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Candy from where you live in the world swap

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Swap Coordinator:Teraceee (contact)
Swap categories: Food 
Number of people in swap:137
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:May 21, 2010
Date items must be sent by:May 28, 2010
Number of swap partners:1

Send a selection of candy from where you live. Anything, chocolate, gummy sweets, senders choice.

You will get 1 swap partner to send to.

Only spend about £2 / $3, thus keeping the postage down.

If there is anything you totally dislike, please list below (senders please check first, if nothing listed that your recipient dislikes then its your choice).

This swap is open to everyone including newbies (we all had to start somewhere). Anyone with loads of 1's and 3's please message me first.

Thanks for reading this, Happy Swapping and Good Luck.

I have notice there are about 7 people that have not marked there swap as sent, I have sent a message to all of these people. If you here nothing back from them, please let me know. Thank You.


shout4 05/ 4/2010 #

Aw would love to join, but I'll be in Peru :(

kimberlypeartree 05/ 4/2010 #

I'd love to swap, but this is my first time swapping on this site so i'm not so sure as how to go about it. :/ haha

katanke73 05/ 4/2010 #

Please no liquorice

AGCrumpet 05/ 5/2010 #

I don't like liquorice, or things with fruit in :)

fepamplona 05/ 5/2010 #

I rather get chocolate than gummy or candies but, in any case, please no liquorice or gummy (i only eat sugar free gum!!)...

sduckson 05/ 6/2010 #

so excited for this! just please no black licorice and no green apple or watermelon flavored candy (something they put in it give me a headache!)

NZSteviieStar 05/ 8/2010 #

Yay!! cant wait =] ive got in my profile likes & dislikes but please no sour stuff or black liquorice other then that i love gummies and anything caramel!! :]

NoSunToday 05/ 9/2010 #

I don't like liquorice and crisps, but I am fine with everything else :)

kirstykai 05/10/2010 #

Love chocolate (milk and dark) but nothing with nuts in please

Misa015 05/10/2010 #

No liquorice and dark chocolate, please.

blubrrymffin 05/10/2010 #

Nothing nuts or coffee please otherwise yummm!

crazymieze 05/11/2010 #

=) love that, but please no coffee, black liqurice or dark chocolate... and plz no hot things - i´m a sweet one ;)

ninjapanda 05/11/2010 #

So glad I found this! Can't wait till the swap starts :) My preferences are on my profile. But to summarize, I loovee candy, just no coffee, bitter or spicy things!

A127 05/11/2010 #

Chocolate only!

Twink 05/11/2010 #

I love chocolate, but it's really hot here now. It'll melt too easily. Nothing sugar-free, I can't eat the artificial sweeteners.

aughtpui 05/11/2010 #

No liquorice please !

honeysucklescafe 05/11/2010 #

No chocolate sorry this time of year it will turn to a puddle in the mail. I really hope I get international partner because I love candy from different countries. I love licorice and well just anything! Thank you!

MadebyRebel 05/11/2010 #

love all kind of candy, the ones wrapped in plastick are my favourite, the wrappings make me happy! (and trie to make a bag out of them) do'nt like chocolatepuddle in the mail..

maroyau 05/11/2010 #

No licorice, aniseed or gummies please. I'm a chocoholic for ALL chocolate lol. Love coffee, peanut butter choc, it's rare here, and I adore the peanut butter and jelly m&m's - I think that's what they were.

abusingaudacity 05/12/2010 #

Anything. I run a food blog that I review strange and regional snacks on, so the funkier/uncommon, the better! I would love to have an international partner. :)

Obstminkerl 05/12/2010 #

Nothing with alcohol plz :o)

obsequies 05/12/2010 #

My first swap on here, and I'm super excited.

I love gummy things...anything with interesting wrapping too ^.^ I'm not too fussy, but I'd rather have candy than chocolates.

Please be majorly advised, I have serious nut allergies...I hope that's not a problem.

jenchaos77 05/12/2010 #

as much as i love chocolate, it will melt by the time it gets to me (in florida, it gets HOT!)- i would love something from your state or country- something unique that can only be found by u :o)

priscillabrunson 05/12/2010 #

no liquorice for me please!

JuiceeJewels 05/12/2010 #

I am a chocholic :) all kinds except white! I am not too fond of gummy candies. I like unique things that I can't get here.

orly 05/13/2010 #

please No liquorice, thanks!

kayleena 05/13/2010 #

I pretty much like anything. There are a few things I would really like to try ( I can't get them in Canada) like the mystery flavor stride gum, tic tac chill cherry, or apple. I am mint and candy person. so please no chocolate.

tarariqtevi 05/13/2010 #

please, no black liquorice or marzipan. thanks

joyohjoy 05/13/2010 #

please no jawbreakers - anything else would be great .

LittleCakes 05/13/2010 #

Love everything...chocolate (dark or milk) , love nuts in my chocolate, love nougat, love licorice, love gummy stuff, love crisps...anything goes in the world of sweets with me.

Care 05/14/2010 #

Hi ... love dark chocolate, dark chocolate with truffle/raspberry/nougat/cashew/caramel or praline inside, red licorce. DO NOT like black licorice, peanut anything.

Care 05/14/2010 #

Hi ... love dark chocolate, dark chocolate with truffle/raspberry/nougat/cashew/caramel or praline inside, red licorce. DO NOT like black licorice, peanut anything.

jellybean5 05/14/2010 #

I am also in the "no licorice, please" group. I love gummies and suckers/lollypops. And anything fruit flavored. Please nothing spicy or hot.

Lieve 05/14/2010 #

Oh my... I was considering to join... but reading these comments gave me a headache, so many different demands... maybe next time :-)

Sally 05/14/2010 #

no licorice or dark choc please

laurenmichaela 05/14/2010 #

I'm also a member of the no licorice group. I'm also SERIOUSLY allergic to pineapple and coconut and if chocolate is sent I would prefer milk chocolate :).

ClumsyKisses 05/14/2010 #

No licorice for me too! I don't like nuts or pineapple and am allergic to some strawberry flavoured things. Love dark chocolate, white chocolate, orange, coffee.

tevia9 05/14/2010 #

can't do licorice or jelly beans--love peanut butter--or any nut butters!

Pixiedustlady 05/14/2010 #

No licorice, jelly beans, gummies or dark chocolate. I LOVE soft fruity type chews, milk chocolate and coconut!! I also love sour candy.

papercaper 05/15/2010 #

Well, aren't we all a fussy bunch? ;) Wait - I include myself!

  • No artificial sweeteners = no gummi/sour candy or sugar-free gum
  • Nothing hot, spicy or aniseed

Thanks :)

sukiesmum 05/15/2010 #

I would like to try absolutely anything, i love quirky unusual things, (i recently received a small choc bar filled with a salty/licorice filling, it was oddly tasty,but quite an acquired taste i would say)

GunSlingerChick 05/15/2010 #

no black licorice/ aniseed or anything minty please. I love mega sour things, gummies, dark and milk chocolate. I'm so excited for this swap! :D

50DaysOfSummer 05/15/2010 #

Please no chocolate for me (too hot right now; I got one last week and it melted in the envelope :( ) also nothing with liquorice, thank you. sour candies are very welcome :)

Etoile 05/15/2010 #

No chocolate please - unless it's inside candy like m & m's - because it will melt. But other than that, I love any type!

KimberlyJDC 05/15/2010 #

Love any kind of chocolate, and gummy-type candy. No black licorice please... and none of that artificial sweetener stuff, it really upsets my stomach :-)

MsPinky 05/16/2010 #

no black liquorice or dark chocolate... i love gummy candys...and fruity candys...bubble gum is my favorite

MsPinky 05/16/2010 #

no black liquorice or dark chocolate... i love gummy candys...and fruity candys...bubble gum is my favorite

Annu 05/16/2010 #

Please, no white chocolate. Otherwise I'm willing to try anything!

han28 05/16/2010 #

Please no black liquorice, aniseed or watermelon candy.

ladyaries7 05/16/2010 #

Please no dark chocolate, coffee flavored or black licorice. everything else is a-okay! Thanks! Yum..looking forward to this one.

april1604 05/16/2010 #

very surprised about all the 'no liquorice please' :-) When you've grown up in Holland you're almost an alien when you're not into liquorice.. Wonder what to send with all those different demands, so I'll keep on watching for now..

elocina 05/16/2010 #

No white chocolate by itself. I wouldn't mind it if it was paired with dark or milk chocolate (like in peppermint bark).

verniewernie 05/16/2010 #

no licorice! anything gummy, fruitty or chocolatey please! :)

verniewernie 05/16/2010 #

oh and no dark chocolate!!

lthrgirl03 05/16/2010 #

NO black licoirce, coffee flavor, or dark chocolate. Man, I sound so picky, but I guess my like are my likes

flossyjamba 05/17/2010 #

no liquorice or aniseedy flavours please x

janeengland 05/17/2010 #

please no nuts, toffee, chewing gum or anything sour

giantbutton 05/17/2010 #

Standard Chocolate for me nothing that is coffee/orange/mint etc and no nuts etc.

No liquoise, aniseed or gum. thanks :)

loolie 05/17/2010 #

I just don't care for chocolate with fruit filling (ie. cherry) or raisins. I'm pretty easy to please otherwise! :) Thanks!

leighlo 05/17/2010 #

I love chocolates. I do not care for coffee flavor, black licorice or sours.

Syrasha 05/17/2010 #

I would like an international partner, please! Something that is not available in the USA would make me very happy! I will do my best to provide my swap partner with regionally-produced goodies.

The nuts I like include peanuts and walnuts. I am ok with licorice, gum, coconut, cinnamon spicy, the combination of sweet and salty, mint, fruit, gummy, I love candy or gum with caffeine in it lol, caramel/toffees, sour, bacon,

I dislike flower-flavored candies, chili candies, or candies with real insects in them, marzipan, candies that aren't very sweet.

Best to stay away from lots of chocolate, as it's getting warmer here now.

NicoleJoy 05/18/2010 #

I can't have nuts (allergies), but anything else is fair game! Gummies would be fantastic given the current weather (it's a bit hot here), and if it's maple, I'll LOVE it. I'm good with sour...I just love candy in general!

imburton 05/18/2010 #

No candy coated bugs...otherwise I'll try it :)

singinghope 05/18/2010 #

no chocolate since it will melt....love black licorice and gum

foppylady 05/18/2010 #

I really don't like anise flavor and I am allergic to garlic and green onions (not that these usually show up in candy, but just in case).

Looking forward to it!

danagal 05/18/2010 #

I can't have peanut and raisin (allergies). I dont like dark chocolate. I love everything else with chocolate. I dont like licorice, mint and meaple. I love sour lolypop (orange, strawberry, cherry and more).

yami yami.........

danagal 05/18/2010 #

oooops I forgot.... I dont like white chochlate.

Ashley83 05/19/2010 #

I do not like black licorice and prefer chocolate bars. There is a list on my profile of examples of chocolate bars that are not available in Canada.

Lieve 05/19/2010 #

You guys are hilarious :-)

imlilanglnot 05/19/2010 #

I don't think I would have given the option to list dislikes... just allergies! haha... it's going to be so tough with all the demands!

May 28th is a toss up - could be really hot or somewhat chilly here so I can't really comment much on chocolate... your call. I'd just suggest wrapping it in plastic to keep it safe.

I have no demands though! I'll either enjoy what I'm sent or hand it off to a friend who'll enjoy it :)

lolalinda 05/19/2010 #

please no candy with gelatine or similar animal by-products...so no gummi candy, jelly sweets... dairy, eggs, honey are ok though...

Syrasha 05/19/2010 #

It's so interesting to see what people like and don't like! So much hate for poor black lichorice, awww. I'm also generally in the camp of "I don't like white chocolate" but lately I've begun to make a distinction between actual, REAL white chocolate, and the stuff that is often passed of as 'white chocolate' and it's actually a white confection. The real deal is actually pretty ok, but it's fairly rare. I hate that white confection stuff, erg. If you're my partner, please see my prior comment, lol, this isn't it. ^_^

Lieve 05/20/2010 #

I will only have red and white striped sugar free hello kitty heads, please. I don't like all the rest, sorry...

kirstykai 05/20/2010 #

@Lieve are you saying that all you are willing to receive is sugar free hello kitty heads? Because some people don’t get them in their country

lolalinda 05/20/2010 #

I think (and hope ;-) that @lieve 's comment was ment to be sarcastic ;-)

lolalinda 05/20/2010 #

should have been meant not ment ... tss. bad fingers!

gingerslamsven 05/20/2010 #

no licorice, bugs, or alcohol. I'm not a fan of anything spicy/with chili either or sugar free. Anything else is fine :)

Thank you!

Lieve 05/20/2010 #

Yep @lolalinda .. just kidding ;-)

Carolinev237 05/20/2010 #

Hi I don't mind what I receive I am just interested to see what I'll get. I have four children so whatever is not to my tastes will soon get eaten lol!! x

KristinaLynn 05/20/2010 #

I don't care for milk chocolate or coffee flavors and I don't eat anything that is artificially sweetened.

I love unusual combinations of flavors.

Also, I eat only very small amounts of sweets at time so I would much prefer receiving only one or two really nice/strange/different things than a whole slew of cheap stuffs. I give hearts for quality, not quantity ^_^

Obstminkerl 05/20/2010 #

guess, I'll drop this swap this time....this one has too much comments on do's and don'ts.....

april1604 05/20/2010 #

I'm not joining this one, like I said before, I think there are too many demands.

naddie 05/20/2010 #

whoa, what a list of dislikes. it may be pretty hard to get stuff from where I'm from with this list ):

LSanti 05/20/2010 #

no black licorice/ aniseed No Nuts


Jenna83 05/20/2010 #

It is very hot here right now, so if you send chocolate it will melt (though I love it!). Please nothing with artificial sweeteners. I like the real deal!

nlgrudis 05/20/2010 #

I LOVE black liquorice or anything with that flavor! Please no gum, sour, hot/spicey (fireball type). Other than that anything is great. It is hot now so put anything that can melt in it's own plastic bag please. If it melts in the baggie I can put it in the fridge till it firms up again! I can't waste Chocolate.

Save our planet..... It's the only one with Chocolate!!

nlgrudis 05/20/2010 #

Oh almost forgot Nothing with alcohol please :o)

zurdoswifey 05/20/2010 #

PLEASE no licorice or green apple flavored things... everything else is welcome... we live in the pacific northwest so any and all kids of candy is safe in the weather...

CraftyTweetie 05/21/2010 #

I LOVE dark chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter.

If sending anything that can melt in the heat, please wrap it well in plastic.

I don’t mean to be overly picky, but if possible please, no chewing gum, black licorice (but strawberry, grape, or chocolate flavor licorice are ok), watermelon, cucumber, hot or spicy, sugar free, tea, coffee, or real alcohol.

marianeiti 05/21/2010 #

everything else goes, but i'm not a big fan of nuts in chocolate :D oh and no chili or too spicy stuff, please.

there's been a heat wave in finland now but i suppose it'll pass so even chocolate should't melt. :)

slowlydrowning4u 05/21/2010 #

chocolate will probably melt in the mail where i live so just nothing that might melt =)

ichabodsupercat 05/21/2010 #

I love most candy, just please no almonds, and no BLACK licorice (the other kinds are great though!)! THANKS! I'm so excited!!! and I LOVE chocolate and fruity candy! oooh and gum... hmm.. i guess that covers most candy. lol ^_^ Looking forward to it!

tj 05/21/2010 #

prefer chos to candy.but please no dark choc/nutty or liquorice or anything strange tasting. thanks in advance:)

kawaii1984 05/21/2010 #

please no black or red liquorice. Sour apple liquorice is fine but I prefer something chocolate, peanut butter, or coffee... But I'm up for anything new :)

LeishaCamden 05/21/2010 #

Not a huge fan of sour candy ... :-)

thegreatdawn 05/21/2010 #

Please no black licorice!

Teraceee 05/22/2010 #

Hi, I dont like licorice or Mint. Thank you. Good Luck everyone.

LSanti 05/22/2010 #

Hi I'm very new to this Just joined a few days ago I see that it says that partners were given...how do you know who your partner is...could this mean I wasen't able to join?

skylover 05/22/2010 #

Please do not send licorice, or any old fashioned candy. No peppermint. Except Junior Mints or the peppermint patties. I like gummy, fruity candy. i.e. Starbust, Skittles, and Trollies. :)

skylover 05/22/2010 #

Oh, I forgot to mention no solid chocolate please. If so, white. :)

daarhon 05/22/2010 #

No milk or white chocolate for me, if possible))

karmologyclinic 05/22/2010 #

I like to try new and weird tastes. Only thing I can't stand is salty liquorice

Fittzwm 05/22/2010 #

I like most candies. The flavours in which I cannot abide are peanutbutter, coconut & white 'chocolate'. Thanks!

Love black licorice & dark chocolate, as well as sour candies.

Collie 05/22/2010 #

I am preety good! i love yummy stuff... cookies are always good!

ilovemycreeps 05/22/2010 #

I do not care for chocolate with fruit in it or black licorice. Thanks!

Virou 05/23/2010 #

Please no licorice nor dark chocolate =)

cocojing 05/23/2010 #

no sour sweets no liquor in the sweets please i would prefer fruits or chocolate sweets

karminandrea 05/23/2010 #

Love almost all candy. Please no black licorice/anise.

karminandrea 05/23/2010 #

if already sent anise/black licorice it's okay my husband will eat :)

erins 05/25/2010 #

You can send me the licorice!!!

imburton 06/ 1/2010 #

I sent mine today...sorry I had a sick little man this weekend.

kirstykai 06/ 2/2010 #

Mine was a couple days over because our post office closed on Friday and I didn’t realise. Sorry

Kirk505 06/ 5/2010 #

Sent package a lil late, sorry, this is my first swap and I just figured out how to find who I swap to :P

Syrasha 06/ 8/2010 #

Great swap! Thanks for organizing, Teraceee!

hull33 06/11/2010 #

This is a great swap. Hope my partner likes her candy. I hope she gets it soon:)

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