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Just Randomness Giveaway #5

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Just Randomness Giveaway #5
Swap Coordinator:institches (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items 
Number of people in swap:20
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 1: Electronic
Last day to signup/drop:August 3, 2019
Date items must be sent by:August 7, 2019
Number of swap partners:1

Thanks to @myancey for the idea and allowing me to do a variation of her swap!

PLEASE READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION as I've change it a little from the last ones.

This swap is USA only due to my postage budget.

I have too much "stuff". Bits and pieces I've saved for Decos and random journaling. Stuff could be used for smash books and junk journals. Alot of slightly used /some new stuff that’s either been sent to me that I can’t use or it’s time to move on. It’s a small greeting card box. I'll be adding until the box is stuffed full.

The lucky winner will be whoever is my partner after I hit the “assign partners” button.

To enter, tell me the weirdest swap/item you have received/participated in the comment section below.


HERE IS THE REQUIREMENT: When your partner is assigned, check in the comments section below to see if your partner did indeed post a tip in the comment section. If yes, they get a 5 rating. A comment but not the required prompt? Then that's a 3. No comment at all? A big fat 1 is what they get

I'm putting this as a Type 1 swap as everyone will be reading and rating and I am the only one mailing.

You must be a RATED swapper. No unrated newbies at this time. I'll be hosting this swap again (as money allows)


institches 07/30/2019 #

My weirdest swap was on in Yahoo groups many many years ago. It was "send your partner your favorite thing" swap. My partner sent me a small battery powered shaver. She said it was the best thing she found to shave her private area with.

I was highly amused and appalled at the same time. Needless to say, I got rid of it, mainly because I wasn't sure if it was used or not.

Luvslife3 07/30/2019 #

The weirdest swap I've ever participated in was a letter writing swap where you had to start sober and write a letter to your partner while drinking alcohol of your choice till you were too drunk to write anymore. I chose beer with tequila shots and just started writing, letting my partner know step by step how it was going and what I was thinking about every step of the way. It was quite the rambling letter, that's for sure!! The letter ended up being about 5 pages long and it was quite interesting to see (the next morning when I re-read it) how my handwriting and letter spacing changed throughout the process....I think I downed 3 shots and several beers. My partner loved her letter and said her and her husband had quite the laugh at it!! Don't know that I would do it again, but it was fun once!!! Thanks for the opportunity her Institches...good luck everyone!!!

LilysMama 07/30/2019 #

The weirdest swap I ever did was a "Tampon Art" swap. You pretty much just had to use the cotton and string of the tampon to make something. My partner sent me a swan and it was pretty neat. It was one of my first ever swaps so I think I did like a cloud with a lightning bolt lol. So weird, but definitely interesting.

Thanks for the chance, good luck to all!

yvonne401 07/30/2019 #

The weirdest swap was in a Yahoo Group I used to belong to. Every year we did a 12 Days of Christmas Swap and one of the gifts I received was this creepy clown.

TwoTurtles 07/30/2019 #

The weirdest swap I've been a part of was underwear! It was a lot of fun. We posted in the comment section our size and then we shopped for our partners. So much fun. I'm thinking I need to do that swap....hummm

luckylynnl 07/30/2019 #

I used to belong to a group that is defunct. It was MAC or Mail Art Collective. I am sorry cause it was so much fun. We would send items randomly and without a package or envelope. One of the most unusual things I received was a dog treat. Not sure whether to call it a rawhide or a bone but the sender's name was on one side, my address in the middle and postage top right. A little note was on the back. Crazy thing to receive I the mail. Bet the postman loved it. Fun to show around.

Hyshu 07/30/2019 #

My weirdest swap I ever received was for a handmade card swap. The person put so much washi tape going in different directions some were used as tape holding down several scraps here and there. Nothing matched or was a theme or color. It was very hard to look at. They did this on the front and the back of the card. But what was disturbing and took it over the top was they had cut out from a magazine a picture of a deer. The head was stuck in the array of washi and paper. BUT, the butt of the deer was washi taped to the back! I had no words! It went straight to my recyclling bin!

shalvorsen 07/31/2019 #

My weirdest swap was a long letter (three pages, front and back) from a nudist, trying to indoctrinate me into his lifestyle. The swap was for "body positive" and we were to write a partner about our best body positive moments (I thought it was for those of us who are persons of size writing about self-acceptance / societal norms toward fat people). Anyway, he also sent a postcard of a nude beach he frequents. I am super open-minded and very hard to offend, but it just made me feel a little creepy. I had my husband read it, then I threw it away. :)

jinxspinx 07/31/2019 #

This was a swap on sendsomething. net. , so Im not sure ill ever get the reasoning behind it...

My weirdest swap item would be a sock. No match, no reason, and no idea of what to do with it. I wasnt even sure if it was used or new. And I guess ill never know why i received it.

AZmom875 07/31/2019 #

I have deliberately joined swaps about weird stuff from the $1 store. Where I have recieved some pretty useless stuff.

But The 2 weirdest things I ever got were not from the $1 store: both were Geico Gecko wannabe items. One was a crocheted finger puppet, and another an attempt to be a stuffed animal duplicate. I actually love them. So I kept them.

Dinkyde 08/ 1/2019 #

I'm still new here and I haven't received anything I'd consider weird yet. However, I kinda like things that other people might consider weird, so something would have to be pretty bizarre to shock me. I'm a social worker in an inner city public agency; I've seen some...stuff.

Amandlyn22 08/ 1/2019 #

The strangest thing I received from a swap was a samples of seasoning. They seem to come from a hotel or maybe sample from the store. Two of the three were expired and the third one looked like it had been trampled. It was a bit odd.

Poohtat 08/ 2/2019 #

I have been lucky and have not received anything I would consider weird. I do get some things that make me think what would someone do with this? Sometimes I just put those things in the garbage, but other times I think maybe a junk journal person could use this. As an example, I received a sheet of stamps but all the stamps were gone just the little sticky outlines were left on the paper. What the heck am I supposed to use that for?

Dibrittain 08/ 2/2019 #

I have been swapping many years. I have not gotten anything gross but maybe with my book swaps. I got some that smelled and stained. I think the cat box was next to them or something. I have recently got a box from someone who wanted a swap of items back. She sent me a ton of random items that is more fit for a teen girl. Now I may just have to use them in future swaps. I think the worst swap is not getting one at all.

Kathy821 08/ 2/2019 #

I have been pretty lucky with swaps. I have gotten a clothing tag that comes on an article when being sold with nothing interesting on it. I also received an image that I am pretty sure was once an elephant, but when I received it was headless.

momto8cats 08/ 2/2019 #

I agree with @Dibrittain that the worst swap is not getting one at all. But the weirdest swap item I ever received was a feminine hygiene pad (unused). Like, what am I going to do with that besides throw it away?

BLUR 08/ 2/2019 #

I haven't received anything so far that's too wild and crazy.

The strangest things I've received are the oddball mix of collage parts (people, animal, other), but I enjoy the strangeness and juxtapositions - lots of "good weird" combinations of images. Ha! (Recently, human surfers with animal heads.) :)

I'm enjoying reading all of the other responses! :D Glad I've dodged some of those swaps!

Hoxiedove 08/ 3/2019 #

so far I have not got anything weird. But I'm sure that day will come. But I sent a weird Postcard for a ugly PC swap. It was a photo of a shrunken head and it was ugly!!!! LOL

KarenLaneWV 08/ 3/2019 #

The weirdest thing that ever happened to me in a swap was getting a 3 because a package was damaged in the mail, even after I sent a replacement... but I think the oddest thing I ever received was probably a weird dotee doll that looked like something to be used in voodoo!! Tossed that one, believe me!!

ScrapHappyGabi 08/ 3/2019 #

Weirdest thing I got in a swap - to be fair though.. we were trying to out-do each other-- and she, most definitely, won! I got an old, used BRA!

tentmari 08/ 3/2019 #

I have only been swapping for about 10 months now, and I haven't really received/participated in any truly "weird" swaps. I have received a few items that made me scratch my head in puzzlement. One that immediately comes to mind is a partially used roll of washi tape. It was unusable because it was stuck to itself and wouldn't unroll.

AZmom875 08/ 4/2019 #


You said

As an example, I received a sheet of stamps but all the stamps were gone just the little sticky outlines were left on the paper. What the heck am I supposed to use that for?

You can stick them on say a map paper. and they take ink colors, Kind of like using masking tape. It adds texture to your backgrounds. I actually just used some for a swap here. 4 from 1 postcard collage swap.

Here is a photo

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/48359549581

institches 08/ 4/2019 #

Partners have been assigned. Any comments posted after this one do not count

institches 08/ 4/2019 #

The winner is....


Congrats! Your box will go postal tomorrow!

Poohtat 08/ 4/2019 #

@AZmom875 What a cool idea! Thank you

saturatedinink 08/ 6/2019 #

My weirdest swap was a garden gnome holding a pumpkin. I actually love it and it still sits on my shelf but it was such a huge item it must have cost a fortune to send and it was just so random I really wondered what in my profile screamed “she seems like someone who would really just love this random garden gnome I have laying around”.

luckylynnl 08/14/2019 #

Crazy me! Took a while to realize I truly was Lucky Lynn!!! Will share treasures!!!

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