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  1. getting a glowing report on my ATC and no heart. If it is that great, why not a heart????

2.just a rating with or without a heart. What no comments?

3.never rating.( even a really late rating is o.k.) at least i know you're alive

4.sending me things i dont like..I don't really care I just pass em on.

5. 5. Sending an ATC that does not even remotely resemble the instructions or subject

6.Really nit picky people.( myself lol)

7.participates that are iron clad on send by dates.
While I appreciate promptness. I also appreciate communication if your gonna really be late cause life happens.I dont stress unless its over a week.

MAY 14, 2019

I am not a "talkative" person,esp. when it. comes to myself. So if you have questions,ask me and I will tell you,with no problems,judgement or advice.

So many people have issues with religion,that I will get "it out of the way,right away" I will say my piece and if you wish you will not have to deal with it again.

. I am a Born Again Southern Baptist,no, I am not a stereo-type that you might have seen on T.V. or the movies.I don't hollar or scream and neither does my pastor or the congregation.I won't "talk" religion unless you specifically ask me about it,such as how one becomes saved through Christ. Then I would be more than happy to tell you.


I love getting dimensional ATC's,

BUT... most of those that come through REGULAR mail are damaged.The beads are falling off,crystals are crushed,3-D paper items are flattened. Sometimes the items get snagged in the sorter and rip the envelope. It is a shame to get such beautiful cards with your hard work,time and care wasted.

I don't mind flat ATCs,if you do not want to put a little padding in the envies and let it go as NON- MACHINABLE. Just a heads up to what happens to a lot of 3-D ATCs.Thanks.

I will never flake,on the other hand the postal service is un-reliable. So if you have not received a swap from me,it is becase:

  1. the postal service goofed.
  2. I am really ill and can't crawl to the computer to tell you.
  3. I died.

I am serious about those reasons.If you are down with the flu, hospitalized or heaven forbid killed in a car wreck, how will your partners know? Long times swappers have dropped out of site and ugly things are left on their site for flaking.


I really worry sometimes that if people do not respond that they may be ill or something tragic happened,so i try not to get too upset if I am flaked on.

So let me know if you did not receive a swap in a reasonable amount of time so I can get another to you,also if the postal service mangled things,let me know and I will replace it.Also,for any reason that you are dissatisfied let me know and I will see if I can fix it to both our satisfaction.

I am married(42) years this coming April 2020)Two children,a daughter that is 38 and not interested in starting a family. A son who is 32 and with a much older woman,they presented me with my first grandchild(a boy).The grandson is 6 now.

. (I was a professsional florst for 32 years, then I worked part time delivering meals on wheels.) On Nov. 5th,2012, I went back into the floral industry as a designer and Jane of all in a small shop here in town. Did not think I would do this ever again,but here I am!!!!Feb.10th,2014.....I quit the flower business again! I am just burnt out with it. I have been involved with the floral industry since I was 18 and going to school for that,then in a green house for a few months and my first floral job at 19.That is a long time! I will now be at our local walmart and working in the crafts dept. So far so good.Jan.15,2015. Has been almost year of Walmart. Got my first raise and they told me my performance was solid,and that I was excellent with the customers. I aim to please!(march 2014).Now my husband and I are living with my mom ( to care for her,she has since passed N0V. 2016) and I no longer work at walmart . DEC. 2016......started back with meals on wheels...love it!

Unfortunately, the funds for meals on wheels were cut and the end of March 2018 the organization was shut down.It had been running for close to 40 years in Floresville.

I enjoy nature and all living creatures and I LOVE to bird watch in my yard. I feed the little greedy things.

Since my mom passed on (nov. 2, 2016 ) I have "inherited" her big dog stray she adopted. His name is Boi.

In March of 2018 I adopted a Chihuahua. I named her FANG. She is very loving and sweet. I adopes a big dog that lopks like hes part boxer and pit. He is food driven and doesnt share at all. Guess he remembers life on the streets. Hes a big doofuss otherwise.lol rhink Odie.



DISLIKES.....I don't like colors that have been muddied.Like when you mix red and blue and then get purple,don't keep mixing untill it looks like mud.That can happen to any colors (paint) that are over mixed.

REALLY CAN'T STAND THESE: ....Disney,strawberry shortcake ,carebears or ANY BEARS in general( I do not find bears to be cute,all I see are the 8 inch razor claws and the fangs),barbies,smurfs, and other such cartoons that are overly sweet,cutesey-poo or "doe-eyed" NO ANIMAE!!!!....

LIKES.... Edgie art,out of the box thinking,I love nature and ALL ANIMALS( except bears),esp. birds of all types. Insects are great even the "gruesome" ones. Vintage anything,steampunk,goofy looking stuff.WORD PUNS.

COLORS,not really fussy about colors,BUT,these are my favorites in no particular order.


red,yellow purple,

red, yellow blue


burgandy,orange purple,green,matte gold.(fall colors)



teal,chocolate brown,beige,ivory.

shades of chocolate brown,fawn and shades of blue .
dark bright pinks.


hot orange, hot pink, neon lime

AS FOR THEMES FOR ATCS......, I like...nature,humorous(play on words) ,glitter,bling and glitz,vintage is great,too.Hand drawn,painted,digital,collaged. All ATCs=delite!!! A lot of different styles, they all have their own merit.Steampunk,One cutsey thing I do ADORE...house mouse. .Handmade,painted, crafted backgrounds are great on ATCs. AS LONG IT IS MORE THAN STICKERS OR ANY IMAGE SLAPPED ON PAPER,art is created by You.Any effort at decorating,coloring blinging,painting,ribbons is greatly appreciated by me.

Favorite Movies

Comedies,drama,action, classic horror.(no blood and guts)EXCEPTION>>>The walking dead.I always like the cheesy Sat. afternoon T.V. movies.Godzilla type movies. Suspense,sci-fi,esp, sci-fi.

The Help,Titanic,It's a wonderful Life,The Thorn Birds,The Men in Black series.The Longest Ride.Sommersby. IT.All the Star-trek

Favorite Television

Big Bang Theory , CSI (the orginal) Mike and Molly. Love ME-TV. I don't know if that is available everywhere,but it shows the oldie shows,like Donna Reed,DickVan Dyke, I love Lucy, Gilligans' Island,Bonanza,Star Trek the original,the outer limits. The walking dead. I DO NOT CARE FOR THE Reality SHOWS.ecxcept my guilty pleasure,which is AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL. I like to see the tips and tricks of photography ,the drama not so much.

Favorite Books

Authors...Jodi Picoult,.Sara Gruen,Lisa See, Amy Tan,,Robin Cook,Ken Follette,James Patterson,early Dean Koontz,Early Stephen King,Robert James Waller, C.J. Box, Janet Evonovitch,along those lines. I like to read the dictionary. Yep! I do. I love words and play on words. "The Left Behind" series is a great read.

Favorite Music

I like it all....... classical,Jazz,christian,country,classic rock.I am not glued to an i-pod or anything like that.Anything,as long as it is not rap or obscene.

Krafts and such

I have tried soap making,candlemaking,beading jewelry,embroidery,crochette,knitting,sewing,painting with oils,gardening. But paper crafts are my fav,esp. collage on ATC's.


I see so much asked for on wish lists. Do people really send all those things to each other?
In that case,I would like... .
(GOLD ,DIAMONDS, CASH ,CADILLACS---- JUST KIDDING DON'T GET UPTIGHT). Used (cancelled) postage stamps from around the world. Anything zettiology, rubber stamps of zettiology images,small brass crowns,(1/4 -1/2 inch) Pieces of fiber,yarn,ribbon,string,say about 4"-6" long. Ephemera that is only found in your local area. Foreign language pages,Steampunk things. .Now, that was painless,right?


Ellesbells rated for ATC A DAY #3 - EYES CLOSED on Mar 27, 2020
Comment: Adorable little Spring Scene 😁 thank you!!
Response: Thanks for the heart. I felt my way around the ATC and hoped for the best.
mrscharlesallen rated for USAPC Paper Destash on Mar 25, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the collection of paper stash. I can use them all please stay safe.
Response: You are welcome. Thanks for the heart. You and yours stay safe also.
LuckyXIII rated for Spring ATC on Mar 20, 2020
Comment: Sorry I forgot to rate you! I thought I had already. Thank you for such a bee-utiful bee card! I'm going through a bee love right now so it was perfect timing.
Response: You are welcome.Glad you liked it.
luvbird rated for USAPC Paper Destash on Mar 13, 2020
Comment: Thank you so very much for the lovely assortment of paper. I know I will get good use of all of it.
Response: You are welcome. Glade you like them. Thanks for the heart.
Kellym rated for Easter/Spring. ATCs on Mar 10, 2020
Comment: Hi Marie, your beautiful ATC’s arrived at my home here in Australia today! They are absolutely beautiful and have made me smile. Thank you so much for your kind words too. Big hugs to you
Response: Im glad you like them. Thanks for the heart. Take care.
Response: I appreciate the quick rating. Thank you.
soccer8s rated for Five Christmas Card Swap on Feb 14, 2020
theevidenceisme rated for Valentine ATCs on Feb 14, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the ATC. Happy Valentine's Day!
Response: You are welcome
AZmom875 rated for ATC Jams - Starter set ATC Coins on Feb 11, 2020
Comment: I got an envelope from you with circles and another set. I am excited to work on them soon.
Response: Glad they got there. Thanks for the hheart.
Arabella rated for Steampunk Christmas Style ATC on Feb 11, 2020
Comment: Great steampunk Christmas gentlemen! I love it! Thank you! I love swapping with you!
Response: You're welcome.glad you liked it.I also enjoy swapping with you..
suzwa rated for Valentine ATCs on Feb 11, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the stunning ATC!
Response: You are welcome.
debtea2 rated for VS-Vintage Mini 3 PL-USA on Feb 9, 2020
Comment: thank you so much. just a lovely PL Happy Valentines day
Response: Youre welcome. Thanks for the heart.
Doodlefingers101 rated for Valentine's Day ATC on Feb 8, 2020
Comment: Lovely atc! Thank You
Response: You're welcome. Thanks for the heart.
rjdolphin rated for Valentine ATCs on Feb 7, 2020
Comment: Thanks for a cute card.
Response: You are welcome. Glad you liked it. Thanks for thr heart.
IDreamOfAfrica rated for Valentine ATCs on Feb 7, 2020
Comment: β–‚β–ƒβ–…β–‡β–ˆβ–“β–’β–‘Ϋ©ΫžΫ© Thank You Ϋ©ΫžΫ©β–‘β–’β–“β–ˆβ–‡β–…β–ƒβ–‚ Marie for the (Β―`*β€’.ΒΈβ™₯β™« β™« Bβ–‘Eβ–‘Aβ–‘Uβ–‘Tβ–‘Iβ–‘Fβ–‘Uβ–‘L β™« β™₯ΒΈ.β€’*´¯) β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ ATC that required some of your undivided attention and quality time. I am deeply touched. It is gorgeous. I love it! πŸ’–β₯πŸ’žβ¦πŸ’•β§πŸ’—β™‘πŸ’“β™₯οΈβ€οΈβ€πŸ’˜αƒ¦πŸ’β£πŸ’˜πŸ’šπŸ’ŸπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’› Ξ΅Ρ—Π· Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ❀ ƸӜƷ Ξ΅Ρ—Π·
Response: You are most welcome. Blush.....thanks for the kind words.Thanks for the heart.(s)
vick302000 rated for ATC Cleanout #34 (USA) on Feb 3, 2020
Comment: Thank you for such a nice collection.
Response: You are welcome.Hope you found a keeper or two.
sunshinesuperman rated for EASU: Heart Shaped ATC on Jan 31, 2020
Comment: Thank you Marie for the fabulous ATC. I sure do remember you and it has been far too long! Glad we have reconnected. I would love more of your art! Hugs, Mona
Germanbaby77 rated for Christmas sticker ATC swap on Jan 31, 2020
Comment: Thanks!
Response: Yore welcome appreciate the heart.
JuneRosebud rated for USAPC: Valentine's Day ATC on Jan 31, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the pretty Valentine's ATC=)
Response: You are welcome thanks for the heart.
Comment: Thank you so very much for the lovely ATC!
Response: Glad you liked it. Thanla for the heart.

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nancylee on Mar 1, 2020:

Thank you for angeling the Steampunk Christmas ATC , I love the style!

nancylee on Mar 1, 2020:
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