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Swap Homepage:http://zilliahbailey.blogspot.com/2010/07/fuck-atc-swap.html
Swap Coordinator:zilliah (contact)
Swap categories: Artist Trading Card (ATC)  Newbie  Paper Crafts 
Number of people in swap:78
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:July 26, 2010
Date items must be sent by:August 4, 2010
Number of swap partners:3

Make an ATC with the F-word on it! Any media, so long as you spend time on it (NO sticker slapping!) and the F-word is clearly visible. You can bleep out the word, or write it out, it's up to you! Standard ATC size, 2.5 by 3.5 inches. Now 3 ATCs, 1 each for 3 F&@#ing partners!

Anyone with a filled-out profile and no recent (3 months) 1s or 3s is welcome!

For general questions about swapping, please read the Help Page before asking me, but if you have questions about this swap, ask away!

(I'm extending the sign up deadline because I'm going to be away for a few days, and I want partners to get assigned as soon as signup closes!)


mishap 07/14/2010 #

are you F&^* sure you want to make a F&%$ swap? That is a F%[email protected]#% awesome idea and I am so F$%#@$ in!

Rocktopus 07/14/2010 #

Ok of this is a hot, please make another with 3 partners? That would be F&@$!? Great!

kpatricialee 07/14/2010 #

I vote for more F#(&ing partners!

nicolefive 07/14/2010 #

I third the more F&*^ing parners ideas!

Peacewytch 07/14/2010 #

More F%$#&ing partners!! Storm the castle!!

GraceG 07/14/2010 #

[email protected]#*&!! hot diggity dog!

zilliah 07/14/2010 #

Well F*#@!!! I'd better add more [email protected]&$ing partners!

wackywallflower 07/14/2010 #

haha, you guys crack me up.

Laurenbujo 07/14/2010 #

OMG love it! so in

Pjevsen 07/16/2010 #

[email protected]#%ing 9 ATCs or just 3 total? Either way: I'm f*@#ing in....

zilliah 07/16/2010 #

F(*$! Should make that clearer....3 total, 1 each.

madkow 07/16/2010 #

what the [email protected]#$ count me in!!!!!

Kokonino 07/17/2010 #

I've got way too much on my plate in the domestic sphere to do a 3-card swap right now, but this sounds hilarious!

Rocktopus 07/17/2010 #

i made my [email protected]$^% ATC's now where are my F$%@#&% partners? assign them a few F%[email protected]# days sooner please. lol

angeldiva 07/18/2010 #

Well what the F#@$?! Why not, I'll join this F#*&ing swap, you can count me the F&@# in for sure!!!! :P

LOL I can't wait, this is gonna be awesome! I have such a foul mouth so this really suits me LMFAO

Oh I just thought of something else....maybe you could make this a series of swear word ATC's!!!! That would be F# @ing amazing!!!!!

Rocktopus 07/19/2010 #

ok if she doesnt, i will i promise

zilliah 07/19/2010 #

@angeldiva [email protected]^&, that's a great idea!!!

wackywallflower 07/20/2010 #

all right... I'm [email protected]#$ing in.

okiedoki 07/21/2010 #

oh F&#@! this is the F^%#in' swap i've been waiting for! a F#^in' S&# swap should be next! LOL

JenL 07/22/2010 #

OH [email protected]^%, my daughter and I are going on vacation tomorrow and won't be back in time to put sufficient time and thought into this ATC, but would have loved to join. God D*&^ it! If any other ones come up, I'd love to join!

Sophie331 07/22/2010 #

South Korea is in:))

NikonGoddess 07/22/2010 #

OMG! My daughter is actually going to join Swap-Bot now because of this swap...just to join. This is completely F^[email protected]& awesome!!!

JulieAnn32 07/22/2010 #

For F&@#'s sake... I'm going on vacation for a week tomorrow. PLEASE do this one again!

zilliah 07/22/2010 #

Well F#@^! Looks like I'll have to make more F&^#ing swaps like this!

evieroz 07/22/2010 #

I have read all the comments so far and this is fucking cracking me up. I'm in!!!! Fuckin' A.

evieroz 07/22/2010 #

Oh, I thought it would automatically blurp out the spelling. I'm bad!

CollageCafe04 07/22/2010 #

this is by far one of the best string of comments ever! and a pretty f%*#in' great swap, too

JenL 07/22/2010 #

PLEASE do this one, or one similar again! My daughter and I really want it!

Lauriez 07/23/2010 #

RIGHT the [email protected]#& ON! An ATC of my favorite word! and I agree with angeldiva-a series of "bad word" ATC's would be way [email protected]#&in' FUN!

midwestkiwi 07/23/2010 #

F&#@! I'm not usually one to F @k around with ATCs but this F$*%ing swap is the [email protected]%t! I'm super [email protected]#$ing excited and I'm gonna F^%#ing do it!

ca11mecupcake 07/23/2010 #

I would F& @ing love to join this swap! ...but I'm a newbie :( Can I still join? I have a ton of ideas since this is one of my F& @ing favorite words :)

ca11mecupcake 07/23/2010 #

haha oops about the @ 's...obviously still new

zilliah 07/23/2010 #

@CrazyDaisy f&% yeah you can still join! Just make sure to have a filled out f#&ing profile!

nativegan 07/24/2010 #

This is too funny.....I HAVE to do this one as I swear my b/f uses F&%# just about every other word when he's really annoyed!!

CraftyTweetie 07/24/2010 #

George Carlin would [email protected]#!%'n love this swap! :)

ChelseaLake 07/24/2010 #

R.I. F#$%ing P. George Carlin! <3 Miss you!

shinywen 07/24/2010 #

Holy god the comments here are funny! I'm so F&*$^ing in!

mimimaitri 07/25/2010 #

This absolutely must be a series!

wackywallflower 07/26/2010 #

I just want to say that I'm very happy this is #3 of the top ten swaps.

caverjules 07/26/2010 #

you are f&%'n brilliant!!! please do this swap again. I'm gioing on f%$#(& vacation next week too and am so F&%^ sad I am going to miss this F#@%& swap!!!!

Emthe 07/26/2010 #

This swap is F%#@$ing awesome. The hostess of One Word Wonder F$&* @ing approves!

LynnViolet 07/26/2010 #

This is f&@#"ning BRILLIANT, but I am a f&@#'ning newbie, like a few hours newbie and I'm not really sure how this S)*?"T works? Guess I need to read the f&@#ing section on HELP the NEWBIES. I think I will make a few f&@#ning ATC's though, so I'm ready when this comes back! Perhaps we could do Boy f&@#ning ATC's ( you know, blue ones or with wrenches or something manly) AND wouldn't the pink, girly f&@#ning ATC's be cute! This theme could really go far.............. Christmas f&@#ingATC's

conniebobear 07/26/2010 #

partners tomorrow? ^_^

Laurenbujo 07/27/2010 #

I agree this should be turned into a bad word series! I would do every single one!

madkow 07/29/2010 #

holy F&#* this is the most F#King comments i've ever read on this F&King site!!!!!!!!!!!

goblin 07/30/2010 #

Holy fiddlesticks I had a freaking great time making these friggin cards. What a nifty neat-o fudgin' topic...


angeldiva 08/ 1/2010 #

@zilliah F* @ing A, I know right? A swear word series just has to happen now and I will join them all :D And how awesome is it that this swap made #3 of the top 10 from what I read a few comments up!!!! [email protected]$# yeah, right the f&#@ on!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Whiskey 08/18/2010 #

This was a ton of fun!! Can we do more swearing swaps now? Or another [email protected]#& one? Pleaaaaaaaase?

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