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11-11-11 Postcard Swap

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11-11-11 Postcard Swap
Swap Coordinator:viv1972 (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Letters & Writing  Postcards 
Number of people in swap:152
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Rating requirement:4.80
Last day to signup/drop:November 5, 2011
Date items must be sent by:November 11, 2011
Number of swap partners:11

Hello and welcome to my swap. Starting this early to make sure we get a huge sign-up & make it one of the most successful swaps here this year. International & Newbies welcome with one completed swap on Swap-Bot!

Inspired by the 101010 Postcard Swap. You will send 1 postcard to 11 partners. You may send naked (written) or in envelope. Senders choice. You can list your preference, but it remains senders choice. Do not rate down if sender does not send your preferred way. If you receive a card - rate a 5. If you love the card -(or if it is sent in an envelope to honor a preference) rate a 5 with a heart. Store bought cards only. Please no handmade cards in this swap.

In this simple swap - please mail 11 postcards on the 11th of November 2011 (11/11/11) - but, in America, this is Veteran's Day - so, please mail before. You will have one week from the close of swap to mail your cards to your partners.

Please mail all of your cards ON November 11th, 2011 if International or before if you are in the USA.

**POSTCARDS NOT SENT BY NOVEMBER 11TH MAY RECEIVE A LOWER RATING. ** Please contact your partner if you cannot make the deadline for any reason.

You may send any store bought cards - any theme, but to make your partner really happy -do look at their profile for preferences. Try to send your partner's preferred method if possible (naked, in envelope, ect) - but, this does remain senders choice.

Due to expected high participation in this swap, I cannot angle for flakers. I will do all I can to help if any problems arrise with any non-sender. Although, Flakers are not welcome and I will screen profiles well before assigning swap partners.

This swap is open to anyone with a minimum rating of 4.8 with absolutely NO 1's or no-sends 3 months before the swap sign up deadline. I will be checking profiles and will ban any questionable swappers prior to the partner assignments. This includes swappers who have not been active for the previous 3 months.

Newbies are welcome with a well filled-out profile and one completed swap.

Any questions - please email me: [email protected] or post to discussion thread. Thanks.

Join now! ~~ :)


eepy 01/ 1/2011 #

And it's Remembrance Day in Canada.

AngelFaeryKathleen 01/ 1/2011 #

Also in New Zealand :-)

viv1972 01/ 2/2011 #

Good to know - thanks for sharing this info. :)

princesspudge 01/ 7/2011 #

And in Australia :)

venzo2b 01/11/2011 #

And in France :)

EssHaych 02/13/2011 #

And in the UK :D

tizzicat 02/16/2011 #

But the post still works in the UK! (well, as good as it ever does lol)

viv1972 03/13/2011 #

I'd prefer my cards unwritten - sent in an envelope if at all possible.

MissMillie 04/24/2011 #

Ok....my husband and I CONSTANTLY look at the clock when its 11:11 or 1:11, it's crazy. This swap is perfect for me.

lacedrawers 05/13/2011 #

I love the idea of this swap!

Momskii 06/22/2011 #

Just so I have this straight, it can be any postcard, bought or handmade?

principeta 06/23/2011 #

Would someone be interested in private swap and send one card or PC exactly on 11 11?Let me know,please.

viv1972 07/ 7/2011 #

*principeta -There is no mail in the USA on 11-11-11 as it is a holiday - so, no one here can get a postmark that day exactly. *Momskii - Postcards are to be bought - NOT handmade for this swap. Thanks.

sas 07/11/2011 #

I had to sign up for this swap as my birthday is on 11/11 and this year being 2011 makes it even more special.

LittleCakes 07/14/2011 #

11:11 has been following me for the last year and a half...wow!

principeta 07/18/2011 #

Well viv1972 I already know it,that's why I did ask the question =o).

So,can someone in the world send one card exactly on 11 11.

ChantalB 07/20/2011 #

i would prefer if possible to receive naked and unwritten on pc's in envelopes, if you wish to write something about the card and why it is awesome a note or letter would rock :D

viv1972 07/21/2011 #

I also prefer unwritten cards in envelopes if at all possible. Anyone who sends this way to me is guaranteed a heart ! :)

Dibrittain 07/25/2011 #

A local post office here has self check out so you can print a stamp that will have the date if needed. but that is if you really want the 11/11/11 date on your swap.

viv1972 07/26/2011 #

Interesting Dibrittain - I didn't know that. Our post offices in this area do not have such an option unfortunately

inthewild 07/30/2011 #

I can do 11.11.11 - we have a post office in a city 1/2 hr drive away - will do a couple extra in the event anyone who is not my partner would like one and do a swap with me. However, I'll be sending those extra's naked, with a message written on. For my assigned partners l'll check out preference though. Great weekend everyone!

Chaosfrau 07/31/2011 #

In Germany each year the carnival season starts on 11/11 at 11:11 o'clock.

eepy 08/ 2/2011 #

I have a local sub-post office that's open on 11.11.11, and they always let me hand cancel my own stuff.

sapphirestitching 08/ 6/2011 #

does not matter to me - love them either way - just let me know why this card is special - does have meaning to your life - event, place to visit - and so on.

bluejay 08/27/2011 #

aww, too bad. there's a rating requirement even though i really want to participate :(

Clearbrite 09/ 1/2011 #

Rememberance Day in Australia too,so lucky the US didn't have to fight all the wars all by themselves!!L Sounds like a good one,love postcards :0)

Sending 11,does that mean we also get 11 back? Or just 1?

Will watch for now

viv1972 09/ 8/2011 #

@Clearbrite - you send 11 cards & should receive 11 cards :)

Clearbrite 09/18/2011 #

Thanks :0) Going away on a short break in a weeks time,so going to try restock my postcards to be able to send. Signing up now!! :0)

SassyRose 09/26/2011 #

Sorry I can't participate, Viv. I am new and was hoping for this to be my first swap. Thanks anyway.

TeaNi 10/ 3/2011 #

I just wanted to point out that should anyone in the US want to mail their cards with the posted date of 11-11-11, it would just require mailing them from an automated postal kiosk. Of course, this would mean the postage would be electronically printed, so no pretty stamps, but, just another option:)

viv1972 10/ 4/2011 #

SassyRose - there is a whole month still. Join a few postcard swaps & get rated. You will still have time to join if you want to! :)

AZSunshine 10/11/2011 #

I work for the Us Postal Service so FYI: mail is processed on Sundays and Holidays.In Phoenix AZ we process mail almost 24/7. Also, Stamps.Com has stamps with a picture theme and you print the amount. You can control the date that is on the letter. Being "metered" a postmark should not cover the date on your stamp. Just another FYI..

Tajsa 10/12/2011 #

and if I'm in Russia - should I send before the 11th? sometimes our post may be slow, you know ))))))

young46356 10/12/2011 #

My daughter's 4th birthday is 11/11/11

cloverelle 10/20/2011 #

Im getting married on that day!

viv1972 10/21/2011 #

11-11-11 is just a wonderful day - be sure to join the swap incase you have not joined already :)

viv1972 10/21/2011 #

Tajsa - even if your post is slow, it is ok to mail 11-11-11, as long as it is sent on this date

viv1972 10/21/2011 #

Tajsa - even if your post is slow, it is ok to mail 11-11-11, as long as it is sent on this date

viv1972 10/21/2011 #

Tajsa - even if your post is slow, it is ok to mail 11-11-11, as long as it is sent on this date

mrsrobo45 10/21/2011 #

do you realy have to be 18 to swap????

ChelseaLake 10/23/2011 #

^^^ Yes, @mrsrobo45 you really have to be 18 to swap. It's all in the rules when you sign up.

PixelParadox 10/23/2011 #

If anyone is looking for a great online source for postcards from hundreds of publishers, check out the VisionWorks website, located here: www.changingworld.com All are new postcards, organized by topic, with a strong search engine to find what you want. Wholesale too, so they could be a source for your local postcard store. (Especially in the USA, but anywhere really.) What is your favorite local place to get postcards? (You can send your answer directly to me by email.)

ColorInFusion 11/ 3/2011 #

I really wanted to do this swap but as I read through the comments I am reading some, including the swap coordinator, want "naked, unwritten postcards in an envelope". I think that defeats the purpose of the swap. So I will respectfully drop from the swap.

Juddieland 11/ 3/2011 #

@ColorInFusion I agree...

PixelParadox 11/ 3/2011 #

@ColorInFusion I think you did NOT read that correctly. The swap coordinator suggests: "send naked (written) or in envelope." Notice that says OR. Now maybe someone else has a different preference, but that is just optional.

viv1972 11/ 4/2011 #

@PixelParadox - thank you for the clarification to @ColorinFusion

This is a choice for the sender of cards .... if your partner likes unwritten cards, then send that way to 'earn' that heart. If your partner likes naked written cards, send that way. Yes - OR is the key. Some people get jumpy. No one has to be in this swap. It's a fun one, but if anyone is that emotional regarding reading the swap description, then they are better off not in this swap afterall

hartline22 11/ 4/2011 #

I think people want post cards to be sent unwritten on is because they want to resend them!!!

I like mine in an envelope, because I've had many returned all chopped up!! But I don't have a preference of if you write on them or not..that is your choice.....But I keep mine in a box, so I don't ever resend ANYONES!!!

Thank you:)

j3nnif3r 11/ 5/2011 #

Please send naked postcards to me. ^^ Happy swap to everyone!

viv1972 11/ 5/2011 #

To be honest with everyone ... I like unwritten cards because I collect them this way. I don't use them to re-send them. I keep beautiful cards for my own collection. It is simply a preference. I agree - if postcards are not sent in an envelope, often they are destroyed by postal machines. I have received many many cards damaged this way.

Preference is just that - preference. I don't fault anyone for their own preference. Let's just try to make our partners happy in the swap - regardless of their preference. Nice cards usually brighten anyone's day! :)

viv1972 11/ 6/2011 #

Partners assigned - Let the fun begin! :)

Sevendevils 11/ 6/2011 #

PS I can angel!! <3

ingloriousmoves 11/ 7/2011 #

Um one of my partners, brickles, hasn't been online since august. Should i still send it?

SheWill13 11/ 7/2011 #

Send mine unwritten on please. Thanks!

viv1972 11/ 7/2011 #

ingloriousmoves - yes, please send all cards to all partners ....

Jess18877 11/ 7/2011 #

Oeps! I already mailed my cards :s I am sorry!

HeatherWill 11/ 7/2011 #

Hi viv1972 No way of sending on 11-11 due to no automated device in my postoffice. If I mail today or tomorrow just want to make sure that will not affect ratings.

IronMaiven 11/ 8/2011 #

I prefer mine written on. :)

latentsmile 11/ 9/2011 #

Definitely write on my postcards! That's what makes them interesting!!! :) And I love to look at them and see where they all came from!

Clearbrite 11/10/2011 #

It's 1/11/11 here now,and just sent all my postcards away. Hope my recipients will like them!!:0) And can't wait to see mine in return..exciting!

Clearbrite 11/10/2011 #

11/11/11,correction L

morwesong 11/10/2011 #

I dropped my postcards at the post office today on my way to work, but the guy at the desk said he could not guarantee that they would be postmarked today since they had a huge pile of mail to deal with. Hopefully they will get to my partners soon!

ahabraken 11/11/2011 #

Sent! Now I only hope the cards will have the mark of 11-11-11; here in Austria mailboxes are emptied on Friday, but as there is no mail on Saturday I am not sure if the mail gets handeled on Friday. Do hope so!

chrissybaby 11/11/2011 #

I went into the post office today and every card had been hand stamped for this swap instead of going through the machines - hope everyone apreciate that!

Bastet59 11/11/2011 #

Happy 11-11-11!!:)

I got them ALL out today...stamp states 11-11-11...but I don't know if they will hand cancel them today too. I used the self-service machine...main office closed...but personnel in the back. But I think even if office wasn't open...they probably did cancel them today.:)


eepy 11/12/2011 #

Shoot! I took my cards into the little sub-post office yesterday and hand cancelled them myself! But then I forgot to mark SENT on the swap, so it will show them mailed on the 12th. Oh well, receivers will have them cancelled with the right date.

EstheR0537 11/20/2011 #

Hello! I've sent out all my postcards last 11-11-11. If you're my partner, let me know if you have not received any. Thanks!

bluejay 11/26/2011 #

Thank you for the successful swap! I enjoyed the postcards sent and received!

j3nnif3r 11/27/2011 #

Four people still didn't rate me... Please let me know if you don't receive and I'll resend!

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