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Date Joined: February 1, 2013
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Country: United States
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About Me

Ive been having a hard time trying to write up this 'about me' section, so bare with me :p

I am saving up for my dream trip I will having in the UK soon so if you have any recommendations or advice on places to visit in Ireland or England I would LOVE to hear it!

Science is a major part of my life. I love delving in to every aspect of it and learning something new. I am majoring in Biology so I am really into the sciences. Protistas and bacteria are my specialty.

I have a few animals which I care and adore for.

My boyfriend is a cutie, and he's very special to me.

Gardening is a passion of mine. I set up my first tomato patch this season and its going wonderfully. I love all things that are about planting, permaculture, self-sufficiency etc.

Im very much into narrations of horror stories. I love podcasts and channels such as The NoSleep Podcast and MrCreepyPastas Storytime. If you have any suggestions of horror stories Id love to hear them! I am interested in recording my own narrations as well and even collaborating with others to record some stories.

Disappearances is the one thing that leaves me most restless. I wish I could find people that have disappeared and never been seen or heard from again. If I was capable of doing so I would spend all my time trying to find these missing people. Im really afraid of the horrors these people who are never seen again may have faced. And in what might seem like an illogical reason, I want to protect these people. I don't know, these unsolved mysteries just tug at my heart and curiosity. I know this must come off as insane,but I cant help be interested in this topic lol.

On my Flickr of things Ive made and swapped out with people on Swap-Bot

Favorite Crafts

Photography is my number one passion.

Watercolors and Acrylics

Mixed Media



Book Art

Altered Bottles and boxes

I have a keen interest in filming, Im currently scribbling some ideas that I plan to carry out with my boyfriend(he doesnt know this yet :p)

Making Jewelry

Handmade items


Upcycling/Repourposing/Reclaiming items

Spray painting

Sewing. Only by hand though. I want to learn how to using a sewing machine so I could make and alter clothes.

I am interested in ATCs, but I have yet to make one.

I bound my first book this weekend and I loved it! This is something I want to do more often.


···A Suvivors Apocalypse Journal-I was influenced by a few of the zombie apocalypse diarys being started here so I thought Id make my own.···

···Since Im into mysterious disappearance I was going to make a journal documenting these events. Who knows

···I am working on a dried flower and leaf collection that I will be putting into a handmade book. In this book I am writing where I collected the flowers and leaves, and all these collected items will be found during my travels.···

···Working on a cover for my cell phone and a decoden for my Nintendo DS

··· A dream journal


·Configuration box-garden, winter or supernatural themed




Music: Tom Waits is my favorite musician of ALL time. Everything he does is gold.

My favorite genre is Indie.

iamamwhoiam -Jeff Buckley- -Starfucker- -Jose Gonzalez- The Pixies- Toro y Moi-

I adore indie rock an underground hip-hop.

Tv: Avatar: The Last Airbender Game of Thrones The Walking Dead Supernatural The Regular Show Adventure Time

Films and Shows: Paprika City of Lost Children The Thing The Life Aquatic
Shaun of the Dead
Safety Not Guaranteed
Withnail and I Riget

Wes Anderson and John Carpenter are my favorite Directors. I cant help but get capivated in everything they create.

Video Games: I really like to play video games, Ive been playing for years and its a habit that'll probably never go away. Silent Hill

Resident Evil

Alan Wake


Dead Island

Cry of Fear


L.A Noir

Plants and Gardening

I love to grow things. I set up my first vegetable garden this year and its going fairly successful.

I have tomatos, peppers, green onions, mints, and flowers.

I adore Wisteria with every bit of my heart. I wish I could sleep in a Wisteria tunnel, on top of lush green grass and underneath the beautiful purple flowers with the sun shining through.

Weeping Willows

Like and Loves :)/Dislikes


Colors-my favorites are teal, white, neon green, crimson red, fushia, royal blue and gold. I also love Pastels (especially Mint and Lilac). I love all colors though!

I adore Art like this:

• Fav colors; Neon Green, Teal, Crimson Red, Gold, White, Royal Blue • The Old World
• Unique Glass Bottles
• Thrift shops, estate sales, swap meets
• Terrariums
• Universe related things; Galaxies, Stars,
Planets, Constellations
• Rain
• Winter
• Forests, Trees, Plants, Flowers, Moss, Lichen, Fungi
• Alchemy
• ANYTHING to do with Russia, India, Ireland and Venice Italy
• Old books
• Stephen King
• The Pacific Northwest
• Handmade items
• Old Maps/Compasses/Nautical Items
• Embellishments
• Horror stories and movies
• Birds (esp. Lovebirds and Owls and Ravens)
•. Octopi
• Homemade and touristy Postcards
• Photography
• Scandinavia
• Socks
• Clutches
• Sci-fi
• Vintage Apothecary
• Antique Keys
• Foreign Currency (so far I have from Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada and
Australia) • Anything Foreign - (books, candy, clothing, recipes, history, Info
about culture etc.) • Anything in languages other
than English • Touristy items

Themes: Film Noir

I would love to expose myself to other religions beyond Christianity and Catholicism. So if you would like to send extras about your religion I would like that, such as art, poetry, photos, medallions, figurines, books, stories etc

::Dislikes:: Leather Fur Dotee Dolls Inchies Taxidermy Feathered Earrings Diddl Kids cartoon stuff like Disney, Spongebob, Dora, Winnie the Pooh Sour candies Raspberry Tea Dolls, any kind of them

Favorite Books

Haruki Murakami stories

Stephen King

I have a massive collection of books that I plan on growing. Id love to build myself one of those staircase books. I read pretty often and tend to stick to fiction, not that non-fiction doesnt interest me.


I do appreciate things people send, so this list below isnt a must have, but if you are looking for a guide to some things Id love to receive please read on.

·Wine corks

·Pressed/Dried flowers or plants

·Found items

·Pretty Glass bottles, any size.

·Fabric scraps, trims, ribbons

·Stamps-new or used is fine

·Handmade items! Id love to receive items made by you.

·Religious/Spiritual items.

·Photgraphs you have taken or found.

·Seeds-any kind; herbs, vegetable, flowers, plants, hand. harvested.

·Tea (especially cinnamon, green, black, earl grey, peppermint. any are awesome though!)

·Maps of anywhere, real or fantasy, handrawn or not.

·Touristy items- Id so love to receive items from where you are from. Id love to learn about your city and culture. Ex. flags, maps, local craftwork, candies, shirts, pins, fabrics etc.

·Foreign Currency- its a new collection I am working on.

·Empty notebooks or journals

·Lace and ribbons


·Textured or embossed paper

·Charms, broken jewelry, flatbacks, eyelets

·Things that have to do or are from Ireland, England, Russia, India or the Pacific Northwest.



·Broken jewelry or random objects


I adore Lovebirds. These little guys are a blessing and are my favorite birds. I used to have a little chubby Lovebird with the strongest personality. We adored each other and I miss him deeply.

All birds, but I am intrigued by Ravens.

I have several pets; three dogs and one cat.

Here's my cat!


Some of the themes I love:

•Bokeh - pretty much anything with blurry shots of lights will make me very happy.

•Film Noir -nothing beats the sexiness of this.

• Mystery and Horror

• Isolation

• The Universe

• Nature


•Rustic decor

Vintage travel


•Lovecraft Mythos

•Comic book art

Ratings, Swaps and TAGS

I do rate my swaps as soon as I recieve them. However if for some reason I don't rate you, pleaseeee let me know!

If you don't recieve a swap from either please let me know too. I do send all my swaps so Id hate for someone not to get what they deserve. I try my best to send items my partners would like and like to pay special attention to your profile. Sometimes its easy and sometimes its hard, but it something I really enjoy.

-FLAKERS- @bettflow09 for the Tote tag in the SWMHC group. This was kindly angelled by @biasbabe

@Bree81 for the Handmade Jewlery Round 2 swap, which was angelled by the swap host @Streetjewel

::TAGS:: To receive-

To send-


KirielAmbar rated for Nature Photo Scavanger Hunt on Nov 20, 2013
Comment: Wow! Your photos are amazing, you are so talented! ^_^ I especially love the one with all the birds in the tree.
Comment: Lovely page...love the colors and such a very sweet note & so true....Thank you so much for joining my swap...have a wonderful Thanksgiving..:)
Comment: Thank you so much for tailoring my beautiful new brooch to my personality likes. It is lovely. The beach glass idea carries well in the button and beads. I love it! Thank you also for the warm welcome.
Wanda rated for Recycled Nature Journal on Oct 24, 2013
Comment: OHMYGOSH, Sylvia! This was an amazing book! Your first try?! You did a fantastic job, and I know it was a difficult binding to do. I have never attempted this kind.I love the ribbon-button fastening too! And thanks also for the great bookmark and much-needed glasses cord! This swap package was fabulous!!!!
Response: Awww thanks so much! Im elated that you liked it. It was a lot of fun to brain storm, and a bit hard to actually do it haha.
AynE rated for Prayer Card Swap on Sep 24, 2013
Comment: The best kind of swap is the one where it is as much fun for the sender as it is for the receiver, I am glad that you enjoyed your experience. I love the cards and I did not mean to inadvertently put pressure on you to find obscure Irish saints. It was my own personal search and I was wondering if anyone had a resource that I was unaware of. Thank you so much.
Response: Thank you so much for the lovely comment! Im happy you liked what I sent and if anything. I was also able to learn a little bit about Irish saints, but sadly I wasnt even able to come up with any info on Welsh saints.
KristinCali rated for Magical Forest Map on Sep 21, 2013
Comment: Oh wow! I barely know where to start. I adore the note you sent with it, I wish I would have thought of that! It really made the whole thing seem real and special. I loved your descriptions of the Wildfire Fields and the Wisteria Sea. This truly is a magical place and you put a big smile on my face! Thank you!!! xoxo
Response: I had so much doing this swap so Im even more thrilled that you enjoyed something I was estatic to create! Thank you for the thoughtful comment :)
tmarlo rated for USA & Thailand Coins and a Souvenir on Sep 9, 2013
Comment: Hello, I got your envelope today. I love all item you sent. Thank you very much for all. Best Wishes, Pack.
Response: Im happy it got to you safely! Glad you liked it all :)
Comment: thank you love it
Response: Thank you very much for the heart, Im happy you loved it.
wonderfulwendy rated for RRR - Book Page Artwork on Sep 5, 2013
Comment: Thank you: it arrived today. Great squid!..love the baby one and the background. Thanks again.
Response: Thanks for the rating!
Comment: Thank you for the unique rocks. I want to start collecting now
Response: Glad you liked it :)
Ky rated for Illustrated Dictionary Page: A. on Aug 30, 2013
Comment: Sylvia I love your page!! I love the word you picked "Alchemy" and you did a geat job on it, thanks so much! (And terrific job packaging it too!:-) PS-Adorable puppy card too, this was an A+ swap!
Response: Awe thank you so much for the kind comment. Im really happy you liked it and that it arrived to you safely :)
Juliagolia87 rated for Lipbalm/Lipgloss Swap! on Aug 29, 2013
Comment: Thanks so much! I loved everything!
Response: Youre welcome!
hobbitwife rated for Cleaning Before/After Round 2 on Aug 24, 2013
Comment: Thanks for sharing your before/ after photos. Looks great! :)
soyprincesa2 rated for Cleaning Before/After Round 2 on Aug 24, 2013
Comment: I am so happy to see that I am not the only one with a messy closet. ;) I really love how it turned out! You had quite a challenge... and it looks amazing now!!! Thanks so much for joining and doing a great job!!! I love it!
KateKintail rated for Cleaning Before/After Round 2 on Aug 23, 2013
Comment: Excellent job with your closet. And I spy another kitty :-) I'm sure it feels amazing to finally get something done that you've been needing to do for a while but have been putting off. Well done!
thebragal rated for Top 10 Zombie movies on Aug 21, 2013
Comment: Thanks
Comment: Thanks Sylvia. I apologize for the belated rating. I thought I had rated you already. Happy reading and swapping.
HangMeUpToDry rated for A Note in Nature on Aug 19, 2013
Comment: I absolutely loved reading your letter, it somehow felt like I knew you... ^.^ I don't know how you did that. I always feel like my letters read awkwardly. ^.^
Response: Aw this is a really nice comment :). Im really happy you enjoyed it. I also feel like my letters read awkwardly hehe.
Comment: Thank you so much for the JYJ pictures! I love them all:-)!
Response: Youre welcome! And thanks for rating and the heart :)
Comment: Wow! What an incredible job you have done! Not only on one piece but two. I feel spoiled:-) Thank you a hundred times over. You are awesome!
Response: Thanks for the compliment! Im SO happy you ended up liking the mini-books :D

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sweetpea22 on Nov 2, 2013:

Thank you so much for the cute Halloween & Fall sticker sheets & the penguin bookmark for the 1$ store addicts >Pick 2 tag (USA) ~I love it all:)

Wanda on Aug 23, 2013:

Hi NoirNoire! Thanks for the message on my profile. :) Oh,my - I haven't used my Zombies, Run! app in ages. I have really, REALLY been slacking off in the fitness department. :/ I am really loving the whole Mori thing! I'm so glad the monthly swap theme schedule is up now. Yes, I sell eggs, veggies, pickles, etc. from home, plus I go to the farmers market to sell each Saturday. It helps me a lot financially, and I really do enjoy it. And I am always thrilled to hear about others who are interested in gardening, permaculture, etc. You sure do have an interesting profile. Disappearances interest me too. And I watch those types of tv shows an awful lot. It sure has made me more aware and more cautious about personal safety.

MauiMami on Aug 6, 2013:

decorate my page #3

Aloha from Maui!

MauiMami on Aug 6, 2013:

Happy Tuesday!

hduffey84 on Aug 1, 2013:

I want this on my profile #3 favorite singer

Excellent choices!!!

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You are very welcome dear. I am so glad the tote bag arrived safely. I just love the Group SWMHC and our members.

takehimaway on Jul 13, 2013:

So glad it made it! Thank you so much! I'm glad you hear you enjoyed it!

ImzadiRose on Jul 13, 2013:

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