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Birthday: April 23, 1994
Country: Lithuania

About Me

Meow, I am Gintarė, 23 year old medicine student from Lithuania. Right now I am studying in Vilnius University, and it is located in our capital, which, of course is Vilnius. I am from a small town called Žagarė(it is at the border of Lithuania-Latvia) and I tend to miss it a lot, but still, Vilnius became a part of my life, so I am doing my best to love it.

I love reading books both science related and not :) But recently all my life consists of science and a little bit of procrastination. Studying is hard here, and sometimes I start to think that I cannot make it, but I certainly know that I am not doing my best yet, and I can do better and better and better...

As I've mentioned, I DO miss my home. I miss that small town, my parents and... MY CAT ofc. He is black, he is cute, sweet and wonderful in all aspects.

I really love traveling, but my experience does not go that far(unlike my dreams :D) I've visited just two countries(Sweden and Latvia). But I experience the joy of traveling when I receive postcards and parcels with different stamps, hand writings, thoughts and wishes. It really does help me to break my tiring routine :)

Favorite Books

Dostojevsky!!! A. Camus ;) By the way, I am learning Russian and Latvian and Italian right now, so any help is appreciated.

Favorite Music


I love music, but my tastes are (in most cases) different..

Favorite Television

None. Don't have time and patience to watch TV. But I love House M.D. and Top Gear

Favorite Crafts

I suck at crafting things, but I can draw you an awesome kitty.


PLEASE DON'T SEND STUFF THAT CANNOT BE USED. I am a practical person :) so souvenirs, statues, magnets just suck :)

Don't send things that fall apart easily.

My hair are crazy, so all the accesories for my hair just fall apart.. Because I have LOTS of hair.

Colours and scents

I love blue, black, silver, grey, red.

I love anything that smells nice.


You know, shit happens. If a LONG time passes and you don't get your swappie, I will resend stuff. I take swap-bot very seriously, so I will always send my stuff on time. If I get late, I will message you, but I don't flake.


I am tired to write down all these people who have flaked, there's just too much.


Drachenfrau rated for Harry Potter letter #17 on Sep 11, 2017
Comment: Heya Gintare, I messaged you because I never received your letter. Sadly you didn't answer,so I have to rate you a 1 right now. Will gladly change the rating, when I receive your letter.
amber806 rated for Penpals on Jun 29, 2017
Comment: Malonu susipažinti, Gintare. Labai patiko tavo atviručių stilius, nors nesu didelė operos fanė, bet mėgstu netradicinius dalykus ;) Muzika yra ir mano didžioji meilė, bet kaip ir tu negroju jokiu instrumentu ir dainuoju tik duše ir tvarkydamasi, ;) Linkiu, kad orai pagerėtų ir pradėtų snigti. Linkėjimai Lietuvai !! ;)
Response: Džiaugiuosi, kad nesupykai dėl panašių atviručių :) Aš labai mėgstu dideles ir dažnai net nežiūriu kas ant jų nupiešta, svarbu didelis formatas :D Sėkmės Tau :)
Comment: Labai ačiū už įdomų atviruką. Gaila, kad tau šią vasarą teko praleisti slaugos ligoninėje, bet smagu, kad liūdesys tavęs neužvaldė ir pamatei Vilnių kitokį, nei jis būna dažniausiai. Linkiu smagaus ir šilto bei snieguoto laiko iki Kalėdų ;)
Response: Ačiū, Sėkmės :)
MelissaK rated for Candy & Tea #2 January on Feb 7, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the tea and the candy! Can't wait to try them!
Lumona rated for Candy & Tea #2 January on Jan 30, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the swap :)
Havfrue rated for Muzikos! KÄ… klausai? on Apr 21, 2014
Savanna82 rated for Snapchat with me! on Mar 11, 2014
Comment: Thank you for all the photos you sent
BeeGon rated for Mano mÄ—gstamiausia spalva on Mar 11, 2014
Comment: Now my evenings will be warmer! It is a pity that wather is getting warmer itself :D
kiwiikai rated for Snapchat with me! on Mar 8, 2014
Comment: It was great getting to see a small part of your life through pictures :)
paraxparaxnoia rated for Snapchat with me! on Mar 4, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the pictures, it was a fun swap and I enjoyed seeing glimpses of other peoples lives!
libertylithium rated for Snapchat with me! on Feb 22, 2014
Comment: Going ahead and rating you because I'm already enjoying what you're sending & I don't wanna forget to rate later!! :) So cool to catch a glimpse of your life! Blessings! x
invinoveritas rated for Poezijos! KÄ… skaitai? on Feb 11, 2014
Comment: Dėkui už pasidalintą poeziją!
BeeGon rated for Poezijos! KÄ… skaitai? on Feb 11, 2014
Comment: Burovskis tiesiog puikus!
invinoveritas rated for Muzikos! KÄ… klausai? on Jan 28, 2014
Comment: Dėkui tau labai už pasidalintą muziką. :) Buvau girdėjus tik vieną dainą. Iš tikrųjų man Dorze visai patiko, manau pasiklausysiu ir daugiau jos dainų, tokia šokia laisvė pasijaučia jos beklausant!
Response: Jo, suprantu apie ką kalbi :) Įsivaizduok kokią laisvę pajutau pirmąsyk girdėdama ją, kai prieš tai niekur nebuvau girdėjus :) Būtinai paklausyk jos albumo(jei gerai žinau, ji vieną teturi) jis prieinamas bandcampe, spotify. Gaila, kad ji tokia nepopuliari, labai nedaug apie ją. Sėkmės :)
durne rated for Muzikos! KÄ… klausai? on Jan 27, 2014
Comment: Ačiū! Įdomi muzika, klausant atrodė, kad laikas tapo truputį kaip po Aresto Momentum.. :)
Response: dėkui :) man tai daug reišk
BeeGon rated for Muzikos! KÄ… klausai? on Jan 24, 2014
Comment: Ačiū, kad pasidalinai savo favoritais :)
Response: welcum :3
Bluegirl rated for Free/AD postcards #4 on Dec 30, 2013
Comment: Hiya Gintare. Thanks for the card. It's the first time I ever get a card from Lithuania!!!! Happy Holidays to you and yours!
Response: Ah, you are welcome :) I believe this card is not the last one you receive from Lithuania :) Have a nice year :P
5trawberry rated for Free/AD postcards #4 on Dec 30, 2013
Response: thanks :)
Comment: Thank you!
Response: You are welcome :)

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mxgrrlblu on Dec 2, 2013:

Hi GintarÄ—! Im commenting for the "Profile comment: song" swap. Your school work sounds fun! I was an entomology major once..I know how much you have to study (lots!)

Here is a song for you. Its by a band called Dead Can Dance. They are amazing!


Have a great holiday!

Bluma (mxgrrlblu)

Pidgy91 on Dec 1, 2013:

Hello GintarÄ— :-) I'm your partner for the "Profile Comment: Song" swap. I see that you're learning italian? I'm learning italian too, because I have to move there soon. Do you find it difficult?

I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas too, I wonder how you celebrate christmas in Lithuania, I never met anyone from there :-)

and a song that I like VERY much is this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RZivRe2rnA .. Ligabue - tu sei lei :-) then you can listen to some more italian.

Ciao, baci Sabrine

ema819 on Mar 28, 2013:


candigirl on Jan 6, 2013:

Hey, thanks for the response..no, I was just wondering so I would be able to select something "age appropriate", since usually you can tell approximately how old the partner is by the fact that they are married, kids, etc", so you can get something not too youthful for them..for you, I would be able to select something young and fun, sparkly or sanrio or something...anyway, that's all, but thanks for the response!!

ema819 on Jan 3, 2013:

Linkėjimai iš Kauno !

candigirl on Dec 26, 2012:

Hi, there, I was just looking at the "new bow for new year" swap, and thinking about joining, when I noticed you were putting up pics of your hair for the swap...just wondering how old you are, if you don't mind my asking, for reference....in case we are partnered. Thanks, and have a lovely week!!

kcody03 on Dec 14, 2012:

I love the romantic ones mostly, but I do enjoy some of the fighting ones too. I really like the ones with a lot of sword fighting. Especially with samourai swords they always fascinated me(: jave you seen Rurouni Kenshin?

Bluegirl on Dec 14, 2012:

Hello Gyntaré! I'm Gabriella one of your swapping partners for Profile Comment swap. I have been swapping for over a year and I can tell that I have only received nice things from the members in this site. Lithuania???? wow! That is exciting! You are the first person ever I have spoken to who is Lithuanian. I'm Mexican, so I guess to some people here in Europe that can seem exotic too!. Say hello to Murkius from my cat Nina. She is a short haired black and white cat who came by plane from Mexico. We live together along with my books and all of my art supplies and MAC gadgets! :-) Have a happy holiday season and happy swapping in 2013! Take care, G.

kcody03 on Dec 12, 2012:

Profile Comment Swap

I love writing and receiving letters as well(: It so much fun to learn about new people and to get mail at the same time!

I am a big fan of anime/manga. What genres are your favorite?

Best Wishes! -kcody03

ItsAllShiny on Dec 12, 2012:

Hello, I am one of your partners for the profile comment swap :)

I like black cats too. I had one called Rudi once but had to leave him behind when I moved country a while ago. Now I have a black and grey cat called Bob.

I'm new to swapbot too - I hope you enjoy it as much as I have so far!

Best wishes for a great holiday season and a fantastic New year :)

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