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About Me

Free Cat Hair With Every Swap!

I do market research at a homebuilding company, and Swap-Bot is a great creative outlet for me! I love to make ATCs and decos when I have the time, and try all kinds of new crafts. I am vegetarian and a huge nerd. I am crazy about the sport of jugger, which I very much recommend checking out. I have two kitties who are my babies.

PM me if you want to do a private swap, need a new (sometimes slow AF) penpal, want excess decos (I usually have some), or want to ask me about jugger! :)

Swap Philosophy

I always try to go above and beyond in my swaps and aim for hearts. If you feel that I don't deserve a heart, I would genuinely like to know why. Even if it's negative feedback I want to improve my art and swapping. It drives me crazy to do what I think is a really nice job and feel like I've disappointed my partner!

I normally read profiles carefully and tailor swaps to my swap partners' preferences to the extent possible. I don't generally join swaps with tight deadlines, because I hate feeling rushed and I like doing art when I'm really in the mood for it. So I will try and do a nice job on your swap, and base it on your profile if I can, but it won't usually be sitting there all generically waiting to mail as soon as partners are assigned. Please let me know if something doesn't arrive. I will resend lost or missing swaps.

I don't think anyone should host swaps they aren't willing to angel themselves. If hosts are expected to cover for flakers, they will do a better job screening them out. I hate to see situations where hosts ask for angels (or worse, the individual flaked on has to ask themselves) when it's the host's poor screening that caused the problem. I cringe every times I see a swap host saying they won't angel. Don't host if you won't angel! I will ALWAYS angel my hosted swaps. With that in mind, I am picky about screening people for my hosted swaps. I am usually willing to do private swaps with riskier people, but don't want to assume that risk for others in my swaps. I appreciate being notified if you see questionable swappers in my hosted swaps, but rest assured I will carefully look at all participants and ban anyone I find too risky, normally immediately before assigning partners.

Favorite Movies

Beavis and Butthead Do America
Children of Dune
Lord of the Rings
Mad Max: Fury Road
Star Trek
Star Wars
V for Vendetta

Favorite Television

Arrested Development
Black Sails
Game of Thrones
Mr. Pickles
Star Trek
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Venture Brothers
Walking Dead

Favorite Music

Bif Naked
Eve 6
Harvey Danger
Hawksley Workman
Lady Gaga
Powerman 5000
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Stroke 9
Tegan & Sarah
VNV Nation

Favorite Books

Never Let Me Go
Song of Ice and Fire
The God Delusion
The Lies of Locke Lamora
Wheel of Time
World War Z

Stuff I like

Bright/neon colors
Buttons & brads
Easy vegetarian recipes
Good ATCs
Interesting ephemera/smash stuff
Jugger (best sport ever. Google it.)
Mix CDs
Pokemon Go

Stuff I don't like

Animal cruelty
Excessive use of stickers
Sexism and anti-feminism
Religion - unless it's ironic

Regarding Deco Books

I don't mind getting homers/last page decos unless it's contrary to swap requirements.

I've been getting a lot of decos recently in which I've already done a page. This is generally against deco swap guidelines, and is contrary to the point of deco books. Decos should have each page done by a different person, and sending them back and forth between the same people is a waste of postage! I don't want anyone reading this to think I am complaining about them specifically because it's happened a number of times recently. PLEASE check your decos and make sure the recipient hasn't done a page in them yet before sending!

I'd prefer not to receive decos that aren't in some kind of book form. Loose pages are a nice idea, but to me that's not really the same as a deco book. Plus it's difficult or impossible to determine who has already had it when "pages" go missing.

I often have excess decos to swap. Please send me a PM with your address if you are interested,

I'm happy to try and answer questions if you are new to decos (or swapping generally). I've been here a while and can usually help with basic protocol questions!

Themes I like

Anything hand drawn
Arizona themed
Dr. Pepper
Magic: the Gathering
Monograms/my initials (E.W.)
Penis drawings (they crack me up, it's "accidentally" become a collection)
Pokemon (esp. Magikarp, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Cubone)

If it's a pretty, well done ATC or deco I will probably love it no matter what the subject matter is. I am difficult to offend if it's not related to animal cruelty. I am generally amused by adult/sexual/nudity/swear word type themes. Particularly wieners. XD


CharlieChick86 rated for Bee ATC on Sep 10, 2017
Comment: I'm so sorry I thought I rated you, thank you so much for the ATC and pikachu ATC I love them both ❤️
Response: Thanks! I'm relieved the swap wasn't lost or anything. Glad you liked it. :)
Comment: I liked your handmade PC! Very cool. Thank you!
Response: Glad you liked it! :)
Comment: Thank you so much for the zen W! It's beautiful! I feel lucky I get to add it to my collection. And the found poetry ATC is gorgeous, too. You do such lovely work! Thank you also for the stickers. I love everything. A basket full of hearts to you!
Response: Thanks! So glad you like it! :)
Comment: Yesss!! Thank you for the great science deco. I love it! I also enjoyed the very cool anatomical heart ATC. Thanks again. Yes, I would love to do some private swaps with you. Just let me know what you have in mind.
Response: Great! I'll message you. Thanks. :)
joppagirl rated for Artistic Decos - July on Jul 11, 2017
Comment: Very nice decos, you should go tapeless all the time!
Response: Noooo I love the tape! :) Glad you like the decos, thanks for the quick rating!
Comment: Thank you, Emma! Made my day. And what a fun idea for a deco. Never would have thought of that! =0)
Response: Glad you liked it! I hope that one makes it home. :)
hushpadwitch rated for Surprise ATCs - June on Jun 12, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the amazing package! Sure we can trade Pokémon ATC'S!
Response: Awesome! Thanks for the quick rating, glad you liked it! :)
Aster rated for Pokemon ATC - Sender's Choice on Jun 5, 2017
Comment: I love the ATCs you sent! The original 150 are my favorite generation!
Response: Glad you liked them! Gen 1 is what I'm familiar with since I've mostly played Pokemon Go... Was never too much of a fan of the show or older games!
Comment: I would also love to Wonderland Steampunk, but so pricey : )
Response: Yup. that's a big downside.
Comment: Thank you for the lovely PC. It's not one I have in my collection yet, so I was thrilled! I hope all goes well with your costume, I know they take lots of time and planning!
Response: Thanks, glad you liked it! :)
Stahlrala rated for Move those Deco Books on Mar 24, 2017
Comment: thanks for the decos and the amazing extras
Response: Glad you liked it! :)
LizFinn rated for ATC - Cupcake on Feb 15, 2017
Comment: Very nice! Ty so much.
Response: Thanks for rating, glad you like it! :)
shinyserra rated for One Deco Book - February on Feb 12, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the fun deco and the postcards! They are awesome :)
Response: Glad you liked them! :)
kweandee rated for Profile Themed Deco Books on Feb 9, 2017
Comment: Great decos...love my Hulk one! Thank you :)
Response: Glad you like it! That was fun to make! :)
Comment: I super love this! All of the color in your tangle is beautiful!
Response: Glad you like it! :)
jringling rated for Dinosaur ATC on Feb 6, 2017
Comment: What a great set of cards! Thanks so much!
Response: glad you like them! :)
Comment: Looking forward to doing more decos. Thank you so much for the awesome extras (Those dog stickers!!)
Response: Yay decos! Glad you liked the stickers, I thought you might! :)
Comment: Hey there! Thanks a lot for the recipes! I also loved the postcards. Happy swapping!
Response: Yay! Glad you liked them! :)
crystals3 rated for One Deco Book - January on Jan 25, 2017
Comment: Thank you! I love the ATC card!!
SpikeyLisa rated for Profile Surprise ATC on Jan 21, 2017
Comment: Opened the lovely envelope while my mother was visiting and after a wonderfully giddy chuckle, she wanted to see what I had. "They're hypodermic needles", I heard with a fright to her voice. Nooo...it's a beautiful Saw Trap I told her. She didn't quite get it but I am very happy. Love the outhouse too. What a special package. Thank you so much.
Response: Haha so glad you liked it! :)

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animal87x on Sep 19, 2017:

As a host I would hope that your criticism would be more constructive than critical, that being said I see no fault with my deco. I feel your comment was rather rude for two reasons. First you mention things can be discussed futher by PM then proceed to bash my book publicly. Second you alluding to feeling the need to rate me down simply because you do not like the theme I chose for MY book. I thought the idea rather ingenious. While I am sorry you cannot have fun with the idea, I do not apologize for my book. I have responded to your public tongue lashing, feel free to read my response. As I believe in "happy swapping" please feel free to ban me from your future swaps, as I would hate for you to ruin my fun within these swaps! All that aside I hope your day is going well.

draco on Sep 12, 2017:

Poftoffel on Sep 10, 2017:

Hurray! I'm so happy you like it :D Magikarp ftw!

MelodicPenguin on Aug 18, 2017:

Thank you for the beautiful postcard for the PC question tag <3

MelodicPenguin on Jul 24, 2017:

I just received your letter! Thank you, and I'd love to be penpals! I'll be writing back in the next few days :)

tcornell on Jul 10, 2017:

Thank you for the incredible ATC that you made me for the "Make me an ATC in my favorite theme tag"... I really love it!

VivaLaDiane on Jul 7, 2017:

Thanks so much for being helpful in Newbie Helpers. I appreciate it greatly!! ♥

milamilamura on Mar 28, 2017:

There is a place in my city where you can literally find at least 40 types of olives (black, green, red....) stuffed with almost anything you can imagine. It's the best place in the world <3 If you ever come to Chile, I can take you there hehe :)

kweandee on Mar 17, 2017:

New Deco Swap incase your interested ;)


kweandee on Mar 8, 2017:

Hey hun...

You wanted me to let you know about deco swaps I post. Got one up in the deco book group to send multiple books to get all the extras we have lying around moving...check it out :)


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