wall. I actually have framed art all over all my walls as I collect vintage picture frames.

Favorite Crafts

most of my free time is spent reading but every once in a while I also like to embroider/cross-stitch, paint (watercolor and acrylics), journal and write stories.

My current journal is pink themed retro 80’s vibe.

And I’m working on a Loki (mythology not marvel) themed art book. (It’s a deep forest green and gold and silver), there are poetry quotes and art that showcase recurring themes of mischief, chaos, enchantment, magic, etc.

Favorite fictional characters

I love the characters of gudetama and Moomin! I think they’re so cute! I got the Moomin tea in an international tea swap and it’s so good but it’s from Finland and I can’t find it here in the USA, so if you share a tea bag of Moomin tea I would love you forever💞💞

Sansa Stark Luna Lovegood Sylvie Laufeydottir Bellamy Blake

Amy March Marta Cabrera Geralt of Rivia Cara Mason

Lucrezia Borgia Lenny Busker Phryne Fisher

Cinderella Matilda Madeline Sara Crewe Anne Shirley-Cuthbert

Peggy Carter Kitty Pryde The Maximoff Twins Emma Frost Carol Danvers Steve Rogers Kate Bishop Clint Barton

Sydney Prescott Marta Cabrera Grace Le Domas

Steve Harrington Robin Buckley

Benedict Bridgerton Sophie Becket Francesca Bridgerton Penelope Featherington

Eddie Munson Chrissy Cunningham


I got into postcards through postcrossings.

My favorite postcards are paintings/art, vintage/retro/historical, recipe cards for drinks/desserts/soups, outer space/constellations, stars, fashion, people reading, women with red hair, fairytales &mythologies, and things related to my interests and appropriate holiday cards (ex: valentines in February,etc)

Art styles I like: Pre-Raphaelite Classical Medieval Tapestries Renaissance Impressionism PopArt Art nouveau Baroque/Rococo Romanticism

I love Waterhouse and Klimt paintings.

Anything related to my fav books, movies or music as listed above.

If you cant think of what to write on the card: send me a favorite song, a line from a book, a motivating quote, or a small poem. I love getting music, movie and book recommends.


currently listening to Scared to Death

Queens Beatrix Green Tea at No.5 The Royal Diaries Podcast Mockery Manor Good Witches,Bad Bitches (they just stopped !?) The History Chicks Lore The Strange and Unusual Poscast




I’ve have had to do resends before and I have no problem doing so! please communicate with me, thank you!


HappyMail4You rated for 3 Teabag Swap #4 on Mar 17, 2023
Comment: Thank you so much. I'm keeping the dandelion one a secret from my husband, I can't wait to try it, haha.
alihagerart rated for Pick me up March on Mar 13, 2023
Comment: Thanks for the goodies! The little quotes really gave me the pick-me-up I needed today! :)
Comment: I so appreciate this lovely little package perfectly matched to my profile. I'm very excited about the tea. It's not so easy to find a chocolate flavor in tea. The bookmark also has one of my favourite quotes. It is something I strive for and generally do learn something new everyday. I am not reading fiction at the moment. I have a huge stack of sketching and art books from the library that I'm really enjoying. Thank You again for a wonderful swap<3
Comment: Thank you
Comment: I love your ATC and loved reading your note! Thanks for hosting these great swaps! I hope to join all of them, but am a bit busy, so I’ve had to add them to my watchlist. Hoping to join on time for the others. 💕
Comment: Thank you so much for the ATC - the detail is amazing! I love looking at all the layering involved. Looking at all the details you mentioned in your letter. It's hardfor me to pick a favourite song but I love the more powerful ones with banshee vocals and heavy drums!
colleenbUSA rated for GEEK of the Week PC Swap #159 on Feb 26, 2023
Comment: Thanks for joining the swap and for the PC. I haven't watched much GOT
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Comment: Thank you for the great bird postcard. I love getting fun post cards from thrift shops!
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Comment: Fabulous postcard, thank you. Most people feel the same as you about our address.
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Comment: King of Swords very cool it was a pretty accurate card pole for me thanks for making the extra effort you didn't really need to do that in terms of sending a postcard and a note card lots of information just to fit on one postcard but it's much appreciated happy swapping!
Comment: I love your card and thanks for sharing
Comment: Thank you!
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Comment: I think Hush was one of the best episodes of a TV show ever. I was terrified after watching it. So creepy! Thanks for participating!
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Comment: Thanks for the teas and the extras! Can't wait to try them!! Hugs, Stacey
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