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Unbirthday Swap 5 USA & International

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Unbirthday Swap 5 USA & International
Swap Coordinator:crochetjunkie (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Crafts  Games 
Number of people in swap:24
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:February 16, 2009
Date items must be sent by:March 17, 2009
Number of swap partners:1

I have decided to make this available to any country instead of doing two seperate swaps. It is much easier since the swap limit has went into effect.

A Merry Merry Unbirthday to you! To me? To YOU!! We all have one birthday a year and 364 UNBIRTHDAYS! So let's celebrate those unbirthdays!!

For those of you that have joined this swap in the past, welcome back!! For those of you that are just joining, welcome!!

For this swap you will list 10 items in the discussion section of this swap that you would like to receive. These can be any items, any crafts. Please be sure a few of them are easy to find. I have had some issues with a list of hard to find items, so let's not get too difficult here. You will then send 3 items from your partners list. Wrap them up as a gift for an added ounce of fun!


  • No no-sends within the last 6 months.

  • You must have 10 swaps under your belt. This does not include atcs, bookmarks, e-swaps, postcards or any "rate builders". These must be package or parcel swaps.

  • I'm sorry but Newbies are not allowed. I have had several issues with this.

  • You must have a rating of at least 4.95. Anything lower then that and you've probably got several no-sends and that is not good.

  • If you have any questions, please feel free to pm me!


crochetjunkie 01/23/2009 #

My list:

  • Chapsticks. I love chapsticks.

  • Reuseable canvas or similiar grocery bags (I have several from Walmart, so I don't need any of those)

  • Any handmade item by you!

  • Profile surprise

  • FQs/Fabric of any pattern. I love cotton fabric and I love patterns!

  • Unusual or fun shaped deck of cards

  • Blank Inside notecards...any kind just no holiday ones

  • address labels for me featuring something to do with crochet or knitting (yarn, crochet hook, knitting needles...etc)

  • sharpies in fun different colors

  • memo pads/cubes in cool colors (no holidays)

I love doing this swap! I will do it for as long as at least one person signs up for it!! lol

DBlalock 01/23/2009 #

I'm signing up again even though I didn't get anything in the last one. March is my birthday month but I have 30 unbirthdays that month too! 1. A button fairy, never seen one 2. very fine glitter 3. small pom pom trim 4. tote bag, handmade is even better! 5. Rubber stamps 6. Polymer clay any color 7. Colored duct tape 8. Pretty stationary 9. assortment of brads from your stash 10. Millinary or paper flowers

crochetjunkie 01/23/2009 #

donna, I am waiting to hear back from that swapper. even if she doesn't send you anything, you will definately get something from me. I always angel my unbirthday swaps. I try to always all the swaps I host, but sometimes I have to find friends to help. but the unbirthday swaps are my babies. I'm glad to see you have joined again. hopefully I will be your partner and I can send you a super fat package with both this one and last one in it. that would make your day i'm sure!! :)
we just need to be patient with the last unbirthday. once the two weeks from the due date has passed you can rate her a 1 and I will angel the swap. I feel 2 weeks is plenty of time in the us.

valleychic 01/23/2009 #

This is my first Unbirthday Swap and I can't wait to get my partner so I can start working my package :) As for what I would like to receive, here are some ideas: 1. crochet yarn or thread. 2. Mixed CDs. I love music. 3. Anything made by you. 4. A book. Gently is used is perfect. 5. Sharpies in different colors. 6. Anything from my profile. 7. Stationary. 8. bookmarks. 9. Reusable grocery bag. 10. Apron

DBlalock 01/23/2009 #

That's sweet of you crochetjunkie but not necessary. It's not your fault if itdoesn't come!

shtrqueen 01/23/2009 #

Great idea - this sounds like a lot of fun. I would love to receive: 1. swap cards 2. note cards 3. bookmarks 4. an amigurumi 5. address labels 6. notebooks 7. craft magazine (I'm happy with used or new) 8. chocolate or candy from your area 9. Interesting flavoured gum 10. profile surprise

crochetjunkie 01/23/2009 #

You're right, donnadmb, it isn't my fault if your partner never sends, but it is my responsibility to ensure that all the participants of my swaps receive their swaps. I feel that as a hostess, it is your job to make sure that people are not flaked on and never receive anything when they have sent a nice package to their partner. It's not fair and I believe in fairness.

starrycat 01/24/2009 #

I also think that this sounds like a bunch of fun. This is my first time signing up for the Unbirthday sawp, though I have seen the swaps for the previous ones from time to time. My list of 10 items is as follows: 1. Decorative Chopsticks! I love chopsticks, and the funkier/cooler they are the better! Curious by what I mean when I say decorative? I mean chopsticks that have cool pictures or patterns on them, like Kawaii characters, or anime/manga characters, Sakura blossoms, stuff like that. 2. Chapstick- I like fun flavors like baked goods, candies, etc. You can check my profile out for more info on this! 3. Beads!! I don't use plastic beads, nor do I need seed beads, so any unique and unusual beads is what I'm looking for! 4. Kawaii or Anime/Manga themed cellphone charms. 5. Funky jewelry in bright colors-just no gold please. I do have my ears pierced, and handmade jewelry is cool too! 6. Shot glasses- I collect them. 7. Mix cd's-more info on my musical likes/dislikes is on my profile. 8. Tea. 9. Oriental stuff- I collect it. Just nothing that depicts gods or goddesses or budda... 10. Profile Surprise!

ladybree 01/30/2009 #

This is my first unbirthday swap too, and I think it will be fun :)

Here's my list:

  1. unused art postcards - basically any kind, except the "touristy" ones from your area

  2. large post-it notes

  3. mechanical pencils

  4. ribbons in thin widths

  5. something handmade by you :)

  6. stickers - I like simple geometric shapes

  7. Knitting magazine

  8. Sudoku or variety puzzle book

  9. reuseable grocery bag - either handmade or from a store unique to your area

  10. a profile surprise

jennadobson03 02/ 9/2009 #

this is my 2nd unbirthday swap! :)

  1. decaffinated tea (i like the stash brand the best)
  2. raspberry land o lakes hot chocolate (i want this sooo bad but cant find it anywhere!)
  3. a good hip hop/r&b mixed cd
  4. something made by you
  5. a profile suprise
  6. address labels!
  7. magnets
  8. chapstick from a different country
  9. anything owls or ducks
  10. a cute mug (package it really good so it doesnt break!!)
creativeseconds 02/ 9/2009 #

1) cute mechanical pencils 2) colored sharpies 3) decaffinated tea (ie: stash brand) 4)something handmade by you 5) chocolate milk or white or candy 6)ribbon or lace thin 7) funky pen 8) pretty bookmark 9) charms 10) atc or handmade card/altered item

Gayle 02/11/2009 #

Have to give this a shot. It looks like fun!

  1. Nice pen (any colour ink but blue)
  2. Something cute and stuffed, handmade or not.
  3. Anything Nightmare Before Christmas.
  4. Cute socks.
  5. Something yummy from your area.
  6. Cute wallet.
  7. Journal, altered a bonus.
  8. Decorative tins or boxes.
    9 Anything for sewing (tools, fabric, storage, whatever).
    10 Nice spiral notebook, any size.
IslandBroad 02/11/2009 #

@crochetjunkie I LOVE your "Unbirthday Swaps". I HAD to join another!

• Mixed cd of your favorite songs

• Anything Nightmare Before Christmas, Tim Burton, Pocket Full of Posiez

• Organic soap, fruit and food.

• Anything w/ cupcakes on them!

• Anything handmade by you

• A new journal

• Jumbo puzzle book

• Postcards from your cite/state/country

• Something made from your area.

• Unique pens

*** If my partner needs me to elaborate, feel free to contact me. If you are sending me something unique from your area/city/country, please let me know a bit about it. I am ALWAYS love to learn new things.

pandajess 02/12/2009 #

i love unbirthday swaps

*profile surprise

*stationary (cute/character)

*cute socks (uk size 8)

*disney itams (fav dopey)


*chocolate (kisses)

*tote bags unusual one

*address lables

*puzzel books

*magnet from your countary.

luluvision 02/12/2009 #

This is my 2nd unbirthday swap (and I just realized I screwed up my first one! I actually sent all 10 list items to my partner! DOH! She's gonna love me! LOL I must have been thinking of the 10 surprise items swap I was also in) Anyway, here is my list:

  1. anything handmade by you

  2. fabric - bright colors/quirky patterns

  3. profile surprise

  4. anything from my Etsy favorites list! (see profile for link)

5.crochet thread (just got into this!) any color except yellow or brown

  1. steel crochet hooks for the thread (except 1.65 mm, already got that one!)

  2. cotton yarn - any color

  3. craft squeeze bottles preferebly 2 oz but will also take 4 oz. Example here

  4. Artist Carving block example here

  5. travel size moisturizer

provadia 02/13/2009 #

I would like:

Cute necklace

A profile surprise

Deco tape

kawaii stationary

An amigurumi

Anything Kawaii

Cute coin purse

Clothing for my build-a-bears!


Stud earrings

Let me know if you need help with my list:)!

candigirl 02/13/2009 #

My birthday actually is March 10, but for the purposes of this swap, weI will pretend it's my "unbirthday"....haha..

Stuff I would love!!

--anything with dachshunds (weiner dogs..I LOVE 'em!! and yes, I have one...)

--something with dogs on it, I love most all dogs!!

--Wallet/Coin purse, etc..anything cute!

--Hello Kitty stuff

--Tote bag/purse (handmade is great!)

--Mix CD (I would love some pop music from another country, if you are from somewhere other than U.S....but any music is great, i love all music except country)

--Candy/unusual, or dark chocolate...I am adventurous! Try me!

--Something with the Eiffel Tower on it

--Cookbook! (used is fine!)

--yummy smelling bar of soap

And, of course, a profile surprise is always welcome, so feel free to peruse my profile for more ideas..it is pretty detailed...

Thanks!! Can't wait for this one...

steffany81 02/13/2009 #

Here is just a sampling of things I'd love to receive...so many more ideas can be found by reading my swap profile. Please note that there are some things that I do NOT wish to receive as well. Thanks!

  1. lip balm
  2. buttons
  3. books (genre and favorite authors can be found on profile)
  4. gummy candy
  5. funky socks
  6. recipes/cookbook
  7. pens/markers
  8. sticky notes (something besides just plain yellow ones)
  9. note cards
    1. unusual magnets
mandyfaye 02/14/2009 #

This looks like fun. Somethings I'd love to recv: 1. swap cards ( i have no clue what these are but people keep asking for them) 2. stationary 3. blank/unused notecards (handmade is fine) 4. deco tape 5. anything for a blythe doll 6. profile surprise 7. anything skull and crossbones 8. art markers 9. mini art canvasses 10. something from my etsy favorites

pearlie 02/15/2009 #

Here are my ideas for now. You can also check my profile if this doesn't give you an idea. This always gets so hard to think of things on the fly to post so I may add more later whenI can actually think... 1. Handmade soaps 2. Balls of Wool. I can use partial balls if they weigh about 2oz. 3. Double point knitting needles (metal, wood or bamboo in sizes 6, 7, or 8) 4. Heavy, sturdy wooden spoons 5. Decal vanilla coffee or any decaf flavored coffee 6. Teacup (used okay) 7. Burts Bees products 8. DVD movies (used ok) of chick flicks or dramas 9. Knitting or crochet magazines or pattern books (used okay - in fact I like old ones) 10. Kitchen towel

KBoggs 02/15/2009 #
  1. books like Vampire romance, paranormal romance, horror, romance
  2. counted crosstitch,plastic canvas,
  3. anything Precious moments, other knick-knacks
  4. candy/chocolate from your area
  5. profile surprise
  6. puzzle books, no suduko
  7. pretty smelling bath items
  8. Stationery
  9. anything in purple!!:) or anything that you would like to send.
thriftymermaid 02/16/2009 #

This does sound like a lot of fun! Here Goes: - Coin purse, wristlet or purse in bright colors or fun/whimsical designs - Eco-bag or tote - Anything with a palm tree on it - Something cupcake - Something with a mermaid - Stickers - coloring book - a fun pen(s) - Something girly and pink - Anything homemade by you! Feel free to check out my profile or etsy favorites for ideas as well!

denise364 02/16/2009 #

This round my birthday actually is in March, so definetely going to play :o)

  1. A button fairy

  2. ANYTHING Celestial (suns, stars)

  3. Diamond Glaze (dont sell it here)

  4. Something unusual from where you live

  5. Funky Office Supplies or Decor (have a home office and makes it more fun to sit in here all day alone)

  6. An amigurumi, have yet to see one "live"

  7. Something Handmade by YOU

  8. ANYTHING with bears on it

  9. ANYTHING Suzy's Zoo (except stickers, have plenty :o)

  10. Profile Goodie

Luckyroni 02/16/2009 #

This sounds great! 1. anything kawaii (stationery, stickers, decotape, etc) 2. yarn (acrylic, wool, cotton) I am especially looking for Red Heart Lustersheen in any color, but any yarn/color will do 3. Anything from my Etsy favs (see my profile) 4. Anything from my wishpot (see my profile) 5. stickers 6. fun fabric (kawaii, cutsie, etc) 7. Mix cd 8. amigurumi safety eyes & noses 9. profile suprise 10. anything with cupcakes on it

QtPie 02/16/2009 #

This sounds like fun: 1. anything tweety bird, tigger or Harley Davidson. 2. Hello Kitty Stationary or stickers ONLY 3. Colorful or Handmade envelopes big enough to send letters 4. Address Labels 5. Cute Stationary with matching envelopes 6. Cute stickers ( no religious, teacher, tiny ones or with sayings) 7. Colored ink/gel pens (other than red, blue and blck) 8. Chapsticks 9. Anything Orange Colored 10. Profile surprise

vanessalouise 02/17/2009 #

i was planing to join this today. why did you change the sign up date at the last minute?

barmeychick 02/18/2009 #

Hi! 1. variegated yarn

  1. 100% cotton yarn

  2. Mixed cd of female rock music

  3. Handmade bag.....any sort, any size!

  4. Anything SHEEP!!!!! Anything!

  5. Anything chicken!

  6. Nice quality candles

  7. Good quality/natural smellies........anything LUSH or anything that sort of thing but handmade & natural is better:-)

  8. Anything from my WIST!

  9. Anything from my profile..............please!

Thankyou partner xx

ilovetubby 02/18/2009 #

I hope I don't sound too picky.. :( I couldn't think of anything at first..

  1.    Fabric (similar to Amy Butler, or modern/funky prints)
  2.    Sewing Magazines
  3.    Stickers (no characters, unless Kawaii)
  4.    Coffee Mug (like the crazy ones at Starbucks, etc.)
  5.    A Softie or Amigurumi (never had one.. of either)
  6.    DecoTape (never had any of this either)
  7.    Something Handmade by You!
  8.    Profile Surprise!!!
  9.    Jar Candle (I love baked goods, fruit, and spices!)
    1. Sewing Pattern (paper one.. I've never had one of these either.. but I just got my sewing machine and I'M READY TO SEW!!)

:) If you have questions, please feel free to ask!! :)

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