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About Me

Free Cat Hair With Every Swap!

My boyfriend @badxhampill just joined Swap-Bot to practice some art, probably because I won't shut up about how great this community is. It's been cleared with site administrators, so don't freak out if you see some dude named Chris with my same address.

I do market research professionally, and Swap-Bot is a great creative outlet for me! I love to make ATCs and decos when I have the time, and try all kinds of new crafts. I am vegetarian and a huge nerd. I am crazy about the sport of jugger, which I very much recommend checking out. I have two kitties who are my babies.

mah kittehs

PM me if you want to do a private swap, need a new (sometimes slow AF) penpal, want excess decos (I usually have some), or want to ask me about jugger! :)

My top wishlist thing right now is house/home themed ATCs, especially mixed media. I want to get enough to do a 3x3 or bigger display for my office.

Swap Philosophy

I always try to go above and beyond in my swaps and aim for hearts. If you feel that I don't deserve a heart, I would genuinely like to know why. Even if it's negative feedback I want to improve my art and swapping. It drives me crazy to do what I think is a really nice job and feel like I've disappointed my partner!

I normally read profiles carefully and tailor swaps to my swap partners' preferences to the extent possible. I don't generally join swaps with tight deadlines, because I hate feeling rushed and I like doing art when I'm really in the mood for it. So I will try and do a nice job on your swap, and base it on your profile if I can, but it won't usually be sitting there all generically waiting to mail as soon as partners are assigned. Please let me know if something doesn't arrive. I will resend lost or missing swaps.

I don't think anyone should host swaps they aren't willing to angel themselves. If hosts are expected to cover for flakers, they will do a better job screening them out. I hate to see situations where hosts ask for angels (or worse, the individual flaked on has to ask themselves) when it's the host's poor screening that caused the problem. I cringe every times I see a swap host saying they won't angel. Don't host if you won't angel! I will ALWAYS angel my hosted swaps. With that in mind, I am picky about screening people for my hosted swaps. I am usually willing to do private swaps with riskier people, but don't want to assume that risk for others in my swaps. I appreciate being notified if you see questionable swappers in my hosted swaps, but rest assured I will carefully look at all participants and ban anyone I find too risky, normally immediately before assigning partners.

Favorite Movies

Beavis and Butthead Do America
Children of Dune
Lord of the Rings
Mad Max: Fury Road
Star Trek
Star Wars
V for Vendetta

Favorite Television

Arrested Development
Black Sails
Game of Thrones
Mr. Pickles
Star Trek
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Venture Brothers
Walking Dead

Favorite Music

Bif Naked
Eve 6
Harvey Danger
Hawksley Workman
Lady Gaga
Powerman 5000
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Stroke 9
Tegan & Sarah
VNV Nation

Favorite Books

Never Let Me Go
Song of Ice and Fire
The God Delusion
The Lies of Locke Lamora
Wheel of Time
World War Z

Stuff I like

Bright/neon colors
Buttons & brads
Easy vegetarian recipes
Good ATCs
Interesting ephemera/smash stuff
Jugger (best sport ever. Google it.)
Magic: the Gathering
Mix CDs
Pokemon Go (Team Valor & Blissey is the best Pokemon!)

Stuff I don't like

Animal cruelty
Excessive use of stickers
Religion - unless it's ironic or Chick Tracts, I love those for terrible reasons!

Regarding Deco Books

I don't mind getting homers/last page decos unless it's contrary to swap requirements.

I've been getting a lot of decos recently in which I've already done a page. This is generally against deco swap guidelines, and is contrary to the point of deco books. Decos should have each page done by a different person, and sending them back and forth between the same people is a waste of postage! PLEASE check your decos and make sure the recipient hasn't done a page in them yet before sending!

I'd prefer not to receive decos that aren't in some kind of book form. Loose pages are a nice idea, but to me that's not really the same as a deco book. Plus it's difficult or impossible to determine who has already had it when "pages" go missing.

I often have excess decos to swap. Please send me a PM with your address if you are interested.

I'm happy to try and answer questions if you are new to decos (or swapping generally). I've been here a while and can usually help with basic protocol questions!

Themes I like

Anything hand drawn
Arizona themed
Dr. Pepper
House/home theme
Magic: the Gathering
Monograms/my initials (E.W.)
Penis drawings (they crack me up, it's "accidentally" become a collection). No peen photographs though please!
Pokemon (esp. Blissey/Chancey, Magikarp, Hitmonchan)

If it's a pretty, well done ATC, PC, or deco I will probably love it no matter what the subject matter is. I am difficult to offend unless its related to animal cruelty or some kind of discrimination. That shit's not funny. I am generally amused by adult/sexual/nudity/swear word type themes. Particularly wieners. XD


Comment: AhhhHHhhhh! PURPLE DARTH VADER! 😍🤩😍🤩 He's epic! I actually have a little rubber stamp of his head and purple is my favorite color to stamp it in. It just looks right (and fabulous). Thank you for all the awesome ATCs. I love the anatomical heart and the hot air balloons and house, too! You've got some serious drawing chops (that's something I never had the patience to work out). Thanks also for the fun stickers---I didn't know I needed sloth stickers but now it's obvious.
Response: Yay!! I'm so glad you liked them! The darth one was a lot of fun, I wasn't sure I could pull it off. Really happy they arrived safe and you liked them! :)
Comment: Fantastically molded peppermint penis in a "snowglobe" type ornament. Love it!!
Comment: I loved this card so much, the story is great and the card is very artsy which it love. I'm sorry I rated you so late your swap slipped trough my hands :') wish I could give more hearts haha
Response: No worries, it happens! Glad it arrived and you liked it! :)
aurelas rated for Pokemon ATCs - Newbie Friendly - USA on Nov 10, 2018
Comment: What beautiful Pokemon cards you made! They remind me of stained glass. :D My little girl has them on her wall now! Magicarp is beautiful and Snorlax is just too cute :) Thank you!
Response: Yay! I'm so glad you like them! :)
Anettethhjertnes rated for Hallowieners II on Oct 14, 2018
Comment: i never go ired of your weeners. thank you for thepaer and the extra houseatc
caf1988 rated for BMG: Data Selfie ATC on Oct 11, 2018
Comment: So creative!! It is awesome seeing your data in picture form, haha. And the extra whimsical house makes me smile, too. Thank you!
Comment: Thanks so much for my very first swap, I really liked the floral design you created & it will be going in my postcard album <3
Mammybarnes rated for Fruit Salad ATC - Strawberry #6 on Sep 20, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the great ATC and the extras
Response: You're very welcome! :)
Comment: Thank you! I love the pc you chose and I'll have to check out the recommendation I didn't know! :)
Response: Glad you liked it! :)
mermaidery rated for FS: Data Selfie ATC on Sep 12, 2018
Comment: We have a lot of the symbols. I love how you did your ATC. it inspired me to redo mine on something other than the white paper I used. I used a book page and love the result. Thank you for the second ATC, as well. I love it!
Response: oh nice! A book page is a great idea! Love to see how that turned out. Also I just noticed I hadn't followed your instagram yet... going to do that now! :P Glad you like the ATC.
Comment: WOW. I don't even know where to start. You know I love your artistic stuff and am blown away by the pieces that I now own. You're so creative in addition to being an absolute sweetheart. I was kind of amazed it made it to me because my address was torn off in the middle. I'll have to send you a picture of it. I guess I'm well known to the post office so they knew where to take it. :D Love you. xo♥
Response: OMG! I'd be curious to see the picture... I think I'd used clear tape on that envelope so it would be protected, I wonder what happened to it. O.o I'm SO glad it made it to you and that you like the ATCs.
kaicee118 rated for HD/HP Planets ATC on Sep 9, 2018
Comment: Thank you, beautiful ATCs and envelope! You're very talented :)
Response: Glad you like them! :)
Mammybarnes rated for Fruit Salad ATC - Grapes #5 on Sep 9, 2018
Comment: Love the grape job you did on the grape ATC. ♥️Thank you for the citrus ATC too! Love love love them both😊
Response: Glad you like them! :)
Comment: it will be fun to add to this deco. There are so many possibilities. Thanks for the extras. I love the little stickers, especially the tiny food trucks.
Response: Glad you liked it! :)
Cgscdy rated for Pick 2 ATCs - Woodland Animals on Aug 21, 2018
Comment: Ty for the amazing swap I received today! The atcs were very cute don't mind getting the same style at all and if we ever swap again and you've premade just send it. I wouldn't have been upset with an owl since it was mentioned in the swap and I chose to join it anyway. And the extras LOVED them especially the oddish! Thanks again for the great swap.
Response: Really glad you liked them! :)
Comment: Beautiful card! Love the hello print background! You’ve inspired to get my gelli plate out & play more!
Response: Yay! Glad you like it. Gelli plates are so much fun. :)
Comment: LOL, love them
Response: Yay! Glad they arrived safe. :)
Comment: Thanks a bunch!!
DeAnnaVarela rated for Totally Inappropriate "C" ATC on Aug 6, 2018
Comment: As always I love your work! Thanks so much for the terrific "A" and "C" card. XOXO
Response: So glad you like them! :)

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CurlyTea on Oct 31, 2018:

Happy Halloween!

RooBaRoo on Oct 24, 2018:

I received your "I feel like writing about" tag letter, Thank You. I really, really enjoyed reading about Jugger. & your holiday plans ... I can see why you find it hilarious, & also that you find it a bit cute too! :D All the Best to You & your boyfriend. :)

ChrisAnne on Oct 16, 2018:

Thank you for the fun RAK postcard! You got two of my three faves - purple and polka dots!

Poftoffel on Oct 16, 2018:

Love the postcard, thank you so much! <3

user6937 on Oct 15, 2018:

I've received your September postcard RAK (Halloween themed) - thank you! Love the dark background colours

stephiedee on Oct 13, 2018:

Thanks for the great sea creature ATCs for the MMH tag! 💖 💖 💖

Katja on Oct 12, 2018:

Hi Emma, just received your beautiful postcard :) I really like the way you made the green background, and the flamingos are so pretty! Thank you so much!!

Jippiefant on Oct 11, 2018:

Dear Emma, thank you so much for the beautiful postcard you made for your rak. I really like how you combined the flowers and the green background. You made my day!

stephiedee on Sep 29, 2018:

Thank you for angeling the August HMPC swap and sending the beautiful blue butterfly PC!

Poftoffel on Aug 24, 2018:

Hurray! So happy you like them! :D

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