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Intl. ♥Pocky♥ Fill!

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Swap Coordinator:SparklyPinkStarSnowflake (contact)
Swap categories: Food  Challenges  Boxes 
Number of people in swap:15
Last day to signup/drop:October 15, 2016
Date items must be sent by:November 3, 2007
Number of swap partners:2

EDITED: - !!! Hi guys :) Have extended the deadline by one week - any complaints please pm me - cheers!

Yup we're international!

And we ♥ Pocky!

For this swap you will:

  • have 2 partners (for variety - tell me if you want this changed - majority vote wins ;) )

  • buy a box of your favourite Pocky and eat it!!! YUMMM! haha (a great way to show your partner which is your favourite! - so no decorating the outside ;) )

  • post below a list of 3 words you want your box to be filled with

  • pick one or all 3 words from your partners list below and try to include a variety of things to fill the pocky box with (so not all the same item) - try to stuff it full!!!


"my 3 words are - red, circle and sweets"

THEN! - your partner will pick one of those words maybe 'red' then find lots of little RED things to fill your pocky box with! If your partner is adventurous they can pick 2 or all 3 of those words to incorporate into the items. :) And if you need more help you can always check out their profile.

New members MUST send me a message BEFORE joining.

All members must have a FULL PROFILE

Established members need GOOD feedback - I won't state a rating number and will decide on a case by case basis - PLENTY of time to get more ratings before this closes.

Please be prepared to be patient and to post overseas :)

Suggestions more than welcome :) - Like should I change it to only those with a 5 or keep it like it is?

♥ sugareyes


ArtfulAmy 06/27/2007 #

I feel completely silly, but what is pocky??

sojourner 06/27/2007 #

My question also !

ArtfulAmy 06/27/2007 #

Oh good, maybe I don't feel so silly afterall! lol

RudeNun 06/27/2007 #

Same here!

Merozoite 06/27/2007 #

Pocky are (at my best description) stick-esq cookies that have been dipped in chocolate (or other flavors like strawberry, almond, or coconut). They're a Japanese thing, but can be found at most grocery stores. They're also very yummy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pocky

I'd partake in this swap, but I'm trying to cut back ):

DreamHope 06/27/2007 #

Pocky: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pocky

The original is a little biscuit stick covered in chocolate. There are other flavours now too.

SparklyPinkStarSnowflake 06/27/2007 #

my picture would show you if it was up :( help? or to see the picture I wanted, go here...


It's pretty much a yummy snack! If it's not at your grocery store then it would be at any asian food store :)

I can't get any of the 'fancy' flavoured ones here - only the choc or strawberry one - no worries cos my fave is the choc one!

♥ sugareyes

ElizabethObviously 06/27/2007 #

my fave is sweet potato but it us SUPER hard to find

SparklyPinkStarSnowflake 06/27/2007 #

Hopefully you can setup a one on one swap in the forums :) I'm sure there'll be someone who can help you! Or maybe you can pick a second favourite? ;)

I've never even tasted sweet potato! so lucky you!

sojourner 06/27/2007 #

Thanks for all the information .

ArtfulAmy 06/27/2007 #

Yes, thanks for the education, I've learned something new, my fear is I'll like it...lol

SparklyPinkStarSnowflake 06/27/2007 #

artfulamy - heehee ;)

SparklyPinkStarSnowflake 06/27/2007 #

hmm, now i need to think of my 3 words! ...

SparklyPinkStarSnowflake 06/27/2007 #

and if there is only us 2 in this swap - I'm so gonna spoil you! haha, fun!

babysingsing 06/27/2007 #

I'm in! Great idea. I love Pocky, and I love filling boxes! My three words are:

If there's anyone else out there who is unenlightened on Pocky, PM me your address by Friday 29 June and I'll send you a box. Offer expires Friday. :)

ideiascomestilo 06/28/2007 #

I've never seen that in Portugal.... cant play this :o(

happyichigo 06/28/2007 #

hye...sorry but i dont get it.. do we have to send partner a pocky box filled with the '3 words' stuff they want or the pocky itself...pocky is always my favourite snack...! i love ichigo, milk honey, bitter choco, & peach. I wish I can swap pocky with ppl!

ollieotson 06/28/2007 #

i only tasted the chocolate pocky, and it was because someone here sent to me. it tastes good, i wish i could taste the others! cant join this =\ theres nothing at my country.

electrogeek77 06/28/2007 #

My three words: cute, soft, papers

mbrat 06/28/2007 #

I love the strawberry one. However I've only found the chocolate and strawberry ones.

My three words are:

Black, Pink, Fibres

LisaLaughs 06/28/2007 #

too much fun!! my 3 words are: butterfly, strawberry & pink. :)

blissfulmama 06/28/2007 #

pocky pocky2

Here's a photo for those of you who aren't familiar w/ pocky (hopefully this works). I wasn't either until this swap. I'm down!

my three words:

  • butterflies
  • vintage
  • brown
SparklyPinkStarSnowflake 06/28/2007 #

haha - yay! Thanks for that blissful mama.

Now to answer happy_ichigo's question - we buy a box, eat the contents then we need to fill the now empty box with one or all of our partners words :)

If it's still not clear let me know and I'll explain it another way.

♥ your host

happyichigo 06/30/2007 #

thank u sugareyes for the explanation..what a fun idea!

user8367 06/30/2007 #

i absolutely love pocky and have kept so many pocky boxes ^.^ my 3 words are: rainbow / stripes / clouds

SparklyPinkStarSnowflake 07/ 2/2007 #

hmm, my three words are:

  • kawaii

  • sparkly

  • snowflake

If those words are too hard - pm me and I'll give you some more easier and vague words :)

Thanks in advance!

♥ your host

happyichigo 07/ 3/2007 #

my three words:

Kawaii Sweet Retro

hudykamis 07/ 5/2007 #

pockeys are beyond YUM!!!

i wouldn't mind sending some to those who have yet to try them,or those who can't find them at wherever they are now.

user9148 07/ 6/2007 #

Sounds Fun!!!

Orange Pink Sparkle

HeideC 07/ 9/2007 #

Did you ever say what size box we are to fill?

symphonie 07/12/2007 #

My 3 words are
pink happy surprise

MissThundercat 07/12/2007 #

What a cool swap! And excillent dates too, since i'll be back from holidays in october! I love pocky!! and i have a few empty packets already ;) My fave is the coconut chip pocky and strawberry decole (heh, guess which packaging I'm gonna use LOL) as for my three words *Kawaii *celestial *Retro/vintage and wouldn't it be fun to include items of all three words if possible? that would add to the variety, right?

Superloud 07/13/2007 #

Oh boy! I can't wait!

Robot, Kawaii, Turquoise!

mightyhealthy 07/14/2007 #

I'm so excited about this swap!

My 3 words are...

Asian. stars. & black.


ollieotson 07/14/2007 #

now i can join this, i just order some pocky!! :D

my 3 words are ~: cherries, kawaii, suprise

Superloud 07/14/2007 #

I'm really looking forward to this swap! I hit a rough patch in my swapping in the last few months, but sugareyes was kind enough to give me a second chance. I won't let you guys down!

DearHeart 07/19/2007 #

mmm Delicious poky! What a great idea!

soft, bouncy, sticky

SparklyPinkStarSnowflake 07/26/2007 #

sorry! i'll go home and measure mine to see aroundabout what size we'll be sending :)

symphonie 07/28/2007 #

Mine measures 15cmHx8cmWx2.5cmD Is that the same as everyone else's?

Magpieandluna 07/29/2007 #

my 3 words are thinks really hard ...>.< Kawaii pinup stars

TackyTiffany 07/29/2007 #

Yay! I already have a Green Tea Mousse and Coconut Pocky box ready to fill.

My three words are Kawaii, Sweet, Glitter

SarahElaine 07/30/2007 #

I want to try the green tea kind so bad! They don't sell it around here. My favourite is the coconut milk kind, but again, not something they sell around here. My only options now are chocolate or strawberry, but the strawberry is prettty nice.

Nanamint 07/31/2007 #

Yipee ! Thanks to Wikipedia I finally understood what Pocky is... and discovered we have it here in Europe, it's called Mikado and made by LU. But I've only seen choco ones.

So I'm very happy to join this pockymaniac swap ! :o) My three words will be : cherries, strawberries, bees.

Snaxy 08/ 5/2007 #

My words are:


HAHA Just kidding! =^_^=

My words REALLY are: Strawberry, Chihuahua, Cupcake,

also interchangible: "mushroom", incase you want to mix 3, and can't find one of the above. =)

<3 Jane

61455W41K32 08/14/2007 #

My three words are dragons, ocean, and chartreuse.

dabas 08/17/2007 #

i would try, but there's no pocky where I live. :|

Mo0fin 08/19/2007 #

Oh i'm so excited! My favorite flavor is grape. yum yum. with the prettiest packaging too, hehe. anyways, here are my words:

  1. cupcake (not real food please)
  2. banana (not real food please)
  3. unicorn
phatelara 08/30/2007 #

Oh, I can't join this now since I am new and kind of committed to other swaps at GimmeYourStuff(gimmeyourstuff.blogspot.com). I am from Malaysia and here I've found choc and strawberry Pocky. There's also milk flavoured ones, smaller box with a pic of a cow on it. Very cute! Good luck on the swap, everyone!! ^o^

all4honey 09/ 5/2007 #

Great Idea Sis well done have fun....

malangelene 09/ 5/2007 #

i started buying mine online; i like matcha and men's which are almost impossible to find here. amazon has some and also asianfoodgrocer dot com. i'm fighting the swap-bot addiction so i won't be in this one but, man! what a good idea!

ollieotson 09/ 8/2007 #

i CANT wait for this to start! :P

libraryninja 09/17/2007 #

Thanks for letting this newbie join! I love pocky but have only had the chocolate and strawberry kind. I just ordered some fun new flavs from Amazon to swap with so let the good times roll. Here are my 3 words: *lavender *fluffy *kitty

phatelara 09/17/2007 #

Yes, now I can join. =) My three words are:

  • blue
  • chocolate
  • stickers
hoosiergirl 09/23/2007 #

You can get them on Amazon?? I gotta check this out! I love Pocky - but very hard to find around here. I first had them when we visited Hawaii - and found some recently at an oriental grocery -- I'm in :0) My fav is the lemon and honey.

my words are: lemon, beads, surprise (i saw someone else use surprise and i thot it a great idea - hope you dont mind that i copied, lol)

francophile77 09/25/2007 #

Fun! My three words: kawaii. rabbits. vintage.

sakato 09/25/2007 #





waterpixie 09/27/2007 #

I have been eating pocky, since forever. I grew up milatary, and we always had it. Little did i know there is a whole subculture of pocky lovers, till i started swap-bot.

My three

Fairy, dragon, metal

iheartswap 09/29/2007 #

this is a really cute idea. i am curious to see how it turns out. my 3 words:

  • vintage
  • green
  • apples

thank you <3 please check my profile!

toiletrollart 10/ 1/2007 #

Forgot to add my words... Kawaii / Stars / Silver

phatelara 10/ 2/2007 #

Anxiously waiting for my swap partners' names and 3 words. =D

ollieotson 10/ 2/2007 #

me toooooo

phatelara 10/ 3/2007 #

Why does it take so long? There's only 15 people in this swap.

nydjgurl213 10/ 3/2007 #

my three words are purple, smile, kawaii

phatelara 10/ 4/2007 #

Thanks sugareyes. My partners are really interesting people. And one of them is you! =)

KoalaMuffin 10/ 7/2007 #

My 3 words are: cuddle, twinkle, smooshy

SparklyPinkStarSnowflake 10/11/2007 #

hi guys!!! :)

if your assigned partner hasn't listed their 3 words yet please let me know so I can get in touch with them :) and I can't wait to see what everyone gets! have fun!

xoxo your host

SparklyPinkStarSnowflake 10/11/2007 #

hint: i like pink n black too ;) heehee

Pensivenga 10/15/2007 #

sorry, for being so late. i almost forgot that i have to post 3 words...

so here they are:




Bunnycutie 10/19/2007 #

My words are

Teddy Bunny Blue :)

arisu 11/ 4/2007 #

Oh no, I can't believe I missed this swap :( Hopefully there's another one soon!~

ollieotson 11/ 7/2007 #

uuff this was a hard one, but know everything is sent :D

SparklyPinkStarSnowflake 11/12/2007 #

Thanks to everyone who did their best and put together great pocky packs :)

Unfortunately a few have spoiled it by not sending yet - thanks for bringing this to my attention - I've just finished sending them all messages asking for them to communicate to me and their partners and that we're pretty understanding if something is up.

One of them in particular though has started getting lotsa ones - after the sign up date :( And I will bring it to the Admin's attention if she can't clean it up.

I don't think I want to host another one - though I received bloody awesome packs! :D

So anyone can feel free to start another one up if they wish :)

xoxo Kat

p.s. I'll keep you updated :)

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