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biasbabe on Mar 11, 2013:


Hope it is SEW Special

circularlogic on Jan 14, 2013:


Thanks so much for being a part of Carolina Gals! You are one of the reasons, I can't bear to shut it down! I hope to stay on board and host at least one swap a month this year. It's really the only resolution I've made! :oP

I love fabric and sewing, also using felt for projects. How long have you been sewing? I started a couple years ago. I feel like I've made good progress, but there is so much talent out there that's amazing!

I love Amy Butler, too! I looked up Anna Maria & Heather Bailey-- they're fabulous too. Have you checked out the fabrics Pat Bravo has out? Those are similar to the ones you like! :o)

I wish I had more aprons. They're so useful and can be adorable!

I found these when I was looking around for some cute apron ideas. Those are made for and etsy shop by Betty. You can check them out there for some inspiration, perhaps! Lol. I love the hamburger and fries! I might have to take a whirl at that one!

Thanks, again, for joining this swap!
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luckycharms on Jan 6, 2013:

Hi Tammy, I am one of your partner for the Carolina Gals :: Read Profile & Comment swap. You are very lucky to live in the moutains, my In-Laws just bought a cabin on Polly Mountain in TN. We just went to visit about 3 weeks ago and I loved! I would grabbed my camera and go off by myself, unfortunley great photos weren't the only thing I got. A bad case of poison ivy too, but the waterfall was so worth it ( I think) lol

I'm jealous, that you can sew! That is something I would love to learn. My DH bought me a sewing machine a couple of years ago, and I still haven't found someone to teach me. I signed up for beginner classes at a local sewing store, but thier beginning idea was way different than mine!

I hope the Carolina Gal group can have a meet-up this year, I would love to meet everyone. I hope you have a wonderful and crafty New Year... Connie

sweetsugartree on Jan 6, 2013:

Hi, Tammy! I'm one of your partners in the Carolina Gals :: Read Profile & Comment. We've swapped before so it's nice to be your partner again. Hope you are having a Happy New Year! I am resolving to learn how to sew...hopefully, I will make good on that resolution this year! I am a fan of Project Runway, too, and I love how they can create clothes to wear...that's the main reason why I want to learn to sew - so when I can't find anything to wear, I can just make something! I'm a fan of easy recipes, too. It's been a while since I've cooked - I've let the bf take that over but I've been pinning recipes on pinterest and it's brought back the interest! LOL - here's to hoping 2013 is a great, creative year for everyone! Happy Swapping :)

MichelleWillow on Jun 1, 2012:

for joining THANK YOU SWAP-BOT! swap!

RyeRye on Apr 4, 2012:

sagesparrow on Jan 27, 2012:

I still love my mug rug!!!! :)

sagesparrow on Oct 7, 2011:

Your mug rug is so wonderfully sewn, it's an inspiration to me. I think now I can try those mitered edges.... And the colors go with my desk. I love the edging pattern, there are two parts of the pinwheel that are that as well, they remind me of a zentangle pattern! Actually I love everything about this mug rug. It's on my desk and I'm using it for my tea right this minute. So thank you again! <3

circularlogic on Oct 1, 2011:

RyeRye on Sep 12, 2011:

Thanks for being a member of the Crafting Queens~

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