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Swap Coordinator:Beckster (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items  Crafts  Miscellaneous 
Number of people in swap:47
Last day to signup/drop:August 30, 2007
Date items must be sent by:September 30, 2007
Number of swap partners:2

I've been having lots of fun with the Random Goods/ Wishlist swaps. This swap is for craft items.

This swap is international.

You will send 4 items to 2 partners.

You can choose anything from the list below:

  • 4 Blank ATC's
  • 10 random stickers
  • 5 images from magazines or books
  • 10 asst. beads
  • 1 yd. ribbon
  • 10 brads
  • 10 eyelets
  • 1 yd fiber
  • 4 pieces unique paper (4X4)ie: handmade, metallic, vellum, etc.
  • a skein of embroidery thread
  • something to alter
  • 1 big or 5 small puzzle pieces
  • 5 flowers
  • a small rubber stamp
  • an ink pad
  • glitter (1 TBLSP)
  • glue stick
  • a gel pen
  • a sharpie
  • a paint brush
  • watercolors
  • 4 pieces printed tissue paper (6x6)
  • 2 pages text from an old book
  • yarn
  • crochet hook
  • Knitting needles
  • embroidery needles
  • patterns
  • art kit
  • 2 fabric scraps (4x4)
  • small bag of sequins
  • small bag of rinestones
  • craft magazine
  • 2 blank notecards
  • 3 metal embellishments
  • 5 assorted buttons
  • 2 dominoes
  • 4 scrabble tiles
  • 10 used postage stamps
  • 6" metal tape
  • lace scraps
  • 2 pieces german scrap
  • 1 tsp. embossing powder(in baggie)
  • small pebbles
  • seashells
  • 4 sheets of stationary
  • eraser
  • a small punch (that punches images out of paper)
  • scraps of felt
  • a small charm
  • 2 [or 3] small organza bags/pouches
  • a roll of patterned/double-sided tape
  • a stencil sheet
  • 5 quotes (written/typed on some paper)
  • a sheet of window decals
  • 5 board game pieces or play money
  • 5-10 feathers - fake craft kind (customs won't like the real/natural ones)
  • 4 different pieces of origami paper
  • seed beads - 1 TBLSPN
  • 6-10 asst. fabric scraps (1" minimum)


You can list up to 5 things that you don't want. If you have any ideas of more things to add to the list, let me know. I want to have as many choices as possible!

Rating of 4.5 is needed to play. If you have any no sends in the last month you'll need to let me know what's going on. Newbies allowed with completed profile.


Beckster 08/11/2007 #

The things I don't need are: * knitting needles * crochet hooks * images from magazines/books

DreamHope 08/11/2007 #

I hope this swap is international, because it sounds like a lot of fun.

I also don't need knitting needles, nor do I need gel pens or Sharpies.

cookiebear 08/11/2007 #

Just a few ideas for possible additiions to "the list" :o)-- buttons, small pieces of lace, scrabble tiles, dominoes, metal tape, german scrap, pebbles, used postage stamps.

cookiebear 08/11/2007 #

Likewise hoping this swap is International. I don't need knitting needles or crochet hooks. :o)

Sally 08/12/2007 #

Great swap! Looking forward to this one. I don't need knitting needles or crochet hooks. I have no idea what german scrap is, so some of that would be nice so I can find out!

mazzam 08/12/2007 #

I would LOVE knitting needles - especially vintage plastic ones but the ATC's would be wasted on me -sorry.

lulu 08/12/2007 #

Sounds like fun. No ATC's, knitting needles, crochet hooks, embossing powder or dominoes, please.

carterXchan 08/12/2007 #

Things I have more than enough of already: a skein of embroidery thread, 1 big or 5 small puzzle pieces, knitting needles, embroidery needles, 10 used postage stamps

I primarily do paper crafts, but a crochet hook might be nice since I want to learn!

I can't wait to swap!

user10208 08/14/2007 #

hi i am a pure newbie i would love to have ribbons to make hairbows or embelishments for it because we didnt found them in germany :- )) i didnt need embroidery thread postage stamps embossing powder or puzzles i would love to send german things what you didnt can found and whats your must have lol

ladydy5 08/17/2007 #

Things I have plenty of and don't need: Crochet hook, yarn, any kind of needles, tissue paper and tape measure. Thank you I am into paper ATC's and I make quilted postcards.

candyrage 08/17/2007 #

please no knitting needles, crochet hook, yarn, pebbles, or seashells thanks, so excited to receive my package of goodies!!

inkysquid 08/17/2007 #

what a great swap! :D i don't need...embossing powder, pebbles, seashells, rhinestones or anything related to knitting. thanks!

Strawberry 08/19/2007 #

I'd love to join this aswell, though it would be my first swap and thus I haven't been rated yet, but please let me know if I can join in or not. :)

I don't really know what ATC's are, so it might be cool to receive some of them so I could get educated. Other then that I love any of the items usable on beaded jewellery or handmade greeting cards.

4 things I don't need are: dominos, scrabble tiles, seashells (only because there's a good chance they'de get confiscated by customs) & knitting needles.

I do hope I can join, or if not, perhaps someone could direct me to swaps better for a first swap? Thank you!

pomponette 08/20/2007 #

sounds like a lot of fun. :) what i don't need is: printed tissue paper, scrabble tiles, used postage stamps, embossing powder and seashells

Beckster 08/20/2007 #

strawberry - sent you a message. -B

Strawberry 08/21/2007 #

a question: for the 'glitter' option, how much would be appropriate? I only ask for those of us who buy rather large bags of glitter.. which would probably be far more then a 'single protion' for this swap.

Would a teaspoon of glitter be a decent amount or..?


DelennaGaribaldi 08/21/2007 #

Oh this will be a fun one! I don't need any needles or hooks as I don't crochet or knit or anything. The list is so wide I couldn't even have dreamt of some of the stuff! I have a good imagination, I already thought of things I could do with some of the "weirder" stuff ;)

DelennaGaribaldi 08/21/2007 #

In my opinion a teaspoon of glitter is too little. I would say at least one bigger spoonfull, better make it two. But the host will probably say what's right in this swap :)

Strawberry 08/22/2007 #

yeh, I was thinking it was perhaps abit too small an amount [of glitter] to do much with after I submitted the post.. your suggestion definately sounds more suitable, thanks! :)

Beckster, I have 4 suggestions for things to add to the list; how about an eraser, 4 sheets of stationary, 2 [patterned] envelopes & 10 grams of seed beads? :D

Also, what exactly is a 'sharpie'? is that like a lead pencil or something? and if not, you can add 'a lead pencil' to the list aswell.

Strawberry 08/22/2007 #

Inspiration struck! Here's afew more:

a small punch (that punches images out of paper), scraps of felt, 2 highlighter markers (hope they won't dry up if sending overseas.. :/), a small charm, 2 [or 3] small organza bags/pouches, a roll of patterned/double-sided tape, a stencil sheet, 5 inspirational quotes (written/typed on some paper), a sheet of window decals, 5 board game pieces or money (from games that are already missing pieces preferrably, so you don't need to ruin a perfectly good board game..), 5-10 feathers (cleaned well or just those fake, colored ones you can buy), 5 interesting/unusual newspaper clippings (like pictures, text, whatever!), some coins (small denominations or cancelled ones though - I wouldn't want to be encouraging money swapping..).

Hope you like these! If I think of any more I'll let you know. :D

innocentcharmer 08/23/2007 #

oh what a fab swap love crafty stuff I honestly don't mind anything because I am always tring something new and to be honest things can be used for other than there said use. kara xx

elasticcamel 08/23/2007 #

What about origami paper?

Strawberry 08/23/2007 #

oh, and I noticed I made a typo in a post above - I ment 20 grams of seed beads, not 10. Sorry about that. :/

Beckster 08/24/2007 #

Great suggestions. I've edited the list so you may want to browse through it again. I left out some suggestions if I felt the items could fit into another category already listed. I also left out things that might cause trouble with customs.

sakato 08/25/2007 #

4 fabric scraps (4x4) can i send more than 4 but not in 4x4 size?

Beckster 08/25/2007 #

I'll add another fabric option.

Basilika 08/25/2007 #

I'm really over-sensitive to smells so I can't have any erasers, stationery, papers or anything else that has an artificial fragrance. I'd love to recieve any of those things though, as long as they're unscented. For the same reason I can't use sharpies (I actually think they smell good, but it still gives me headaches). Also, I don't need any more knitting needles, and I wouldn't know what to do with printed tissue paper or embossing powder.

sakato 08/25/2007 #

thx bexkster=]i have many pretty fabric.but they are all in small pieces.i hope my partners enjoy it~

cbzcando 08/26/2007 #

Hi all - sounds like fun! Can always use more craft embelishments. I don't need glitter or seashells.

Enjoy your day...

sewandsew 08/27/2007 #

Hi, I don't need crochet hooks, knitting needles, puzzle pieces or fabric scraps(my scrap boxes are overflowing). Thanks and have a great day!.

daffyd1963 08/27/2007 #

this will be a fun swap I don't need anything for knitting or crocheting as I don't do either don't really need any paper images or book pages and i don't really need a paint brush

I would love to have some real bird feathers if you are in the USA and have any

or if my partner is from another country I would love to have something that I can't get in the USA


boatingbelle 08/28/2007 #

Hi, I also don't need yarn,crochet hook, Knitting needles embroidery needles or patterns. Looking forward to receiving my surprises. Regards, Margot.

moonflavored 08/28/2007 #


i'm really looking forward to this swap, sounds fun...

i wouldn't want anything having to do with sewing, knitting, or crocheting, pebbles or seashells.

this is so exciting!

Dee 08/29/2007 #

I also do not knit (use to crochet, but not anymore) so I wouldn't need any knitting needles or crochet hooks, thanks.


LibraLady 08/29/2007 #

Hi things I don't need are: crochet or knitting hooks/needles, patterns or embroidery thread, thanks:)

darkmutinousshannon 08/30/2007 #

I'll skip out on the knitting needles, and the crochet hooks, please. :) I'd also prefer not to receive a whole ball of yarn, though I wouldn't mind a baggy of interesting yarn scraps.

nerac101 08/30/2007 #

Hi...I am completely new to swaps...how exciting! The only thing I really don't need is glitter. Everything else is pretty fair game.

eveyinorbit 08/30/2007 #

i am going to say no to erasers, images from magazines, embossing powder (no embosser) and pebbles.

LittleRed 08/31/2007 #


This sounds like fun. Absolutely anything would be great. Always looking for wool felt scraps. Can hardly wait. This could be addictive;)

eveyinorbit 08/31/2007 #

how come we haven't gotten partners yet?

tex82 08/31/2007 #

what's yd? i dont need eyelets (i dont use), glitter (too messy), glue stick (i have lots of it), a sharpie ( i dont use),watercolors (only if you send me Winsor & Newton, hehhe, ok! The bad one I already have), blank things!

what TBLSPN is? And whats "6-10 asst. fabric scraps (1" minimum)"?

Lavender 09/ 1/2007 #

Please don't send me gel pens, old pages from a text book, images from magazines or books, board game pieces or play money.

audrey 09/ 1/2007 #

Currently I am really into all paper crafts--can use small bits of fabric, yarn, fibers, would love some interesting papers, things to alter, really anything. I am getting ready to dig into my stash now to see what I am going to send... both of my partners are international, so don't want to go too heavy...

Beckster 09/ 2/2007 #

Tx82: yd = yard= 3 feet TBLSPN = tablespoon 6 to 10 assorted fabric scraps, 1" minimum size.

Hope this helps.

contentmom 09/ 4/2007 #

I do not need beads, paper, things to alter, eyelets, or brads. I'm horrible at beading, paper crafts, and creating art! This should be fun!

evansrabbitranch 09/ 6/2007 #

Got my stuff ready to go out get paid the 17th so will mail then. Hope my partners like what I'm sending. One is getting some fiber from one of my satin angora rabbits!

sakato 09/ 8/2007 #

INNOCENTCHARMER,djs38456 parcel is on the way from Hong Kong(China) hope you'll like it=]

mili 09/10/2007 #

What it's mean: 10 asst. beads 1 yd. ribbon ???

DreamHope 09/13/2007 #

Carolyn and Diane: Your packages are on the way from Canada!

Mili: I think those mean 10 assorted beads and 1 yard of ribbon, respectively.

swapusilly 09/14/2007 #

Beckster & Xebby your packages are on the way from Canada! Enjoy

mili 09/18/2007 #

I send my packages. I hope you like it

boatingbelle 09/19/2007 #

Rita in Brazil and Catriona in UK, your packages are in the post from UK. Please let me know when they arrive. Regards, Margot.

cbzcando 09/21/2007 #

Ruby Green and Adrianna - sent yours last week. Enjoy!

grammabean 09/23/2007 #

This was a really fun swap to do. I think this type will be my favorite, because it's EASY!!

tex82 09/25/2007 #

i sent yesterday!

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