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Hello There!

I am an easy going chick, have a unique sense of humor, very open minded, I like tattoos, my ears are gauged, I love all animals, I enjoy meeting new people, I love to learn something new every day, I'm a child at heart (a nerdy child), game-show nut, puzzle nut (word find, soduku, fill-ins, brain teasers, cryptic puzzles all of them!) I love my parents, my Mom is my BFF, and I just try to enjoy life!

Postcards, from this point on I am only interested in handmade PCs, however, if you have regular PCs that fall into any of my likes, let me know!

My beautiful Mother and I when I was a wee one:


My Mom now! She is super creative, and has a heart of gold! 💕💋 💖 Mom

As for me!

I just love to be creative, I love making things. I guess you could call me a dabbler, I have a tendency to try anything just to see how its done. However, my favorite crafts to do are paper crafts (particularly cards, ATC's, collages & stamping), art journaling, sewing, trash to treasure/recycling type crafts, and when I have time miniatures. I am obsessed with paper and ephemera, and love to use it in my crafting. However, I am NOT a scrapbooker.

I really love making ATC's, handmade envelopes, note cards, bookmarks, postcards, inchies, twinchies, chunky houses, I love using nicely patterned papers, I really like unique and monochromatic papers, stickers that I can alter/zhugh (but just love stickers regardless!). I want to try these new ATC Coins!

I took a break from Swap-Bot for a bit, due to life, I missed it so. Because of inactivity, I was bumped from many of the old groups I was in, I noticed a few are not even active anymore, and I am already in a few great ones, and can't wait to swap in them. However, if you are a member/founder/officer of a group that you think is right up my alley, PLEASE let me know, I am looking for some awesome, and active groups!

I am a member of a Fraternal organization called Loyal Order of Moose, and I am a "Woman of the Moose" I am very proud to be a part of this organization.
More about the organization, -->Moose International
The reason why we exist is to care for school age children at Mooseheart Child City & School in Illinois, and for our retired seniors at Moosehaven in Florida.


I LOVE movies! Just as much as crafting! I particularly like horror, sci-fi, like Star Wars (original), Lord of the Rings (books and movies), Harry Potter series, Bazaar & unusual movies, (including foreign), and comedy/action type movies, cheesy 50's & 60's horror, as well as the new cheesy Sy-Fy channel movies! I am also a total sucker for the typical "guy flick" action movie!

Some of my favorites are Long Kiss Goodnight, Batteries Not Included, Monster Squad, The Purge Movies, the Die Hard Series, ET, The Thing (John Carpenters Version), Avatar, Jurassic Park, Predator Movies, Alien Movies (the actual series with Sigourney Weaver), Jennifers Body, Chappie, The Abyss, 28 Days Later, American Werewolf In London, Labyrinth, Pan's Labyrinth, Legend💕, Willow, The Dark Crystal, The Neverending Story, Big Fish, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, The Green Mile, Hellboy, Fantastic Beasts, The Princess Bride, The Fifth Element, and so many more I can't even list them!!

Some of my favorites tv shows are; American Horror Story, Orange is the New Black, The Travelers, Frontier, Supernatural (I'm a Dean girl), Grimm, American Gods, The 100, Legion, The Handmaids Tale, Fargo, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Ash Vs Evil Dead, Future Man, Freakish, Harlots, true crime like Snapped & Swamp Murders, and any kind of cooking/baking competition show (like Nailed It, Zumbos, Baking Championships, Guys Grocery Games, etc).

💞Music is life!💗 I am listening to it about 90% of the time! I like all types of music, from Beethoven to ZZtop with oldies, country, pop, and metal tossed in too! If I absolutely had to pick a genre it would be a toss-up between 70s/80s rock, and the '90s! I do love being introduced to new music. Just to give you a taste of my ecclectic music taste there is one playlist that I listen to everyday, it is constantly changing, but right now, 12 random artists on it are:

  • Lady Gaga💕
  • Post Malone
  • Santana
  • Kansas
  • Ramones
  • Billy Holiday
  • Blue Oyster Cult
  • Alan Jackson
  • Regina Spektor
  • Blind Melon
  • Lukas Graham
  • Styx
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Ice T


I LOVE to read (as I said, I love a lot of things!), my book tastes are similar to my movie and TV tastes, horror (love earlier Stephen King, before he was hit by the car....), True Crime, Science fiction, supernatural, mystery (I adore Nancy Drew!), history (especially ancient times), and the occasional autobiography.


  • Colors: Purple(from lavender to eggplant), Orange, Blue, and Darker Pinks. Metallic: Silver and Copper (never been much of a gold person)
  • Color Combos: Purple & Silver, Black & Orange, Black & Red, Black & Pink, Brown & Pink (Blue or Purple), Black & White, Black w/silver, monochromatic themes.
  • Zentangles
  • Handmade Postcards (handmade only unless it is one of my likes/things I collect)
  • Decorated & Decorating Envies
  • Christmas I love all of the decorating, gift/card making and general warm fuzzy feeling I get!
  • Winter Themes (non-Christmas, snow, snowmen, scenes, etc)
  • I also love anything vintage (real or reproduction) from the '20s and '40s specifically.
  • I bake like a mad woman! I enjoy cooking as well, but baking is where it's at for me! Cookies, cakes, candy, muffins, cupcakes, and I make a killer cheesecake! Baking and Crafting are my stress relievers and bring the most joy as my alone time.
  • Stickers! Stickers! STICKERS!!!
  • Washi Tape
  • Crap! Trash? Ok, maybe not trash, but bits and baubles that most would throw out, that cereal box, clean candy wrapper, scraps of ribbon or fabric, broken jewelry, etc. I love things like this, including ephemera, love it, and love to use it in my crafts!! Let's call it "spatially challenged" as it has no space anywhere, but in my home for future use! Yes, spatially challenged...
  • Anything Mario Brothers. One day I hope to have Amis of various characters Particularly Yoshi, Pink Yoshi, Boo, Toad, Goomba, Koopa and Bob-omb!
  • Small things! Who doesn't like tiny things? I have a collection of random tiny things, they are displayed in an old typeset drawer! They could always use friends!
  • Miniatures, love 1/12 scale, but smaller scales are fascinating to me (like 1/24 & 1/48)
  • Mini Train sets & layouts, N & Z scale in particular.
  • The Minions (from Despicable Me, I seriously have TONS of minion collectibles! I particularly love Bob (the short plump one with the bear), Dave (shorter 2 eyed guy) and my absolute favorite is Stuart (one-eyed guy)

  • Butterflies🦋

  • Unicorns🦄
  • Dragons🐉
  • Day of the Dead/Skulls💀 (not cartoon DOTD, and Anatomical Skulls, especially turn of the century illustrations)
  • Zombies!!🧟‍♂️!
  • Monsters (especially old school monsters)
  • Monster High Dolls! (LOVE THEM, they are not making them anymore! Boo!)
  • Horror Related Anything

I felt Halloween Deserved it's own space.

I love Halloween, and other than clowns, I love everything about it. Ghosts, witches, pumpkins, costumes, the Devil imagery, bats, spiders, ALL OF IT. From the cutesy to the gothic, to the gory, skulls, mad scientist labs. If it can be categorized as Halloween, I LOVE it!

I love the color combinations of Purple & Orange, Black & Orange, for Halloween and for every day. Vintage Halloween, gothic Halloween, and so on!

So I am always, and WILL ALWAYS, welcome anything Halloween themed! ANYTHING!

I rate swaps on Tuesdays & Fridays.😁👍📫

Decos & FBs

I also like to swap the following, I have them in their own "section" so as to allow for swap partners to see what I like. I prefer to swap US only on them, but, I will return anything to 🌎anywhere!🌍

I really want to start swapping Deco's again. I really enjoy making them, and HQ FBs, so message me if you are interested in a private swap, or know a group that is active!

✉ Friendship Books (high quality preferred)
✉ Deco's (any theme, but prefer NOT to get childish ones)

🚫I DO NOT 🚫swap Friendship Sheets, Memo Bags, Slams, Label Bags, nor X-Slips. PLEASE do NOT send these.

Lurve it!

(Some items are repeated from above!)

♥ Zentangles
♥ Music!
♥ Maps
♥ Art Journals/Junk Journaling
♥ Cute animals
♥ Butterflies
♥ Embossed things (like seals, patterns, etc)
♥ Cute mushroom images/items (including Toad from Mario Brothers)
♥ Yoshi from Mario brothers
♥ Really anything from the original Mario Brothers Series of Games.
♥ Playing cards (whole decks! I collect them!)
♥ Plushy anything (especially small like under 8")
♥ Gnomes (good ol' garden style gnomes)
♥ Trolls (ones with the hair & from the new Movie)
♥ Zombies!
♥ Moose!!
♥ Deadpool!!
♥ Jason Momoa, Sebastian Stan, Frank Grillo, Dave Grohl, and Alexandria Daddario (she is so beautiful), Ruby Rose, Haley Kiyoko.
♥ ATC Cards (unique)
♥ Pin-Ups (particularly 50's styled)
♥ Stamps (ink stamps, wooden, cling, clear, even kids reward)
♥ Magnets (handmade, tourist, or other!) ♥ Punches, embellishments (brads, mini things great for ATC's or cards, etc)
♥ Washi Tape! I can't get enough of it!
♥Stickers! Stickers! I like shiny, metallic, glitter, flat, flakes, sheets, cartoon, unique, sayings, puffy, scented (I even like Disney stickers!)
♥ Ribbon
♥ Otters

♥ Richly patterned papers (really any kind of paper! Kind of obsessed with it! Including Stationery, lettersets, die cuts you name it!)
♥ Some favorite animals, OTTERS!!! Gators, bears, dogs, cats, big cats, eagles, geckos.
♥ Shopkins & Lalaloopsy (the tiny miniature ones, I know I am an adult but I go coo-coo for coco puffs for tiny cute things! LOL)

I do not wear much Make-up, but I do ♥LOVE♥ lip balm, glosses, flavored (except coconut or banana), tinted, liquid, solid, tins, don't matter, I use them like mad!!

Dislikes Nothanks

Raffia, that mesh "ribbon" everyone makes those wreaths with, anything Disney with the exception of stickers, and lighthouses (imagery). Coffee. I also understand everyone loves to be creative, but I do have severe asthma, and things that smell heavily of smoke, do give me issues. Just to let you know.

Anything religious, I respect everyone's faith but please no religious items, or themes, thank you. Exception a swap that calls for it like Easter, or for Christmas, I am ok with it in those instances, thank you! 😊👍


I love to cook and bake, and love any kind of recipes! With the exception of shellfish or most fish, as I am allergic. But dessert, bread, cookies, cakes, entrees, crock pot meals, and so many more, have a favorite? Send it to me!! We can trade or swap!

I like A LOT of candy, so below are just my fave's!


I love hard candies, sour, sweet, particularly cherry flavored, but I also love orange and raspberry! I also like lollipops, skittles, Hershey Kisses, 3 Musketeers, M & M's, marshmallow things, caramel, pretty much anything milk chocolate! PB & chocolate combined! Gummy ANYTHING, love sour patch kids and watermelon! I also ¥LOVE¥ orange slices!

I also like trail mixes, especially the sweet & salty ones, I have a weakness for sunflower seeds (I love the chocolate covered ones!), I also love sesame sticks! Soft cookies (choco chip, and sugar).

I love to try new things (as long as they do not contain any of my dislike flavors).



Anything licorice flavored, things with coconut, almonds, banana or coffee flavored candies, pretty easy to please when it comes to candy!



I collect a random group of things. Also below are things I would love to receive or trade for.

  • Trolls (the ones with the crazy hair, I have been collecting them since I was a kid, I have over 400 of them!)
  • Moose (figurines, stuffed animals, etc)
  • Shot glasses
  • Decks of Cards, Entire decks, shaped, unique, special edition, even if they are cheap, just different than your standard bicycle deck! 😊
  • Magnets!! This started when I was small, my Grandmother collected and I caught the bug!
  • Miniatures (I do have a dollhouse, but I just love anything tiny!)
  • Minions
  • 50s/60s Style Pin Up Imagery
  • Vintage Halloween Cards/Images (reprints too!)
  • Embossed images, (I can use them in my projects!)
  • Spatially Challenged items (see above), like game paper pieces (money, cards, thin items), card game cards, playing cards, receipts from things like trains, planes, and buses, tickets from movies, used postage stamps, bits of ribbon, broken jewelry pieces, buttons, old greeting cards, and more!)


  • Vintage Valentine Cards/Images (reprints are totally awesome!)

  • Anything Super Mario Brothers, especially the "secondary" characters.
    Super Mario

I will trade/swap for anything on my profile basically, but especially would love to for the following:

📫 Stickers
📫 Decos
📫 Papers
📫 Baubles & Bits (crap! er.. spatially challenged items, LOL)
📫 Washi Tape!!
📫 Recipes
📫 ATCs, Inchies, Twinchies, Chunky Houses, Rinchies, etc.
📫 Magnets
📫 Decks of Cards
📫 Used Postage Stamps
📫 HQ Decos & FBs
📫 Maps/Map Book Pages, things with maps on them.

♻ Also, I do recycle packaging! Just to let you know, you may get an envelope that was previously loved! ♻


Ok, I have no children, but I do have "babies" they are my pets. I love my animals.

I do live with my parents, so not all the animals are mine! We have 6 dogs and a cat!

So MY babies are Micki (a mini Dachshund), Sova (pitbull gorgeous Blue eyed girl), and Bob the cat (orange tabby).





My families dogs are Minion, Groot, and Coco [Coco is just 8 weeks old!) (all mini weenie dogs), and Thor (big handsome Pit/Lab mix, big teddy bear).







Isn't she just the cutest?!



Profile Updated 3/9/2019


Comment: Thanks for such a lovely hummingbird card and note! I wish it were warmer here, just a tad. I've had ice on my windshield several days this week, which was a bit crazy. I just scored some awesome postcards of Japan lately, tucked in a package of various note cards at a thrift store. What a find! Thanks again for the note and see you in the mail sometime!
GlitterBird rated for Upcycle a Notecard on Mar 21, 2019
Comment: Hello, fellow Floridian! I love your card - I can see why it’s a favorite! And baking is my most favorite! ❤️
Coss rated for UHM: Send a card on Mar 19, 2019
Comment: Thanks for a great card and nice note. My cards are not that elaborate!
paperlvr rated for Spring Mini Pocket Letter on Mar 18, 2019
Comment: Wow!!! What an incredible Mini Pocket Letter! I absolutely loved it! You did such a terrific job! Thank you very much for all the time and care that you put into the swap! It is a keeper! I wish I could give you 100 hearts!
Comment: Thank you for the card and goodies! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🍀
Comment: Wow! I can't believe this was your first pocket letter! It is awesome! You have a wonderful creative flair! Thank you for the pocket letter and goodies! If you'd like to do a private swap for another mini pl let me know.
shellybuckmeier rated for Valentines Card Swap #7 USA on Mar 12, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the cute Valentines Day card and washi samples!
lou rated for WIYM Washi Tape Swap USA on Mar 12, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the fun kitty notecard and note & 5 Washi samples, cool the way you decorated the envelope, too!
Comment: thank you "neighbor" for the cute card and goodies. love the donut washi. i love watching my daisy sunbathe, it looks so relaxing with no care in the world. july babies rawk. mine is the 30th :-)
boandsully rated for St Patty's Day Greeting Card Swap on Mar 11, 2019
Comment: Lovely card, thank you for the sweet note. Also, love the fun goodies!
BMitchell1978 rated for St. Patricks Day Card Swap #5 on Mar 8, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for the card and the birthday card with goodies that made my day on this rainy gloomy day❤️
Comment: Thanks for the pretty card and sharing some great quotes!! I loved the funny one lol— and the die cuts and dictionary page woohoo!! Enjoy your weekend!!
Comment: Thanks for fun St. PATS CARD, nice note and the cute notecards..definetly fun mail!
Comment: Thank you for the pretty card and all the great stuff in it - Happy Swapping!
Response: AWesome, I am so glad to know you got it! Have a great day!
TreeAnn629 rated for St. Patricks Day Card Swap #3 on Mar 4, 2019
Comment: Thank you loved the card and goodies
SeleneW rated for St. Patricks Day Card Swap #2 on Mar 1, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for this cute card and gorgeously decorated envelope! You are a master at washi tape! 🦋🍀💗
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful decorated envelope and card! I am so happy to get that beautiful lace and I have a project in mind for it! Thanks for making my day!
Comment: I'd give you dozens of stars if I could. What a delightful surprise! I had been thinking I needed some personal cards to send along with swaps and I absolutely adore the ones you created for me! They're perfect! Sorry about all the exclamation points, but really can't tell you how excited I am with the lovely cards and the St. Pat card and decorated envelope are so pretty! You really went all-out, Misty. Many, many thanks. Bless you!
Comment: Thank you
tcottone rated for St. Patrick's Card Swap #1 on Feb 24, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the Beautiful Card and pretty bird stickers and floral paper!! And Thank you for the nice message inside! :) Toni

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Heirloom on Mar 20, 2019:

anrtist on Mar 20, 2019:

HAPPY SPRING!!!! yay YAY yay SPRING is finally here! LOL ;-)

Blessings, cc

SeleneW on Mar 4, 2019:

You are so very welcome. I am glad it helped you have a better ending to a not so fun day.


Hell0Z0mbie on Feb 27, 2019:

I'm glad it arrived! Yes, the background is gelli prints, I'm obsessed with those! :)

spotteddogs on Feb 3, 2019:

Thank you for the great assortment of stamps for our trade (and for the extras). I love how you packaged them! Packaging/wrapping is my favorite thing. Thanks for doing this trade! Happy February!

TeaNi on Jan 28, 2019:

Thank you so very much

for granting a wish for me with the great assortment of matches, as well as the cool vintage and newer postcards- what a delightful bit of happy mail! :)

Hell0Z0mbie on Jan 28, 2019:

omg those ATCs are great!! Pirate Pete is hilarious, I love it!

Swan on Jan 25, 2019:

Thank you for the assortment of Christmas cards, they'll be great to use next Christmas! And thank you for the postcards. I love the Moomins! CPG January wishlist.

keahirada on Jan 25, 2019:

Love(!) the paper goodies you sent. Peacocks are my favorite! I love the notepad and peacock paper. Thank you!

Sazza on Jan 11, 2019:

Love, love the envie of goodies you sent for the Pick 2 Tag from CPG!! Thank you so much for your awesome creations! The swap tags are lovely colorful and the map piece from our neck of the woods is especially a nice touch! Have I told you I love the ATCs?? The hot air balloon one is so brightly and texturely fun, but WOWZERS on the Yoshi!! I felt like I was looking at one of the games for him! What a great idea for bringing all the different patterns together for a more accurate visual feel for it. @.@ I will definitely keep it with our gaming collection of artwork. :D Thank you again and you stay warm over there, too! Have a great weekend! :)

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