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Date Joined: March 1, 2013
Last Online: March 2, 2017
Birthday: July 14
Country: United States
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Hi! I'm Jess! I am 32 years old and a mommy to my beautiful nine-year-old son. I have lived in New England my whole life and always wish I could live someplace warmer! I am a creative spirit and enjoy several different kinds of crafts. My favorites right now are making homemade kawaii squishies, handmade stickers, and resin pendants!

Because of a chronic health condition, I spend a lot of time by myself. The alone time doesn't bother me though - I actually rather enjoy it sometimes. I can get lost in whatever I'm doing and completely take my mind off reality for the time being.

I can be picky about certain things and I am definitely a perfectionist. I am always willing to help people in any way that I can and my friends know to come to me when they need someone to listen.

I can also be moody, short tempered, and at times very impatient! But if you're on my good side you have nothing to worry about. :)

So, enough of that. Let's get to the good stuff!

If you send me anything from my Wishpot Wishlist, my "Stuff I Want" Pinterest Board, or my "My Kawaii Wishlist" Pinterest Board I will be eternally grateful to you!

Just a Note: If you are involved in a swap with me, I will treat you just as I would any customer who orders from any of my shops. I will prepare and pack your item(s) with care, ship in a timely manner (before the deadline), and answer all messages within 12-24 hours. Also I will rate our swap as soon as I receive what needs to be sent on your end.

With that said, I also expect to be treated with respect and would very much appreciate not being sent anything that you yourself would not want to receive. I know we all have stuff we don't want - I don't want your junk either! 😤

I am always up for private swaps so don't be afraid to drop me a message if you're interested!


I Love.....

My Favorite Themes

Below is a list of my favorite themes (in no particular order). I would love to receive anything related to any of these themes! (with the exception of items from my "Please Do Not Send" List, which is listed further below).

  • Alice in Wonderland

  • Rainbow Brite

  • Nintendo

  • Care Bears

  • Neon Colors

  • Strawberry Shortcake

  • Kawaii

  • Gizmo

  • My Little Pony

  • Popples

  • 1980's

  • Rainbows

  • Cats

  • Mario (and the gang)

  • Lisa Frank

And By The Way....

General Likes:

(please read further below for more detailed lists!):Blank Journals w/ Pretty/Interesting Covers, Kawaii, The Eiffel Tower, Animals, Popples, Stickers, Paint Pens, My Little Pony, Care Bears, Photography, Alice in Wonderland, Betsey Johnson ANYTHING, Sparkles & Glitter, Make Up, Sanrio Characters, Rainbows, Bold, Bright Colors, Strawberry Shortcake, The Crafter's Devotional (book), Rainbow Brite, Japanese Culture, Animal Crossing, Smash Books, Rock Band (Expert Guitar), Nintendo, Chunky Bold Jewelry, Art/Junk Journals, Neons, Mixed Media, Pastels, Jewelry Making, Vintage & Junk Jewelry Lots, DIY, Tokidoki, Cherries, 1980's, Anything having to do with Japanese Decora - love love LOVE it, Fairy Tales, Demeter Fragrance Library (I own over 50 of their scents already!), Resin Jewelry, Decoden, Polymer Clay Art, Hood Birthday Party Ice Cream, "BubbleGum/Gumball" Style Jewelry, Pink (the color), Psychology, Gizmo (but NOT any of the mean Gremlins), Mario Bros, Nail Polish, Making Homemade Squishies, Blind Boxes/Packets, Urban Decay, Gloomy Bear, Stationery, The Birthday Massacre, Mushrooms, Guided Journals, Animals (especially cats & kittens), Listmaking, Pinterest, Lisa Frank, Monthly Subscription Boxes, Snail Mail, Metallics, CK One, Magazines, Fans (need them to sleep and feel strange without one running when I'm awake too!), Writing, Mystery Auctions/Lots/Grab Bags/Etc, Tattoos, Rock Concerts, Candles, ASMR, Scary Movies, Fun Surveys/Questions, Kitsch, Fiber Optics, Surprises, Music Notes, Stars & Moons, Fairies, Unicorns, Mark Montano, Toast w/ Jam Theme, Swirl Pops, My Laptop, Shameless(US), Studying Medicine in my Free Time (particularly Urology, to learn more about my health condition), Disney World, Nighttime, Christmas

General Dislikes:

(please read further below for more detailed lists!): Any Candy or Gum with the word "Winter" in it, Unmade Beds, People Talking Over Me, Clowns, Sci-Fi, Sports, Lotion, Pig or Monkey Themes, Twilight Series, Talking on the Phone, Chocolate Ice Cream, Soap Operas, Facebook, Animal Cruelty, Outdoors, Bad Spelling & Grammar, Tight Clothes, Green Olives, Dollar Store Cosmetics, Harry Potter, Bugs, Country Music, Plaid, Being Rushed, Clubbing, Messiness, Camping, History, Rollercoasters, Comic Books, Getting Up Early, Sandals (especially when guys wear them), Not Having Enough Hours in the Day, Public Speaking, Sweet Pickles, My tiny hands, Alcohol, Driving on the Highway, Narcissism, High Heels, Needles, Fast Food, Tea, Pokemon, Heights, Justin Bieber...and that he has my initials


Low Quality, Dirty, Junky, and/or Ripped, Torn, Broken Items (e.g. Crap), Trash, & Items You Would Not Want to Receive Yourself


Taffy & other stick-to-your-teeth Candy, Marshmallow, Raisins, Nuts, Cinnamon & Hot Candy, Coconut

Keychains & Magnets

Anything that has to do with my "General Dislikes", as well as any Nickelodeon/Disney Channel Characters, Sesame Street, Looney Tunes, Monster High, Bratz, Tamagotchi, or Barbies

Religious Items - Yes I am religious but this doesn't mean I have to like religious stuff

Regular Office Supplies - Notebooks, Pens, Pencils, Post-It's, Staplers, etc

Toiletries - Soap, Deodorant, Kleenex, Razors, Shampoo....you get the idea. I am very picky and only use certain toiletries which is why I buy them all myself!

Holiday, Patriotic, Wedding, Baby Shower, or Birthday Themed Items (unless specific for a swap)

Clothes - I need to try them on first because nothing fits me and I am very picky! (exception: Cute socks in Sz 8-10)

Baby, Toddler, and Children's Items - I buy everything my son needs!

Teacher/Reward, Promotional, Dull, Drab, Boring, or Mrs. Grossman's Stickers

Recipes/Recipe Cards

Coupons (unless it is for something 100% free)

Box Tops

Trading Cards and ATC Cards (unless specific for a swap)


Items that say "Princess", "Angel", "Diva", or something similar on them

Hair Accessories - Hair Bows, Barrettes, Headbands, Claws, etc


Items for Sewing, Crocheting, or Knitting (exception: kawaii fabric/ribbon)

Feathers, Brads, Eyelets

Post Cards (exception: Kawaii or International)

Oil Based Perfumes (like roll-on's)

Garden Stuff (I don't have a garden)

CD's, DVD's, or VHS Tapes

Cell Phone Accessories - charms, pouches, straps, covers, etc

Anything Peach Flavored or Scented


Kawaii, Kawaii, and More Kawaii - Stationery, Stickers, Vinyl Toys, Fabrics, etc (see "Kawaii" section)

Stickers - Some favorites are kawaii sticker brands (bet you didn't see that coming) such as San-X/Q-Lia/Crux/Mind Wave/Kamio, Lisa Frank, K & Co, Making Memories, Recollections, Vintage 80's Stickers, Glittery, Holographic, Shiny, Colorful, etc

Jewelry Making Supplies - Beads, Charms, Cabochons, Findings, Components, Ring/Bobby Pin Blanks, etc (All the better if the supplies are colorful!) Note: I am very picky when it comes to the type of jewelry supplies I like and will swap for. To get an idea of what types of supplies I am interested in, please take a look at my Jewelry Supplies Set on my Flickr page.

Make Up, Nail Polish, and some Hair Care Items (see "Make Up" section)

Resin Jewelry Making Supplies - Resin, Molds, Powder/Liquid Pigments/Dyes/Colorants, Bails/Bezels/Pendants/Ring Blanks, Clip Art Sheets, Mold Release/Conditioner, Sealers/Polishers, Embellishments (stickers, sprinkles, tiny toys, micro beads, glitter, etc). I just started the whole resin jewelry thing so any supplies right now would be greatly appreciated!

Squishy Making Supplies - Sponges, Memory Foam, Density Foam, Puffy Paint

Sakura Pens, Zig Writers, Gel Pens, Souffle, 3-D Pens, Chalk Markers, etc

Other Random Craft Items - Unfinished Wooden Boxes/Frames/Letters/etc, Clear Glass Vases/Candle Holders/etc, Paint Pens, Clip Art/Motif Books, Buttons, Glitter, Rubber Stamps, Patterned Paper (NO junky paper bits please!), Polymer Clay & Supplies, other various craft items (NO UNWANTED JUNK PLEASE!!!)

Anything that has to do with my "Favorite Themes" or "General Likes"

Toys & Figurines - Vinyl Toys, Tokidoki ANYTHING (I LOVE the Unicornos!), Moofia, Cactus Pups, Kidrobot, My Little Pony, Care Bears, Littlest Pet Shop, Blindbox Vinyl Toys/Figures, 80's toys (in good condition), & others

Rainbow Anything!

Anything from my Kawaii Wishlist or Stuff I Want Pinterest Boards

Candles - Number one preference would be Diamond Candles or Prize Candles in any scents. I also love the votives and jar candles from Yankee Candle. Also I have found many handmade candles to be appealing and uniquely scented. Please no wax tarts, unscented, or any Peach, Coconut, Lavender, Floral, Pine, Musk, or Vanilla scented!

Zentangles - Books, Kits, & whatnot. I would love to try them!

Anything from Hot Topic, PerpetualKid, OpulentItems, Girlprops, ShopHullabaloo, Sephora, Hobby Lobby, Coastal Scents, and any Kawaii shop

Lisa Frank Items - Stickers, Notepads, Vintage Tins, Binders, Loose Memo's, anything really!

Anything Neon! Neon Pink is my favorite but I LOVE all Neon colors!


Kawaii Items - I have Mini/Large Memo's, Letter Sets, Sticker Flakes/Sacks/Sheets, Loose Puffy & Epoxy Stickers, Deco Tape up the wazoo, Cabochons, Pens, and Pencils. I also have a smaller amount of Plushies, Squishies, Cello/Gift Bags, Erasers, Zipper Pouches, and Coin Purses.

Jewelry Making Supplies - Beads, Charms, Cabochons, Findings, Components, Wire, Elastic Cord, Chain, Earring/Ring/Bracelet/Barrette Blanks, Pendants, Vintage Parts & Pieces, Cameos, Settings, Buttons

Make Up, Nail Polish, Bath, Body & Hair Care Items - MOST items are high end and come from several Monthly Beauty Boxes. Includes Sample, Deluxe Sample, Travel, and Full Size items. You can view some of the items in my Flickr photos.

Assorted Craft Items - Too many to list but includes Glass Votives/Vases and Unfinished Wooden Boxes/Frames/Letters (for painting, decorating, etc), Patterned Paper, Rubber Stamps, Glitter/Sequins in mixed shapes and colors, Different Mediums, Plain/Unfinished Light Switch Plate & Outlet Covers, & more

Stickers - Kawaii (already mentioned above), Holographic, Glittery, 3-D, Chipboard, Scratch 'n Sniff, Blingy, Metallic, Puffy, Epoxy. Some brands include K&Co, Recollections, Paperchase, Lisa Frank, Making Memories, Me & My Big Ideas, Sticko, Disney, Sandylion, Jolee's Boutique, & more

Clothes - I have clothes in new and like new condition. Nothing stained or ripped. Jeans, shirts, shorts, pajamas, etc.


Kawaii Items I Like: Memo Pads Sticker Flakes/Sacks/Sheets Puffy Stickers Glittery/Metallic/Holographic Stickers Capsule/Liquid Stickers Shaker/Air In Stickers Epoxy Stickers PVC Stickers Letter Sets Deco Tape Plushies Squishies Pens Fabric Pencils Decals Cabochons Charms Gift/Cello Bags/Packaging Loose Memo Sheets Blindbox Vinyl Toys Lucky Dips Erasers, Washi Tape

Kawaii Items I Dislike: Dollar Bin/Target Hello Kitty/Other, Pencil Caps, File Folders, Cell Phone Accessories (dust plugs/pouches/charms/straps/covers), Junky or Ripped Items

Kawaii Characters/Themes I Like: Crux Funny Punch Line, Fairy Tales, Rainbows, Tokidoki, Toast w/ Jam, Milk, Kawaii Poop, Sentimental Circus, Food w/ Faces, Nyankoland, Alice in Wonderland, Mushrooms, Doraemon, Candy/Sweets, Crux Milk Kun, Twinkle Friends, Crux Candy Twins, Mamegoma, Rilakkuma, My Melody, Sugar Bunnies, Berry Puppy, Vintage Kawaii Stationery/Stickers, Cherry Berry, Mini Princess World, Happy Sun, Kamio Pill Chan, Q-Lia Cute Berry, Crux Star Panic, Amusement Parks, Carnivals, Kamio Mogo Mogo Friends, Kamio Happy Meal, Q-Lia Colorful Cat, Kamio Rainbow Friends, Crux Sandwich, Mind Wave Funny Beans, Q-Lia Happy Shake, Kamio Shiawase Zukin Chan, Crux Birthday Kuma Chan, Crux Jelly Nyan, Strawberry Party Dolls, Tick Tuck Magic, Sweetie World, Honey Candy, Music Party, Pretty Dream, Strawberry Sweet, Jewel Pet, Fairy Tale Girls, Happy Kinoko, Petit x2 Town, Sweet Honey Animals, Nyanko in Wonderland, Sweet Memory Time, Mix Juice, Unya Unya Nyanchi, Pote Hamu, Bears Box, Berry Cute, Strawberry Music, Natural Cherry, Magical Candy, Love Love Peace, Bright/Colorful/Pastel/Neon Colors, Ghosts, Skulls, Zombies, Witches, Halloween, and MUCH More

Kawaii Characters/Themes I Dislike: Alpaca Llama, Minna No Tabo, San-X Piggy Girl, Kamio Oyaji, Diddl, Nickelodeon Show Themes, Disney, Monokuru Boo, Monkichi, Chi Chai Monchan, Harinezutan,, Goringo, Happy Birthday theme, Stationery/Stickers with Real People or Animals

Kawaii Brands I Like: San-X Kamio Crux Sanrio Mind Wave Pool Cool Lemon Co Q-Lia Cram Cream Preco Youmec Sakamoto Fortissimo

Please Click Here for My Kawaii Wishlist!


I Would Love to Receive: :

Lipstick: Light, non-shimmery pinks; Nudes

Eye Shadow: Bright, bright, brights!; Neons; Pinks; Metallics; Glitters; In your face shades; Powders; Creams; Pencils

Mascara: Lash Lengthening; Blacks; Glam Blacks; Colored Mascaras; Thickening; Clump free

Face: FAIR Skinned Products; Pore Reducers; Concealers; Primers; Bronzers; Highlighters

Lip Gloss: Pinks; Shimmery; Hint of Color; Glittery; Scented

Blush: Light colors

Perfume: Fruity; Crisp; Fresh; (some favorites are CK One, Viva La Juicy, Secrets to Keep, Vera Wang Rock Princess, FCUK, Curious)

Nail Polish: Brights; Neons; Jewel Tones; Glitters; Metallics; Blacks; Nail Strips w/ unique designs; Scented; Glow in the Dark; Deep Colors, Pastels

Bath & Body Products: Fruity Scented Shower Gels; Body Sprays

Eye Liner: Blacks; Deep Colors; Bright Neons; Rainbow Colors; Metallics; Glitters; Jewel Tones; Pencils


Comment: Thank you so much for this awesome happy mail! I love everything and you are so generous with the extras. I love it all! I can't wait until our next one :)
Hezzie rated for Kawaii swap on Jun 7, 2014
Comment: Thanks for the great swap!! :D
Comment: How did I miss rating the first swap you ever hosted! lol Oh Jess everything was amazing as usual! You know me so well by now and I just love every single thing you sent me! It was like kawaii haven in a box! I can't wait to swap again once I get settled in. You're the best!!!! Anyone who gets you as a partner is one lucky gal xo!
Response: You are so sweet. :) Thank you for the awesome rating and comment. I would love to swap with you again anytime. I am always getting new kawaii so I will never run out lol. Anytime you wanna swap just let me know!
bluebear rated for Jan Pick 3 Kawaii Swap Int'l on Jan 27, 2014
Comment: Thankyou for the gorgeous items you sent me, loved it all ! xx
Response: You're welcome I'm so glad you loved what I sent! I had fun making it for you! Thank you for the wonderful feedback and heart! :)
bizzles rated for Privy LittleStar714 & Bizzles! on Dec 31, 2013
Comment: BAH!!!!! An amazing swap, once again!!!!!!!! I absolutely loved every bit of it! You spoil me every time! The Tuxedo Sam and Little Twin Star wrapping paper put it over the top! I was squealing with delight each time I opened something new! Everything was sooo cute! My daughter loves the things you sent her! She immediately nabbed the HK bracelet up! I hung the ornament on my tree! I loooove all the memos!!!! Thats what I wanted the most! lol. The Rilakkuma pen is so soft!!! I lvoe the doreamon squishy! (It's my FIRST squishy and now I can see why they are so addicting!) You always put such a great effort into our swaps! I can tell it took awhile to put together! I love all the little baggies you sent everything in (Where do you get them!?They are so adorable!) Thanks again for such an amazing swap! It smelled like dryer sheets and berries this time! lol. I loved it! I really love the sticker flakes you sent! SO many cute ones!!!! I was running low on them so thanks for that! I love all the tapes, and I didnt receive any of those when I ordered them so thank you! I cant wait to use them! You know how much I love those solid/darker colors!!! (The pastels are growing on me though) :P Holy cabachons! I loved al the ones you sent! I have to find something to decoden now! Thanks for all the other goodies I didnt list, I really just loved all of it. I was smiling the entire time, everythign just poured out of the envelope all packaged so nicely! It was like Xmas before Xmas!!!! I love doing swaps with you!
Response: LOL I'm so glad you liked everything! You always leave me such amazing feedback! I knew you would like the wrapping paper! I think I got it on eBay actually! I don't have much of it though so I only use it on special things. :) Haha I knew you would love that letter set! As soon as I got it I was like yup I'm giving this to bizzles lol. The ornament I got in a mystery kawaii lot I bought! LOL not sure about the dryer sheets cuz I kept everything in a ziplock bag but I'm glad it was a pleasant smell lol! I think the ornament was scented maybe from that? I still have stuff I want to give you that I couldn't fit in the package and I'm saving them for you so whenever you want to swap again let me know!
Hezzie rated for Newbie friendly kawaii swap on Dec 23, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much for my items. They are fantastic! And very thoughtful of you to consider my "likes". I gasped when I opened the envelope :D :D
Response: Aww I'm so glad you liked what I sent! I really tried to personalize it as much as possible. It was easy because you like all the stuff I like lol! I would love to do a private swap with you anytime so if you're interested let me know!
Comment: Thank you for all the goodies. I love the Story of Children letter set. The big bead bag broke, but thankfully they were all enclosed in the exterior ziplock. I love all the specialty beads, thanks for sharing them!
Comment: Thank you so much Jessica for all the cute memos you sent to me and taking the time to package it up and decorate it! It's absolutely adorable! ღღღ
Response: You're welcome, Linda. Thank you for the nice comment and heart. I'm glad you liked it. :)
Comment: Thanks for the great variety & super cute stickers, Jess. You went above & beyond! I really appreciate it, especially the little strawberry girl sticker. <3
Response: Hehe I knew you would love the strawberry sticker! I remember you wanted it so I saved it for you! I can't believe I only had one though! Or two counting the one I gave you the first time lol. They are super cute and I wish I had more! So glad you liked the swap. Thanks for the awesome comment and heart ! :)
bizzles rated for Private: Littlestar714 & Bizzles on Jul 30, 2013
Comment: OMG! I feel so, absolutely, positively spoiled!!!! This was by far the best swap I have received all year, and perhaps longer!!! I got to open each item like it was Xmas! Everything was wrapped in the cutest kawaii papers! I <3 the Large panda tape, and it will get put to good use!!! I love the panda tin with papers! It is so awesome and the first I have seen of this type! I love the spiral notebook. It is the first of it's kind in my collection! I love the little panda tape too! i absolutely love love love the loose pandapple letterset!!!! it is by Far my FAVORITE kawaii item EVER now!!!! It's so gorgeous! I love it so much!!!! You sent so much more than whatt was required for this swap, and I can definetly tell you put a lot of time into putting this swap together! I am so appreciative that you did this swap with me! It really made my day, no week, no month!!!!! And the whole package smelled like strawberries! Everything! It was the best swap ever, as all of our swaps alwas are! You can tell how much time and effort you put into them, You never throw anything together. You always personalize the swap to your partners likes. You are just the sweetest, most amazing swapper ever. People like you are who make me want to stick around on swap-bot! Thank you, for being so generous, and really taking the time to put together a wonderful swap, that was sooooo worth opening!!!!
Response: Awwww BIZZLES! That was the nicest comment EVER! I just read it twice Lol! I am so happy that you loved everything! This comment made my whole YEAR! Honestly, it is people like YOU (and the select FEW others lol) that make ME want to keep swapping here! It's so nice when someone notices and appreciates the time and effort their partner put into their swap. And seeing a comment like this - especially after just having bad luck with a couple of public swaps - just means the WORLD to me. Thank you SO much. And as always, if you ever want to do another private swap I'll be here! :D <3
starrycat rated for 119 Degrees!!!??? on Jul 27, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the envie of goodies, Jessica! It was awesome to open the package and find so much cute waiting for me that went above and beyond the requirements for the swap!! I'll message you about doing a private swap here in the next few days! Thanks again!
Response: You're very welcome! So glad you liked it! Thank you for the wonderful comment and heart! :D
Comment: I've never been disappointed with any of your swaps. I love everything you sent me!!! You pay attention to every detail!!! The packaging was soooooooo cute! I had fun opening all the little gifts lol You always send me SO much!! (Love it and rolling in it, lol) I can't wait for our next swap!!!!!!!! xoxo Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Response: Haha I am actually picturing you rolling around in everything LOL. I'm sooo happy that you loved it all! That's definitely what I was aiming for lol. I like how you pay attention to how I pay attention to detail lol. Some people don't even notice or mention it so that makes me very happy that you notice and appreciate it. :) I can't wait for our next swap! I'm already starting to put it together haha. :D <3
TailsMcHot rated for Coin Purse - you choose color #2 on Jul 17, 2013
Comment: it was all just so adorable :D thanks heaps I loved it such cute things :D
Response: Yay I'm so glad you liked it! I loved putting it together for you. Thank you for the rating and the heart! :D
Comment: Thank you Jessica for sending me a great mix of fairy tale memos and sticker flakes. I loved how you decorated the envelope and card with fairy tale deco tape.
Response: You're welcome, I am happy that you noticed and liked the fairy tale tape. :)
bluebear rated for Kawaii 25/25/25 #3 on Jul 13, 2013
Comment: Lovely swap thank you x
Response: You're welcome glad you liked it :)
bizzles rated for 4th of July Kawaii-ness! on Jul 8, 2013
Comment: thanks for all the great memos! I really love them! A lot are new to my collection! Thank you for the extras, and the great envie too! <3'd it all!
Response: You're welcome! So glad you liked it. :D I always love sending to you! :)
bizzles rated for Private Swap Littlestar714 & Bizzles on Jun 14, 2013
Comment: Aw! I absolutely Love all the goodies you sent! I was especially tickled by the package you put together for my daughter. I already have a pic up on instagram and fb of her holding her new fan!!! She immediately wanted to use the pen and stickers and tape! Thanks for doing this private swap with me and let me know anytime you would like to do another one! I love everything! thank you so much! xoxo
Response: Wow I can't believe you got it so fast! I just sent it out Wednesday! I'm so happy you and your daughter loved everything! I'm glad you updated her age in your profile from 4 months to 4 years lol, but that was 2012 so I assume she is 5 now? I knew I had to add the fan I could just picture a little 5 year old girl having a blast with it lol. Did you like the coin purse I sent? It had your name written all over it lol. I would be happy to swap with you again anytime! :D
pinkstrawberryz rated for KSU: Color Challenge: Pink on Jun 14, 2013
Comment: I freaking love you! l don't use that word lightly either lol. You are freaking amazing! You went above and beyond our requirements again! You gave me my FAVORITE tape that I had just ran out of too! Remember I was asking you about the Etsy seller? That's why!! lol Omg and the Berry Puppy?! You deserve like a million hearts and I love everything and knew I would but did NOT expect all of this! Your packaging was so cuuuuuuuuute too <3!!!! Thank you soooooo much! My turn next :)!
Response: Hehe you're welcome I'm so glad you loved it :D I saw that tape in your Etsy favorites so I was like pleeeease don't buy the tape Michelle!! LOL. I was originally going to add it to our private swap but I thought eh what the heck it's pink isn't it lol. Same with the Berry Puppy stickers lol. But don't worry I still have a lot more stuff to add throughout our swaps. :)
Grapefruit7625 rated for Easy Stationery Swap #2 on Jun 6, 2013
Comment: Thank you so very much for the great swap!!! Loved the stickers on the packaging then I loved the deco tape wrapping inside and the charms was my favorite!!! Thank you for all the extras!!!! Loved the papers and the letter sets! Thank you also so much for all the extra sticker flakes and the best of all... Lisa frank stickers!!!!!! If I could give you 100 hearts I would!!!!! If you'd like to do a big private swap let me know, I'd love to :-)
Response: You're very welcome! I'm so glad you liked it! I saw that you loved Lisa Frank and was like yup I definitely have that covered! Lol. I have loved Lisa Frank since I was a kid! Unfortunately I used to have a lot more stickers and stationery than I do now but I bought some LF stickers on her site not too long ago so I am slowly building up my stash again. :) Your tattoos are SO awesome!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful comment/rating and I would LOVE to do a private swap with you anytime! In fact I am going to message you now about it lol. :D
Comment: Thanks for the swap that made me smile, Jess. There were a lot of cool & unique things that I haven't seen before. We definitely have the same taste! haha I could have high 5'd you!
Response: Haha you're very welcome! Yes we definitely do have much of the same taste! It was a breeze putting your swap together and I had tons of fun doing it! If you ever want to do another private swap just let me know! :D

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