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March 24, 2020: I believe I have rated all of the swaps I've received to date. Normally I am okay about rating in a timely manner, but for a period of several weeks I wasn't really paying attention to Swap-bot. I had a long, bad case of the flu in February and still have a lingering cough even now. Hoping you and your loved ones are all doing well. Stay home as much as you can!

December 6, 2019: I took a long break from Swap-bot (more than two years), but now I'm back! We had some major home renovations during that time and my husband is still working on building cabinets for our kitchen. Since 2017 I'm also happy to say that I've had my art shown in several shows and my next one will be at my local library in February. When I was active on SB before I participated in a lot of swaps; that won't be the case now. I'll probably participate in just a few swaps each month in addition to private ones. In the next few days I will be working on taking pictures of items for a trade album on Flickr. Planning to post in the trade forum once it's ready to go.

About me: I am a stay at home mom (my son is 12), artist (not able to support myself with my art), and occasional movie extra! My main hobbies/interests are creating/viewing art, reading (mainly fiction), and cooking/baking. Whenever possible I walk for my errands and for exercise (while playing Pokemon GO). When the weather is a bit warmer I sometimes go for a run (it's more like a slow jog). My husband built me a raised bed garden and a large planter; as of now I have rosemary and thyme in the planter from last year and I recently planted some cilantro and dill seeds. Planning on veggies maybe with some flowers in the raised bed soon. I enjoy listening to music on Spotify, dancing by myself at home, playing board games, learning new things (especially love taking art/craft classes), and exploring new places (traveling is great but I don't like the actual act of traveling if it's anything other than walking). I also like camping though we don’t go often (car camping not backpacking) and I’m a beginner rock climber.

As far as my art is concerned, I enjoy working with a variety of media and techniques. These include (more seriously and dabbling/experimenting with) acrylic painting and pouring, collage, Asian ink painting, lettering/calligraphy, monoprinting, drawing with graphite/pen, colored pencil, embroidery, mail art, cyanotype, and pyrography (woodburning). Most recently I have been somewhat obsessed with rubber stamps. I would like to improve my watercolor painting and like the idea of linoleum/wood block printmaking. Mixing media is something I love; I very rarely create a piece with only one medium. My room/"studio" is cluttered and full of supplies; I, like many of you I suspect, may have a problem with buying/acquiring more than I can use.

I'll include a quick few sentences on various media since Swap-bot has those listed as drop-down options for section titles. (I just saw that "Favorite Crafts" is listed... that's new!) For music lately I've been listening to pop (e.g. Taylor Swift, covers by various artists). For books: Madeline Miller - Circe, Song of Achilles; Hugh Howey - Wool; Blake Crouch - Dark Matter. Most recent book I read was The Testaments by Margaret Atwood and I'm currently reading Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. In addition to books I am a fan of a web comic called Lore Olympus; new “episodes” are posted online each week. I don't have a favorite movie(s). TV: Game of Thrones and Jeopardy! I don't currently watch anything else really aside from YouTube videos of Seth Meyers A Closer Look with my husband. A few podcasts I like, but do not listen to regularly include NPR's Hidden Brain, Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, and Ask Me Another. Last updated on 3/24/2020.


General likes: art, murals and other public art, galleries and museums, books, libraries, mail-related items, floral, botanical, succulents, fruits and veggies, plants in general, vintage, patterned/printed items, art supplies, dresses, cooking/baking, gardening, traveling, camping, scenic views (especially in nature), night sky, planets, constellations, galaxies, rocks and minerals, sea shells and coral. Colors: blues and greens more than others I suppose though I prefer just about anything that’s colorful to items that aren’t. Gold, rose gold, brass as well. Some animals, but especially: cats, owls, sloths, hedgehogs, manatees, and hippos.

While ideally I'd like to be relatively easygoing regarding swaps, realistically I do not want to receive things I can't or won't use. I hope the following list is not a burden for you in any way, but I suppose that most people have some sort of wishlist on their profile to let others know what types of specific items they like so here's mine (new and improved!):

  • All sorts of [true] vintage paper
    • Playing cards, especially ones with floral designs.
    • Postcards, mainly looking for ones with flowers/leaves/plants and ones of Pittsburgh, PA.
    • Gift wrap, wallpaper, maps, dictionary pages, empty seed packets, stationery, greeting cards, and just about any other ephemera/paper/cardboard that is vintage.
  • Newer paper
    • Original images or illustrations (not copied or printed out) for collage/mixed media art. Would especially like flowers, plants, fruits, vegetables, vintage/outdated items, doors, windows, rocks/minerals, sea shells, Earth/planets/celestial things, bubbles, squirrels. Vintage would be a plus, but not necessary.
    • Non-scrapbook paper that has a pattern or print.
    • Grocery store circulars or food catalogs from other countries with pictures of fruits/vegetables/food. (Bonus if the pictures are next to text in a language other than English!)
    • Used postage stamps, especially from other countries. I'd also appreciate it if you used an interesting stamp(s) on your swap to me! I prefer newer, colorful ones that do not feature people.
    • Used or new air mail labels, especially vintage ones and from other countries.
    • Circular date stamp cancels from your mail, packages, or old Delivery Confirmation receipts. (Please leave space around it for me to cut it out myself.)
    • bookmarks
  • Crafty supplies
    • Wood mounted rubber stamps with a realistic image. (No people please.)
    • Stamped images (black ink preferred) on white cardstock or other white thicker paper. Different colored inks and light colored paper may be interesting as well. I mainly just don't want images on plain white printer paper, thanks.
    • Ranger archival ink pads
    • stencils/templates for making handmade envelopes
  • Books
    • Bullfinch's Mythology: The Age of Fable by Thomas Bullfinch
    • Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold by Stephen Fry
    • The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
    • The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang
    • White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo
    • Born a Crime by Trevor Noah
    • Math with Bad Drawings by Ben Orlin
    • Educated by Tara Westover
    • Dear Girls by Ali Wong
    • newer (published 2010 or later) books on embroidery, Chinese brush/ink/sumi-e painting, punch needle, or metalworking
    • vintage illustrated children’s word picture books
    • vintage illustrated children’s nature/science-related books
  • Fiber arts
    • Vintage and newer fabric. Especially prints that are colorful, bold/funky, floral, or feature fruits/vegetables. Also plain white 100% cotton for dyeing and creating cyanotypes.
    • vintage and newer sew-on buttons
    • embroidery floss and wooden/bamboo hoops
  • Miscellaneous objects and art supplies
    • vintage and newer decorative tins to cut up for art
    • cyanotype supplies and original cyanotypes
    • Vintage alphabet blocks and Color Cubes blocks. (They're red, white, blue, yellow, maybe also gray... solid color on some sides and some have two colors divided diagonally.)
    • Clean food packaging that has fruits or vegetables on it (e.g. empty bag of fruit candies). Would love to receive these from other countries or ones that have text in a non-English language.
    • metal letter/envelope seal and sealing wax
    • Back pockets from jeans/jeggings (they don’t have to be blue) that you or someone else in your home no longer wants. Please leave about 3/4” of fabric around it.
    • Wooden rulers (all wood no metal straight edge). I'd also take longer pieces of a wooden yardstick if you happen to have a broken one.
  • Swap supplies
    • blank notecards with envelopes
    • Washi tape rolls. (No samples please... I’ve tried using some I’ve received on cards and they were hard to unstick without tearing.)
    • Stickers of fruits, vegetables, sweets, food in general, plants.
  • Edibles
    • Bare organic apple chips (Fuji and reds).That's the only kind/flavor I've tried... am also interested in organic cinnamon apple, organic granny smith.
    • Trader Joe's Organic Beary Tiny Gummies
    • Meiji Hello Panda snack (chocolate filling only)
    • Mentos Clean Breath mints (peppermint)
  • Super long shot wishes
    • R&F brand encaustic painting supplies
    • Golden and Liquitex brand art supplies (paints, mediums, inks, etc.)
    • Boden dresses size 4P

If we're doing a private swap I'd be glad to consider anything else you think might interest me... let me know what the item(s) are. If I'm your partner for a public swap and there's something you'd like to send me that you're not sure if I'd like/can use you're more than welcome to message me first before sending.

Please do not send:

If you send me the following items they will most likely be given/sent to someone else, donated, recycled, or thrown away so please save them for someone who can use them:

  • scented things because I get headaches and/or allergic reactions
  • images that are not original (copies/printed out), folded, wrinkled, haphazardly cut
  • vintage look/style things (I like true vintage items.)
  • anything religious, political, racist or hateful, scary, gory
  • coffee, tea, drink mixes
  • earrings (My ears aren't pierced.)
  • scrapbook paper and supplies
  • glitter, glittery things
  • ATCs/twinchies/inchies (I don't collect them.)
  • matchboxes, dotee dolls, button fairies
  • Disney or cartoon items, angels/cherubs, clowns, stuff for kids

Thank you!

A few sites/apps I like:

If you like shopping for secondhand clothes, shoes, and/or accessories online check out this site called thredUP. I have ordered many times from them; they sell both gently used and new items for women and kids. I also like Poshmark (have been browsing there on the app more often actually) and if you haven't joined yet I'd appreciate it if you use my invite code: PANDOORA.

If you purchase things online and aren't already a member of a cash back rewards site, check out Mr. Rebates! There are a lot of sites listed with varying percentages cash back. Once you have $10 available you can request a check or PayPal. I also use ibotta; it's an app which I think now may have a browser extension as well. I compare the cash back rate between ibotta and Mr. Rebates before making a purchase... my referral code there is pkkhkvp. You have to reach $20 to withdraw your cash, but ibotta also has what are essentially coupons for items that you buy in store in addition to cash back online at a variety of websites.

Keeping Track

Note: This section has not been updated in a long time and I don't intend to add to it, but would happily delete anyone after whatever is owed has been taken care of.

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Soapboxgirl rated for Rubber Stamp Swap #1 on Mar 23, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful stamps! I love the socks! They were such a sweet thing to send! Thank you for all the wonderful goodies! I cant wait to use the stamps!! <3<3<3
arystotle rated for Paper Scraps Destash on Mar 21, 2020
Comment: Love all the papers so much, thank you
smmarrty rated for Private swap - stamped images on Mar 19, 2020
Comment: Lots of good stuff - love the owls, the postage stuff and the pencil sharpener. Thanks.
Chebaby1 rated for Ephemera swap! USA ONLY!!! on Mar 18, 2020
Comment: I loved everything in the swap
ddoherty6138 rated for Stamped Images x 2 on Mar 4, 2020
Comment: Patty thank you for the package. Lovely set of stamps.
Postalstamplife rated for Stamped Images x 2 on Feb 27, 2020
Comment: Loved the owls. Thank you for the cute stamps.
Comment: I LOVE this envelope! and thanks for the butterfly surprises too! Have a great time with family! Cheers!
shellbee8 rated for shellbee8 and jaz1yn on Feb 26, 2020
Comment: Such beautiful cards! thank you so much for sharing such cute vintage cards from your stash!
Comment: Thank you so much for this awesome swap! I love all the butterfly stamps and stickers and the bookmark! Have a great day! Hugs, Diane
Fabriqueen rated for Envy of Fun Swap on Feb 23, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for all the wonderful goodies! Have a great day! Hugs, Diane
Furie rated for A Happy Surprise on Feb 18, 2020
Comment: I love the material. It reminds me if The Brady Bunch. :) Thanks!
Comment: Thanks for some fun goodies! :D ^^ these bookmarks and PCs are so cute! ^^
marsiemade rated for Super easy de-stash swap! on Feb 18, 2020
Comment: Fabulous selection!
mamameshach rated for A Happy Surprise on Feb 18, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much 😊
Comment: Thank you so much for the great envelope! I love all of the vintage postcards and ephemera!
Kraftylady777 rated for A Happy Surprise on Feb 15, 2020
Comment: I love it all! Thank you so much!
Ninna rated for 10 used post stamp#121✿♥‿♥✿ on Feb 12, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the nice selection!
Cindymt rated for Envy of Fun Swap on Feb 11, 2020
Comment: Thank you! My studies are going well!
aero rated for 30 used post stamp#111 ✿♥‿♥✿ on Feb 10, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the selection of stamps and the Butterfly card😊
Comment: I enjoyed seeing your envelope greet me today. Thank you for the movie suggestion. I have not watched it yet, but put it in list to do so. Love the chicken playing card, book mark, recipe and the 2 Christmas cards. Have a great weekend.

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SoCarla on Dec 9, 2019:

THANKS for joining the destash swap, and for a detailed, well filled out profile.

CurlyTea on Dec 18, 2018:

Happy Birthday!

bbsporty on Feb 17, 2017:

Handmade Postcard Club

RyeRye on Dec 11, 2016:

Mugsie on Dec 31, 2015:

PookiePie1307 on Jan 22, 2015:

I'm at work but think I might be able to assist you in some of the books you're looking for! I buy, read, and sell like new condition books all the time (I sell them very, very cheap to encourage more folks to read, it's a calling of mine) so generally have a pretty good stash. Maybe we can arrange a private swap! If I don't have them now I will definitely in the future. I just sold the entire MI series a few days ago for $1 a book, wish I still had it so I could send the ones you need! Comment on my profile if you don't mind so I can find your profile again when I get home. I love love love that you guys are such avid readers!!!

Sakubik on Dec 10, 2014:

Glad you like the idea, and this time we have even twice the participants!

I recall you have contacted your partner about it and since this includes no physical sending I am not too strict on this one :D But please still try to finish some time soon ;) Would love to see the old and new one

Mugsie on Nov 27, 2014:

anrtist on Oct 7, 2014:


Blessings, cc

VivaLaDiane on Jun 25, 2014:

Thanks for the message. It's always been my pleasure to help anyone I can but now is my time to break for quite awhile. Take care always!! ♥♥

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