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Date Joined: March 16, 2010
Last Online: January 30, 2022
Birthday: November 10, 1987
Country: United States

Favorite Music

Note Eiffel 65/Bloom 06

Note Lo-Fi

Note Hotel Saint George

Note Blue Venice

Note Aphex Twin

Note Square Pusher

Note Infected Mushroom

Note Basshunter

Note Studio Killers

Note 8 Bit

Note Lounge/Jazz Music

Favorite Anime And Games

Conan Detective Conan

Serena Sailor Moon

Saint Saint Tail

Cid Final Fantasy 7

Nagisa Clannad

Pretty Pretty Cure

Gene Outlaw Star

Logo The Big-O

Wine Bartender

Megaman Megaman Legends

Favorite Movies

Popcorn Big Business

Popcorn Stepping Out

Popcorn Beautician And The Beast

Popcorn 9 To 5

Popcorn Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead

Popcorn Rankin Bass movies (especially Frosty's Winter Wonderland)

Popcorn All my Japanimation DVDs (too many to list)

Favorite Television

Tv Most shows on [email protected] (Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, The Nanny, Etc)

Tv Old sitcoms (Frasier, Good Times, All In The Family, A Different World, Designing Women, Etc)

Tv Garfield, The Peanuts, Hey Arnold! and so much more

My Wishlist

Here is my wishlist of things I wouldn't mind receiving in swaps. I'm very easy to please, so I'll probably enjoy whatever is sent to begin with. Still, it never hurts to have a list one can receive hints and help from.

Conan Anything involving Detective Conan. This is my all-time favorite anime and I'm constantly trying to add to my collection. Let it be official or even handmade merchandise, I'll gladly and graciously accept it. I'm very much fond of the relationship between Shinichi and Ran, but Shinichi/Conan is my favorite character from the show.

Perfume Miniature perfume bottles. I love perfume. However, I love the smaller bottles more than the larger bottles any day. Whether they're empty or not, I'll deeply appreciate receiving these.

Figure Anime figurines. While I'm a collector of many things, anime figurines are what I enjoy collecting most. Not to mention, I also use them in quite a bit of my photography projects - so they have far more than one use for me. Big or small - I'll gladly and graciously accept them.

Honey Honey. In all honesty, I could never have enough honey. I use it in recipes often, but the main use I get out of it is taking a spoonful or two of it for headaches and it works wonders for me. I would prefer single servings of honey to where I could have them on the go (and it would be far cheaper to ship), but I'd be happy with any size.

Sugar Individually wrapped sugar cubes. I have an extremely large soft spot for these civilized pieces of work. Unfortunately, they're not very easy to retrieve in the United States. So, if you end up being a swap partner of mine and you have easy access to these, it would be deeply appreciated if you could send some my way.

Taiyaki Anything involving taiyaki. I'm head over hills for this Japanese pastry. Always have been and always will be. Let it be candy, accessories, toys or the pastry itself - there's no doubt that I'll not only love it, but also accept it with the most gratitude.

Ticket Vintage ephemera. Face it, we all know how awesome and useful this stuff is. Any vintage ephemera I may receive in swaps would be deeply appreciated and graciously accepted. While I could never choose a favorite, I have to admit that I'm quite fond of the illustrations on vintage patterns.

Choco Chocolate molds. I enjoy cooking and baking like there's no tomorrow. I recently became just as hooked on making my own chocolates and candies and am really wanting my mold collection to grow.

Mint Anything involving peppermint. I always have been and forever will love anything and everything that's peppermint.

Girl Anything that's girly and cute - especially from Japan.

Memo Stickers sacks, memo pads and letter sets. I honestly have no preference as they're always adorable and I've yet to see one I dislike. However, I have to admit that my absolute favorite memo pad would be this one by Kamio and I've yet to get a hold of it. If you're somehow able to or even already own it and wouldn't mind passing it on to me, it'd be deeply appreciated.

HeartC Vintage Polly Pocket items. Let it be the compact, the little figures, or both - I have an extremely soft spot for these. I will admit that I'd get more use out of the figures, though. Either way, if you (by miracle) have some vintage Polly Pocket items on hand and wouldn't mind putting them into a swap - I'm your girl.

Heart Swizzels Matlow love hearts. I saw these in a photograph that a swapper took and I immediately fell in love. I've always been head over hills for the Necco conversation hearts during Valentine's Day, but had no idea that such a candy similar to them were sold elsewhere all year round. If you end up being a swap partner of mine and live where these are available - I'd deeply appreciate it if you could send some my way.

Pretty Anything with pretty packaging. Even if I were to dislike whatever is in said packaging, it's the packaging that's most important and useful to me. With all the arts and crafts that I do, I tend to save packaging for whatever projects that may come along and they've always became useful at some point or another.

Jam Individual servings. Let it be servings of peanut butter, jam, or whatever else that may be in an individual packet or container. I'm not only in love, but also have an extremely soft spot for these sort of things. Why? Mainly for the fact that it's small, cute, and extremely efficient (at least for me). You can find these type of items in either a restaurant or even a store. The best part of all? Because such items are so small and light, it wouldn't be expensive to ship. Now, that's something everyone can be happy about!

Cookie Kitchen supplies. My beloved and I have moved into our own place and I'm really wanting to get some kitchen supplies together. I'd prefer supplies from Japan and/or with Japanese characters (an example would be Sanrio) but as long as they're cute and girly I'd be content. The kitchen supplies could be anything from oven mitts, dish towels, cookie cutters, etc. As long as it'll be helpful in the kitchen, it belongs in this category.

Egg Kinder Eggs and Kinder Joy. I could never get enough of these. While I've only had a Kinder Egg once and have yet to try a Kinder Joy, that was more than enough to get me to fall in love with them. So, if you end up being a partner of mine for a swap and are able to purchase these in your country, it'd be deeply appreciated if you could add at least one to my package. I'd love you forever!

Tissue Individual packets of tissue. Just like everything else, there's different varieties of tissue packets and I'm real interested to see what the world has to offer. Not only that, but they're also be extremely useful for my beloved - whom has terrible allergies.

Bento Bento supplies. I love making bentos not only for myself, but also for my beloved. Alas, I'm very low on supplies. Whatever bento supplies I may receive through swaps would be deeply appreciated and very helpful.

Starbucks Anything involving Starbucks. Like a lot of individuals in this world, I could never get tired of taking a trip to Starbucks. From their delicious coffee to their packaged treats, I just love it all.

Bow Bow and little hat hair accessories. If there's one accessory I love in my hair, it's definitely these kind. Let it be from headbands to barrettes - I'll fall head over hills for it..

Dessert Anything with a dessert theme. What I mean by a "dessert theme" could be anything from cakes, ice cream, cupcakes, pastries, etc. As long as it's cute/girly and it involves a dessert, there's no doubt that I'll love it.

Stamp Used postage stamps. Just like buttons, I find postage stamps magical in their own way. To me, they all have a little story to tell. I'm able to use postage stamps for a lot of my arts and crafts, so sending even a few of these in a swap would be extremely appreciated and helpful.

Gum Foreign foods and candies. I'm willing to try anything once. If I may not enjoy it, that's fine. If I end up enjoying it, then I'll know that there's something else in this world to look forward to a second time.

Mag Foreign magazines, ads, postcards, napkins, menus, etc. I make a lot of collages so all of these are very useful to me. There are a ton of chances where I end up framing and hanging them around my household, however. My personal favorites are from Japan and France.

Fabric Anime and/or Japanese fabric. I see a lot of Etsians using these and I can't ever seem to get a hold of it. Long or short lengths, I won't be bothered by what you're able to send as I'd be able to do anything with it.

Thread Handmade items. Some of the most precious and creative things in this world are handmade. I could never grow tired of receiving such items.

Coffee Foreign coffee - instant or not. I'm a coffee person all the way. I can try whatever my heart desires in the United States, but it's a bit difficult for me to enjoy other tastes the world has to offer. If any of you are willing to help, then it'd be deeply appreciated.

Bear Miniatures - Re-Ment or not. As long as it's a miniature version of something, I'll love it. I have an odd, yet huge love for these kind of things. It doesn't have to stop at toys, either. For example, if there's a miniature version of a larger container of jam and/or sauce, then I'd be hopping all over for the miniature version.

Every time I remember something, I'll be sure to update this list immediately. So please be sure to keep an eye out!

My Dislikes

Here is my list of items that I dislike or items that I'd have no use for that wouldn't be best to send to me in swaps.

Coconut Ginger root and coconut flavored items.

Sock Ankle socks. I much prefer crew and especially knee-high socks.

Snake Items with snakes or spiders. While I'm sure there's a lot of people in this world that do enjoy these two, I'm scared to death of them. They're just downright creepy to me and I really want nothing to do with them.

Every time I remember something, I'll be sure to update this list immediately. So please be sure to keep an eye out!


nanetteyf rated for Kawaii Ziploc Swap! ^o^ on Mar 15, 2012
Comment: Wow! So much cute things! I love the bible gum memos! And the sauce bottle I'm guessing? Well love it! Thanks for everything it's all adorable! The juice is cute, I get those for my kids, they had them at the dollar store recently, which saved me some money! Lol thanks!!
gemini5757 rated for Serena Kiti And Gemini5757 on Mar 8, 2012
Comment: Thanks for all the great stuff! You're too sweet!
CFlowers rated for Happy St. CATrick's Day on Mar 6, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much for the fun card and the papers.
Bandeau rated for SerenaKiti & Bandeau on Sep 16, 2011
Comment: Love it :D So tasty looking!
Comment: AWESOME package! Thanks for sending and please remember to rate me! I LOVE the ducky too! Don't have one of those yet!
brittany810 rated for $5 Profile Swap on Aug 20, 2011
Comment: So very thoughtful! I loved the vase also, thanks!
Craftywonder rated for Trial/Sample Size Swap - US on Aug 18, 2011
Comment: Thank-You again for the lovely samples
jexxican rated for Pink or Purple Swap on Aug 17, 2011
Comment: Wow, lots of great purple stuff! Thanks so much!
Dairenn rated for Peach Swap! on Aug 16, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the assortment of peach items
ivanabu rated for Tea Time and Roses on May 26, 2011
Comment: Thanks a lot for a wonderful swap, it was a great surprise! I liked everything you sent me!
Craftywonder rated for 5 Samples Variety pack #1 on May 22, 2011
bb rated for 2 tea bags for 2 partners! on May 7, 2011
Comment: Thank you so much for all your little goodies! I was spoiled. :)
Moe rated for Plastic Egg Delivery on May 1, 2011
Comment: Thank you very much for the lovely package filled with so many great things. I love all the yellow craft supplies and the chocolate bunny was very thoughtful. Thank you for all the great stuff and the lovely note too!
Comment: Thank you so much!
CariahCreates rated for Private Little Swap on Apr 13, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the buttons-they are lovely!
AngelKay rated for Teeny Tiny Whimsey Jar!! on Apr 11, 2011
Comment: After seeing the outside of it I don't think I even cared what was actually inside! Thanks so much, it's adorable!
Comment: Fantabulous! Love the billion dollar bunny money the best! Thanks so much for the thoughtful package!
Response: You're very much welcome! The billion dollar bunny money was my favorite, as well. Whenever I found it, I had to purchase one for myself, too - it was much too adorable!
bb2 rated for Yellow swap! on Mar 28, 2011
Comment: Love the happy yellow goodies! Such a nice variety and beautiful embossed papers. Thanks so much.
Response: You're most welcome, Joan! I had a lot of fun browsing around and shopping for yellow goodies for you. Because I'm so OCD, colour swaps usually end up being my personal favorite because I'm able to find everything in one colour... and nothing makes me happier than having everything match, haha.
weeatcrayons rated for SerenaKiti And Weeatcrayons on Mar 23, 2011
Comment: Nom Nom Nom! They were yummy as always! They were gone within the day, I think I may have got a handful out of the entire bag! Everyone dived in! Thank you!
Response: I'm so happy to hear that you've enjoyed my cinnamon pecans yet again! Remember, if you ever wish for me to bake anymore for you, please don't hesitate to let me know. I really enjoy whipping them up for you!
Comment: So AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much!! The package was amazing! Blueberry AND chocolate cupcake lipgloss, wonderful! I ate a couple of the Japanese goodies the moment I found them (the vegetable chips and Hello Kitty Candy). And the plushie, soooooooo cute!! <3 Seriously, a very well put together, wonderful package. :D
Response: Aw, Sarah - you're most welcome! If it weren't for you, I probably never would have gotten Strider brought to life on the scale that you did. As I've said before, I can never thank you enough for what you did for me. He shall grace the walls of my household for years and years to come. However, I'm ecstatic to know that I was able to make you as happy as you made me. Being that I live in such a large city, we have quite the amount of kawaii merchandise around here. While it probably was unnecessary for me to include the Sanrio bag, I felt it was far too cute to just throw away. While I do have a lot of favorites when it comes to Japanese candy, I just had to include those for you. I go on a lot of walks and tend to have either one of those (especially the vegetable chips) within my purse for when I start to get hungry. They not only work wonders, but are also healthy!

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