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Country: Hong Kong
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About Me

please read: I had just been informed that adding 'China' in front of a Kong Kong address will first bring the mail to Mainland and then HK, which takes longer and might more likely be lost :-( Mainland and HK have separate postal systems, so in order for the mails to arrive safely and fast, please follow my address exactly, many thanks

Also important note: I'm double majoring in Chinese medicine and biomedical science and since school has started, I have a jam packed schedule. Therefore I won't be taking part in future swaps except for cc projects. Don't worry, I'm still around and will be checking swapbot often, so if you have anything, please feel free to let me know. It just might take me longer to reply.

Hello, nice to meet you!:) I'm Lucy, from Hong Kong. I collect stamp, cards, postmark, coins, calligraphy, miniature and dolls. I live with 4 bunnies and 4 guinea pigs.

I prefer anything with a personal touch, a card naked, written and stamped would be best. And it's fine for multiple cards to come in an envelope. Please don't feel obligated to decorate the envie too much because smart, simple and practical designs are more of my style, but I do cherish the nicely decorated ones. I just want to extract the stamps without feeling like I'm destroying someone else's hard work.

I'm open to different religions, twisted jokes, nudity, creepy, gorey and explicit stuff. In fact, I very much appreciate them. So what I'm trying to say is, I'm not easily offended, love to explore and find generally non accepted themes to be interesting.

I also like floral and fruity smell, so if you could put some essential oils, perfume or scratch and sniff on, that would be great.

You can find me on Instagram @kattiemillieshare for direct Swap. I offer postcards, YesCard( mostly kpop), washi tape, sticker, stamps, teabags, bookmarks... I'm also on postcross, postcard united, intpostage iCardYou and now swapbot!

Looking forward to our future swaps and thank you very much in advance



Postcard wishes

My wishes which I accept with the greatest gratitude,

  • GF card

  • postcard with one side filled with low value stamps

  • transit map/map/flag of where you're from

  • buddhism

  • political leader/ propaganda

  • signature/landmark of your city with the city's name

  • mermaid

  • anime or cartoon(Mermaid, Laputa, Barbie, Peter Rabbit, detective Conan, snoopy, adventure time, and SpongeBob, Bambi)

  • pin up girl

  • Royal family

  • bunny, guinea pig, deer, owl, bear, cow and other furry animals

  • island, beach, ocean and nature

  • female body

  • something comedic

Or any other is fine, I'll be happy either way😊

One the card, maybe write

  • the date and where you're sending from

  • a little or big secret/ some random facts about yourself

  • Greetings from...

  • something about yourself/ where you're from,

  • something in your language/culture with translation,

  • what you think about Hong Kong,

  • a little joke,

  • Or draw something.

Washi tape/ sticker/ stamps wi

Washi tape and stickers

I'll be happy with any and I especially like

  • airmail labels,

  • illustration,

  • bunnies and guinea pigs,

  • Mermaid, fairy,

  • Scenic,

  • blue, mint,

  • space, ocean, flower, animals,

  • Wide tape,

  • metallic plated.

And this should go without saying, actual washi tape. Not paper tape or Kraft tape. The easiest way to tell is that washi is see-thru, opaque ones are not washi. It really frustrates me when I see these in washi swap.

For direct swap, here's the washi that I offer


Stamps collection

I collect

  • definitive stamps set(as complete as possible),

  • matching stamps;

  • stamps with bunnies and guinea pigs;

  • stamps with characters,

  • Stamps with Buddhism,

  • Christmas stamps

I also collect magnet, pressed penny, coins and banknotes

Favourite shows


  • Laputa castle in the sky

  • the Die hard Movies

  • The Hangover Movies

  • Barbie movies( I buy every vcd, haha)


  • Friends

  • Himym

  • Modern family

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine

  • Another period

  • Community

  • Superstore

  • Dr. Ken

  • 2 broke girls


  • Heidi, girl of the Alps

  • The Sam and Mickey YouTube channel

  • Pichi pichi pitch Mermaid Melody

  • 1st gen of Pretty cure

  • Detective Conan

  • Sponge Bob

  • Adventure time

  • Bob's burger

  • The Simpsons

  • Archer

  • Shaun the sheep

  • Peter rabbit

Favourite Disney character

Ariel, Bambi, tinker bell


Favourite tea to smell

Jasmine, peach, cinnamon, apple, mint, strawberry, fruity stuff

Favourite tea to drink

  • Green tea(*especially uji green tea)

  • iron Buddha(a kind of oolong)

  • ginseng oolong(it's very sweet. Also perfect for beginners and kids)

Or anything that smells, tastes or looks great

I collect the wrappers so please only use masking or washi tape on them. I would also like empty teabag wrapper with the tag.

Please don't send me anything with egg, milk, honey or other animal products. Keep it vegan please:)

Favorite Music

  • Yesterday once more

  • 7th element

  • Irish music

  • Country music

Anything cheerful and catchy

Favourite people

  • Phoebe Buffay( so wonderfully weird

  • Gordon Ramsay(he has a mental age of eight and he gives funny insult

  • Joel Mckale( what's not to love about him?

  • Conan O'Brien( the poker face, the ginger hair, the string dance, the Jordan Schlansky and the Andy Richter)

  • Luhan( love at first sight

Favourite words

dude, wiggle, Claire, bombard

Favourite games

Mahjong, rummikub, monopoly, poker

Favourite food

(vegan since 16yo)

  • seaweed,

  • watermelon,

  • miso soup,

  • Curry,

*Ketchup(I love sipping ketchup packages)

Favourite flowers

  • sweet olive,

  • frangipani


naomiockerman rated for newbie welcome May on Apr 8, 2019
ultrameganerd rated for Big Washi Swap - Int'l - #3 on Apr 18, 2018
Comment: Thank you very much for your swap!
Liiskah rated for Used Stamp Chain Card Round 7 on Jan 21, 2018
Comment: Sadly I have to rate a 1. Sent a message on November 25 and it is still unread. I will change this rating if I do receive anything.
ultrameganerd rated for Big Washi Swap - Int'l - #2 on Jan 7, 2018
Comment: Thank you very much for your swap! <3 <3 <3
vickysounio rated for WIYM: Nature Washi on Dec 20, 2017
Comment: I didnt received anything the last 4-5 monhts and she didnt reply to my messages.
user3654 rated for NYUP Sender's Choice #53 on Nov 22, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the very cute PC. Congratulations on becoming an aunt! Just so you know, I know you sent the PC in August, but I just received it this week. Apparently, there was insufficient postage on the card, so the post office in Hong Kong put stickers all over it about the postage and I guess they decided to hold it for along time and then mail it anyway. Thought you should know just in case they decide not to deliver it at all next time.
Comment: I messaged you and it still says unread, if I receive this swap I will change this rating.
Monastelar rated for NH: Postcards x5 on Nov 19, 2017
Comment: What a lovely PC! Thanks for such beautiful pc.Summer in Chile is dry and hot as hell i really dont like it i preffer winter. how is winter in Hong Kong?
Comment: Thanks for the postcard! Just in time for next round
pperez rated for Ratings Booster Postcard Swap #4 on Oct 19, 2017
Comment: Thank you again for your postcard about Lung Kun Tan. It looks very fascinating. :) Philippe
pperez rated for Ratings Booster Postcard Swap #3 on Oct 19, 2017
Comment: Thank you very much for your postcard. It was very cool to read about Sumo wrestling! Philippe
LesleyR rated for For Cat and Dog lovers on Oct 9, 2017
Comment: Hi Lucy, Thank you so much for the awesome cat postcard- I love the cat washi tape! I agree- life is better with cats. :)
FelinaSP rated for August Tea Swap on Oct 1, 2017
Comment: Thank you very much for the delicious tea selection that you sent me, I will enjoy them very much, greetings from Chile!
FelinaSP rated for CALG: my favourite tea - june on Sep 29, 2017
Comment: Thank you very much for the delicious tea that you sent me, I hope to taste them as soon as possible, since they are all new to me ... greetings from Chile!
FelinaSP rated for WIYM: Pick 1 Postcard (August 2017) on Sep 29, 2017
CWarner rated for Random PC International #9 on Sep 29, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the card, Lucy, and good luck with your studies! I received your card on a day when my son Matt was visiting Hong Kong! He and his friend were hiking The Dragon's Back! Carol in Colorado
heatherknits rated for B&W PCs week 34 on Sep 27, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the fun decorated PC!
WayUpInAlaska rated for Random PC International #9 on Sep 26, 2017
Comment: Got the cute kitty card in today's mail :) sounds like a fun bunch of furkids! We have bunnies that come to our yard daily, i think a couple are living in one of our sheds outback - its find since it just holds our bikes :) Thank you for the cute kitty card :)
Jafferty rated for ANIMAL PC #8 H is for... on Sep 21, 2017
Comment: The postcard is adorable. I love it! Thank you!
Comment: Thank you so much for the adorable postcard! I just saw on your profile that you're also vegan :D If you'd like to it would great to have a private vegan snack swap? ^_^

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lou on Nov 26, 2017:

Please read your private messages - Lou from WIYM group

reader44ever on May 22, 2017:

Wow. (!!!) Queen Hillary is the equivalent to a 70-year-old human? That is VERY impressive!

In other "news," I once had a guinea pig (I was maybe 11...?). I don't now remember if it was male or female, but it escaped and bit me when I recaptured it and turned out to be a very mean little thing, so it had to be returned to wherever it was we got it from. :-(

So guinea pigs and I do not get along. I always wanted a lop-eared bunny, though. Maybe someday. . .


reader44ever on May 16, 2017:

Wow, Lucy, you are F-A-S-T! I saw that you already signed up for our Private Swap (!!!) and so I switched the sign-up deadline to today, May 16. I'll be able to close it and assign partners in 30 minutes and we can mark sent "tomorrow," if we mail tomorrow (also known as later "today" for you!). :-)

Thank you so much! I am so excited to get the postcard you are sharing with me. :-)


calmond on May 16, 2017:

Hi Lucy! Thank you so very much for the beautiful postcard you sent to me out of kindness! I am so glad that I could help you to feel welcome here on this site! I'll send one back your way! <3 Kindly, Christina Almond (calmond)

petercure on Apr 30, 2017:


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