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📫 I mark a swap sent once it's dropped in the USPS blue mailbox.

🐌💌 If for some reason you have not received a swap from me in a reasonable time, please contact me before rating & allow me to work something out.

🌟Happy Swapping!🌟

💖LIFE: I'm a 44 yr old single mama living in the city of Portland, Oregon. I grew up in the country, but now am a city girl simply because Portland is where I've landed.

I spend most of my hours enjoying life with my 3 year old girl, as we explore the world around us. When I have free time, I like to get my creative juices flowing by what has inspired me.

I enjoy receiving homemade items from artists & crafters. I am not artistic, but I do like to get my craft on.

✝️I'm a Christ follower who tries my best to do as He asks, love God & love others.

I am an extroverted HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) & an ENFJ-T. I'm overly sensitive & a worrier, but I am optimistic & appreciate the little things. I tend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt & forgive incredibly easily.

♻️I'm a bit of a "hippie" & big on recycling/up-cycling & reusing items when I can. Being a single mama means funds are tight, so being thrifty & refreshing second hand stuff is an adventure of its own as I find & create new treasures.

🐱I have an old calico cat (Talulla) who has been through many years with me & we are good for each other. She enjoys eating houseplants, shredding papers that were left out & playing with toys & my kiddo. I never expected that they would get along so splendidly.

💌 I have chronic pain & have dealt with it longer than not; so I'm totally used to it. However; sometimes it's difficult for me to get the big stuff done. This is when I like to bless others with HAPPY MAIL!

Basic Favorites

🌈I like bright, BOLD & FLUORESCENT COLORS & SPARKLY things.

I LOVE anything that is GLOW IN THE DARK!

🐾I adore animals, especially CATS🐱, Sloths🦥, Flamingos🦩, Pangolins, Orangutans🦧 & other animals considered "strange/weird".

❤️I love anything Jim Henson created; THE MUPPETS just make me happy, especially KERMIT THE FROG.

☕️ I enjoy a good cup of black tea. I like my tea with honey & creamer (eggnog if available). I do drink other teas, although fruity flavored tea I have never been a fan of.🫖

I grew up with HELLO KITTY, so I adore Sanrio stuff.

I also like STUDIO GHIBLI & KEWAII cuteness.

💟I have always enjoyed STICKERS. I like most anything that can be used to make paper crafting items.🔖

💕 I like FABRIC scraps, lace, ribbon, ricrack or anything that can be used to embelish clothes to make them more "girly".🎀 My kiddo has hand-me-down "boys" clothes that I like to "girly" them up.

🗺️I love TRAVELING as well as planning the trip prior to going. I like the touristy sight seeing spots & any place with natural beauty.

✈️I have yet to do much traveling outside of the United States, but I have so much more to see in the US. I have been to 46 states. Hawaii, Florida & The Carolinas are on my bucket list.

🤣I like JOKES, even elementary school jokes. Laughing is so important!

🤗TINY THINGS: rocks, charms, miniatures & anything small.

🧵🪡I love EMBELISHMENTS, anything that I can add to my girl's clothes to make them girlier. She has a lot of hand me downs that are "boy's" clothes & she is a complete "girly girl" & adores frilly, sparkly, pink stuff.

My girl is a mini me. She loves books, crafting, stickers, animals, cooking, drinking tea (herbal), playing board games & enjoys lots of time outdoors. She is super smart, silly & kind. Her laughter is the best & her smile & squishy cheeks make my day. She is a joy to be around.

Favorite Crafts

🧵🪡SEWING! I'm new to sewing, but enjoy adding embelishments & re-fashioning hand-me-downs & thrift finds. I look forward to expanding my skills now that I have a craft area dedicated to sewing.

✂ PAPER CRAFTS of all sorts, especially cards as I enjoy sending them to spread cheer.

📿BEADING of all kinds, but earrings are my favorite. I like being able to create a pair of earrings that I can pass on to someone who will wear & enjoy them.

🎨KID'S CRAFTS, any type really. I'm not a huge fan of the messy stuff though. I like kid's crafts b/c they're a great way to upcycle items that might otherwise go to waste.

🧶KNITTING, which I have been doing for some time now. I enjoy yarn & the calmness that knitting brings to me... as long as the projects I work on are somewhat easy & small projects.



🖍️Crafting, 📖 Reading, 🎶 Music, Lego, 🎮Lego Video Games, 🎲 Board Games, 🎬 Movies, 👩‍🍳Cooking, 🐌💌Snail Mail & 🌱Indoor Plants m.


🏕️Camping, 🥾Hiking, Backpacking, 🌠Star Gazing, 🪨Rock Hounding, 🦅Bird Watching, Exploring.🌳



The alphabet of some things I love (in no particular order)

A: Animals, Adventures, Adult Coloring, Academics

B: Bible, Birds, Butterflies, Books, Bookmarks, Beads, Backpacking, Baking

C: Cats, Camping, Care Bears, Crafting, Craft Supplies, Crime Dramas, Chocolate, Creativity, Cooking, Crystals

D: Desserts, Donuts, Dandelions

E: Embellishments, Exploring, Envelopes

F: Fabric, Flowers, Forests, Friends

G: Games, Green, Glitter, Galaxies

H: Hearts, Honey Bees, Hiking, Hello Kitty, Hobby Lobby, Hot Air Balloons

I: Inchies, Ice Cream, Instant Pot Recipes

J: Jesus, Jokes, Journals

K: Kermit The Frog, Kawaii, Kid's Books, Kittens

L: Lace, Lego, Ladybugs, Letters, Library

M: Muppets, Miniatures, Mountains, Music, Motivation, Moon, Musicals

N: Note Cards/Pads, Nature, Newts

O: Outdoors, Oceans, Organization, Orangutans

P: Photos, Paper, Plants, Pinterest, Puzzles, Postcards, Planners, Pen Pals, Pens, Podcasts

Q: Quotes, Quilts

R: Rocks, Recycling, Reading, Rainbows, Rivers, Ribbon, Ric Rack

S: Snail Mail, Smashed Pennies, Stamps, Stickers, Stationery, Stars, Sushi, Sanrio, Sunshine, Squirrels, Succulents, Sloths, Sea Shells, Self Care

T: Thrifting, Traveling, True Crime, Trees, Tea, Typewriters, Teachers

U: Up-cycling, Unique, Unusual

V: Vintage, Vacations

W: Weirdness, Wilderness, Washi Tape, Wizard Of Oz (books rather than movie)

X: Xerox printed items, Axolotls

Y: Yarn, Yellow

Z: Zines


I Love Broadway shows; 🧹Wicked & 🎭Phantom of the Opera, Hamilton!


I love CHILDREN'S books & YA fiction 📖


MOULIN ROUGUE! (Best movie EVER made)



Favorite Genre: Suspense Thrillers, Musicals, Comedies & Dramas.

Favorite Director: Baz Luhrmann

Favorite Musical Score Composer: James Horner


Random assortment:

Gravity Falls, Pushing Daisies, Alone, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, The First 48, Veronica Mars....


It can be True Crime or Fictional, I enjoy watching just about anything that is crime drama. British shows are my favorite as US shows tend to have too much drama. I basically like any British crime show on AcornTV.

Favorite Addictions


I have to limit my time on Pinterest because it is the most perfect site for me & has so much that interests me. A site full of inspiration & a way to save and organize the things I discover... for FREE!

Pinterest is just too good to be true for me.


Most books geared towards adults tend to bore me & I can't get through them. This might be due to my short attention span, or the wordiness of them.

I like picture books, beginner reader books & chapter books. I like young adult books that are coming of age stories or Dystopian Sci Fi. I guess I don't have a favorite genre, I just like to read books that are good & preferably a quick read.

I also like to read craft books & cookbooks to get inspired.

🏫The Library is one of my favorite places, I spend hours each week exploring what books they have that interest me.

Items I Collect

Wish List:

❤️Fabric, even scraps. I'm new to sewing so I do a lot of small projects to improve my skills. I'm currently into embellishing hand-me-downs for my little girl so she can enjoy her new to us clothes. Lace, patches, buttons, fringe, etc. no matter the length is precious to me.

❤️Muppets / Sesame Street / Jim Henson stuff

❤️Children's book memorabilia

❤️Cat stuff

❤️Sanrio: Hello Kitty, Mimmy, Monkichi, Chococat, Little Twin Stars, Keroppi, Badtz-Maru & My Melody are my favs.

❤️Studio Ghibli: especially Kiki's Delivery Service

❤️Kawaii items, It makes me smile when I see those adorable little faces on random things like food!


❌Strong scents 🤢

I do LOVE a good Scratch 'N Sniff sticker though!

❌Coffee and Dark chocolate 🤮

❌Anything disrespectful or political 🙅🏻‍♀️

I love mail!


krspellman rated for Happy Mailbox ALL MONTH December on Jan 12, 2023
Comment: thank you so much for the swaps, I looooved everything that you sent me!! I hope all is well with you and you are having a great January!! :-)
Comment: Thank you so much for the adorable birthday card and all the enclosures! What a wonderful surprise! I loved the stickers and the notecard! Thank you again and Happy Birthday to you as well!
KarlaKC rated for January 2023 Birthday Swap 🥳 USA on Dec 23, 2022
Comment: Thank you, Renee! I'll be opening your card on January 25. 😊 Have a Merry Christmas! ... Karla, 12/23/22... UPDATE: It's January 25 and after waiting over a month I finally get to open your stuffed envelope! Wow! Thank you so much for the Pufferfish card... Yes he is funny. And you were very generous with all the sticker sheets! Of course I loved the butterflies and hearts the most but they're all so fun and festive.. love the inspirational Notecard and little ephemera you enclosed. And that was a funny joke... Why don't ducks have very much money? Too many bills. Good one! Thank you for making my birthday special with your kind words and gifts. ♥️ ... Karla, 1/25/23
bostianh rated for Happy Mail DECEMBER 22 on Dec 19, 2022
Comment: Oh my crafty goodness! I love everything you sent! Thanks for the beautifully decorated envelope that was full of cheer.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
aallyy rated for Holiday Fun - January on Dec 19, 2022
Comment: Loved your package!!! definitely brought a huge smile to my face. Thanks so much! BTW, the tea you sent is my favorite!
Comment: Thank you for all the great flat mail.
Nevi2018 rated for Recipe Swap #2 on Dec 10, 2022
Comment: My Grandma makes the Pretzel Rolos but with M&Ms!! (Mainly because we don't like nuts!!) LOL Grandma's Are the Best LOL!!
Comment: Merry Christmas :)
Comment: Thanks so much for the notecard and stickers!!
marles rated for CPG Just a Note #17 - US on Nov 30, 2022
Comment: Thanks for everything!!!
Comment: Thank you so much for the Christmas card and stickers
Comment: Hey there Renee! I received your swap today and TYSM for Marshmellow guy in cup of hot cocoa ( so cute & love it! ), along with your so nice note of Christmas sentment, the reading stickers ( prefect for me, as I read all the time ), yummy Winter Spice tea, Poinsettia cut-out, and two snowman gift tags. My goodness, but you sent me quite a bit ! But love all you sent however!😀 Why TYSM for saying my group AATW is the best group on swap-bot. That makes me feel so good to be appreciated. 😀 TYSM for being a part of my group and for participating in the wish granting. I really appreciate it. I wish for you a wonderful and special Christmas !
Response: You are such a blessing to Swap-Bot, thank you for the kind comment.
Abbyla rated for Brighten My Week Notecard November #3 on Nov 25, 2022
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: Thank you! Can’t wait for the holidays to open this!
Comment: Thank you. Cute envelope! Giraffes and zebras...what fun. I love the other stickers too. And I'll be having a cup of Christmas tea this afternoon.
Sylvia4647 rated for CPG-Christmas count down 3 -us on Nov 20, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the festive envelope and tuck-ins. Happy holidays to you and yours!
OrigamiGrace rated for CPG-Christmas count down 3 -us on Nov 19, 2022
Comment: Thank you!! Holidays will be here before we know it - can't wait to open all the fun envies!!
bluerose3 rated for CPG-Christmas count down 3 -us on Nov 19, 2022
Comment: Thank you
Comment: Thank you for the colorful card, joke, and uplifting scripture.
goosey rated for CPG-Christmas count down 3 -us on Nov 18, 2022
Comment: thank you! merry christmas holidays to you too!!

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Cheers to a wonderful year ahead!

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Happy New Year from USA Happy Mail

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Thank you for the Christmas card (AAW)...and the sweet sentiment!

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Thank you for the AATW Dec card and goodies. Happy swapping and Happy Holidays

isabellasnow on Dec 16, 2022:

Thank you, Renee, for the wonderful holiday card--I absolutely loved the message you wrote in the card. Thanks, too, for the great enclosures--I'm in love with those vintage airplane pages. Ah . . . the scent of old books! It's like a rare perfume!

Highlander18 on Dec 15, 2022:

Thank you for the AATW cute Marshmallow figures Christmas card and the great tuck-in's. May your Christmas be merry and bright, also!

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TYVMb for the AATW card exchange: Cute Christmas card and great goodies tucked inside. Merry Christmas to you and your little one !

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Thank you for the Christmas card and goodies. Mele Kalikimaka!


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