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Country: Greece
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About Me

Hello to you!!! :D :D

My name is iliana,26 and I live in Greece! I am a student in university, studying architectural engineering, doing my thesis right now (I guess)...! After that, I'm planning to study and become a graphic and package designer, as I really love smaller details, papers-stationery and...packaging!! A lot.

I am a helpless enthousiast and optimist, usually a person that cheers people up. I like fairytales a lot, and I value ineer child's joy above all!

I like snailmailing a lot (currently in search for new penpals, so just drop me a message if you think we match! :D ).

I also love all animals, especially horses and cats!! (But when it comes to stationery that differs.., so keep reading! :D )

General Likes, PCs and Teas!


Generally speaking, my likes are either cute or somewhat weird/twisted (not scary-violent though) or vintage or a weird/ideal combination of these three.....!

I also always prefer to see PEOPLE (!) or ANIMALS in everything, illustration or photography! In photography I enjoy everyday people's life as opposed to landscapes that they don't enthousiasm me much when photographed without humans in them! :P haha (my tumblr blog says a lot, I think! :P )

• Anything vintage/vintage-like/victorian/20s! (not pin-ups so much, but vintage showgirls yes!!) -

• vintage snail mail supplies!!! (stickers / rubber stamps / ephemera / Address labels / wax seals / label tags etc ) !!!

• Anthropomorphic vintage-like animals (illustrations or collages with human body-animal head with clothes. Especially rabbits, horses and foxes, cats, deers, etc) (check out www.pergamopapergoods.com to see what I mean....!)

• Weird collages with animal realistic photography on an illustrated backround.......if that makes any sense..! :D (eg space cats, etc etc, with any kind of animals.....)

• Circuses

• Luna parks

• Hot-air balloons

• Stary nights and the universe (anything with tiny star or sparkles in a dark backround will do)

• Mermaids

• fairytale witches and witchcraft (tales in general)

• Submarines

• Mushrooms (also as a food)

• Chestnuts (also as a food)

• Flip books!! I'm really into the "discovering process"!

• Anything related to Japanese culture (eg traditional artwork or calligraphy, patterns, lettering, etc!!!!!)

• Animals, especially rabbits, cats (as shown in japanese art), owls/birds, dragons, unicorns flamingos, peacocks, jellyfishes or horses. I ALWAYS prefer illustration to realistic photographs! :D

• Anything Harry Potter related (!), I especially like the graphic design of movies props, especially anything related with the Weasley's shop. Other favourite things: the Maraunder's map and the Potions book or Half-blood Prince. (I am a Ravenclaw, btw and a Thunderbird..^_^)

• Star Wars (only episodes IV,V,VI (the old ones and Rogue one)

• My neighbor Totoro !!! Anything related! (and Hawl's moving castle)

• Anything related to Death Note (I especially like L...!)

• The peanuts (the comic with Snoopy... :P I like anything related)

• Old Disney movies theme in stationery except stickers, because they are everywhere...! (favourites: The Hatchback of Notre Dame, Aladdin, the Aristocats. Not a huge fan of Mickey mouse, though... Please do not send anything related to newest disney movies, as such items are so easy to find here and I have plently!)

• Huge fan of Bugs Bunny, Lola bunny and most looney tunes (not a huge fan of tweety and jerry)

• Fairy tales(especially those with unusual myths and folklore or fantasy ones with witches and fairies or about magical discoveries and adventures..!)

• Vivid colours or pastel colors (not the in-between so much and not neon) and colours in vintage ads!! Favourites: Electric blue, fucsia, metallic colours, glitter, all the pastels

I don't mind religious things so much or nudes.

-----I love all stationery items. I CURRENTLY COLLECT:

• Stickers, especially vintage snail mail supplies! (if you can, please avoid disney stickers, as they are so easy for me to find here... I like almost everything else! :D I almost always prefer very tiny stickers that are tranparent and I can put them over text etc or very large ones, if they are not too children like! I like sparkly stickers a lot, too!!. I also like puffy stickers in some cases but not 3d ones.)

• washi tapes, any kind but especially thin washies!! (I don't enjoy deco tape so much),

• bookmarks (especially paper medium ones with glitter (don't judge.....haha) or handmade!!!) Otherwise vintage is always encouraged of course!

• postcards (I prefer the non-touristy type, as it is more difficult to find in my town! And definetely 2d drawings/illustrations to realist photography.)


First of all, whatever tea you send me it won't go to waste, as someone in the house will definetely like it! :D

That being said, I mostly like herbal teas or roiboos at the moment, since I like drinking tea late in the evening or at night. I especially like fruity teas (red coloured ones are my favourites). I like, hibiscus, apple, vanilla, berries, passion fruit, and forest fruits the most. I don't like at all jasmine, ginger, mango and saffron and I least prefer mint/spearmint, chamomile and lemon.

My absolutely all time favourite tea is Dallmayr-Fireplace, with Roiboos tea, hibiscus, apple, rose buds, vanilla, and cinnamon. I cannot purchase it in Greece, or at least I don't know where...! So if you have access to that tea.... Please send me some!! (!)

No food allergies! I have a nickel allergy, though, which is found in non gold metalls and in makeup products.. I also use a specific body lotion and soap only, because my I have atopic dermatitis. :)

Favorite Crafts

I enjoy almost all type of crafts, especially paper crafts, such as flip books, stationery items, wrapping or packaging things ets! Also, I sometimes draw things! You can view some of my creations in my instagram profile!:D The essence of them along with the essence of my tumblr blog represent me the most!

Open to swaps and pen pals

If you think we match and would like to be penpals or to private-swap just send me a message! :D ^_^ I always welcome private swaps as preparing my swaps and crafting are my favourite things to do! :D

Favorite Books

I enjoy reading books and poetry and I do enjoy reading fairytales (for adults or not) as well as classic literature, or books about psychology and self improvement!

Favorite books are: Harry Potter series, Anna Karenina, 100 years of solitude (!), Weathering heights, many books of Tom Robbins, I haven't read all of them yet, (in English only, the greek translation didn't came out as good as it ought to be, unfortunatelly), and last let's list L' ecume des jours (in Greek translation), a really great book, a surrealistic one!

Favorite Movies

*** Quick TOP 10 (in random order):

The secretary


La double vie de Veronique


My neighbour Totoro

Some like it hot

The tenant

L' ecume des jours

Lolita (only Kubrick's version)

Harry Potter/Star wars (I'm counting them as one..)***

ALSO: I love watching Disney movies and other animated films!! :D

TOP 3 favourite DISNEY MOVIES are: the Hatchback of Notre Dame, Aladdin, the Aristocats!

Favourite directors are: Roman Polanski, Krystof Kieslowski, Wims Wenders, Kenzi Mizoguchi, Hayao Miyazaki (favourites: my neighbor Totoro, Howl's moving castle), these ones came to my mind for now..

Favorite Television

Currenty I am only watching sitcoms. Favourites are the Big Bang Theory, Friends, How I met your mother, etc!

Other favorites are Twin Peaks, but only the old series, since I cannot view the new season even though I'm dying to now what happened after 25 years!! :O (lynch's style creaps me out!!) (for obvious reasons..) and the Vampire Diaries :D

Favorite Music

I have likes in too many music genres, so I really don't have a favorite! I listen to: Classical, Rock, Metal, HipHop, RnB, Deep House, Techno, Minimal Techno, Acid Jazz, etc etc :D

Trivia: I went to a Music High and Junior high school (six years in total) where I learned to play the violin, piano, sazi and a little electric bass (which was my favorite part).

Please contact me if...

-You didn't receive from me! I will always send, but sometimes the post is being too slow (especially if you are not in Europe) or things might get lost (fortunately this is rare! :D )

-I forget to rate! I try to be very typical in this one, because it is important to let you know that everything went well! But I may lost track from time to time...!

I'm really exited in participating in Swap-bot! :) :D


MarieS rated for SIE: 3 teas to 3 people on Apr 4, 2018
Comment: Thanks a lot for the teas you chose!
cajiky rated for Tea Lovers' March - Blind teas on Mar 23, 2018
Comment: Thanks a lot for very nice tea. Some of them are new for my colletion of teabags too.
Response: Thank you for the heart! I'm so glad you enjoy them and that I helped grow you collection! :D That's great! I do apologize for the delay and inconvenience... But at least it reached you this time! :D I'm so happy!! Happy swapping!
Magali rated for SIE: 3 teas to 3 people on Mar 14, 2018
Comment: Thanks so much for the gorgeous teas you sent me, they're perfect! And yes, we've swapped before - at least I remember I've received something from you before, not sure if I ever sent anything your way :)
Response: Thank you! So glad you like them! :D To some future swaps, then!! Take care!! <3
m3i5 rated for SIE: 3 teas to 3 people on Mar 13, 2018
Comment: Hi Iliana, Thank you for your tea selection and pretty stamp! :)
Response: :D Happy swapping!! <3
candybeads rated for 40 Sticker Swap INTL on Mar 2, 2018
Comment: Thank you for a great swap. Loved everything.❤🧡💛💚💙💜 Wish I could give you more ❣
Response: ^^ The pleasure was mine!! :D :D So glad you enjoyed it!! :D :D
Comment: Oh goodness, this swap almost makes me sad it's so special as I k ow this is the third time you've sent and I can on,y imagine the beautiful things that were in the other two that have been lost. Everything you sent was such a gift, the beautiful sticker flakes, the absolutely wonderful fairy tale images, and your memories and story. And the Magic cards will go to my son tomorrow when he gets up. Thank you so very much for everything!
Response: Ohh, I'm so very happy that you enjoyed my swap and thank you so much for your patience, because it really me took me very long to resend it properly!! :D I got lucky, because the previous swaps got back to me, so the contents where more or less the same! I think I altered them a bit, but not much! The only missing things where the envelopes, which where more artistic than the third one..! :D As for the magic cards, well I am a fan of the game so I had to send something! ^_^ I know they weren't anything special the ones I picked, but I just wanted to share my common interest with fellow players!! :D Although the one card of those got me out of bad gaming situations on several occasions...!! haha!! ^_^ I wish you a very very nice November! (Fall is leaving already, and it's my favorite season...!) I'm taking a break from swapbot atm to focus more on my thesis! I look forward to swap with you again, given the chance, once I'm more active! Until then take care!! <3 Many many sweet greetings!! ^_^
mrsD rated for Send 3 From the List #2 on Sep 1, 2017
Comment: received your lovely envelope today! thank you for the pretty cards and washi!
Response: Thank you for rating and heart! :-D I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Happy swapping!
Sharlie rated for Sticker slapped post card on Aug 4, 2017
Comment: Thank you!
Response: You're welcome!! ^_^ Thanks for the rating and heart! :D
Comment: Great quote and love the cool stamp :-)
Response: Thank you for the rating and heart! <3 So glad you liked it! :D Happy swapping! ^_^
NotAllWhoWander rated for Bookish Quote 1 on Aug 2, 2017
Response: Thank you for the rating! :D Happy swapping! ^_^
goinjenny rated for WIYM - Film Quote on a Postcard on Aug 1, 2017
Comment: Thank you
Response: Thank you for the heart! :D Happy swapping!!
schaefchen87 rated for Glitter Pocket Letter on Jul 28, 2017
Comment: Thank you very much for the lovely pocketletter. I really love that it has glitter and also a touch of summer. You did a great job! :-D
Response: Thank you for the rating and heart! <3 I had much fun preparing it, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :D I wish you a wonderful day! Happy swapping!!
Comment: A Swedish postcard from Greece :) I like it! Thanks a lot!
Response: :D :D Thank you for the rating! Happy swapping!! <3
Comment: Thank you for the postcard!
Response: Thank you for the rating and heart! :D Happy swapping! :)
IrishPixie rated for Pocket Letter - Senders Choice on Jul 21, 2017
Comment: Thank you soo much for the beautiful pocket letter I love it! I especially love the glitter pocket in the middle. Thank you so much for all the thoughtful goodies too! You are so sweet! I hope to swap with you again soon :)
Response: <3 Thank you Karen for your lovely comment! :D I'm so happy you enjoyed it!! I hope to swap again with you, too! Until then, happy swapping!! :D
Comment: Hi!!! Thanks a lot for your postcard! I loved the poem it made my day n.n ♥
Response: I'm so glad you liked it! :D I think it is a very today poem, even if it is written so long ago...! It speaks the truth! :) I wish you a wonderful day! :D :D
carol rated for WIYM ~ 2 bookmarks on Jul 12, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful bookmarks and lovely note. It is hot here as well right now, so I am working inside or swimming, too. Someday I hope to visit your country! It looks SO beautiful!
Response: Thank you for rating and heart! <3 I hope you will visit Greece very soon! :D It is indeed beautiful! Happy swapping!
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely things you have sent, I loved it all
Response: Thank you Angelique for rating and heart! :D :D Happy swapping!! (I love your swapbot name! haha! It is so weird for me that it is a Greek word! Although we don't use it in everyday life at all, it feels very archaic and it's a heavy-meaning word!! :D <3 ) Enjoy your day!
Comment: I so enjoyed your letter and the swap! Your book recommendations are excellent. Thank you! 💖
Response: Thank you Rori for rating and heart! <3 I'm so happy you enjoyed them!! <3 Have a wonderful day!! :D :D
Comment: Thank you for cards, bookmarks, and cloud stickers. Also cutouts
Response: Oh, thank you Betty for the rating and heart!! I wish you a wonderful day today! Many greetings from Greece! =D <3

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