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SO, I've recently started a SECOND job, and I'm working like crazy. So, if I'm not on Swap-Bot for a few days on end, it's probably because I'm working or sleeping. I've also gotten slightly behind on a few swaps, but I promise everything will be sent out to you, and I'll always click "sent" on the day I actually dropped it in the mail. Sorry for any inconvenience :(

I've started a craft blog! It's new, so there's not too much there just yet, but I have high hopes for it! Please stop by and take a look!

I'm short and wear glasses and I do things, sometimes.

I'm a student in Los Angeles, CA, working on completing my BA in Creative Writing.

I am not easily offended by anything. In fact, I revel in obscenity and sexuality. I only draw the line at things which are overtly racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory. But as long as you're not slinging around racial slurs or unfairly stereotyping, please don't feel the need to censor yourself with me! I won't be offended by "bad" language or nudity, and I might even enjoy it.

I smoke a lot of cigarettes, but I do it outside and away from my swap-stuffs. I have a very fluffy cat whose fur I can't control, so apologies ahead of time if your swap arrives with a bit of kitty hair (though, I promise, I do make every attempt to keep him off my stuff).

I drink a lot of coffee and stay up all night, and I long for a society which functions by dark.

I'm currently working on creating some stuffed animals and other things to set up an Etsy store, in hopes I can supplement my terrible income through crafts.

I work in a deli, I slice meat and fry chicken, but I am a vegetarian. I say I am a vegetarian out of habit, but I have recently started eating fish (I can't help it, I moved out of land lock, and it's so tasty.)

I'm verbose and sesquipedalian in nature. I'm a true lover of words. Brevity is not my strong suit.

I'm always cold for some reason.

Favorite Crafts

I love knitting, collage, making small things, and pretty much anything! I mainly prefer to knit things (stuffed animals, utilitarian objects, weird stuff) more so than clothing. I love using Mod Podge and an Xacto knife. I like to take weird, small toys and turn them into...different weird, small things, haha.

Likes and Dislikes

Some of my favorite things in the world include:

  • small toys
  • sweet tea
  • strong coffee
  • sharpies
  • legwarmers
  • engrish
  • buttons
  • coloring books
  • notebooks/notepads
  • science-fiction related things
  • anything strange and small
  • cats!!!
  • vintage awesomeness (50s/60s)
  • vintage (or new but in vintage style) enamel flower pins
  • assorted rick rack, any color, any length
  • vintage-patterned fabric scraps (literally any size is fine)
  • interesting photos/snipets for collage purposes
  • anthropomorphic food/animals/anything
  • robot stuff
  • stickers!! any design. If I don't like them, they will be passed along!
  • cool yarn, even in small quantities (as long as I can knit at least a row from it)
  • anything MST3K or Space Ghost related
  • pin-up girl anything
  • I enjoy mostly all colors, but right now I'm totally digging some deep, rich teal. Also, purples and greens.

Some things I'm not particularly fond of:

  • Nuts. Not allergic, just not a fan.
  • I'm not a very "girly-girl", so I don't have much use for makeup/nail polish, things of that nature.
  • Twilight, Anything Joss Whedon, the whole of vampire culture that apparently exists now... etc.
  • Religious items with the intent of conversion. I mean no disrespect to others' beliefs, I am just not personally a religious person. However, if something is interesting and your intent is not to win me over, I'm not opposed. I find I'm fascinated with Christian tracts.

Favorite Music

The Dismemberment Plan, Cat Power, Minus the Bear, Flight of the Conchords, David Bowie, The Pixies, Moldy Peaches, Ani DiFranco, The Magnetic Fields, and about a million more.

Favorite Books

Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut (and also everything else by that man), Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami, Naked Lunch by William Burroughs; The White Album by Joan Didion, The Stranger by Albert Camus

Favorite Television

Mystery Science Theater 3000, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Lost, SuperNews, and shows about people decorating houses.

Favorite Movies

I Heart Huckabees, The Royal Tenenbaums, Star Wars Trilogy, The Prestige, Schizopolis, Eraserhead, Head, Gone with the Wind, and MILLIONS MORE.


Here are the things that I would love to have, but don't really expect to receive (haha):

  • 2 1/4 inch Badge-A-Minit blank pins (I have a hand-press button maker I never use because I never have blanks, haha)
  • disposable cameras OR a real camera and film (haha)
  • vintage clothes (size... umm... 12? maybe 10? in modern stuff I wear a 10/11 pant and medium or large shirt)
  • silk or similar weight scarves with interesting patterns/designs
  • a sewing machine (haha)
  • old-fashioned tea kettle (in some awesome color like pale yellow or avocado green)
  • porcelain/ceramic/glass/etc. cat figurines. I would love a cat couple (I'm trying to create a wedding cake topper.)
  • peacock feather hair clips/fascinators
  • I've decided to start collecting weird/interesting/old coffee mugs, so if you've got some lying around and don't mind shipping costs, haha, I'll take 'em :)


I probably won't do too many tags, but I figure I need a place to keep track of them.

To Send: Guessing Game tag for Geek Swap Central to @kpetten51 , amigurumi to @Hell0Z0mbie

Sent: Pick 2 for Geek Swap Central to @CariahCreates , Guessing Game for Geek Swap Central to @user2637

Received: Pick 2 for Geek Swap Central from @bluehairedmary , GSC Guessing Game tag from @kiwivandal

Waiting on: something handmade from @alexalgebra


crescendo rated for G.A.S.P. Bathroom Humor Swap #2 on Nov 20, 2010
Comment: Never received anything. Will change if sent.
Comment: Will change if I ever receive
Comment: I haven't received anything and they haven't marked the swap as sent :( Will re-rate if I ever receive anything...
Comment: You sent me a message saying this was sent but its been over two weeks now from the deadline to send and I've not received my doll. I'll be happy to re-rate with an appropriate rating if you decide to send. As of right now, this swap is being angeled by @Dissolvedgirl
Comment: Sad to rate you a 1, but the swap isn't marked as sent and I haven't heard anything from you. I'd be delighted to re-rate once I receive.
Comment: I'm so sorry it took me so long to rate, I thought I'd already rated you and archived the swap. Thank you for the awesome ATC, I love the Jessica Simpson baby doll connection :)
Comment: I love it! this was my first dotee swap too, I think im already addicted, because im already makeing more without a destination....
Comment: Thank you! Very nice!
Moominbrooke rated for Nerdy plushie on Oct 11, 2010
Comment: Awesome!! What a great job! (And hooray for technical prowess- my husb just fixed our clothes dryer and I am in awe!) I am quite enchanted by Fred, and thanks for the Wonka Nerds as well - I'll glue a cast photo of "Big Bang Theory" onto the box when it's empty, bwahaha! :0)
ifluctuate rated for Photo-A-Day Swap - USA/Canada on Oct 8, 2010
Comment: never received anything =(
Response: I'm sorry, I did fall behind on this and then forget about it :( I will be getting your swap in the mail soon, and please contact me if you'd like me to send anything extra as an apology.
Comment: Dear Wacky!!! ;) I got your ATC and I must say, it was worth the wait! What a darling card! And I sure understand how overwhelming a new job can be! So, bless your heart for getting it done at all! Thanks so much Brittany!
Kimbeewa rated for I need some more ATCs!!! Unthemed. on Oct 4, 2010
Comment: Very cute ATCs!! They made me smile and that's what I love :)
ChelseaLake rated for Behind closed doors ATC...... on Oct 1, 2010
Comment: These are definitely some of the coolest and most creative ATCs I've ever gotten! I love them! Thank you so much!
ccomrie23 rated for I need some more ATCs!!! Unthemed. on Sep 30, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the cute cupcake card.
Comment: What an adorable bunny! So cute! Can't wait to do the next theme with her!

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RyeRye on Aug 21, 2010:

Welcome to the Crafting Queens Group~

kpatricialee on Aug 17, 2010:

You can make a cuddle-bot army! :D Not so sure they would intimidate anyone...but who knows? maybe they are the key to world domination :D Thank you again for LAH1999

nativegan on Jul 30, 2010:

Mr Pickle has been quite busy! He is enjoying his time in the sun. Monday is the first day of school for my kids so our summer vacation is over. He will be returning to you soon. Thank you for letting him stay with us!! ~Staci

izohgore on Jul 25, 2010:

^_^ Added you on Flickr & FB, too.

bluehairedmary on Jul 17, 2010:

Check out my Jane Austen inspired writing swap!

lettergirl on Jun 25, 2010:

Well, I HOPE it's NOT that you're "a foot and a half long." I mean, my mother always told me that swearing too much would stunt your growth, but I never actually BELIEVED her. You'd better start eating meat.

lettergirl on Jun 25, 2010:

You're sesquipedalian?! Do you know my mother's cousin, Eddie? I think HE'S from there, too! Small world, I tell ya.

Jamie Cassidy

(now of course, you know I have to RUN to the dictionary...!)

user2637 on May 28, 2010:

Thanks so much for the awesome book and bookmark (GSC tag). I love reading philosophy and haven't read this one yet. hugs :D

LinketJewelryDesign on May 28, 2010:

You are amazing!!!! I adore everything from your little glittery fun cupcake you made to all of the fantastic treasures that surrounded it! I don't know where you found all of your stuff but they are adorable! What is nuts is you went so far above and beyond and I cannot give you the heart you deserve... (Also it is nuts that that was the 'cheap' postage!!!) You have made me so happy! If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know!

CariahCreates on May 16, 2010:

Thanks so much for the Geek Swap Central Pick 2 tag. I love it all! Can't wait to watch the MST3K episodes.

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