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I <3 surprises in my mailbox! (International)

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Swap Coordinator:rubberaduckie (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items  Miscellaneous  Newbie 
Number of people in swap:156
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:July 19, 2010
Date items must be sent by:July 29, 2010
Number of swap partners:1

This is a great swap for swap-bot newbies and even vets too!

You will pick a minimum of any TWO items on the list to send to one partner. (Please check below in the comments, some countries you can not send certain things to due to customs. So please send something your partner can receive. I will edit the list next time I do this swap.)

  • stickers - 10 loose stickers (none smaller then your thumbnail or teacher reward)

  • note cards w/envelopes - any 2 unused note cards with envelopes

  • stationary - 5 sheets of stationary paper (no plain white paper or notebook paper)

  • ribbon - 5 pieces of ribbon at least 6" in length

  • bookmark - 1 store bought bookmark

  • tea - 2 teabags in package (no loose, unpackaged teabags)

  • envelopes - 3 envelopes, any size or design (no plain white envelopes please)

  • seeds - 1 package of flower seeds

  • postcard - 1 store bought postcard

As long as your partner sends any two off the list, rate them a 5 for completing the swap requirements. Even if you don't like something. This swap is not based on your profile, so if you receive something you don't like, save it for another swap.

Here's the fun part. If your partner sends more then the minimum, you may give them a heart. So if they pick 3 off the list or send double the amounts of the 2 for example, give them a heart for making it special or going above the minimum.

This is an easy swap to earn a 5 rating and a heart. Hope everyone has fun! :)

** Due to controversy over the rating and hearts, I am posting this from swap-bots page on the rating system.**

What are the rating criteria?

There are only three different rating criteria: I got my stuff and it met posted swap requirements (5 points); I got my stuff, but it didn't meet the posted swap requirements (3 points); I never got anything (1 point). Keep in mind that you are NOT rating your partners on whether or not you liked what you received, only on if it met the requirements of the swap. The fun thing about swaps is that you never know what you are going to get, and that means that sometimes you may not be thrilled with what you receive.

What are hearts and how do I give them?

If someone sends you an extra special swap package that far exceeds the swap requirements, you can give that person a heart.


catestalkergc 06/27/2010 #

Whoever gets me in the swap, please don't sent tea or seeds just because it wont pass customs, well the tea might but better not risk it :)

TangerineLemons 06/27/2010 #

Same with me as well. No tea, seeds or any other natural product. Australia likes to keep bugs out :P

Muna 06/27/2010 #

why not make it profile-based? It is better if people receive what they like, right?

rubberaduckie 06/27/2010 #

I have edited the swap. If there are any other concerns, please PM me. Thanks & HAVE FUN! :)

windi 06/27/2010 #

I'm very newbie over here, so.... Where I get the address who I'll send the swap? :)

sprkldust 06/27/2010 #

@windi - You will find out who your swap partner is after the signup date (19th July). A box while show up on the top of this page where you will find a link to your partner's address :)

beebeejaybee 06/28/2010 #

Another australian, no seeds no tea please

Jadegreen83 06/29/2010 #

Another Aussie, no teas customs has taken all my teas before :( Even some food product. Our country is pretty harsh, which is good though. Seeds are definitely a no goer.

Jazza 06/30/2010 #

Aussie also same here not tea or seed please they won't make it into the country.

MellissaD 07/ 5/2010 #

Perhaps you could add a note in the description to check whether it is okay to send tea or seeds to the country of their swap partner?

greenknowe 07/ 6/2010 #

Another Aussie here - no tea or seeds please!

SwappingJunky32 07/ 6/2010 #

Please No Tea or Seeds

showniez 07/ 6/2010 #

No tea for me please.. Thank u 4 ur understanding :)

dawnu 07/ 7/2010 #

No tea or seeds - thanks!

badandknowsit2 07/ 8/2010 #

no tea or seeds here either

ToveS 07/ 9/2010 #

No tea or seeds for me either :)

Delfia22 07/ 9/2010 #

No seeds for me please

janis1966 07/ 9/2010 #

hi this is the first swap i have ever signed up to,when do i get the address of the person im going to swap with?x

Jadegreen83 07/ 9/2010 #

You have to wait until the swap deadline. Then your co ordinator will assign you a partner.

Miss007 07/11/2010 #

One question, must the bookmark be store bought? cant it be handmade?

shidesha 07/12/2010 #

I'm also from Australia so no tea or seeds for me either :) Thankies!

Aria 07/12/2010 #

I've read everyone's comment... I want seeds! haha. Tulip seeds if such things exist. I want to grow my own. (We don't have them in our country, except for the Holland Tulips store).

So how does this work? this is my first time to join a swap... :D

Aria 07/12/2010 #

*comments about the seeds (sorry for the typo!) :D

Aria 07/12/2010 #

*comments about the seeds (sorry for the typo!) :D

jadie0821 07/12/2010 #

No seeds for me please I have a brown thumb not a green one.

SamitySam 07/12/2010 #

I think I may be one of the only ones that would PREFER tea and seeds...but anything will be super, thanks!

ladyhope 07/12/2010 #

I'm a sticker fanatic myself! This will be my first swap here, I'm excited!

clavriene 07/13/2010 #

this is a great swap! for me anything will pass except for maybe seeds

Aria 07/13/2010 #

hmmm, if tulip seeds are hard to come by, how about peony seeds? I love peonies too. :D

rubberaduckie 07/13/2010 #

Even though this is not a profile based swap, PLEASE fill out your profiles. I hate banning people but have had to when I reviewed their profiles. There are phonies & fakes that do try to join this site. So please fill out your profile, I really don't want to ban people for having completely blank profiles.

EQNex 07/13/2010 #

No seeds for me please coz I don't have a garden to plant them in but I'll be more than happy to send my partners seeds if they want!

babysminky 07/13/2010 #

Hmm, I'm not sure about customs here in the UK so I'd better say no seeds (just in case)

terrie 07/13/2010 #

I would like to try this swap... no seed cause I have no place to plant no tea cause I don't drink it... any craft item is fine...

HouseOfHearts 07/14/2010 #

I am so excited about this swap and the surprise. I know you can send tea to Canada but I have yet to receive seeds. So maybe no seeds?

bunnyluver77 07/15/2010 #

No seeds or tea for me-Thanks :)

sugarcrawler 07/15/2010 #

no seeds for me please and i dont mind getting sachet drinks instead of tea :D

Ucraftydevil88 07/16/2010 #

No seeds or tea for me as well please! And I wouldn't mind it at all if someone handmade the bookmark Miss007!

indigoscarlet 07/16/2010 #

Another Aussie, no tea or seeds please...

ivytoad 07/17/2010 #

Sorry, I don't think I can receive seeds in Norway either! :)

Ashley83 07/17/2010 #

@HouseOfHearts Seeds are fine to send to Canada. Any kind of potential plant life is fine (bulbs included) as long as there is no greenery showing.

Silverstar 07/17/2010 #

no seeds please, thank you. :P

sweetdee83 07/17/2010 #

How do we know who we have to send it too?? I am a newbie?

SillyBandzTrader 07/18/2010 #

No seeds or tea please.

sweetdee83 07/18/2010 #

no tea or seeds please! Never done this before want it to go well!

arkaya 07/18/2010 #

I am happy with anything - pretty sure tea + seeds are fine in the UK :)

StuntMum 07/18/2010 #

Another Aussie - so no seeds or tea UNLESS the sender is another Aussie - that should be fine :)

rubyhousesliprs 07/19/2010 #

Let's hope everyone keeps their promises to send their swaps. IF anyone gets flaked on, I can angel someone, @rubberaduckie

weeatcrayons 07/19/2010 #

I understand the no tea & seeds do to someone's country rules. But, a lot of you people are in the USA and this isn't a profile based swap as said in the swap description. So don't go being silly and rate down someone who sent you something you didn't want! That will get you a FAST disliking from most of the veteran swappers here at swap-bot (including myself).

Also if you sign up to send this, you've just made a promise and entered a contract so to speak, to send. Please keep your promise and don't disappoint your partner. It really sucks to be flaked on and not fun at all! Plus, if you're the one that flaked, you're name and your state/town will go into the flakers group here and believe me some of these swap-bot detectives here are pretty good and will catch you if you try to come back on a different profile!! So prove to you and to others that you can become a GOOD swapper! We need more of those around!

Also, Newbies - on the day when she assigns partners. Which could be a couple days from now seeing how there are so many people in this swap and she has to go through so many of them (weed out the people who haven't been on in ages, profiles aren't filled out, flakers, and whatnot)...please be patient during this time! you will get your partner.

Keep checking back on this swap as when you get your partner, you'll have a link that says: See the person you send to. Please click that link...another window will pop up with your partner's address. That is who you send your stuff too.

When you RECEIVE your items...come back to the swap page, there will be another link up saying Rate your partner. The person you rate will be completely different from the person you sent to! So take note!! Please if it met the requirements of the swap YOU MUST RATE A 5!! But if you REALLY liked it, say they included something that was really cute or nice, then rate a 5 and a heart - as it was a extra special swap that put a smile on your face!! There will also be a comment box for you to leave a little comment if you wish. DO NOT RATE A 1 OR A 3 IF YOU DO NOT LIKE WHAT IS SENT TO YOU!! THIS IS A BIG NO NO!! Only can rate a 1 if you didn't get a package at all. Or a three if it was late or it didn't meet the requirements at all.

Another thing...shipping. Please note, international takes longer to receive. So please allow 4-6 weeks BEFORE you rate your partner for your swap to come in!!

If you need any help at all for any reason...the Swap-bot Forums are a good place to go!

rubyhousesliprs 07/19/2010 #

I agree @weeatcrayons People leaving demands and requests on a sender's choice swap is EXTREMELY rude and for that very reason I do not join swaps where people start demanding, for fear of being rated down. People like that TAKE ALL THE FUN OUT of swap-bot!

Miss007 07/19/2010 #

Did anyone see my question? must the bookmark be store bought? cant it be handmade?

weeatcrayons 07/19/2010 #

Miss007 - you will have to contact the host of the swap as I do not know about that. Send her a pm and ask her.

rubyhousesliprs 07/19/2010 #

Swap rules say 1 store bought bookmark. So no handmade bookmarks apparently.

IgotBittenbythePugBUG 07/20/2010 #

I am pretty sure Canada wont let tea come in if you live far away places because I did a swap with a friend from Siberia and she sent me tea and it was not in the envelope when it got to me... I am not sure, but if you live around there It wont send I guess.

twinfreckles 07/20/2010 #

For some odd reason when I click to see my partner nothing is coming up! Ack!

twinfreckles 07/20/2010 #

Nevermind. I am a noob.

MyraTrenchpike 07/20/2010 #

No seeds please! Thank you :-)

rubberaduckie 07/20/2010 #


Artistic 07/25/2010 #

An envelope of surprises is en route to my partner in the U.K. It's coming from the U.S. Enjoy!

madsquirrel 07/25/2010 #

They only thing I can find for the USA is seeds are sometime trouble.

terrie 07/25/2010 #

I don't see a link to see if I rec'd a partner!!

netgranny 07/27/2010 #

My envelope is on its way to Finland. My Very first swap ,so hope my partner likes the items. netgranny

CourtneyBee10 07/28/2010 #

Envelope is on way to Netherlands. I added a few other little goodies I found and thought were cute. :]

SweetTeaTawna 07/30/2010 #

Envelope On its way to Indianapolis!

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