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kittyhahahotbot on Sep 22, 2019:

user2637 on Apr 24, 2015:

FYI - @gothnanacreations is offering to make up swaps that her 'neighbor' flaked on using her information. The old profile is @nana713 and owes you a swap.

shelleym on Apr 21, 2015:

Hello, you entertaining loon! I'm so sorry to hear that you're hungry and have no shoes. I can't wait to hear the rest of your extensive list of grievances when your letter arrives!! Meanwhile, yes, I can definitely accommodate your request. I'll have my driver take me to the art store and I'll point with my extra-long cigarette holder at the frame that I feel is most suitable for the (minimum 11"x17") artwork I will prepare. The owner will bow obsequiously and have it wrapped and sent to my penthouse apartment, and then I will design and execute an exclusive illustration for you, all while looking fabulous, of course. Did you want a pony, too?

RareBlue on Apr 20, 2015:

So glad! And don't worry about quirky mail. I love it all. Plain will do too! BetsyPreston and I got off to a rocky start but I have a peace offering to send her. Just waiting for her to send me her address. It's such a small pen pal world! ShellyM is hilarious just like you so I am not surprised you two write one another. See you in the post!

RareBlue on Apr 2, 2015:

Mail out. Yep. Never, ever feel bad for sending late with me. ;)


naturenerd3 on Jan 3, 2014:

Happy New Year! I got your letter and I'll be replying shortly so don't be a stranger! ;)

naturenerd3 on Dec 11, 2013:

Did you see this swap? It looks hilarious


Kera on Nov 12, 2013:

Your profile has been the most entertaining of all the ones I've read so far. Your sense of humor is hilarious, probably due in large to its blatant nature. I wish you the best outcome with the divorce and all the crap that comes along with it (like having to move back in The Mother Unit- "whaa whaa waaaaa..."). Things will get better ... Unless you're still waiting for rock-bottom, then, umm, I'm sorry. ;)

crescendo on Nov 9, 2013:

Bwahahaha about your comment on the Christmas card swap. Will you rate me down if the card has Santa depicted as fat or elves in a sweat shop?

fawnscrafts on Nov 8, 2013:

Good for you, you go girl!

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