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Date Joined: September 18, 2023
Last Online: May 19, 2024
Birthday: September 10
Country: Taiwan
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You can send RAK and surprise mail to me. My address is below:
Kiyasu Oka
6F, № 60, Lane 85
Baoqiao Road, Xindian District
New Taipei City 231-45 TAIWAN

E-mail me. | my site | my Flickr mail photos: kiyasugreen | my Etsy shop: kiyasu |
I am open to surprises, which means you can pretty much send me anything you want. But if "you can pretty much send anything" is too vague, here are some ideas of things you can send me:
* Artwork you draw of my site's mascot character called "Reeruro" (references at www.kiyasugreen.com/reeruro.php)... Please, please, please, please, PLEASE draw or doodle her (even if an attempt!) if you can, because this is basically the #1 thing I want to look forward to receiving at this time!! Will ABSOLUTELY make my day!!!
* Card decks (containing playing cards, game cards like UNO! or others, tarot cards, lenormand cards, Digimon cards, Pokemon cards, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, Magic: The Gathering cards, artist collection cards, etc...)
* Dice stuff (including dices I can use for either psychic readings and/or games), board game stuff, tabletop stuff, etc.
* Anything that tells me about your country or your area
* Business cards (including ones you designed, those restaurants you go to, and so on)
* Christmas and winter season stuff (also love receiving Christmas stuff at random times of the year)
* Birthday mail and presents for my birthday
* Stationery
* Envelopes
* Anything "AIR MAIL" themed
* Stickers
* Postcards
* Note cards
* Pens, fountain pens, markers, etc.
* Deco/washi tapes and rubber stamps
* Single cards from card decks
* Postage stamps (doesn't matter if canceled or unused)
* Vintage envelopes and items
* Teabags
* Matcha latte powder bags (especially if the powder already contains milk flavor in it)
* Candy, snacks, chocolate, etc. (I especially like Haribo gummy bears and Andes Mint Chocolate)
* 90s and early 2000s video game items
* Artwork you draw
* Art supplies
* Divination tools that I can use for my psychic readings for my clients and my shop
* Books (especially children's fiction like Emily Rodda's Deltora Quest series and Elizabeth Winthrop's The Castle in the Attic... I also may like young adult romance)
* Books you wrote and published
* Art books of illustrators and/or designers
* Art prints of artwork you drew
* DVDs (especially of children's films or animated films like Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis or Chibi Maruko Chan: Italia kara kita Shounen)
* Anything to do with Tales of Destiny, Tales of Eternia, Tales of Destiny 2, and Tales of Rebirth. (including drawings you draw of characters from these games)
* Anything to do with KONAMI 90s and earlier 2000s things like Ganbare Goemon, Tokimeki Memorial 1~2, Twinbee, etc.

NOTE: The above list are just ideas of some things that I'll DEFINITELY like, but doesn't mean you have to send me any of the stuff above. You can, for example, send me things that are a different genre of books or even send me some coffee stuff (although I don't really drink coffee, I do drink it if people give it to me), or try other things with me.

I create and manufacture my own card decks like playing cards and other kinds of decks (see some of my decks here), so would like receiving cards and decks. It also makes me very happy to receive artwork you draw of my site's mascot character called "Reeruro," who is a fictional spirit character I created and designed in 2009. I use her as my avatar on my accounts online. I made a Reeruro page where I gather all my Reeruro gift artworks sent in by people over the years. You can also find various references for drawing the character. So if you can include some drawings (even simple doodles are cool!! :D) of Reeruro, that'd make me very happy to receive ^_^ I might feature your mail at www.flickr.com/photos/kiyasugreen/ *if* I decide to take photos for the month(s) or time I happen to receive your mail. Before I "revived" my Flickr account in November 2023, you can see that my last Flickr mail photos was from January 2011; I decided to do it again for mail from December 2023 to March 2024. But I probably won't be consistently doing it like I used to in 2010.

I started receiving and sending mail with people I met online since 2006. Knew about Swap-bot over 13 years ago but somehow only signed up recently. My profile is short like this so that it is easier for you to send me surprises and "sender's choice" items without the potential concern of sending the "wrong" items to me. I keep all of my mail and will never reuse parts of your envelope into another mailing or mail art, unless if it is obvious stuff to use (e.g., extra blank letter sheets enclosed that are meant to be used for writing letters on). So if you send me stuff like your local post office's blank postal forms, I will keep it and cherish it unused or at least put it as display or "use" somewhere in the home. If you send me candy or chocolate, after eating it, I may wash the wrapper, dry it, and then put it back inside your envelope. I also keep what I can with teabags after finishing drinking the tea: cut open the tea bag "pouch," throw the inside tea powder or leaf residues into food waste, but still keep the soaked "pouch," string tag, and the outer packaging that has the tea's name. Then, put all of this back inside your envelope and cherish it.

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A convenience links list of every single Swap-bot swap I have ever participated in:
3 PC Letter - Anything goes - Feb 24 - Newbie3 Things In An Envelope INTL #233 Things In An Envelope INTL #244 Flat Mail Things Swap - International4 Flat Mail Things Swap Part 2- International 7 Notepapers - 7 Days #14 - INTL - Newbie Friendly10 Songs - 10 Names10 Songs - 10 People10 Songs - Christmas Time10 Songs - Places10 Songs - Weather Phenomena100-Word Story: Receiving Nothing100-Word Story: The Wrong Place at The Wrong TimeA giveaway of happy mail !!April 2024 Postcard Swap InternationalBooklines by email no. 1Christmas Card and a Tea - InternationalChristmas CelebrationChristmas Mail Swap 1 person -1 country #3Christmas or Holiday Cards - INT'LChristmas Postcard - International🎅 CHRISTMAS QUESTIONS & PIC SCAVENGER HUNTChristmas QuestionsDecember 2023 Instagram Likes 5X5(Electronic Swap) Daily Boredom Buster #1Electronic Swap) Boredom Buster #4(Electronic Swap) Weekly Accountability Swap #1Email Accountability Swap #24Email Accountability Swap 2024 #3Email Accountability Swap 2024 #5Email Accountability Swap 2024 #6Email Accountability Swap 2024 #7Email Accountability Swap 2024 #8Email Accountability Swap 2024 #9Email Accountability Swap 2024 #10(E-mail Swap) 20 Questions(Email Swap) Currently I'm ...End of Year Questions 2023 EditionEnvie Full Of HappinessFavorite Book Quote- PCfirst and last booklines 33 intFlat Gift SwapFlower Power, the 2023 edition #8Flower Power 2024 #1 InternationalFriendship book swap #1GROUP: AR - Postcard in envelopeGROUP: ESG: 5 x 5GROUP: ESG: My Favorite Photo - December GROUP: ESG: My Favorite Photo - JanuaryGROUP: ESG: Show Me Your TreeGROUP: ESG: Shuffle your music #45GROUP: ESG: Virtual Holiday Card ExchangeGROUP: LSRUS: My Son's 22nd Birthday! (GH: My Son turns 22!) ★ GROUP: ESG: Year-End WrapGROUP: LSS - Alphabet Playlists - FGROUP: LSS - Alphabet Playlists - GGROUP: LSS - Choose Your Own PlaylistGROUP: LSS - Favorite Songs of 2023GROUP: LSS - The Saddest Songs I LoveGROUP: PP - Welcome 2024GROUP: WIYM: ANYTHING GOES NAKED POSTCARD SWAP #1GROUP: WIYM: Decorated env with flat surprise#2GROUP: WIYM: Decorated env with flat surprise #3GROUP: WIYM; IT FLIES NAKED POSTCARD SWAP #3GROUP: WYIM: Just swap something! #2GROUP: WIYM: PURPLE POSTCARD #1GROUP: WIYM: PURPLE POSTCARD #2GROUP: WIYM: Send Happiness Postcard SwapHappy PC Swap!🐄 HERD MENTALITY SWAP #5 - THE JINGLE BELLESHere's a list of my favorite things #2I would join this swap but I am too busy...INTL Email - How's Everyone Doing?Jan.2024 Instagram Likes 8/8Jolly CatMassKawaii RAKkpop song PC, DecLet's Brag! #3My Dear Kawaii Penpal First ChapterMy Favorite GiftsMy Top Songs This Month - November 2023National Nothing Day - January 16 (2024) ★ "New to you" kpop song, JanuaryNew Years QuestionsPalestinian recipe Pinterest swap✰Perfume in a Notecard - International✰PC-Sticker Bomb 5PRIVATE: [2023-12-26 Private Swap] Naked PostcardPRIVATE: [2024-02-15 Private Swap] Four Blank PostcardsPRIVATE: [2024-03-28 Private Swap] Let's Brag!PRIVATE: Accountability List SwapPRIVATE: My Son Turns 22 PVTPRIVATE: Private end of year questionsPRIVATE: Private postcard swapPRIVATE: tarot postcardPRIVATE: Tea Swap with kiyasuPRIVATE: Two Postcards swapPunny Postcards #2Punny Postcards #3Quick Swaps: SnowSong Association #12 - NightSong Association #13 - HappySong association 14 —LOVETea 3x3 with Friends! #38TGIF Weekend Notecard #379TGIF Weekend Notecard #380TGIF Weekend Notecard #383TGIF Weekend Notecard #384TGIF Weekend Notecard #385The Love of Books - InternationalThere's an App for That!Throwback! #2Traveling book card #64Traveling PC's World, #82💞 Valentine from my Country #6 💌Valentine PC 💘What mail did you get this week #3What's on the table for Christmas?Winter Questionswould you rather 17 intnwould you rather 18intnwould you rather 19intwould you rather 20int

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IMPORTANT: This is NOT a flakers or non-raters list. This is ONLY a convenience list for me to better keep track of the swaps that aren't fully finished yet. There could be all sorts of reasons I haven't been rated yet; for example: the signup deadline was only just yesterday, the person thought they rated but somehow didn't, they haven't received my mail yet, and so on. I will completely remove the swap and names from the public list below once the particular reason is solved:
3 Things In An Envelope INTL #24 As of May 9th, 2024, I haven't been rated by @BluGinhm yet.
10 Songs - 10 Names @thecolorofinfinity didn't send me anything yet, and I was "angeled" for this swap.
10 Songs - 10 People @hannabannanna didn't send me anything yet. I was "angeled" for this swap twice even though once was what was needed. First "angeling" was by the swap host @Stachel and the second "angeling" was from @hell0z0mbie who is NOT from the swap at all. "It looks like the host angeled it, but I still wanted to send a playlist for "10 Songs - 10 People" because it was a fun topic. I don't usually join other hosts' public swaps (too many flakers!) but thought about joining this one." (I basically told @hell0z0mbie it's okay if she wants to "angel" for this swap even though @Stachel had already "angeled" it, and this was what happened in the end!)
10 Songs - Weather Phenomena @Jenann82 didn't send me anything for this swap yet. I was "angeled" for this swap.
April 2024 Postcard Swap International As of May 13th, 2024, I have one more rating from @mimi23 left, so hope she rates me when she receives my postcard. :D
Christmas Card and a Tea - International @Fabriqueen apparently sent something on November 26th, 2023, but I haven't received it yet as March 12th, 2024. I already messaged her my thoughts around January 28th, 2024. Her last sign-in date is February 5th, 2024. I rated her a 1 on February 19th, 2024 (her last log-in date is still around February 5th on March 12th, 2024). But because she is still receiving 5 ratings for swaps in November and December, it seems I might actually still receive the mail but could take months. I actually also contacted the swap host @MahoganyMoon about this in January 2024 and finally got a reply at the end of February, but eh...
🎅 CHRISTMAS QUESTIONS & PIC SCAVENGER HUNT @hannabannanna didn't send me anything yet. I was only "angeled" for this swap after I specifically asked to be "angeled."
Email Accountability Swap 2024 #3 I was not rated by my partner @Gamora and turns out she did not sign in to the site since January 14th (2024). In other words, she flaked on her other partner, but when I contacted the swap host @MamaKek about it, turns out she made a mistake on not checking the last sign-in date. We were able to resolve this further by her leaving a profile comment and then I proposed a private swap to get the ratings.
Email Accountability Swap 2024 #10 New swap as of May 15th, 2024. (As of May 17th, 2024, let's see how long it takes before the swap host @MamaKek sends me the swap for Email Accountability Swap 2024 #9... YES!!! It is a PERFECT time to "cram" my Email Accountability Swap 2024 #9 list before sending it to @UKRebel85 and so I don't have to send #10's list to @riftvegan yet :P :P :P If the swap host @MamaKek hasn't send me their updated list from #9 yet, then I have time before I send @riftvegan mine for #10... :P)
End of Year Questions 2023 Edition @Jenann82 didn't send me anything for this swap yet. Not "angeled" for this swap yet. Even contacted the swap host @thebragal about the flaker various times before, and wasn't addressed on the flaker issue at all. Most recent contact was not responded to at all.
Envie Full Of Happiness As of May 9th, 2024, I haven't been rated by @KrystalCook yet and I haven't received anything from @kimpulse either. I contacted both of them, and no reply from @kimpulse yet.
GROUP: LSRUS: My Son's 22nd Birthday! New "swap" as of May 15th, 2024.
GROUP: LSS - Choose Your Own Playlist @hannabannanna didn't send me anything yet, and I was "angeled" for this swap.
GROUP: WIYM: Decorated env with flat surprise #3 As of May 9th, 2024, @deltiologycollective has not rated me yet, but then this swap is still quite new and I actually just received my swap for this yesterday on May 8th!
GROUP: WIYM: PURPLE POSTCARD #1 As of March 27th, 2024, I haven't been rated by @goinjenny yet. I also messaged her about not rating and asked her to rate.
Let's Brag! #3 As of May 9th, 2024, I have received nothing from @LaureAndLucky but then her mail usually takes a longer time to get to me. Well, at least for now, I can continue joking that she sent me nothing :P Thanks to @LaureAndLucky for the tendency to send me nothing! (Hope this joke works :D)
My Top Songs This Month - November 2023 @emcki has not rated me for this swap yet. I contacted her about in January 2024 about not rating, and she did read my message but didn't give me a reply. :'( Also saw she did sign in on the site on February 18th, 2024... not sure how I feel about not receiving a rating from THE swap host T_T
National Nothing Day - January 16 @Jenann82 has not rated me for this nothing yet. (And maybe that's part of the joke :P) But I still hope I can receive a rating for the nothing I sent. :'( :'( :'( Noooooooooooo :'( :'( :'(!!! I did actually mail her the postcard versions of my nothing cards, except all inside an envelope like I did with my other swap partner. She might not be checking e-mail and signing into Swap-bot anymore, so at least some nothing in the mail with my thoughts about her disappearing and flaking other swaps, might be better communication to reach her and may help remind her of the swaps she left hanging all for nothing :P
Punny Postcards #3 As of May 9th, 2024, I haven't been rated by @CHOWEFACE yet and also just contacted her about it. She replied confirming she actually hasn't received it yet.
Tea 3x3 with Friends! #38 Both @Jazzclub34 and @yaga have not rated me for this swap yet. I also e-mailed both of them about whether they have received my mail yet and asked them to rate me (with the *direct* clickable URL to the rating page at https://www.swap-bot.com/swap/rating.php?id=350288 that I also test-clicked on after the e-mail is sent, to make sure the URL is clickable on their end and no typos or extra spaces got inside the URL by accident or something). I also kind of explained to them that rating a received mail is quite a requirement on this site (in case they didn't know that), as well as attached scanner scans of the mail, customs forms, and tea bags as e-mail attachments. I received no response to my e-mails. :'( They also seemed to have flaked on this swap to other partners and haven't logged in to Swap-bot before partners were assigned. I hope this can be solved someday, as I took so much time and effort to prepare the teabags and mail, so at least an acknowledgement of receipt and that my teabags are treated with care and value would really help me feel better about this :'(
TGIF Weekend Notecard #380 As of May 9th, 2024, I haven't been rated by @Lexa1985 yet and also just contacted her about it.
What's on the table for Christmas? @beegal have not rated me for this swap yet. Also, @hannabannanna didn't send me anything yet, and I was NOT "angeled" for this swap. There are only five (5) participants in this swap, and you send to three (3) people. But ONLY three (3) of the people (me included as one of them) had sent their swap; the other two (2) sent nothing. So, it's not like I could ask any other swap participant if they could me send their side of the swap for "angeling," as I had already received everything I could by default from the assigned partners list. (If anyone wants to "angel" this swap for me, I'd much appreciate it. For example: if you are NOT a part of this swap, but did actually take a photo of your Christmas meal or dining table at the time for 2023 or another Christmas year, then you can send me that along with the answers to the questions from this swap, just for me.)
would you rather 17 intn @SunflowerRose is the host of this swap, and turns out I may not be receiving the postcard at all if even the U.S.A. version of this is not received. Partners were also assigned late for this swap during December 2023, and I had actually messaged the swap host asking when partners would be assigned. I asked @hell0z0mbie to "angel" this swap for me on February 26th, 2024, and received the "angeled" swap in March 2024.


LavenderSprinkles rated for My Son Turns 22 PVT on May 16, 2024
Comment: Thanks for your participation in this swap. My son is very excited to get mail from you. He really enjoys mail from your part of the world.
Comment: Thank you so much, I loved your list! All of the music made me nostalgic, I love A*teens and oh my god I completely forgot about Deltora Quest but I read those books as a kid!! 😻 I didn’t know there was an anime, I will have to check it out! And thank you for the super cute drawing of your character Reeruro on the envelope. Have a wonderful day 🧡
Comment: Awesome partnership
Comment: Thank you for the Pterodactyl Mail card. I like it very much.
cowboypoodle rated for ESG: Shuffle your music #45 on May 6, 2024
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely playlist!!! :-)
tizzicat rated for Booklines by email no. 1 on May 5, 2024
Comment: Thank you. I remember reading this when I was younger
Comment: You got such a lot completed - well done :)
Comment: Thank you for the lovely postcard! I'll look at your etsy. I have been to Taiwan several times for my work travel, the high mountain tea shops area above Taipei is one of my favorites! Glad you are safe from the earthquake. Take care!
Catt007 rated for ESG: Shuffle your music #45 on Apr 23, 2024
Comment: Hi, sorry for the slow rating, I thought I'd already done it but I must not have clicked save. Thanks for the list. Catch you soon 😸
Comment: Thank you for the drawing!
Comment: Thank you for the little sunflower sunshine! Like your page on Etsy! Love to follow you and your art!
riftvegan rated for Email Accountability Swap 2024 #7 on Apr 17, 2024
Comment: Laughs! It's great how you "cram" at the end of the 2weeks to get more stuff done! Also, I Loved the bug story you put in your updates... Sad ending (you didn't kill him, he was sick already!) but just the fact that you are dedicating so much brain power to this little being that everyone hates. It's just nice to see that in a human from time to time! Anyway... Good Job with all your projects and chores!
looktothisday15089 rated for Let's Brag! #3 on Apr 16, 2024
Comment: great commercial for your etsy shop.
Sandy1969 rated for AR - Postcard in envelope on Apr 16, 2024
Comment: Thank you Kiyasu for lovely postcards. I liked them all. Also the artwork on envelope, note and beautiful stamps. ❤️❤️❤️
NatashaJane rated for 3 Things In An Envelope INTL #24 on Apr 12, 2024
Comment: Kiyasu, where to begin. I love your artwork and how when you saw my profile, it made you think of me. I do love it. It's so unique so it will be going in my folder of special things I keep. I love you little card letter and how you would love to stay in touch as I feel the same. I love that you are from Taiwan as I have never had and penpals or swaps from there before. And yes my daughter is now one, I'm slowly fixing my profile lol. Talk soon. Feel free to msg me xx
Comment: Thank you for the bragging rights list. It is a good list!!
ariestess rated for ESG: Shuffle your music #45 on Apr 7, 2024
Comment: Thanks for sharing! Definitely some stuff I know and some new stuff to check out in spotify!
Comment: Hello! Thank you so much for a wonderful swap! I love the beautiful envelope and postcards. I enjoyed reading your lovely note. It was super kind and thoughtful to give your etsy shop and email address. I cannot wait to check it out. Have a great weekend!
krspellman rated for TGIF Weekend Notecard #383 on Apr 4, 2024
Comment: thank you for the card, I love your drawings. I hope everything is going well for you :-)
LeslieLovesMail82 rated for Envie Full Of Happiness on Apr 3, 2024
Comment: Oh my goodness, Kiyasu! What a wonderful package - I absolutely loved everything and truly appreciate you sharing some of your special creations with me. You are so talented! The Alice in Wonderland and mermaid coloring pages made me so happy, you are sweet. Thank you so much for everything, xo! :-)

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MamaKek on Feb 19, 2024:

Hi Kiyasu! Thank you for joining my Accountability Swap! It was nice to have you. Great job with your list, and I swear kitchen tables are like gremlins and multiply piles while we sleep 😂 I hope you will join us again, we have a great group of regular participants and you are clearly a great partner 💕❤️❤️❤️

HappyMom on Dec 10, 2023:

Welcome to the electronic swaps group!

Leekoba on Dec 8, 2023:

Kawaii RAK: Hope you have a lovely holiday <3 Happy Swapping!

Kawaii Christmas

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