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FIRST: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE IF I HAVENT RATED YOU YET! Its not intentional. I simply adore my Furbabies Madison and Oliver They are Brussels Griffons (As good as it gets starring VERDEL!!) My Madi is like my daughter and she has CHF and I am trying so hard to keep her comfy happy and healthy with a home made oxygen kennel and her 13 pills a day. So far she is showing no signs of distress or discomfort so That is my present for the present. And her brother Oliver has bad eyes always itchy red and he rubs them and gets ulcers so at the present for him he is on 2 different meds for his eyes! My dogs are like my children. I am an animal lover!!

I love unique ribbon and lacey elastic!!!! I love strong cinnamon and ginger tea.

If I dont rate you PLEASE email me! Help me rate you...PLEASE always put which swap it is and your name :-) I am a fair rater and if directions for the swap are followed I will always rate a 5 If there are extras and you have really put a wow factor into in you will ALWAYS get a 5 and star!! I WILL ALWAYS RATE if I have your info!! :-)

I live Tampa Bay Florida. I am hooked on swap-bot! I have four grown children and four Brussels Griffons. I love my pets, they are like my children now :-). I am happily married for 41 years to my childood sweetheart. I have family in Sardenia Italy who Imet and connected through facebook! They have visited me twice and I hope to get back to see them again soon. I am a master crafter. I was born to design and create things...ANYTHING. I have my own studio and website. I love to cook, sew, design and create greeting cards, beading, scrapbooking, listen to music, read, watch movies and I am always learning NEW things! Hopefully I will be connectng with you all in my travels around the world of Swap- Bot! I am amazed at how beautiful nature can be down to the ugliest bug! I love COLOR...any color, adore flowers and always have them fresh in my house. I love my garden and I grow eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs. I can sit at the beach and get inspired for hours looking into the endless mighty Gulf of Mexico and the sound of seagulls and the surf, embracing the scent of salty air and the feel of the warm sand through my toes. My I pod rates high as do my podcasts from i tunes. I download a bunch and bring them to the beach with me. Very informative information on any topic! I do not like anything Hello Kitty :-) Sorry Kitty Nothing personal :-)

Favorite Music


I love 70-80s music. Soft rock station on Alexa! I love all kinds of music, though except some really vulgar RAP and not too fond of Opera. BUT... I absolutely love the soudtrack from Phantom of the Opera. Wishing you were her again ALWAYS makes me cry because she is missing her father as I very much do even after 24 years of his passing. I just lost my best friend, my mom on September 10 2012 and I am so devastated but life HAS to go on. I like some country but not the real twangy banjo type, more of the current Country. James Taylor, Carly Simon, Billy Joel, Beatles, Doors are some of my favs.. I Listen to alot of modern current NEW artists but I love music from the 70's. I also love alternative music and new artists. I adore enya and have her music when I need to be calm and creative.

Favorite Movies

The movie that I could watch over and over is The notebook I have a movie theater that seats 12 people in my home so needless to say we watch alot of movies and we belong to Netflix and have show box so we always have a wide variety to choose from. I like mostly drama, true stories, action. I dont like violent movies, they disturb me. I love GOOD love stories and movies that have meaning or send a message to the audience and make you think. I love Independent films, they intrigue me. I do not like comedies, most of them are way too silly but a good comedy I do enjoy. Mrs. Doubtfire is a good one!


FOOD follow the low carb diet on a regular basis. My husband and I realize how important it is to stay healthy when you are young.

I LOVE my family recipe for GRAVY.( People from Italy, (Palermo) which my Grandmother was, call tomato sauce GRAVY, just to clarify!!) TEAS Love getting exotic teas from around the world. I love strong flavored spice, ginger orange citrus etc teas. Im a big fan of Old World Remedies in St Augustine FL Their Dream Tea and Blue eyes teas are loose and outstanding. Very relaxing I make my own Kombucha and try different flavors with every batch. I have a SCOBY hotel so if you are interested in learning Please let me know I will send you one of my cultures to get you started.

ALCOHOL Dont normally drink but sometimes LOVE my late harvest wine. Its a sweet wine and not available all the time.


RELIGION WOW This is a real issue with me. I was born into a Catholic family. I, today dont go into a Catholic Church. I dont believe that they are for the people of the congregation. I feel that it is ALL about the money which has turned me off throughout the years. This is a personal issue with me and I struggle everyday with it. I would like a place to worship but I have found that the best place to worship is in my heart. I feel that we all have one maker. I dont know which one that is so I live more along the Buddist beliefs and that is being a pure, good hearted, honest, caring and totally giving person, unconditionally!!! (Not many can say that)

Favorite Crafts

I will never just send an ordinary package. It is always profile specific and always has some extra comfy things in it. Please dont send me any junk that I cannot use. I will never send on what I receive to another swap partner UNLESS its something I made with what they send to me. Im very particular and like things done perfectly. I put alot of heart and soul into these swaps and feel that everyone who is a member should do the same. We all collect way to much stuff and we dont need something else just to add to our collection!

I love hosting swaps!! If I see something I HAVE TO MAKE IT myself!!! :-) and I make memorial blankets and teddy bears out of loved ones clothing.. My uncle passed away in November and my cousins were heartbroken. They sent me a box of his clothing, robes, pj's that they couldnt part with and I got 5 quilt blankets out of them. One went to his spouse my Aunt who misses him dearly after 63 years of marriage. This aunt is 93 years old! (2017) I used to own a bead shop with over a million beads and findings. When I closed my store I took them all with me!!! except for selling off most I still have a stash I cannot part with. I carried a lot of high end beads, gemstones, crystals, bail silver and findings so I am prepared for you beading fanatics!!! I am my most at peace when Im in my studio designing and creating. This is my world, my happy place! I am thrilled to be here on swap bot!! I love pretty fabric, laces in different colors, unique ribbons. I make my own soap, skin cream, toothpaste and I ADORE fragrant CANDLES! (Natural of course. SOY wax and Essential oils NO PERFUMEY ones. I teach classes to women's clubs and organizations on how to make all natural products especially soap! Once you know how to make soap Hard bars and liquid) you can make EVERYTHING for your cleaning needs laundry household and personal.

Favorite Television

I LOVED The Tudors! I am glued to the TV (SHOWTIME) Henry the VIII WOW! What a guy LOL! Loved Dexter Spartacus and 24, and NOW my all time favorite at the moment is Outlander on STARZ. I read the preview and thought, "I really dont like time travel because I cant wrap my head around it!" OMG! I am so wrong. You must give this a try. I LOVE IT! I loved Downton Abby I like mini series. My first mini serie was (I may be dating myself here but...) Rich Man Poor Man and Dallas! I named my daughter after the girl who killed JR. She was born on Christmas Day so the Name was perfect! !!!

I volunteer

I love helping others and I get a good feeling when I make someone else smile. I can entertain myself for hours and do not need to be around people all the time. I am happy being by myself, in my own home and I never feel lonely. WAY too much going on in this head of mine :-) I like my quiet time although through the years I have not had much quiet time. I have a very large family, I am down to 2 pups from 5 (HEARTBREAKERS) a husband and four children (who are all grown, 2 in Brooklyn 1 in Colorado and one 5 minutes from me who gave me my BELLA JOYA #! Grandaughter Myla (My Little Angel). I have alot of friends and I love them all!


I Love all crafts. I belong to the ROCK SWAP in st petersburg FL, Love painting rocks with my granddaughter, makng slime. I love to sew, and I am a certified aromatherapist. I have every organic essential oil you can think of and use all of them for making healing salves, oils, I make my own inhalers, soap, shampoo, conditioner, body cream sunscreen, air freshner blends for diffusers, bug spray, dog soap, tooth paste. I dont eat sugar and keep carbs to a low each day. I love to learn new crafts and I am currently looking to buy a school which houses all kinds of teachers that want to share their skill and teach it to the world..

Favorite Books

American Assassin is my latest obsession. Great Series I cant put it down!Swallow the Ocean By Laura Flynn A memoir Very touching... Through Time into Healing, Many lives , Many Masters, Same soul, many bodies books on Feng Shui, I cannot think of off hand but have read and will list them as they pop into my head! My best friend said that she is going to reques a saying on my headstone..."I can do that!" Im always trying to learn new things. I have the attitude like I CAN DO THAT with everything! I dont stop until its perfected. I have an etsy store for all my organic products so Knowledge in Nature has become something so much more than just making things to sell. It is a passion of mine to teach people that it is so affordable to make your own all natural house and personal products. My cleaning girls only clean with my products. I am 99% natural My gray hair is my nemisis so I am guilty of that monthly color that MUST go on! :-)


lmadames rated for Washi Washi - May on May 21, 2019
saturnsrings rated for Washi Washi - May on May 21, 2019
Comment: Thanks Janice, just remember to include your swapbot name somewhere in the envelope :)
Response: oh no so sorry I just started back up after a few years Thanks for reminding me
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: Oh yes! I know this poem, but not from reading. I listen to artist MC Lars, and he does a very modern rendition of this poem. Here is the URL link, if you wish to watch it on YouTube (i love it): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lR7NmXdEMCg He is a very good artist, who does a few different songs using Edgar Allens' Poems, including "The raven". I like rocking out too them when I am feeling nerd! It's Lit-Hop :) Happy Swapping!
Response: Love it! Thank You!!!
Comment: I completely LOVE this rainbow tree. Well done! Thank you so very much!
Response: Thank you!!!!!
blueseabliss rated for Dragonfly ATC on Feb 24, 2018
Comment: Thank you! Ilove the soap strips that dissolve...brilliant! The dragonfly is beautiful. I will cherish her.
Response: Thank you!!!!!
groundhogstamper rated for Friendship on Feb 14, 2018
Comment: This ATC is adorable. I love dogs and kitties and really miss having a furkid now. And I am amazed at all of the aromatherapy goodies you sent to me! This was a wonderful surprise. I just couldn't imagine why I was getting a package. I tried the inhaler immediately and it's wonderful, and I look forward to trying the other things very soon. The timing is perfect...I'm going for allergy tests tomorrow. Thank you so much for everything. You are so kind.
Response: Thank you for the great rating and heart! I love sending my handmade love of essential oils! Enjoy and good luck with your allergy test!
katmiller rated for Cat with a Hat on Feb 12, 2018
Comment: This ATC was absolutely purrrrfect!! Thank you so much for the kind note! I loved it :)
Response: I changed this cat after I read your profile! I thought you would like it Thank you for the kind rating! Good luck in school
Stacy97 rated for Craft Destash #3 on Feb 9, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for all of the crafty fun! I can’t wait to make some pocket letters & ATCs with it all! Love the soap!!
whytewillow rated for Salt n' Peppa shakers! on Feb 7, 2018
Comment: Loved the S&P itself, along with all the great info. Thanks do much.
Response: Thank you! You are welcome!!!! Enjoy!
MisplacedfromPA rated for TF: Have a Heart on Feb 5, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for my box. The earrings will go to my daughter (she has multiple ear piercing and I think they will look beautiful on her, the soap I hid and keeping for myself! I love aromatic items...so the little pillow with peppermint/lavender is perfect (i needed a wrist cozy). You did very well and I am very impressed with this swap. Thank-you. And Happy Valentines Day!
Anoekvm rated for Alphabet ATCs - K & L on Jan 28, 2018
Comment: Thanks for your nice ATC's
Response: your welcome.
djacesong rated for Paint a Rock on Jan 27, 2018
Comment: very pleased with the Rock I got that was Painted by OliveandMadi! it was wonderful! though currently healing myself from Right Eye Surgery! ugh!
Response: thank you
Lablauri57 rated for Serene Scene ATC on Jan 26, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the card and ATC. It was so sweet. I love that you love your life, I do too!
Response: That's great!! Thank you for the rating and the heart!!
Kalalinga rated for A.I - Finger paint ATC on Jan 26, 2018
Comment: Your rainbow tree is brilliant! Thank you for the extras too. I enjoyed your note. 💓
Response: Thank you!! And extra thanks for the heart!
ladydy5 rated for Paint a Rock on Jan 25, 2018
Comment: My oh my! That is so beautiful and so well done. It is definitely a keeper for me, a little selfish maybe. But done with such intricacies and it must take time to do and you certainly did it. Thank you so much
Response: Thank you so much and for the heart too!!
GreyEyedQueen rated for Alphabet ATCs - Q & R on Jan 9, 2018
Comment: Hi Janice Many thanks for the sweet ATCs! They are very cute! All the best. Dominique
Response: ok thank you
Fabriqueen rated for Postcard Swap #40 on Dec 31, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the cool Crucifix Fish PC! I have never seen one of these. Hopefully someday I will. Happy New Year! Hugs, Diane
Response: you are so welcome. It is a delight when you actually find one but in florida we have them in every store on the beach!! Glad you like it Thank you for the great rating! :-)
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful swap and all the generous goodies you included. The package was so pretty that I did not want to open it. I would like to give you more than one heart. It made my day.
Response: Awww thank you!! Your nice comments make up for more than one heart!! :-)
Soapboxgirl rated for Mail Tag Swap on Dec 23, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful letter! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You! <3<3<3
Response: Thank you for the rating and the heart Merry Christmas to you!!!

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