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About Me

My name is Jess. I Live in Va with my awesome 9yo son Aiden, wonderful boyfriend Rob and our newest arrival in February our beautiful daughter Persephonie June.

I can't spell and I accept this.

I manage an arboist supply shop-selling chainswas and gear for tree cimbers. Kinda fell into it-I knew nothing about this industry when I started but I love it now.

I absolutly love swapping!! Because of it I have now made my first greeting cards, my first atc, and my first whimsy jar!!(and a few new obsessions..lol)I have also just discovered pocket letters and I'm hooked! if anyone wants to swap pl's let me know!

we are gamers! I recently just got a PS4 and we got Nintendo new 3-ds' for all of us, we have been having a lot of fun with those as a family. I have been hooked on Mortal Kombat X lately.....that's mommy's and daddy's me time cuz its a little to violent for my son.

I'm a huge dork and love all things geeky!

our family is into RC trucks,gets us out side and moving around. We have been having a blast doing it.

I am a pretty crafty person and I looooove make things. Dose'nt really matter what it is, as long as I am being creative I am happy. I am also a pack rat, I love collecting "stuff" anything I think is fun,pretty,interesting or if I can use it in a project it ends up at my house.

I am also a planner newbie now!!

Im so glad I found this site and I can't wait to start swapping. Im so excited to start adding more to my collection and sharring it with others as well!

Favorite Crafts

I like just about any craft.my current obsession is crocheting-been doing it about 3 years now and pocket letters!!! I love making all sorts of stuff..As far as favorites, just about any glass craft. I use to make glass beads, mosaics, and stained glass. I am fascinated by all the different thing glass can do, it is an amazing medium and one sadley I have no room to work with as of late:!! I also have gotten really in to making ATCs as well.In addition I love sewing, drawing,macrame, painting, scapbooking and whatever else happens to tickle my fancy at any given time. It really just depends on my mood. I will try anything I can get my hands on. Other things I do when the mood strikes me range anywhere from jewlery making to knitting , candle and soap making, pottery and clay........this list could go on forever.

Favorite Music

I like all kinds of music, I can listen to just about anything. Im really into nerdcore right now,mc chris, Beatles,she & him, Ani Difranco, Jack Johnson, sublime, Brett Dennon, incubus,atmosphere, beck,G love,OCMS,queen,tom petty,train,UB40.....there is a lot more but this is what I came to mind right off the bat.

Favorite Movies

I love almost any guy Ritchie movie, marvel/superhero movies, zombie movies-28 day later,zombie land,residant evil movies,fido,Star wars, LOtR and Hobbit movies.Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy,serenity,Im a huge fan of all the oceans movies, pirates movies, Any Tim burton movie!!, pulp fiction, I like comedies, get him to the greek, the hangover, pinapple express.......etc.All time favorite movies though are hands down princess bride and snatch. I don't like horror movies, im a big chicken and I get way to scared if I watch them. I also dont care for westerns or old time movies either.

Favorite Television

I don't have cable or sat right now so I watch a lot of movies and tv on DVD.....my current obsession is walking dead .I love anything sci-fi especially firefly!! we really love adventure time in my house too.also game of thrones, and orange is the new black.

Things I love

I love.....




*Geekery.......star war/video game stuff especially

*the colors teal,Brown, and pink

*trees especially willows and japanese maples


*owls owls owls and more owls

*shiny things and glitter



*really like Greek mythologhy


*I love love love steam punk

*Im also a gamer and a a fan any thing video game related!!I own a ps3,ps4,xbox 360,wii u and a bunch of old systems too.

*cigar boxes and other unique containers

*candles and soap

*craft books

*anything and everything handmade

*blown glass

*good graffiti

*your sketches and doodles


*filagee designs

*old keys and locks


*things that smell good(lotions, soap, candles, incense)

*any thing burts bees....and for that matter bumble bees too

*zodiac related items(im a taurus)

*im addicted to pens....I really love sharpie pens,pigma micron and colorful gel pens

*any art supply


*old pictures

*reusable totes

*glass beads

*old books/pages

*anything that smells or tastes like coconut!!

*chocolate......any kind

*whimsy Jars

*Peanut butter



*anything from other countries(especially coins and things with writing on it)

*Im easily impressed and there is not much I don't like!

*glues stick!!!I love glue sticks

a few things i do not love

I do not like cherry, grape, or blue flavored or smelling things(really most berrry flavored thing im not a fan of)

*I don't like princess/girly cutsie stuff

*don't like snakes or spiders or gorey stuff(zomibes not included)

*I don't dislike jewlery, I don't however were a lot of it.

*I love candy but im not a huge fan of really chewy or gummy things(except gummy bears) if you do send candy I dont like it will not got to waste though because I have a 9 year old :)

*please dont send christian themed items. Im not a religious person but differnt cutures and religons are interesting to me and I would not mind learning more about religions other than christianity.(I dont have a problem with christianity im just more iterested in learning about religions that i am not already familer with)

wish list

Any thing related to my likes

Planner goodies


watercolor pencils

Shapie pens-med.

Scapbooking supplies

glue sticks

I did not know what thy where until I joined swapbot, but I really like zentangles

pocket letters

washi tape-my new obsession


Rubber stamps

adhesives(for paper crafts)


neat containers

reusable tote bags

any art or craft supplies

coins for other countries

differnt paper punches


and paper craft related items

And of course like I said ANYTHING realated to my likes.

My 9yo son loves legos, minecraft,marvel, deadpool and, any thing related to the lego viedo games. And his all time favorite is Star wars or minecraft anything!!


I have really enjoyed swapping here and I strive for a 5 and a heart with every swap I send!! If for some reason you do not recive or feel I didnt meet the requirments of a swap please let me know before rating and i will do what i can to fix it!!

I promise to always send on time, never flake, and alway rate!!(and if you have not received a rating from me let me know,it would not be intentional-I try my best to keep up but im a busy mom with a new baby.

I am a perfectionest and would never send out something i felt wasnt the best I could do and i dont think it is to much to ask that my partners do the same, not only for me but for anyone they are sending a swap too!!!

happy swapping!


kkkk29 rated for Washi Sample Swap on Aug 12, 2015
Comment: WOW!! Thank you so much Jessica! I LOVE all washi tapes♡ and steam punk kitty postcard is very pretty! Thank you! Naoko
Response: so glad you like it all!
miniaturegiant rated for Washi Sample Swap on Aug 10, 2015
Comment: Thankyou so much! Everything was lovely! I've never ever seen gold washi so I've been staring at it since I opened it ^_^ xx
Response: I'm so glad you liked it. I really like the gold washi too, I was excited when I found it.
Rimbar rated for July Atc on Jun 19, 2015
Comment: Very nicely done ATC.. Thank you and happy swapping
MiniQuilt rated for 3 things in an envelope #2 on Jun 13, 2015
Comment: Thanks for sharing your fun with me.
Response: I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the heart.
Neenarneenar rated for Doodle Art on May 25, 2015
Comment: Your just so amazing... I got your doodle envelope and your doodle postcard.. and all the amazing goodies. Keep a look out for some happy mail.
Response: Thank you!Im so happy you liked it all!i love to doodle so this one was right up my ally!
qbee rated for mail art envelopes (no. 13) on May 21, 2015
Comment: Thank you. Debbie
Response: Your very welcome!
Comment: Holy cow, your pocket letter is awesome! This is the first one I have ever seen and it is inspiring! I only hope I can do my half the justice. Thank you for all your effort. I am truly blown away!
Response: I am so glad you liked it!! I had so much fun putting it all together! Im hooked and working on my 3rd one already.
Esthercita79 rated for Nature ATC on May 19, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much for the nature ATC and the lovely birds on it, also love the paper you used, even though it is a bit out of the box for you! that is for me the thing that i enjoy the most as it dares you to make something you usually don't. Also many thanks for the lovely extra's, will definitely use it and who knows in my next ATC :)
Response: I'm so happy you liked it all!
Comment: I am absolutely thrilled with your surprise. Would you consider sharing the pattern? What a wonderfully crocheted dish cloth!
Response: I'm so glad you liked everything...I used a hdc shell the pattern can be found at ballhanknskein.blogspot.com it has 4 different washcloth patterns and the I used was the second one and added a sc border around the edge
Comment: I adore the ATC! Very cute!! And the goodies...you read my profile well. I will be messaging you.:)Thank you so much!
Response: Im so glad you liked it all!
Angel1521 rated for 3 things in an envelope on May 12, 2015
Comment: Jess thank you so much!!! You do amazing work. Very thoughtful. ❤️
Response: I'm so glad you liked it!
kirstyenarno rated for OWLS and MORE OWLS on May 14, 2013
Comment: OMG,did I forget about my birthday or what??!! Thank you so much for the fun filled box of owl items. I LOVE them all. The notecards are awesome, Ilove you ATC. Do you have an online pattern for the amigurumi? I'd love to try and make one as well. Thank you for sharing this with me :-) :-)
Response: I'm so glad you liked everything!! I don't have the pattern for the owl as I just kinda came up with it-it is based loosely on this pattern though- http://bittersweetblog.com/2007/02/19/birds-of-a-feather/
Comment: Everything was beautiful! I just loved some of the vintage notions you sent to inspire me and the box is gorgeous and will perfectly match my craft room. Thank you for the lovely story behind the inspiration box as well - I enjoyed it and will tie some teal ribbon on those old scissors and hang them up for display.
Response: I'm so glad u liked everything.I had a lot of fun putting it together for u!! Thanks for tthe heart!
sunshinesuperman rated for Time... on Apr 25, 2013
Comment: I LOVE IT!!! This is so creative. I just adore getting items that I want to recreate. This is ver inspiring to me. The ATC is awesome as is the other clock goodies you sent. The papers look cool. I don't want to unwrap any thing as it is so awesome. Thank you for being such a super partner. Hugs & Hearts, Mona
Response: I'm so glad you liked it all. I had fun putting it together for you!
Comment: I love my new card. I love when cards I receive give me inspiration. Also, love all the stamps to use for crafting. Yeah! Hugs, Mona
Response: I'm so glad you liked it!!Thanks for the heart
meggie rated for Sweet Spring Time Matchbox Swap on Apr 4, 2013
Comment: Wow! Wish I could give you 10 stars...that was like a party in a box!!! Thank you so much for the uber cute match box and all the goodies. The chocolates Were immediately consumed and enjoyed LOL! You're the best!
Response: I am so very glad you liked it. I had a lot of fun putting it together......I am very ready for spring and warmer weather so this was like my little wishful thinking box.lol
user6937 rated for Risk ATC #10 on Mar 27, 2013
Comment: What a great card! I love it, thanks. You don't often see kids on a steampunk card, but they work on it very well, with their straight-laced faces, lol. Did you get the balloon on using the tape transfer method?
Response: I'm glad you liked it and yes I did use the packing tape transfer method-the balloon image came out of an old French physics book I found at an antique shop for $1.00, I didn't get all of the paper off of it though :( there is still some showing.
LeonieP rated for Bird A.T.C. on Mar 11, 2013
Comment: Gorgeous ATC thanks. Very creative and love the colour scheme. Especially love the hand sewing. Thanks for taking the time to make me a great ATC. Couldn't find the bird feather though appreciate the thought! Come to NZ for a visit - it's a great country.
Response: I'm so glad you like it! and you could'nt find the feather because I forgot to put it in there.lol sorry about that.I found it sitting on my shelf after I saw your comment. Thanks for the heart!
artchild rated for Vintage ATC w/ a Bicycle on Mar 11, 2013
Comment: Thanks for a very nicely designed card and for taking time to decorate the envelope. Something I've thought of doing but haven't made a practice of. Anyway it made me happy to see it in the mailbox so thanks again!
Response: I'm so glad it made you happy!That why I do it! Thanks so much for the heart
hannibal rated for Steampunk 2013 on Mar 8, 2013
Comment: i love crocheting. for me it's about as relaxing as you can get. spinning is great fun and you get to crochet with your hand spun. thank you for the two wonderful atcs. they are beautifull i love the contrast between the figures and the backgrounds. thank you so very much. if only i could give you more hearts i would
Response: Thank you so much for the heart. I'm so glad you liked your atcs!

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Neenarneenar on Jun 15, 2015:

Hey Jess, got your wonderful card and goodies last week. I've sent you something in the mail so keep an eye out for it.. You are so talented!!! Have a great week.

LauraAust on Feb 6, 2014:

Littletiscrafty on May 15, 2013:

So glad they like the "cowboy" version of Flat Stanely. I am working on a Flat Stephanie version.

Moni on Feb 3, 2013:

Thanks so much for the profile surprise tag, I just love it all. The beads are so neat, the box is lovely and your card is so cute! Loved it all, thanks!

Jan218 on Jan 25, 2013:

Got your envelope today from the Swap Tag! Thanks for the goodies...they will be good to make ATC's. Cute envelope too! :)

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