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Date Joined: January 26, 2010
Last Online: November 30, 2014

Country: Canada

Status Updates

March 12 2014 - I'm back after extended hiatus!

About Me

I am an evolving creature.

Filling out "about me" always feels awkward, and I'm much more private than I used to be, but I will tell you that I'm a queer vegetarian who works in a lab. I like to read. I listen to music. I enjoy trying out new recipes.

Important Info for FBs

I have decided to stop putting my mailing address into Friendship Books and other swappy things. If you have a full book that belongs to me, please message me for my current address.

Stuff I Swap

I'm simplifying my life. For now I only want to focus on friendship books, deco books, slambooks, and ATCs.

I may occasionally do a surprise envie or a postcard just for funsies.

I enjoy zines but I do not have one of my own to offer in return.

I like these themes

I'm soooo not picky, and I love surprises, but if you want to try to tailor a swap to things I really love, here is the Great Big List of Stuff I Love.

Animals: Cats, dogs, platypi, red pandas, armadillos, beavers, raccoons, squirrels, owls, blue herons, fish, rabbits, frogs, pigs, ducks, butterflies, dragonflies, bumblebees, grasshoppers.

I am utterly fascinated by flying fish, giant squid, and any of the weird sightless and/or glowing and/or spiny things that can be found on the ocean floor or in underwater caves.

Patterns: Plaid, argyle, polka dots, stripes

Colours: I love all colours.

Video games: I'm all about the old school games, especially Dragon Warrior, Donkey Kong, PacMan, and Super Mario.

Cartoon characters: Sanrio, Peanuts, Moomin, Domo-Kun, Miffy, Smurfs, Popples, Carebears

Anything to do with veganism, vegetarianism, queer rights, feminism, etc.

I like stationary, notepaper, hair clips for short hair, stickers, rubber stamps, postage stamps, etc.

Nature, matryoshkas (Russian stacking dolls), cupcakes, maps, science, retro stuff, kawaii stuff, nerdy stuff, Anne Taintor, Edward Gorey, things from Croatia, Japan, Korea, Israel, Russia...

Science: Microbiology, anatomy, histology, parasitology, anything medical

I adore folk music, indie rock, and melodic (non-screamy) punk music. I love beautiful songs or songs that make me laugh.

Postcards: Viewcards, animal photography, map cards, vintage cards, funny cards, strange cards, art cards, handmade cards

Pocket protectors: I collect them. Honest.

Tea: Oh god I love tea. My favourites are mint, lemon, mango, vanilla black tea, earl grey, canadian breakfast, english breakfast, lemon-ginger, and black currant. I'll try any tea once.


I love to read zines, but I consistently fail epically at making them myself. So, I'll swap for them, but may have to send you something else in exchange.

Zines I like include: vegan recipe zines, queer zines, perzines, zines about hitchhiking, mail art, medical school, science, humour, Food Not Bombs, homelessness, people's lives in general...I like a zine I can sink my teeth into. I love reading about people's lives. I like art zines, too.

The zines I dislike are the ones consisting mostly of photocopied magazine collages which don't photocopy very well at all, and I'm not usually a fan of poetry zines, but if you've got a good one, try me; I'll give it a chance.

Please don't send me:

A severed head.


Missysmom rated for ATCs - Your Choice and My Choice! on May 4, 2010
Comment: Good job since I didn't remember to actually give you any personal themes and you had to guess at it from my profile and although I prefer my ATC's a bit sturdier, you did send 3 instead of 2 and I love the large postage stamp which I haven't seen yet, so I will heart you. And I did enjoy the gold metallic "meteor shower" and your sense of humour made me smile. (world's most boring extra). Thanks
Response: I'm glad you liked it :) The William Hall postage stamp is my favourite; I'm only vaguely aware of his military accomplishments but the stamp itself is a piece of art!
Comment: thanks for all the great stuff! the autopsy letter was really interesting!! loved everything!
Response: Hooray! I'm glad it arrived safe and sound and that you liked the loot I sent. The letter part was originally written for another swap, and I wasn't sure if adding it here would make me weird and interesting or weird and creepy.....Glad it was the former :D
user2637 rated for A Vegan Postcard on May 3, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the lovely card. I have been to Farm Sanctuary in Cali. First in 2004, alone, just after going vegan that August, for the T-Day Celebration. I have been to another T-day and also just a regular tour. It's 4-6 hours from me (I moved around), so I don't get up there as often as I want.
Response: Oh man, I would love to go to Farm Sanctuary in Cali. I hear they have burros! :D
Comment: Wow, what a wonderful parcel of postal goodness! Thank you so much for spoiling me!
Response: aw yay! so happy you liked it :)
Comment: Thanks for the great cookbook reviews! I was given the Soul Kitchen one for my birthday last year but haven't tried anything in it yet, your review is going to have me digging it out again!
Response: oh goodness, you're in for a treat with that book! the open-faced bbq tempeh sandwich with carrot cayenne coleslaw is awesome, the potato salad with roasted peppers and pesto was amazing, the coconut cornbread was great....I'm having a lot of fun cooking my way through this book :)
Comment: Thanks, Katica, for the beautiful cards and the tea!
Comment: Today, I got your swap. Your mail surprised me. Thank you so much! I will do PM to you soon. Many thanks again!
Comment: LOVE 'vegan cupcakes take over the world'....nom nom nom...
BDooBs rated for Open themed ATC on Apr 15, 2010
Comment: Hi Kay, thanks so much for the zentangle ATCs you sent. Love the doodles. Also, wicked awesome of you to send the ink blot ATC as well. There's some really rad textures there, eh? Awesome and thank you muchly! Happy swapping!
natusya rated for Hello Kitty HQ FBs on Apr 13, 2010
Comment: thanks!
Comment: Thank you for the awesome cards. I cannot wait to do another swap, so I can get more of them.
Response: Aw, yay! I'm glad you liked them.
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful fbs! I didn't understand your note though, it said to make 1 fb for each person on the list but 10 copies. What do you mean by 10 copies?
Response: Hi there, that's an x-slip, which is a sort of FB chain letter. If you choose to participate, you can make one FB for each person, then re-write the list but removing person #1 and adding your address at the end, and making ten copies of the list to give out. You can pass it along if you choose not to participate. :)
gosney6 rated for Matryoshka ATC on Apr 1, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much for the GREAT ATC!! I love it! I am so sorry that it took me forever to get you rated cause you definitely deserve a wonderful rating and heart!! Thanks again! :D
Response: It's okay! I understand that life comes up sometimes - I'm just really happy that you did receive it! Making another one like it was going to be an adventure :)
SherriB rated for Profile-based ATC swap on Mar 30, 2010
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: Thank you!
liljesmax rated for Morbid Curiosities Pen Pals on Mar 24, 2010
Comment: Thank you. I think that you have a great outlook on life and thank you for sharing a bit of your life with me! :)
Response: You're welcome. Thanks for rating :)
whatsherface rated for Canadian Animals Postcard on Mar 24, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the postcard! Ive neevr had chipmunks around that were tame enough to climb on me, but that means Ive never been bitten either!
Response: haha, so there ya go :)
JoyAnne rated for matryoshka doll on Mar 22, 2010
Comment: Very nice deco! Thank you for all the goodies!
Response: Yay! Glad it arrived safely :)
PrairieMouse rated for Profile-based ATC swap on Mar 20, 2010
Comment: Thank you for the Acorn ATC you did a good job. Happy Swapping
Response: Thank you, I hope you liked it :)

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takehimaway on May 26, 2013:

Please come back.. You look fun!

BDooBs on Sep 29, 2010:

Kay?? Are you going to come back ever?


BDooBs on Jun 6, 2010:

Hi Kay!

I'm happy you got the envie before the move. I'll quit writing for a bit because we're so broke, and because you're moving. But do keep me posted so I know when your address changes.

Good luck on your exams and GOOD WORK! You made it! So proud of how far you've come.

Volim te, mala!! -Bren

swappintoya on May 17, 2010:

I'm pretty patient :) No need to worry I'm sure they'll come soon.

GTstamper on May 9, 2010:

Welcome to the Rubber Stamping group!

Welcome to the Rubber Stamping group!

Thanks for joining!

raven on May 7, 2010:

Our Goal is a Flaker free group.... Click image....


.....Welcome and enjoy.......

Bandeau on May 6, 2010:

Yay!! I got it today :D (along with one of my own swaps coming back at me because someone ripped off the two large $5 stamps...GRR!!)

Thank you SO much! I really love the metal chopsticks haha, I'm always so paranoid about splinters when my favorite ones get old lol.

:D THank you ^^

RoseTinted on Apr 29, 2010:

Thanks for the fab envie of tea today, I have so much to try!! :) Rose x

Amandalee on Apr 13, 2010:

You know sometimes I am so silly. I think it was you that I was trying to convince to move to Nanaimo? LOL :)

Hugs, Amanda

Amandalee on Apr 12, 2010:

Hello Fellow Canadian! Where are you at? I am on Vancouver Island!

PS: Loved your note on the bex angel thread, lol.

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