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A Warm Welcome!

I'm having an issue with marking my swaps as "sent." I've contacted the hosts...and I'm working on getting a message to each partner. Please be patient as I contact the site tech support to find out how to resolve this. 11/9/18 Sadly I still have not heard back from tech support so the issue is ongoing. ALL of my swaps are going out on time, and incoming are being rated without problems.

Hello! Thanks for stopping by to check out my profile!!!!

Although I love the internet and the abilities it affords me (like swap bot) I am still a pretty ol' fashioned girl who places a lot of value in a good handwritten letter, a nice note, a phone call, or best of all...a face to face conversation! If you'd like to know more I've added an 'about me' section all the way down at the bottom! :) I've also tried to label the sections for those of you who don't want to read the entire profile :)

*** I've rated all swaps I've received as of Wednesday 10/31/18 ***



  • CARD MAKING- a small project that can be super simple or rather in depth!

  • MAIL ART- I usually decorate my envelopes for my partners- even when it is not required. Pretty mail is just happier!

  • HAND CARVING MY OWN STAMPS- Chances are if you are receiving a swap from me, it will be stamped with the Swap Bot logo stamp I created during the anniversary craft challenge! :)

  • PROJECT LIFE/SCRAP BOOKING- This all began with me as a scrapbooker many, many years ago! It is still what I love. I need to do it more.

  • QUILTING AND SEWING- mostly rag quilts and small lap quilts


  • Wedding Album! :)

  • DECORATING MY PLANNER- Happy Planner Mini, A5 Carpe Diem, and a regular sized Traveler's Notebook.

  • SMALL ARTSY PROJECTS like ATC's, inchies, twinchies, book marks, hand made post cards and altered rolodex cards. (to name a few)


  • Stamps- unused USA stamps
  • pretty stationery, letter sets or writing papers, blank postcards, and pretty note cards with envelopes.
  • Korean style deco stickers- for adding to mail art, tags, etc. (the ones similar to our ephemera packs but usually much smaller- like the size of a nickel or quarter)
  • Small envelopes and bags- any colors
  • die cuts using neutral colors of card stock(words, images, frames, seasonal, etc)
  • Your "tried and true" recipe for the crock pot or instant pot.
  • Wedding theme embellishments. The colors are traditional white, gold and silver, pearls, and fibers like lace, trims, and burlap.
    *BOOK/BOOKMARK SWAPS: I enjoy a wide variety of books and prefer (when possible) the trade paper size please. I don't really enjoy books that have strong fantasy or sci-fi themes, romance, horror, or x-rated themes. I lean towards historical, self help, biographies and oddly enough young adult! lol

*WASHI Tape: I bought a lot in the washi 'hay day' so I'd rather have a small sample of a really unique one than yards of the same ol' same ol'

TEA SWAPS: I lean towards fruity, but I'm eager to try new things. My favorite right now is vanilla chai! I'd love to try more by Might Leaf!

  • CHRISTMAS SWAPS- I am Christian and religious items are welcome. I have two trees- a classic one with traditional ornaments in red and green with a focus on rustic, plaids and wood. The other one is in my craft room and is a very blingy and feminine white, rose gold, and silver theme...with feather boas, and florals.


More than anything you can include in the envelope, I appreciate your time, thought and talent that you put into it's preparation. A nicely prepared swap that is accompanied by a letter is just a VERY very nice thing to receive! I especially appreciate mail art on the outside of the envelope! Because I participate in a lot of swaps that require you to add an additional little goodie that is profile based here is an extensive list of ideas---not because I need all these things, but rather to give you lots of selection to choose from. :)

My favorite color combinations are red/teal, brown/pink (kraft) and black/white.
I really like all colors but right now my other favorites are orange, green, blues, pinks, black and white. (did I just name EVERY color?) lol

If you want to include small favors here are some suggestions....

  • Special or unique washi tape. I'd love samples of religious ones with crosses, "Amen"

PROJECT LIFE: I love getting any project life items, including cards and embellishments. Especially the specialty ones with gold and the special shapes etc.

  • samples of stickers I can use in my planner

  • shaped paper clips

  • small/tiny envelopes, ATC plastic sleeves, and vellum envelopes

  • individually wrapped, fruity teas or chai

  • Hello Kitty, sock monkey, Pink Panther, Mr. Potato Head, 'old' Sesame Street/Muppets, Dr. Who, Vintage Alice in Wonderland items,

  • NEW/unused, purse sized lotions, hand sanitizer, lip balms (i have an addiction!)

  • soft, fuzzy socks (women's 6-7 small feet)

  • thimbles (not plain "silver" ones)

PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME... * food wrappers * product packaging *anything smelling of cigarette smoke * items that melt in the heat (I'm in Florida) *plain black teas


swap bot planner I strive to make sure that the swaps I participate in exceed the minimum guidelines and I want your experience with me to be a pleasant one. Seriously- my goal with each swap is to make you so happy that I have earned that little heart on my rating! (I'm easily entertained lol) Mistakes happen though, so if you feel that I have not met the requirements, or if you have not received your items on time- PLEASE contact me via a personal message so I can be given the opportunity to make it right.

Whenever possible I do reuse packaging and envelopes. I'm never going to send out something that isn't packaged with care, but the envelope may have been used before- my way of trying to reduce how much waste I am dumping into the landfills.

EXPLANATION OF THE "1"... I sent a hand made item to England twice- both time she claimed she didn't get it? She also said she didn't get items from another partner at this same time. It would appear that the problem was a mail issue on her end. While discussing options, showing photos of the handmade item, receipts from post office, and her having received another swap from me just fine (that she rated a 5 with a heart) communication broke down when I asked for a "no rating" and didn't hear back until I got the "1." I was very upset and never heard from her again. She has not been on Swap Bot since November 2015.

I still have to just hold on to this silly "1" and dilute it with some good swaps. I have really missed this site, and all the fun swaps, and friends I got to meet so despite my foolish statements about leaving, I have returned and hope to return to enjoying the swaps too! I've tried a couple of other things and nothing was as easy to use. Please look at my other swapping history when considering to swap with me before that "1" turns you away... there are a couple of mailing mishaps like lost mail (because it does happen to us all) as you can read about, but from the comments you can see that I kept in contact and resent the items until my partner was happy. If nothing else reading through the beautiful comments reminds you how great this site is and how many wonderful friends we really do meet on here. One person shouldn't ruin all that fun! Happy swapping!

Because of this "1" I created a swapping journal, and track manually all of my swaps. This includes keeping a copy of the receipt from the post office, and pictures of the items before/after they are packaged showing address- just for my records in case there is question of an address being done incorrectly. Truthfully though, like you, I'm just here because this is a wonderful hobby and I enjoy sending and receiving HAPPY MAIL. If something goes wrong in our swap please let me know so I can make it right.

About Me

Me in a nutshell...think Dory from Finding Nemo! Yup that just about sums me up. I am a girl who enjoys a variety of hands on crafts...and by hands on I really mean HANDS on! I am most happy when my day includes some form of art and my desk is covered with stencils, paints, inks, and all manner of creative tools! For inspiration I am always on the prowl and enjoy browsing Pinterest---OK that is an understatement...I LOOOOOVE browsing Pinterest! I am always watching You Tube crafting tutorials! (of course while surfing Pinterest! lol) or listening to Audible or an audio book of some sort.

A year ago, I was engaged and planning to get married. Hurricane Irma invited herself (how rude!!) and the wedding ended up being cancelled with all of my family flying home to Canada to escape the storm. We went to my husband's work (at a local TV station) where he was essential crew, and I volunteered for the next few days, and since he has been there for 28 years and many of the people he works with were invited to the wedding we decided to get married anyways! Yes, with Hurricane Irma raging outside, we just went ahead with our plans and got married in the middle of a hurricane...literally in a storm shelter So overcome your obstacles and let nothing stop you!. (a year later we celebrated our first anniversary in the ER...and I joke that at this rate our love story might kill us both! LOL)

Outside of crafts, I enjoy reading, couponing, frugal living, cooking/baking, and 'green' living, pinterest, and social networking on Face Book. My definition of the "perfect" day is a morning of crafting with a nice cup of coffee or tea, birds in the bath or at the feeders, a trip to the mail box for "happy mail," letter writing to pen pals, and then enjoying a nice meal from the crock pot or instant pot! oh and cupcakes! The perfect day just has to have a cupcake in there somewhere! :)

Marked as sent...

Project will be marked as sent once they’ve been placed in my mail box as outgoing or in the Post Office box. Drop-offs that occur on weekends or after-hours may result in an item being postmarked the next business day.


Kathy821 rated for 2018 Tea Christmas Advent #5 on Nov 26, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much! I can't wait to open them! Merry Christmas!
CarmicWords rated for Ho Ho Ho - Christmas Card Swap!! on Nov 19, 2018
Kathy821 rated for 2018 Tea Christmas Advent #4 on Nov 18, 2018
Comment: I am sorry to take so long I’m rating you. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to open them.
InkPlayLove rated for Washi Swap on Nov 13, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the cute washi! I can never have enough of this stuff! :)
Response: You are very welcome! It was fun to put the washi together for you - so much so that I I couldn't narrow it down and had to include extra LOL. Happy Swapping!
Comment: Hello Tanya! Thank you for the Halloween card and cute stickers and diecuts! Hope you had a great Halloween passing out candy! I had to work Halloween but we were able to dress up so that was fun! Happy swapping!
Response: Thank you for the heart rating! We had a blast handing out candy- we had 77 kids! and nearly ran out of candy!!!!
Kathy821 rated for 2018 Tea Christmas Advent #2 on Nov 1, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderful swap! Everything is perfect and I can't wait to open the packages (which are perfect by the way). Thanks for the Stickers too. That was sweet of you! Even the outside package was cute!
Response: Awwwww thank you for the compliments! I am loving this Advent Tea swap and glad you enjoyed my package. Happy Swapping!
Craftykelley rated for Baggie of Goodies Swap #1 on Oct 29, 2018
Comment: Tanya is great! Organized, quick and thoughtful.
Response: This was a great swap and I can't wait to see what we each create with the goodies we exchanged. I'll do a private swap with you any day!
veronicallama rated for 2018 Tea Christmas Advent #1 on Oct 26, 2018
Comment: Love the craft wrap! Your note was sweet, and I envy you for knowing how to carve your own rubber stamps - so cool! Thanks!
Response: Thank you SO much for the generous and kind rating! I was unable to send this out on the due date and you were kind enough to respond to my messages and still rate me based on the mail and goodies. I thank you! Hopefully our paths will cross again soon...Happy Swapping!
Comment: Thank you and Happy Halloween! I enjoyed your letter and loved the skeleton & coffin... I will try to write you back soon...
Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed your mail, and that it arrived safely. It was fun to put together for you! Thank you kindly for the heart! Happy swapping!
mahlermail rated for Goodies 4 ME & YOU!!! OCT. on Oct 23, 2018
Comment: Cute items - thanks for sending such a nice variety and for a lovely letter and Halloween card. I appreciate your time and effort - what a lovely surprise in my mailbox today! 5 Hearts to you....
ScrapHappyGabi rated for Fall Planner Kit *USA* on Oct 19, 2018
Comment: Wow! Thank you SO MUCH, Tanya!! I LOVE this kit and all the love you put into it! I love the pouch you made for me! All of the goodies tucked inside are AWESOME! So cute! Love the items you made, the very most!! <3 <3 <3 Thankyou SO much for such a lovely, swap you made for me!!! xx Gabi
Comment: Thank you for the cute kitten card and washi samples(love those skeletons) I'm so happy you'll get trick or treaters this year. Have fun and Happy Halloween!
shellybuckmeier rated for Halloween Card Swap #4 on Oct 16, 2018
Comment: It sounds like we have lots of common interests! :) Thanks for the cute card and goodies!
Response: You are very welcome! Thank you so much for rating me a heart! Happy swapping!
Comment: Tanya, thank you SO much for the wonderful Halloween card, gorgeously decorated envelope, interesting and heartfelt note, and the fantastic punched Halloween strips. I love it all! I’m so sorry that y’all were badly affected by Hurricane Michael. We were hit by Harvey, here, previously. You are so right - it’s all a matter of perspective. 💖
Response: You are so very welcome. I must have been tired when I wrote that because I'm here in Orlando and we thankfully we not affected by that storm. It was my pleasure to put that package together for you though. Happy Swapping!
Comment: What a great card! Sparkly card with chatty message (so glad we both missed effects of Michael), washi tape, gorgeously decorated envelope...I love it all.
Comment: Thank you so much! I love the card! You definitely picked the perfect one for me. :) Have a Happy Halloween!
Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Have a happy Halloween...and of course.....Happy swapping!
Comment: What a lovely card and extras! Thank you so much! :)
Comment: Thank you so much for the teas and the heartfelt letter, I really loved it and it was very cool to send your favorite, it was a nice personal touch. 😊
Response: You are most welcome! I enjoyed putting it together for you. Happy swapping!
Comment: Thank you for the card!
BeadyEyedBeth rated for Quick Pick 3 Swap on Oct 9, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the goodies, and love the envelope art!
Response: Thank you so much for the heart! It was fun to put this envelope together for you!!! Happy Swapping!

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yvonne401 on Oct 24, 2018:

Welcome to Christian Swappers! It's great to have you here!



CurlyTea on Oct 22, 2018:

Happy Belated Birthday!

chaari on Apr 27, 2016:

Just Because

Thanks for being a part of my group!

catmmann on Feb 12, 2016:

Gdoodle on Dec 4, 2015:

I tag you! :D Pass on the holiday cheer!

user2637 on Nov 23, 2015:

Hey lady! Just a Happy Thanksgiving Week greeting. Don't forget to take care of yourself during the holiday. :) Des

user2637 on Nov 20, 2015:

Hey Tanya! In case you haven't seen this PF thread, I thought you might want to. Cheers!

JustMeCreating on Nov 13, 2015:

Hi Tanya. Thank you for all the lovely things you sent me! Love the little snails on the envelope. :)
/Ann (Friendlies WTA October)

Crispycritter on Nov 10, 2015:

This is for Read My Profile #2. I loved reading your profile - you sound like such a happy and talented person. Your photo just makes me smile. I will admit to being envious of your talents - what an awesome amount of things you can do. My efforts are nowhere near what yours are. I can sew tho and maybe in the New Year I will give it a try. I am going to have to go to "MIchael's" and go slowly thru their isles and see if I can find some of the things you have listed or at least what they are!! We only have the one craft store but I should be able to get a few ideas of what is going on in the craft world. I didn't realize there were 570 games out in the world. Your perfect day sounds wonderful and I hope you have lots of them. Your kids and stepkids are very lucky to have such an interesting person as their Mom. You would be a joy to meet. Take care, Chris crispycritter

ShyAnn64 on Oct 30, 2015:

Thank you Tanya for the pretty samples of Washi tape that you sent to me (Friendlies Washi Tape Tag!) I love them :) ~ Carol Ann

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