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For this swap I have stuff that has been sent to me that I probably won’t be able to find a use for. It will be an assortment of stickers , notecards , crafting stuff etc. all I ask is for each person to write in the comment section what have u been doing during this time? What have you been missing the most?

In turn my partner will receive an envelope of stuff. I just need to destash a little bit.it will more than likely be a bubble mailer. If you cannot use it then please pass along.

When leaving a comment just return here to see if your partner has left a comment and rate accordingly. Thanks. also for posterity sake please have at least a rating on your profile and a filled out profile. I should be able to scroll down ur page. I love reading about the people who have signed up for my swaps. If you haven’t left a comment sorry I will just remove you.

If I ban you there is prob a reason. Also if you have not completed obligations for other swaps I will prob drop u from swap as well. All I ask is for you to please return promptly and rate your partner. It’s a simple swap. For my partner Please leave me a rating promptly upon receiving my stash. Thank y’all. Have a good day!


PerArduaAdAlta 04/21/2020 #

Omg! You're awesome! Thank you so much! 💖💐💖 I am a housecleaner and I have actually been cleaning. My area is super low risk anyway and we are on the coast away from cities and we shut down the local towns (5) to visitors, so we are isolated. So my vacation rental cleaning side has stopped, but I am fortunate enough that I have a whole other side of residential clients, most of whom have opted to keep me on (precautions being taken of course). So I have actually still been working pretty much every day. I think it is smart that most people have chosen to value a professional cleaning as a matter of importance. And several people have chosen this time to schedule me for deep cleans of their homes as well, which i would normally be too busy for. I am very thankful to my clients. 💖☀️

So actually, I wish I had even more time home with the family, even though I've had more than usual! I love being home with them! And we homeschool normally, so no sweat there 😆. I miss performing, though. I usually perform several times a week, and occasionally bigger shows, singing, dancing, playing music, improv, comedy, stuff like that. Anything I can show off 😆. But we'll be back at it before we know, and then we'll be missing the time we got permission to slow down! (I'm sorry I'm so long winded...)

LavenderSprinkles 04/21/2020 #

I have been at home and very bored. I actually have fallen into a deep state of emotional turmoil. I wish that I could get out and feel alive again. I kind of feel like a walking zombie. I basically sit on my recliner writing letters, watching movies, eating snacks, drinking tea, and repeating the same thing the next day. I go outside once or twice a week and then I come home. It is not exactly a life anymore. I miss going out on weekends to eat with my family and shopping.

simplyfunmom 04/21/2020 #

I have been breaking up petty squabbles between my girls for the past 6 weeks. They are so bored, even with schoolwork to do so I've turned to Swapping to help.

simplyfunmom 04/21/2020 #

I miss shopping the most. I can't even go to Walmart anymore. :(

SkyFairies 04/22/2020 #

I've been baking a lot, and I've been writing letters/journaling. Though most of my time goes to school and homework (but it's been a lot easier than regular school since the teachers are now all tired of having to hold online classes). Other than that, I've been using most of my time to surf the web haha. I'm really missing hanging out with my friends and being able to go to school in person. Also eating out :).

creativeseconds 04/22/2020 #

Hi! I've been scrapbooking and going through all my old photos printed and on the computer. I made two online scrapbooks too with Mixbook and they turned out really pretty. I'm getting out and walking almost everyday, and I've been baking more. I miss going thrift store shopping and to plays and concerts, especially my daughters concerts with school.

theoriginalbrooke 04/22/2020 #

I have been working on my Master's level thesis for grad school and working from home. It's been super crazy keeping up and I've been trying to go for walks here in Michigan but today it is snowing! My fiancé just got laid off and we just bought our first house and will move May 17. We're trying to adjust to both of us being home and trying to stay positive. I definitely miss seeing my coworkers the most and going to the gym and wedding planning.

patricia8288 04/22/2020 #

Thank you for your generosity, please count me I . I been crafting A LOT, while watching TV A LOT, also a lot of extra cooking (Breakfast, lunch and Dinner) and of course snacking. I miss visiting my family, specially my son, also going shopping for craft supplies. And other things. Stay well everyone, be safe.

Hyshu 04/22/2020 #

I have been decluttering some old mail/papers, made some cards. Will probably make some more today. Slowly working on the garage clutter, Playing online games. Cooking and baking a little, keeping in touch with a group of elderly ladies I am worried about, trying to NOT kill my daughter's new Hibiscus while she is out of town. (I have a black thumb) Watching my favorite TV, and last but not least...Teaching 2nd grade to my GrandGirl!

Kittybob83 04/23/2020 #

I have been crafting and watching movies. I've kind of let my house get messy because we are all home all the time now. I miss going to work and I really miss my mom. She has a lot of health issues and is on oxygen so we cant go around her right now. I cant wait to get back to normal, but I'm enjoying having the time to work on the things i love to do. Although I've been getting stumped on creativity at times lately.

shalvorsen 04/23/2020 #

Hi, thank you for a fun swap! I've been working. I am very grateful that I have a job that I can do remotely. It's harder to do without being surrounded by my wonderful co-workers. That is probably what I miss the most, too. Just feeling so lonely and isolated. Crafting and going on walks have kept my spirits up. Be well, everyone!

Aalicia 04/23/2020 #

I miss having Mexican food and Margaritas. Plus all the parks and even hobby lobby its teribble

Burger1girl 04/23/2020 #

I am still working in a deli in a grocery store. The ONLY grocery store in town so its been hectic and stressful. Swapping is a way to relax and is very rewarding. On my way home I stop by my post office and open my po box to wonderful happy snail mail!!! I miss Hobby Lobby and Michaels. Walking around there relaxes me. Otherwise I was a homebody before this virus. Cant do crowds etc. Thanks for the giveaway!!

Nevi2018 04/23/2020 #

This is sooo neat!! My house is getting fixed today!! On Easter Sunday, Straight Line Winds of 110 MPH ran through my street up my dirt road and up 14 miles through my area. It was HORRIBLE!! Ripped of metal Sheeting AND Decking off the roof and Soaked the sheet rock and instillation under the roof.

Other than that I have been swapping, making cards, mailing, crafting, selling on Mercari. Having a ball with my Crafting.

What I miss Most...My Husband...He still has to work. and I used to go visit him at work. But now I can't as much. :(

Kirkdebb 04/23/2020 #

I have been doing a lot of spring cleaning, organizing, gardening, crocheting, sewing, crafting, and napping. On top of that I am also teaching, cooking, refereeing, herding and loving each of my 7 children.

Kirkdebb 04/23/2020 #

I am missing sending my kids off to school so I can enjoy a few hours of blissful silence. The only time it is silent now is at night. I also miss going to church and getting together with my friends.

CraftyTraveler 04/23/2020 #

I have been painting squishies and preparing to restart my Etsy shop. I had a lot going on last year so I took a break and kept my shop closed since March 2019. A friend recently asked me to make something and I realized how much I missed doing it. Now, I am very excited to hopefully open the shop again once I have enough products to list. What I miss most is archery practice. My husband is military and someone did't follow the rules so now we are not allowed any outside fitness activities. It's really hard for me to not be able to practice for this long. I hope that everyone is staying happy and healthy.

paperlvr 04/23/2020 #

Hello and thanks for this fun giveaway! It was fun reading what everyone else is up to! In these weeks of home quarantine, I've rediscovered container gardening! I had green bean and tomato seeds in my stash along with some marigold and basil seeds and so far, so good! It's lots of fun to wake up and see if/how they've grown! And in between that, there are unending loads of dishes and laundry. I understand the dishes but why so much laundry?! We aren't going anywhere! ;)

AZmom875 04/23/2020 #

Ok what have I been doing? I have been hosting electronic boredom buster swaps. Wow more work than I anticipated. I had to check to see of the players, did leave a comment like this. I sure didnt want them to get 5-10 bad rating I mean who needs that many 1 ratings for an electronic swap.
I also found that I had to deal with people who didnt follow the rules about rating. Sooo back to something more enjoyable.

I also have been hosting atc swaps. here and on Atcsforall.com. One if the most fun is atcs based on the Coronavirus, my life in 6 words. The art has been great.

Overall, I am finding I am stuck indoors, no place to go except the PO and the grocery store. I can walk my dogs, hike in the desert, and we have driving to see the desert blooms which are lame compared to last year.

So this week it is going to be 100 F, most days. I have a pool, but eventually the AC will have to come on. The higher temperatures make it harder to hike.

I did host a Desk declutter swap and that helped me clean off my desk.

Oh and I Have baked bread in the oven and in my bread maker, I dragged it out and dusted it off. Made two loaves and meh put it back in my cupboard.

I have been borrowing audio books from the library since it is closed. That made me feel great. I have plenty of audio and paper books to read.

I have joined some swaps on paperbackswap.com. Read some books.

I am anxious for things to be open again.

xanthishome 04/23/2020 #

Not much has changed for me really. My husband and I have still been going to work every day. We spend a lot of time at home anyway. I work with sod and bulk landscaping materials. We have been absolutely slammed the past several weeks. Everyone needs to go back to work so I can breathe lol. This situation hasn't really impacted me negatively. Which I'm grateful for. Although. . . I miss going out to eat. Have you seen the lines at drive thru's? No thank you ghost rider! ✌🙂

AZmom875 04/24/2020 #

I think I miss the most just the freedom to get into the car and go to any public place I want. like the movie theatre, the used bookstore, the craft store, the library, the church, even my food bank is closed, because the Lutheran church has suspended all activities on campus. I am passing out boxes of food from the back of my truck at my home. And it is starting to get hot.

I also have wanted to take my dogs to get their toe nails clipped at the local dog grooming School.

bck 04/24/2020 #

I’ve been keeping busy knitting and crocheting for the charities I donate to; I have made quite a dent in my yarn stash. The thing I miss most is seeing friends.

mariamichelle 04/24/2020 #

I have been crocheting mostly. Have finished several projects: blankets, assorted designed throws, slippers, etc. Got Netflix finally so have been watching a few movies. We've been having our church services in the parking lot but I miss actually getting to see everyone and socialize. My son lives close so I see him but my daughter lives 3 hours away and I haven't gotten to see her in a while. Hope everyone's staying safe as possible. Blessings all.

pianoheart 04/24/2020 #

We all have extra time, due to the pandemic, to finish projects that we started and organize our craft stashes. I would love to see a craft destash where everyone sends their partner a bubble envelope of craft destash. That way, we can all share and receive new craft things for even more new projects :)

huyenatlife 04/25/2020 #

Hi! It’s Huyen ☺️ I’ve been home schooling a kindergartner while training my new Frenchie puppy how to be the best pup ever! Definitely cooking nonstop at home. I definitely miss a good mani/pedi from my nail tech. The feet needs major lovin’ with spring time and summer coming! I’ve been trying new recipes and hitting Vietnamese cuisines to perfect them. I also miss being able to say hi to strangers and being able to get a response back with a smile or wave — not even that is normal anymore.

Thanks for making this swap!

yvonne401 04/25/2020 #

I've been keeping busy making homemade cards and playing games on the computer. At the moment I'm working on Mother's Day cards. There's a lot of cutting out work because I'm sending out 39 cards. I'm almost done cutting out the items, I just need to finish cutting out the grass now. I'm also crocheting homemade gifts for friends and family. The thing I miss the most is going out for my birthday dinner. My birthday was on 4/1, April Fool's Day. We stayed home and had a nice seafood dinner along with birthday cake and ice cream. Happy Swapping everyone! Stay healthy and stay safe! We will get through this!

megan1230 04/25/2020 #

I found Swap-bot a few weeks into my state lockdown and I've been OBSESSED. I'm so thrilled with using my blank postcard collection and I love all the sweet people that I've been corresponding with. My whole day revolves around the mail and I'm using it to keep my anxiety down. I've kept myself so busy and it's been awesome considering the situation.

thebragal 04/25/2020 #

I’m still staying at home because that’s what I do in the cold weather. I’m a stay at home mom anyway. Hubby and my oldest are still working, EMS manager and grocery store clerk respectively. My oldest is at his grandmas and has been since the second week in March, I really miss him. My youngest has been out of school for the same time. He was fighting me on doing his school work after 3-4 weeks without any but is doing better now. We’ve settled into a routine of sorts. He loves being able to stay up late with me like in the summer months. I’ve been dying to walk my dog but it’s been too cold for me due to health issues. She really needs more training as she is going to be my service dog.

. I miss my friends a lot and it’s very tempting as one is my next door neighbour. I’ve made a few masks, donated a few and made a bit of $ on a few more. I’ve been crafting as usual, made quite a few cards to donate.

bringitb 04/25/2020 #

Thanks for hosting this! During this crazy time I moved across the country—now I’m back home living with my Mom and helping her get the house repaired, cleaned, and healthy. My job, now being remote, means my days are just like normal; wake up, go to work, clock-out and unwind with letter writing, Postcrossing, or TV with Mom. Lately I’ve been involved with Letters Against Isolation, which is a project started by two young girls to facilitate letters/postcards for senior homes across the country. It’s nice to feel like I’ve been helping these quarantined, at-risk seniors. It’s difficult feeling like I can’t do much to help, but good old-fashion mail brings a smile! =)

myancey 04/26/2020 #

I miss life. I miss going to church on Sunday. I miss my husband working on Saturday’s. I miss normalcy I have been going back and forth to work because I am considered essential. I have been helping distance learning and I have been trying to keep my sanity.

Cindymt 04/26/2020 #

Thank you for this swap!

So I have been watching The Simpsons on Disney Plus a lot! I love that show! I have also been crafting as well as swapping and writing. I have also been spending a lot of time with my kitties! Lastly, I am finishing up school. Oh! I also started talking to a guy who lives near where I got to school and hopefully we will meet soon! This time has been hard but luckily we can keep busy with SB :)

GirlMomToTwo 04/26/2020 #

What a great swap! During this time I have been trying to keep my daughter on track with her school work that her teacher gives her each week, while keeping my 3 year old entertained! My hubby is an essential worker and he works 6 days a week, so I am home with the kiddos 24/7. I wish the weather would get warm so we could be outside more often. We get some nice days, but a lot of rain. I have been able to get my grad school work done pretty easy since being quarantined at home, and I've been able to respond to my pen pals quickly! I've been joining a lot more swapbot swaps too. Quarantine isn't all bad. I'm a total homebody, so its no big deal for me not to leave my house!

Ace330660 04/26/2020 #

I have been taking care of my niece and going to my infusions. That is about it. The infusions are not fun at all ! I have been trying to spending time outside, crafting and reading in my downtime. I miss going out to dinner the most.

ToujoursMoi 04/26/2020 #

I am at home and busy with the kids, cooking and cleaning. Oh so much cleaning. I miss the few hours of silence in the morning when the kids are at school and I miss going to the beach.

MCGalaxy 04/26/2020 #

I miss being able to go outside whenever I want and just go shopping. I miss my daughter going to school. I miss being able to just go outside whenever I want to. I miss museums and 42nd street. Tomorrow is my birthday and I can't go Dave and Busters or to a paint n sip or a comedy club or do anything.

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