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Date Joined: June 3, 2007
Last Online: October 4, 2009
Birthday: November 6
Country: Unitd States of America
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About Me

I'm an innocent young cutie of course! I live in Ohio, and I love nothing more then sitting on my butt and doing whatever can pass the time. I love all sorts of things like animals, music, arts, cultures, and ect... Life comes at me fast, and it's hard to keep up, but I always seem to keep roll with it all. It's all fun and games till someone gets hit in the eye, then it's fricking halarious right? No... maybe, not so sure.

Life is grand, and I'm in love with it all! I love animals! ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! I have like... 20 Pets! And soon to be more! I have 1 Hyper-Fiesty-Kitten (Chester), 1 Fat-Cat (Nickle), 3 Fire-Bellied Newts (Frank, George, Outcast) .:~ NEWTS JUST PASSED AWAY :( ~:., 8 Feeder-Guppies (Smallest, Small, Tiny, Large, Larger, Huge, Big, Shrunken) .:And soon to be more because of pregnant guppies:., 2 Sugar Gliders (Ralph, Evee), 2 Girbelles (Jimmy, Kay), 2 Dwarf Siberian Hampsters (Oreo, Ivory), 2 Chinese-Pond-Turtles (Jade, Micheal-Angelo), 2 Baby Dwarf Lop-Eared Rabbit (Babie, Cinnibun), 1 Pug (Dipzy), 1 Peek-A-Poo (Gizmo), 1 German Shepard (Jake), 1 Huskie/Wolf (Cody), 3 Golden & Black Snails (George, Al, Amadaius), 2 Pomeranian/Chawahua Puppies (Caliel, Munch), etc... Yes, maybe a little too much!

I collect all sorts of things; Stamps, Skeleton Keys, Keychains, Lighters, Bottle Caps, Stickers, Boxes, ShotGlasses, Journals, Art, Statues, Small-Tiny-Tiney Animal Figurines, Beautiful Photographs, Art Supplies, and Bottles, ect...

Yes, I have no life... I know!

My life goals are to become a writter, or some sort of artist such as a photographer or an animator; but if I hit high, I would like to become a geographer, or animal expert. Completely useless information on me of course, but that's alright, that's what this box is for right?

Favorite Music

Rock, Pop, HardCore, Metal, ChillOuts, ect...


Favorite Movies

The Crow, NightMare Before Christmas, Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow, Labrynth, Zoolander, Domino, Pan's Labrynth, Mirror Mask, HitchHiker's Guide To The Galaxy, Happy Gilmore, Mr.Deed's, Breakfeast Club, Wild Orchid, Tuck Ever Lasting, FairyTale, CreepShow, The Stand, Pet Semetary, Office Space, Dogma, Grind, Blue Crush, Stranger Than Fiction, Anaconda, Finding Nemo, Fox In The Hound, Elizebeth Town, Lord Of The Rings, Lost Boys, Queen Of The Damned, Interview With The Vampire, Practical Magic, The Craft, Dragon Heart, Sweeney Todd, Juno, est..

Action, Horror, Comedy

Favorite Television

Invader Zim, Muppets, That 70's Show, Family Guy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, American Dad, Sex In The City, Haunted Encounters (And ALL the Ghosty Stuff), Reno911!, MTV, History Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Nature, Angel, Buffy, Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, Scrubs, Law&Order, AND SO MUCH MORE...

Favorite Crafts

Drawing, Sketching, PostCard-Making, Stamp-Making, Painting, Photography, Singing, Est...

Favorite Books

Among The Betrayed, The Giver, OutSiders, Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, Mr.Was, Tuck Ever Lasting, Aquq Marine, Castaways Of The Flying DutchMan, Queen Of The Damned, Interview With The Vampire, Envoking The Spirit, Anarchist CookBook, Spirit Reaving, Dragon Tears, Erogon, ect...

Anne Rice, Brian Jaquesance, Stephan King

Swaps I Have HOSTED -

I will update this list as it grows. If you would like me to host another one of these particular swaps - feel free to message me! :)

  • ~Geisha Mania~

  • Photographer In Hiding...

  • A Lil' Poetic Are We?

  • A Journey Is Written... An Ending Uncertain

  • Flaming Candles! Oh my...

  • What's UnderThere?... UnderWEAR! X

  • Plushies Galore - 1Fungi 1Animalia

  • GROUP: Miss-fit PenPals X

  • PostSecret Ametures X

With A Lil' Pazaz!

So... That's me, and NOT NEARLY all of it! I've come so far and I'm ready to share my awsom-ness! Yes surey! Can't wait! You want a little of this?


Robin rated for Plushies Galore - Animalia on Sep 19, 2008
junemoon rated for A Lil' Poetic Are We? on Sep 6, 2008
Comment: What a long, neat poem you wrote while I'm still stewing over a few lines to write. Thanks a bunch.
Response: Thanks :) I made it sum what personalized to you lol
Comment: Thanks for the lovely butterfly ATC.
Kessie rated for Photographer In Hiding on Dec 31, 2007
Comment: I never got anything, even though she was the host and said she had already got all her photos ready...
Response: I had sent you the email 4 times, I finally gave up after you told me you had not gotten the fourth one. I'm sorry they never got to you, I did try to get them to you - it would return my emails from you saying the email was invalid; but thats long since past.
beawhiz rated for Photographer In Hiding on Sep 22, 2007
Comment: Thank you!
Leadcrow rated for Geisha Mania on Aug 17, 2007
Comment: Thank you! It was beautiful and I loved the necklace the most! Very awesome!!
drewzel rated for ADULTS ONLY - ATC Swap on Aug 14, 2007
Comment: Thanks!
Comment: What a fun sounding life you have! Sounds like you should consider a career in early childhood education. Thanks for the letter :)
Comment: Very descriptive and what a lot of jobs you have!
Comment: Thank you for the very pretty p.c.
Comment: Wow, you seem like a busy lady!
Comment: What a cute green bear!
Comment: Very cute picture. Thank you.
Comment: Thank you!
user8789 rated for Pet Penpals on Jul 16, 2007
Comment: I GOT it!!!! What a cute letter Chester! Cookie was right there reading along. I did give you a 3 tho because is was **post marked on 7/13** and the **Date items must be sent by, was 6/30** I hope you'll not be mad but I think a due date is a due date.
Response: That's alright! ^_^ I'm not mad at all, so long as you got it!

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Erdbeersternchen on Mar 25, 2009:

bubble bath swap

Come and be bubbly! <3

jayven13 on Nov 7, 2008:

Hello you,

Hows everything going?

cobaltgypsy on Nov 3, 2008:

I just created a new Fallen Angels swap here The send by date isn't until next year, so please take a look. blessings, Gypsy

nolagirl on Oct 31, 2008:

dangducks on Oct 15, 2008:

So, I got this swap for you http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/23515


jayven13 on Aug 5, 2008:


Welcome to Fallen Angels Lillypad. I'm glad you joined and hope that it's a group you'll enjoy being part of.

Oh I hear ya about pooter problems! Not good at all. Hope it gets sorted for you soon :]

Take care


LillyPad on Aug 3, 2008:


As of recently, I have only been able to use a computer at my friend's home - because my computer has locked itself down because of a virus/password defect. If I take a while to respond to anything, I apologise in advance...


user8580 on Aug 20, 2007:

For the geisha mania swap, don't worry. I have sent it but I wasn't able to log in to mark it as sent before. My partner will get it soon :) Anyway if you're planning to do this once more, please let me know, it was fun :)

ArtsOnFire on Jul 17, 2007:

Lighten up 12TR21, jeez.

LillyPad on Jul 16, 2007:


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