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I started calligraphy classes last February and after an avalanche of mail sent to my friends and family, I want to spread my wings and diversify ! :) I'm just starting, so please don't expect masterpieces yet... i'll get there eventually.

I love sending mail (and receiving it too !) (Do you remember the time we were "Meh..." about mail but so exited when we received an email?... I do and i CAN NOT believe i'm actually old enough to remember //and talk like my grandMa...// )

I'm a graphic designer by trade but I currently work as a communication director.

Get to know me :

Music (all kinds really), i love HipHop as much as IndyFolk, I grew up with classical music and had my teenage ska/funk/punk-rock period... I volunteer at an electro-music festival as well as a salsa/Cumbia one... So.. yeah. Music ! (Mostly live. I'm going to a lot of concerts live. Because i like to experience it as much as listening to it)

Art (obviously...) What is there to say... It speaks to the soul (or not... at all for some pieces!)

Screenprinting and Letterpress printing. I'm part of a "collectif" (a group of artists & creators idk how it's called in english) in my city to promote screen printing. We organise actions and demonstrations in the street or in festivals. I definitely geek out on oldschool/manual/Diy printing processes.

Food... What else... I mean, I'm French, what do you expect ?

Ski & badminton are my sports...

Favorite book... way too hard to choose but i'll say my top 3 authors are Douglas Coupland, JoseMaria de sa Moreira, Neil Gaiman

Favorite tvshow : Orphan black (such an amazing actress!)

Also I'm green... I'm one of those eco-minded people. I recycle, don't own a car, use renewable when available, ride my bike everywhere and generally try to reduce my carbon footprint... Though I'm no eco-warrior... I love shoes and stuff... So I try to manage my values with my real life... As one does...

So... I love mail but I'm not really into swapping "stuff" : i try to reduce my consumerism, though i'm sorry to say i haven't mastered that philosophy in the shoes department.. I'm a shoes hoarder.. (special closet for my "irregular choice" ones .... and if you did not know this brand before.... "you're welcome!")
All that to say : flat mail only for me ! (and international packages are getting expensive !)

If that helps : I'm mid-30(ish) / Live in Lyon / Love coffee / HAAAATE cinnamon / and i'm the Queen of fun facts... I have tons of random/weird factoids stored in my brain. (Like "where does this comes from, what's the origin of this usage, what's that called, how do you make that, etc.... ) I'm cool like that :/)


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yolomba rated for Handmade Envie with Items 2 on Sep 26, 2017
Comment: I absolutely admire your lettering skills. The London fridge magnets are super-cute, thank you. A lovely swap.
TexyDeb rated for Where You Live (PC) - September 2017 on Sep 21, 2017
Comment: Thank you for this lllooonnnggg postcard. I like looking at it. The tones are moody, warm, Fall, unsettling... The way you wrote my address is BEAUTIFUL! Lyon looks beautiful to me.
Response: :-) You're welcome ! The cards makers around here are definitely trying to be different! (and I chose some of the "tamer" ones!) It's a beautiful city to live in (Unesco site and all...) Hope you get to visit one day! Cheers! H.
Ramya rated for Where You Live (PC) - September 2017 on Sep 18, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful postcard of Lyon - what a wonderful place to live. You are in the midst of beauty, history and art. Happy Swapping from RAMYA
Response: Thanks! I know I'm quite lucky to live there ! Hope you like where you live too ! Cheers! H.
Evelynswap rated for Calligraphy ATC on Sep 14, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the second ATC you send me with the right mesures :) I love it! And again a very nice envie.
Response: You're welcome. Thanks for telling me about the "right way" to do them. Cheers! H
SycamoreSuzy rated for Autumn Bucket List Minizine on Sep 12, 2017
Comment: Thank you. Its definitely unique and really thought out. awesome
Response: Thanks! Glad you liked it. Happy fall ! Cheers, H.
SparkJoy rated for Autumn Bucket List Minizine on Sep 9, 2017
Comment: What a well made zine. Your calligraphy is great! You have a nice season planned. I read it to my Mom and she says I have to make the soup. I use a pressure cooker all the time. Even your envelope was nice I hung that up!
Response: Thanks! Yes my autumn is not gonna be boring, that's for sure! This soup is one of my go to... the spices make it so good ! and we call it a Velouté : 1) because we're french and we're fancy !... :-) 2) because of the texture... almost creamy (without creme) like a thicker soup (from velours = velvet) Anyway... Hope you like it ! I chose a vegan friendly one for you ! Cheers! H.
blueseabliss rated for Calligraphy ATC on Sep 8, 2017
Comment: Hi Helene! This is cool but an ATC Artist Trading Card is 3.5" x 2.5" (you can google them for future swaps). Thank you for trying and I do like it even though it it huge. :) Glad you liked the Bukowski quotes.
Response: I know that now! I'm sorry for the mix up! I'll definitely do better next time! Thanks for being a good sport about it ! Cheers! H.
breethefrog rated for Autumn Bucket List Minizine on Sep 7, 2017
Comment: The envelope is so beautiful! You loaded the zine with lots of fall ideas. Thank you. Enjoy the season and stay healthy.
Response: Thanks! It was my first zine ever... I hope you have a great autumn! (In my mind every season looks awesome in Colorado, it's the place I'd like to visit the most in the US...! ) Cheers! H.
esmy77 rated for Calligraphy ATC on Sep 6, 2017
Comment: hahahah really funny quote I loved it, not to mention the beautiful calligraphy and amazing envelope c'est tres elegant!
Response: Merci ! I admired your images on your profile and Instagram and was a bit intimidated by your talent. So I'm glad you liked it! Cheers! H.
Comment: Wow, your postcard was stunning... when i saw it I cried! I love your calligraphy and the ballerina you drew is beautiful. Thank you so much for the passion you put in it, I hope to visit "la maison de la Danse" one day! Merciiii
Response: Ciao ! I'm glad you liked it so much! I love dance too, so I was glad to have a fellow admirer of the art of dance as a partner ! (though, I'm a spectator only ! I dance like a chicken with her head cut off!) Cheers! H.
Comment: I love your stories. I don't have a license yet, either, and I totally can relate how unnecessary it feels when public system works so well. I don't do photograph but I do enjoy sketching portraits. And I love cheese, too. ;)
Response: Thanks ! I can definitely be a blabbermouth, so I'm glad you like my stories! It's hard to list a series of random info about yourself without sounding like you're reading a tinder profile or grocery list ! Cheers! H.
zurdoswifey rated for Postcard Scavenger Hunt #6 on Aug 19, 2017
Comment: Thank you for a totally beautiful surprise in my mailbox. I appreciate the time you took to explain your choices and the English version of the questionarre and also the time it took to make the outside special too ...the PCs were great...thank you agin for truly amazing happy mail 💕
Response: I'm glad you liked it! (I may have misunderstood the concept, I thought we had to explain about the cards, hence the lengthy mail...) But I'm glad I did, all the cards had meaning for me.Anyways.. Cheers! H.
Comment: Thank you for your stuning envelope that came through the door today. Wow so beautiful. And yes telepotation would be AMAZING! Haha what a cool thing to add about yourself. And thanks for the lovely stickers too. Till next time. Xxx
Response: you're welcome! It's hard to list things about one self without sounding trite or braggy... Cheers! H.
ToujoursMoi rated for PC Roulette Swap August round on Aug 12, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for this cute card in that pretty envelope. I enjoyed both and your handlettering. 💕
Response: You're very welcome! Have an awesome end of summer! Cheers! H.
sasaholic rated for August Birthday on Aug 10, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the b'day card & for the screen print! I've never received one (screen print lol) before, it's absolutely beautiful!! and OMG your calligraphy!!! aaaah I'm so jealous!! also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday! hope you had a fabulous day <3
Response: You're welcome and thanks too ! I had an awesome birthday, so 2017... well done! Cheers for the August people! H.
scousesquirrel rated for August Birthday on Aug 9, 2017
Comment: I absolutely love my swap, thank you - the envelop alone is so beautiful. I hope you have a great birthday xxx
Response: You're welcome! And don't worry, my birthday was well and truly celebrated last night. I suffer the consequences now, but so worth it! Cheers! HPP BD to you too. H.
Ladyebug rated for Paint Chip Quotes on Jul 31, 2017
Comment: Love the PC. The quotes are some of my favorites. We could be buddies! I was in the Paris airport on Sunday the 23rd, flying home from a Folk Festival in Zagreb. My dance group does 1800s Appalachian Clogging. I had so much fun in Zagreb. Maybe we'll meet at a festival sometime. Thank you, Ladyebug. PS Loved the lettering also.
Response: :) cool! I myself just got back from my summer music festival in Switzerland. I'm pumped up for the next 12 months ! So cool you got to visit Zaghreb, it's not that far all considered but I've never been... I'll have to change that soon!. Cheers, H.
kathiann rated for Paint Chip Quotes on Jul 22, 2017
Comment: Love the quotes, thank you so much
Response: You are very much welcome. Have a great summer ! H.
GracieBella rated for Paint Chip Quotes on Jul 20, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely quotes :) I really loved the postcard too. I wish I was able to visit Lyon when we went to Europe last Christmas. P.S. I love that you were obsessed with House Rules. I used to love that show :) Also is it alright if I write a letter back? :)
Response: You're very welcome and you can absolutely write back! Receiving mail is almost as awesome as an endless cheese plate.... and you bet i like my cheese! I would say have an awesome summer but we are opposite, right? so i guess have an awesome winter! (I can not imagine a winter where there isn't even the holidays to break up the dark and cold... Do you organise "christmas in july" events? I've seen it on a miss Fisher's murder mysteries' episode... Hun...What is it with me and australian TVshows?) Anyways... Cheers! H.
Comment: i think this is the prettiest my name has ever been written!
Response: Well... You have a pretty name, so it's no hardship. Cheers! H.

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esmy77 on Sep 6, 2017:

I loved your Calligraphy ATC, so funny!! hahahaha the envelope it's amazing snail mail by esmeralda3

Fullsteampowell on Aug 16, 2017:

Thank you so much for the unassigned PC Roulette card! I love everything about it.

As for the middle-aged thing, I guess I just feel like I'm middle-aged because most of the people in my peer group are married and having kids, which seems like a quintessentially middle-aged thing to do.

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