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Swap Coordinator:HookNMirrors (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Crafts  Accessories 
Number of people in swap:52
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:November 14, 2010
Date items must be sent by:November 30, 2010
Number of swap partners:1

It's almost Christmas time, and we all love presents right? Right! Everyone should remember having a secret santa at some point in their life... in school or at work some time. This is just like that, since normally you wouldn't know the person sending to you really well.

For this swap you will have only one (1) partner. Each participant should comment with a list of likes and dislikes on the page after joining. If you don't, and you get something you don't like, you can't rate low. It's your fault for not saying you didn't want that.

Minimum size envelope for this swap is 4x7. And the minimum worth of the package should be around $10. C'mon people, it is Christmas!

Sending date is set to Nov 30th so that hopefully everyone will have their packages in time to open them on Christmas!

Please have a rating above 4.8. No no sends. Any recent 1's or 3's and please convo me so we can try to work something out.


Lanie 06/29/2010 #

A person cannot rate low for receiving something they do not like either way as it's in the FAQs as a NO NO. Low rating can only be done if the requirements were not met of the swap.

Sounds like a cute swap.

rubyhousesliprs 06/29/2010 #

They do anyway, and that is why I rarely join profile - based parcel swaps.

HookNMirrors 06/29/2010 #

I figured people would anyway, just because some people are like that. Evn if they aren't supposed to, though it would be good to add in here.

Lanie 06/29/2010 #

if that happens then you need to contact Rachel about it. Sometimes she will contact the person and explain to them what they did is not allowed. In some cases as well if you PM the person and explain to them the rules on ratings they will change it to what is fair for meeting the requirements. I have noticed that most times it's a newbie that does this but there are those who just don't follow the rules and keep doing it since no one has bothered to correct them.

One good thing to do is copy and paste the part in the FAQs in a PM to people like this and also in comments section on the swaps and on there profiles. Every little bit helps to try and put a stop to it.

Lanie 06/29/2010 #

2.What are the rating criteria? There are only three different rating criteria: I got my stuff and it met posted swap requirements (5 points); I got my stuff, but it didn't meet the posted swap requirements (3 points); I never got anything (1 point). Keep in mind that you are NOT rating your partners on whether or not you liked what you received, only on if it met the requirements of the swap. The fun thing about swaps is that you never know what you are going to get, and that means that sometimes you may not be thrilled with what you receive. Also, remember that everyone (including the person you are rating) can see who you are and what ratings and comments you gave. It is important to rate participants honestly, but it is also good to be kind even if you have to give someone the lowest rating.

denimbaglady 07/31/2010 #

I am new, but I love Christmas and giving and receiving gifts. Can I sign up?

HookNMirrors 08/ 1/2010 #

sure denim. i'm sure you'll have done a lot more swaps by then. you can always drop out too if you decide you changed your mind.

memas71798 08/12/2010 #

I'm new also I am going to join.

RainyC 08/14/2010 #

I love Secret Santa Swaps.. I run them at work as well. everyone has a great time with them (as long as you fulfill your end of the obligation). My partner can look at my Profile for ALL the ideas they need, all my likes and dislikes. RainyC

StitchedLightning 08/25/2010 #

Please see my profile and my amazon wishlist for ideas of what I like and dislike.

Sunflower4Mowse 08/28/2010 #

Looking foward to the surprises my Secret Santa sends !

SpewKnitter 08/30/2010 #

I can't wait! I really like everything, I think my profile is filled out enough for inspiration. If you happen to be lucky enough to live in a town that stocks bento gear ((I'm not)) WEL THEN, not only would that just Make my Christmas, It would Rock my Birthday Too! (November 24th) But not everyone is lucky enough to have an Asian mart nearby that stocks bento things, and I do understand that. :)

thisisme 09/ 4/2010 #

My likes list is on my profile...

crissygirl 09/ 7/2010 #

woo hoo! sign me up! (ok,i'll sign myself up) i love these kinds of swaps - you never know what kind of treasure you're gonna get. if you get me and are wondering what to send, my profile is pretty thorough and lately i've been hankering for a whimsy jar...i've never gotten one but would love to get one. but if that's not your thing, like i said my profile will tell you what you need to know.

andannabegins 09/ 8/2010 #

i'm so excited for this one! PS if you get me, i like just about anything, especially STICKERS, GLITTERY ANYTHiNG, and STATIONARY :) my profile says a lot as well. i can't wait to start assembling the package for my partner :)

CBreiten 09/15/2010 #

I can't wait for this swap either as like everyone else. In my swap I am not a really picky person except I DO NOT like tea's, or food, candy etc...I am a scrapbook lover and a card maker so I am set for anything in that fashion.Thanks so much and happy swapping to all.

BrittanyMarie 09/24/2010 #

This will be a fun one!!! I basically like everything!! Love all crafting things, anything pink, anything with stars, just basically anything!

pinkqueen 10/ 4/2010 #

I have a pretty good list of likes on my profile- I would add that my family (ie husband/kids) are not good about getting me presents- I am never surprised- so it would just be nice to get a nice, fun surprise. P.S.- I really love pink and owls. :-) Merry Christmas

wahm922 10/11/2010 #

I am easy to please, other then scented items which I am allergic. My profile has my likes and dislikes. Thanks, this looks like fun!

icalea 10/13/2010 #

Please check my profile for likes and dislikes, Thanks!

netgranny 10/16/2010 #

I am easily pleased,love anything pretainingtto cardmaking,such as cardstock,bling,ranger products,tim holtzs stamps,embossing powers,also just got into utee enamel embosing so much fun,

KissezCats 10/25/2010 #

You can either look at my profile or I love tea/drink mixes of any kind really, insparational items or even anything unisex for my baby

pamelaz 10/27/2010 #

Look at my profile please for likes/dislikes. :D)

denimbaglady 10/28/2010 #

I love anything DALE JR. I like Tinkerbell, and K-State. I dislike anything with nuts. I would really love a dale jr purse, please don't send clothes. I also would love a blanket in any of the previously mentioned themes, or look at my profile.

A127 11/ 3/2010 #

Suprises are fun!

kellykiger 11/ 7/2010 #

I am excited!!!! I love surprises!!!! I just updated my profile, but like I said I LOVE surprises!!! I am not picky at all!!

gypsyinthecastle 11/10/2010 #

Fiber, Fiber Fiber!! :) the knitting kind, not the kind you eat - although nuts and granola bars are also frequently enjoyed. Check my profile for ideas and use your imagination! Dev

dizzysgram 11/11/2010 #

Love getting surprises for Christmas!!! Can't wait. All my likes and dislikes are on my profile! No foods though please. Counting down to Christmas! LOL

rinfrog 11/12/2010 #

O.K. Sign me up too :) If you check my profile, you can see that I love anything frog ofcorse, and I just can't seem to find any slipper socks anywhere! Other than that I would love to see what goodies my partner finds! Happy Holidays!

witdraken 11/12/2010 #

Check out my profile for things I like! (Huge Harry Potter fan.)

rodwickl 11/13/2010 #

I love love love Hello Kitty and girly items for scrapbooking check out my profile its pretty well filled out:)

cakeordeath5 11/13/2010 #

hey hook! long time no see :) its cake from the crazy thread on etsy :) just discovered this site, so cool, not sure if i can participate for sure, hopefully ill find out by tomorrow, the deadline

camshaft 11/13/2010 #

i like bath and body stuff love christmas stuff lots of glitter and sparkles and bling scrapbooking and unique knitting fibers

morwesong 11/14/2010 #

I have all of my likes and dislikes listed in my profile, but around this time of year I LOOOOVE Christmas-y Snoopy stuff :-) I also love love love anything duck-related!

cakeordeath5 11/14/2010 #

woo just signed up! so we are wrapping things up and then putting them in an envelope right??

and for what i like, candy is good, and any handmade things, and supplies, and...well im not really picky, so go wild! lol

Tone40ott 11/14/2010 #

4x7 envelope??? Is that the same as an A4 envelope?

lovelyred203 11/14/2010 #

Oh yeah! So excited bout the swap! I love anything I can use in my art journals, collage stuff, emphemera, purple things...look at my profile for more ideas! :)

cakeordeath5 11/14/2010 #

uh idk measure it lol

ManifestedDreams 11/15/2010 #

Hooray, this seems like an awesome swap! My profile gives a good showing of my likes and dislikes. I'm big on items I can use. Love Octopi, Otters, Pokemon :3

ManifestedDreams 11/15/2010 #

Hooray, this seems like an awesome swap! My profile gives a good showing of my likes and dislikes. I'm big on items I can use. Love Octopi, Otters, Pokemon :3

A127 11/15/2010 #

Just suprise me, but you can check my profile too.

PaperMoments 11/15/2010 #

You can check my profile for my likes. . .no pressure, I'm open to anything but please NO STICKERS. But you could do something as inexpensive as stamping some wonderful images in permanent ink on watercolor paper. I love receiving new stamped images that I can color and cut down and add to my own projects . . .craft supplies are great too-bling (gems), paper flowers, stamps.
I'm sure I will love anything my secret Santa sends!

katslg 11/15/2010 #

I like lions, the color red, bookmarks, hair accessories, scarves, homemade soaps, and socks.

Angelscrapper 11/15/2010 #

I have a bunch of ideas on my profile. So hopefully you get a chance to check it out.

SandyLynn 11/15/2010 #

If you get me, just look at my profile!

Amberingz 11/15/2010 #

I would love handmade for a 4 yr old girl, clothes 3-4t, shoes for her too size 9.. if it is easier for you I welcome you to have at my profile for small issues i might have...yay so excited..And I am super excited to give, just saw who my partner is!

anarchymarie 11/15/2010 #

my profile is filled with things i like. i also enjoy various sweets (no raisins please, i dislike them immensely) and just recently got into jewelry making among other crafts (sewing, knitting, embroidery, etc)

livingleather 11/15/2010 #

likes and dislikes are in profile, any questions, please pm me!

catchahug 11/15/2010 #

hello i have every thing on my profile if you need to ask me a question ill answer thanks

LADYHIGHTOWER 11/16/2010 #

I've lots listed on my profile, too!

jrsenior 11/19/2010 #

theres a list on my profile

Tone40ott 11/20/2010 #

I love surprises. I have everything on my profile, but surprises is great. Any questions please ask:-)

Tone40ott 11/20/2010 #

I love surprises. I have everything on my profile, but surprises is great. Any questions please ask:-)

HookNMirrors 11/24/2010 #

I wasn't on because I have REAL LIFE ISSUES like SCHOOL and WORKING! If you don't want to be in this swap then tell your partner that you will NOT BE SENDING. Other wise, send your SH****** and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

CraftyRiki 11/24/2010 #

Nice deletion of message, and guess what we all have real-life issues going on to, you are not a special snowflake. How about if you can't handle this, ask someone else to host instead, or I don't know, maybe leave a message on your profile instead of just ditching.

weeatcrayons 11/24/2010 #

That's not a nice way to delete your message...AND your etsy website. Sorry hunny, we already have it down so we know who you are on etsy. Just proves that you ARE a flaker and that YOU DO Have something to hide. Not a good reputation for you. You've definitely lost my business and probably a ton of others from this site. You've been listed in the Swap-bot Flakers group along with your details to your shop. HookNMirrors

HookNMirrors 11/24/2010 #

I'm not a flaker, I think the way you all went around this is completely wrong. I got no messages about things not being sent. So going around and just saying I'm a flake without informing me that things had not been received is kind of messed up.

robotlove 11/26/2010 #

@HookNMirrors Receiving a 1 for a swap is the "message" that something was not received. That's what that rating is for.

morwesong 11/30/2010 #

Unfortunately, it looks like the host of this swap did not do a very good job going through all of the people that signed up and checking their profiles before assigning partners. The person that is supposed to send to me had a rating below what was supposedly required to join this swap, yet she was allowed anyway. She is now partially suspended and hasn't logged on to the website in over 2 weeks, so it looks like I am getting flaked on yet another rather high dollar swap :'(

PaperMoments 12/ 9/2010 #

Well-my lame duck swap partner had their account completely removed. Nice!? Feeling chipped, but I won't let it spoil my Christmas spirit! For those of you who are still in the swap but have not sent your Secret Santa anything yet it's not too late!!! You can still get it out in the mail. Here are the participants still showing "Not Sent": ManifestedDreams, SandyLynn, arielmmk, witdraken, The Wicked Walrus, kellykiger, ElizabethRollins, Autumn, krissywhite1, craftingmom, bumkins. My apologies if you are listed above and you have sent your gift. Some of you may have already sent, but forgot to change your status as "sent". Also, I'm thinking with the holidays, some people may be running late?? Hopefully?
Hope others receive their gifts and if not. . .remember its about giving and not receiving, so at least you gave someone else some joy this season with your gift. Best Wishes to Everyone for a Wonderful Holiday!

CraftyRiki 12/ 9/2010 #

I'll keep an eye on this for when the two weeks have passed then create an angel thread for this. You might not get it by xmas, but I'll take it upon myself to make sure everyone who got screwed gets a package.

denimbaglady 12/13/2010 #

I haven't received but did finally get a response from my person saying she would resend. @ craftyriki if you need some help, i can maybe take a person who didn't get anything and put them a package together.

PaperMoments 12/16/2010 #

CraftyRiki and denimbaglady. . .you two are angels for helping those of us that got flakers in this swap! Thanks so much. I offered to Angel for a few newbies that are trying to get rated. . .so maybe its Karma?

CraftyRiki 12/17/2010 #

Okay, I'm starting the Angel thread in the Public Forums now. If you haven't received a swap and rated your partner a one you are eligible for an angel. I'll also be accepting anyone who wants to Angel, but like I said before, regardless, every person who needs an angel will have an angeled package.

Also, thanks @denimbaglady for your offer, once the swappers who received nothing starts posting, go ahead and choose someone!

TC 12/17/2010 #

Looks like your host was a flaker, too.

morwesong 12/17/2010 #

The host sent me a lovely angel package when I messaged her after my partner had been fully suspended. It looks like this swap was a bit of a diaster with bad swappers, but I really appreciate that the host was willing to help me out.

HookNMirrors 12/20/2010 #

I've personally been Angeling everyone who has messaged me, because I'm not dealing with anyone on here anymore. You're all insanely rude. So no, I'm not a flaker. Thanks.

TC 12/21/2010 #

I apologize for my comment about the host.

Tone40ott 12/29/2010 #

Never received anything at all from the person who was supposed to send to me. Have sent her a message too, but no answer at all:-(

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