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Date Joined: June 6, 2010
Last Online: September 18, 2020
Birthday: February 26, 1982
Country: United States

About Me

9/16/20: Sorry for being a little behind on ratings and getting things sent out! I'm in one of the areas affected by the wildfires and it's been pretty bad. Luckily, our home is safe but the smoke has been making me pretty sick, so I haven't had the energy to do much of anything. I will get caught up in the next week or so - supposedly it should be cleared up by the weekend. Thanks for being patient with me, everyone!

Favorite Music

I mostly just listen to the same music I've liked since the '00s/'90s.

I like stuff that's loud - pop-punk, riot grrl, grunge, post-punk, emo...not metal so much though.

I also like J-pop and K-pop, but not really enough that I know any artists or anything. I put it on Spotify sometimes.

I also love Disney music, of course, but it usually makes me cry because I don't know when I'll be able to get back to a Disney park again!! :'(

Favorite Books

I don't have a ton of time to read these days, and with all the shit in the world, my focus is...unreliable. I read in the bath sometimes. I like queer YA fiction the best, dystopian is good although a little close to home sometimes these days...

I also am going through a phase where I LOVE reading obnoxious business books, I don't even know, your guess is as good as mine as to why, LOL, but I've been reading Russell Brunson's Dotcom Secrets series and I CANNOT GET ENOUGH. WHY?!

Also also, watching the new Baby-Sitters Club made me want to re-read the old books, so I'm now on the hunt for them when I go thrifting. So far, I've only got #2.

Favorite TV and Movies

I don't watch a ton of TV. I have Netflix and I watch a lot of YouTube. Some of my favorite shows are:

  • Pose
  • Hollywood
  • The new Baby-Sitters Club
  • Sabrina
  • Riverdale
  • Anything super queer
  • One Piece
  • PreCure
  • Patriot Act
  • Umbrella Academy
  • Steven Universe
  • Great British Bake-Off
  • Queer Eye (the new one)
  • Dragula
  • Reluctantly, RuPaul's Drag Race, because RuPaul is transphobic and fracks, but I just really like drag

My favorite movies are queer stuff, documentaries, Studio Ghibli, cute things, Disney, cheesy Hallmark type stuff. Mostly things that are feel-good because the world is feel-bad.

Favorite Characters

I love so many characters! Here are some of them:

  • Kirby (I have a giant rainbow Kirby tattoo)
  • Oswald (Disney rabbit)
  • Peridot (Steven Universe)
  • Cure Whip (Pre Cure A la Mode)
  • Cure Milky (Star Twinkle PreCure)
  • Keroppi (Sanrio)
  • My Melody (Sanrio)
  • Strawberry King (Sanrio)
  • Little Twin Stars (Sanrio)
  • Hangyodon (Sanrio)

Favorite Crafts

I'm pan-craftual...I love learning new crafts!

My main crafts are:

  • crochet (mostly doilies)
  • journaling (kawaii journaling, but I want to get into junk journaling)
  • making miniature dioramas
  • UV resin
  • cross-stitch
  • watercolor
  • gluing things to things
  • pretending I know how to sew
  • zines, I have lots of mini-zines about random topics

Favorite Themes

  • Rainbows
  • Decora
  • Bunnies!!
  • Frogs!
  • Sanrio
  • Bubble tea
  • Snacks/food (especially cute food things)
  • Neon
  • Weird things
  • Disney
  • Clowns/circus
  • Nerdy shit, I just like learning stuff
  • Kirby
  • Zines
  • Astrology
  • Parfaits/macarons/desserts in general
  • Fruit, especially strawberries and watermelons

Where Stuff Goes In...

Things I'd like to receive:

  • Fiber art of any kind that you made (crochet, knit, woven, sewn)
  • Anything that has to do with any of my favorite stuff
  • Letters in languages I may or may not speak
  • Stories
  • Weird snacks
  • Giant necklaces, especially with parfaits or stuffed animals
  • DIY skill shares
  • Clown things
  • Neon bright mega fashion accessories
  • Queerness
  • Weird art
  • Rement, gachapon, miniature anything
  • Handmade items!! I love it a lot more if you made what you send, even if you don't think you're a good artist
  • Your zines!
  • Kawaii memo sheets, letter sets, and stickers (I'm not picky about brand or anything, just like bright cute stuff!)
  • Resin accessories (keychains, necklaces, rings, etc.)
  • Random weird found bits and bobs, stuff you found on the ground, a colorful flyer, a funny ad, something with an interesting texture, a blurry photograph, instructions from something...
  • Postcards, souvenir books, or ephemera from weird places and amusement parks, vintage or current
  • I'm really interested in junk journaling but have not had the confidence to make one yet, so feel free to give me tips, good tutorial links, or supplies
  • Old Baby-Sitters Club books

...and Stuff Goes Out

Things I can offer:

  • Letters
  • Weird art
  • Doilies
  • Travel tips for Japan/Tokyo
  • Tea
  • Sass, a lot of sass
  • Stickers
  • Mini-zines
  • Letters typed on a typewriter
  • Kawaii memo sheets
  • Doodles
  • Watercolor paintings
  • Postcards, mostly of Florida and California
  • Tiny crocheted things

Just say NO!

Please do NOT send me the following...I appreciate the thoughts, but it will go in the trash/recycle/compost or get passed on:

  • Anything racist, misogynist, heterosexist, cissexist, etc.
  • Anything floral/flower-themed whatsoever, I hate it, sorry.
  • Scrapbooking items
  • I HATE GOLD please nothing with gold accents, it ruins perfectly good stickers and jewelry
  • Please don't call me she or a girl. I am not female.
  • Deco books/friendship books (I think that's what they're called?), I don't do them
  • Please don't talk to me in AAVE if you're not Black, also I really hate being told I'm "fabulous" or "fierce" or any other coded ally theatre words.
  • I'm very allergic to dogs and cats, so if you have them, please try to keep the fur out of anything you send me
  • I'm sober, PLEASE NO MENTION OF DRUGS, ALCOHOL, ETC. Thank you!! (including pot leaf motifs and all that)
  • I really, vehemently hate JK Rowling and Harry Potter, she's a vile human being and at this point, I'm kinda judging anyone still into it. Sorry not sorry. (If you're confused by this, please Google JK Rowling terf or JK Rowling nazi)
  • This goes with the racism stuff, but nothing that is cultural appropriation like dreamcatchers, things with the g*psy slur, etc.

Thank you!!


Comment: I love your little flipbook! That tiny envelope is really cute, and the cover is really nice - is the flower from a napkin? You did a fantastic job on your first tiny flipbook :) And, it it scented, or am I crazy?!?
Response: I'm so happy you like it!! The flower is from a napkin :) I don't think anything on it was scented, but the paper I used for the main part of the book did have a nice paper smell to it LOL! Thank you!!! <3
Traceyk rated for First World Problems Postcard on Sep 16, 2020
Comment: Haha! Your first world problem was sooo funny! :)
Response: Thanks for heart! Glad you thought it was funny :D
Carollee922 rated for Disney PC Swap #1 on Sep 16, 2020
Comment: It has been so smoky down here, but I don;t think it is as bad as you have it. Stay safe!
Response: Sorry you're getting smoke too :( We are almost in the clear...hopefully another day or two and we can breathe again!
jenh7498 rated for First World Problems Postcard on Sep 15, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the funny & well-written postcard!
Response: Thanks for the heart! Glad you liked it :D
AcinomYtrom815 rated for Disney PC Swap #1 on Sep 15, 2020
Comment: hope youre staying safe on the west coast and thank you for the beautiful tokyo disney postcard!
Response: Thanks - the smoke is almost cleared out...hopefully just another day or two. <3
AcinomYtrom815 rated for First World Problems Postcard on Sep 15, 2020
Comment: you made me laugh with a "there is a paris in vegas!" thank you for the funny card :)
Response: Thanks for the heart! Glad I made you laugh :D
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful Florida postcard.
Response: Thanks for the heart! Glad you liked it :)
KyraSmith rated for Postcard Pick Up #16 on Sep 11, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the postcards and for catching your mistake so quickly. It happens when youโ€™re in a lot of swaps lol. Hope all is well for you in LO :)
Response: Thanks for the heart! I'm glad I realized it before the due date! We're ok - no evacuation, woo hoo! Ready for this smoke to go away though...hope you're OK as well! <3
marles rated for Mailbox Blues #15 on Sep 11, 2020
Comment: Thanks!
Bellavoz17 rated for Mailbox Blues #15 on Sep 9, 2020
Comment: Hello Congrats on getting a hair cut.. its the little things we have to appreciate..!!! Thank you for the beautiful card with all the seals... they are sooo cute...!! Thanks again Debbie
Response: Thanks for the heart! Glad you liked the sea puppies card :D
noone7212 rated for Postcard Mailbox Stuffer #9 on Sep 6, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful card! I was supposed to see the bridge in person this year but ... Pandemic. I'm not a fan of Stephen King's movies either, but they're better then the books! :,-) I hope you're doing well and staying safe!
Response: Awww, sorry you had to cancel your trip :( I hope you get to go when it's safe! Thanks for the heart :)
Aurora1 rated for Zine Swap #1 !! on Sep 5, 2020
Comment: I love, love, love! the Zines that you sent. Jiminy Cricket! You have sublime talent! Take care of yourself up there in Oregon. Big hugs, Aurora PS I apologize for calling you girl. Not cool on my part. I hope you have a good holiday weekend. Aurora
Response: I'm not a girl, but thank you so much for the glowing review :D I'm glad you like all my zines!!! Hope you're having a good weekend! <3
reinerose rated for Postcard & Tea Swap (USA ONLY) on Sep 4, 2020
Comment: OMG I love everything, your package was extra cute and totally my style! I can't wait to try the teas also. Thanks for spoiling me after a long with an empty mailbox. :)
Response: Yayyyy!!!! I'm glad you like it all! Thanks for the heart :D
HannahKaitlyn rated for Postcard Mailbox Stuffer #9 on Sep 4, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for your card! Thanks for the suggestions of groups to checkout. I'll defs have to try and check them out. Your story of ghosts almost burning your house down is so spooky! I would've moved so fast.
Response: If I hadn't gotten them to leave, I totally would have moved, it was terrifying! Thanks for the heart <3
Shuttlebug rated for ATC - Break out the watercolors on Sep 2, 2020
Comment: I love the ATC you sent! We were supposed to have been on a cruise to Japan in April this year, but obviously that didn't happen. I hope we'll have another opportunity!
Response: Thank you! Ugh, sorry you didn't get to go :( We were supposed to be going sometime in the spring, but we hadn't booked yet and are just waiting it out for now. I hope you get to go, it's so much fun!!! I also definitely recommend at least an extra week in Tokyo!! (Feel free to ask me for tips on where to go :) )
mchesser12 rated for Mailbox Blues #14 on Sep 2, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the San Francisco postcard. Sounds like a small, yet fun birthday celebration. Happy Birthday to your partner.
Response: Thanks for the heart! :) Glad you liked the PC :)
Comment: Thanks so much for the lovely letter!! I am OBSESSED with your rainbow sentences, and I will surely think of you next time I see a rearranged church sign ;)
Response: Thank you!! I'm glad you liked it and were not offended, haha. Watch out, Jesus is coming! ;)
Comment: Thanks for the fun PC and your list. I enjoyed the lack of traffic too but didn't do enough driving to really enjoy it.
Response: Thanks for the heart! :) Yeah, the thing I most appreciated was being able to run to the store during rush hour with no rush hour lol
Moxieroe rated for CSS: Cryptid Journal #1 on Sep 1, 2020
Comment: I love the journal! Very creative and great cover! I like your character.
Response: Thank you!! This was so fun :D

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Luciie on Aug 4, 2020:

Darn! The dimensions seemed to have transferred wrong! I'm so sorry. Here are the right dimensions:

Here's an extra for screwing that up:

Luciie on Aug 4, 2020:

Hi Neon,

We are partners for the Cryptif Profil Deco #1. I picked the chupacabra for my cryptid. I have fond memories of my grandma sending all her grandkids to bed with supernatural stories of her childhood in the countryside of Mexico. My favorite was always the tale of the chupacabra.

Sorry for the late send. I mixed up the deadline for a later date.

Moxieroe on Jul 29, 2020:

Hello! For the Cryptid Profile Decoration Swap. Stay safe and healthy!

First we have the grootslang. It has the head of an elephant and the body of a snake. It is an African legend said to be one of the first creatures the gods created. However, they gave it too much strength and cunning and it proved far too dangerous. The gods had to destroy the grootslangs and created elephants and snakes from its separated parts. However, one grootslang got away and created more.

The Black Shuck is a ghost dog found in England. It is a large black dog said to have glowing red eyes and is often seen as an omen of death. One of the more famous stories of the Shuck is from the 1800's where it was said to have entered a church during a clap of thunder, ran up the aisle and killed a man and his son. The Shuck left the church in ruin after breaking a pillar and leaving burn marks at the exit.

Last, the Tatzelwurm. Said to be found in the Alps of Europe. It has the upper body of a cat that turns into a snake tail. I really just like this one because I love cats and snakes and this is the best of both worlds! Also, I love this picture because it's adorable. Tatzelwurm's are said to be quite ferocious, though.

NRGordon on Jul 23, 2020:

Haiku For You (x2) NRGordon

I hear a whistle
The train will soon pass by me
I like to watch it

Flowers are blooming
Spring is here in its glory
Allergies kill me

Do you go to Disney in Florida? Maybe we will run across one another. I'm guessing, from your profile, that I would recognize you.

bruxbaby on Jul 21, 2020:

Haiku for you

Key in the front door Excited to see you but Mainly I want food

snailmailjadeox on Jul 21, 2020:

Haiku for you...

The joy that it brings, No-one can ever describe, It changes your mind.

bluecrayons on Jul 13, 2020:

Backyard Scavenger Hunt Profile Deco ~ #9

jms7310 on Jul 13, 2020:

Hello! I tried to pick the most bright and colorful birds I could find for you! Hope you have a great day!

Pikapika on Jul 13, 2020:

Backyard Scavenger Hunts profile deco #9

I chose this picture because they resembled the parakeets I used to have. The yellow one (Roxas) is still alive, but Ren and Nemo passed away last year.

Pikapika on Jul 13, 2020:

Teddy Bear Picnic swap I hope we can go back to being able to have picnics at the park soon like old times.

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