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Country: United States

Favorite Crafts

***Updated 7/12/20 I love brightening friends' mailboxes with happy mail and positive messages. I also enjoy mail art, and trying to save the USPS. *** I enjoy recycling fun paper products, so you may see a re-purposed envelope from me. I always send my swaps, so if you don't receive a swap, just let me know. I'll be happy to re-send. I give my partners the benefit of the doubt also. We're all here for the full mailboxes! ;)

As far as crafting, I particularly enjoy doodling, cutting, gluing & collage, rubber stamps, especially alphabets, stickers, labels, ribbons, paints, and anything else to embellish my Art Journals.

I also have a sloppy gluebook where I paste in anything paper to keep it from junking up my artspace which is just a desk in the corner of my living room.

I enjoy making my own envelopes from old calendars, magazine pages, and other papers. I also enjoy making postcards & greeting cards. I'm afraid my efforts aren't as neat as the ones in card making magazines, but I am always pleased with the way they turn out.

I collect alphabet stickers & alphabet rubber stamp sets, have a too large stash of scrapbook papers, and many B&W and color images collected over the years for collage. I have tiny handwriting and so prefer to use very fine tip pens, like the Pigma Micron 01.

I work at a bookstore and keep a journal at work to paste in any kind of label or tag, and because I think gluing helps me de-stress. I've just transferred to a new location within the same company, and immediately ransacked the office supply cabinets for good paper, post-its, labels, art tape, etc.

I tried to make an art quilt/quilted book once, but found my sewing skills needed some fine tuning before I embarked on such a big project. I still like sewing though, and try to appreciate the sloppiness of my stitches.

I have collected and embellished cigar boxes and other small wooden boxes. These come in handy for my vast postcard collection, some as old as 1906 with a cancelled stamp.

I like decoupage, and any other sort of collage. I love making small photo books, like the KOLO ones with ribbons attached for hanging. I like looking at bookbinding books, but haven't attempted one yet.

Favorite images - antique suitcases, typewriters, books, cameras, etc. I love RHINOs, and rainy scenes. I like camping images, as well as treehouse and tree hugging. Oops, guess that makes me a bit of a hippie, huh? ah well, there's worse things.

I'm really looking forward to swapping so I can pare down my craft supplies and meet other people like myself who obsess about PAPER

About Me

Hello, my name is Lisa, aka rhinoluvr. I'm happy to be on swap-bot, after reading about Hoarders and seeing a season of the TV show of the same name. Where does all this stuff come from?!

I am a 46 year old mom who lives in Maryland & works in a bookstore. I'm a vegetarian but not the self-righteous sort.

I've lived all over the U.S. - in Boston, MA, in Portland, OR, in Athens, GA & in Virginia before moving back to my home state of Maryland. I can't pass up the occasional free babysitting & hot meals from my family.

I am the proud mom of two boys - Harper (15), & Dylan (13). They are so much fun to be with. I am very Liberal in my politics & lifestyle. People should do what makes them happy without directly harming others. Things happen for a reason.

I love to create & to paste found things in my art journal. I love getting into the zen state when you're crafting when everything falls away, and time passes without you noticing.

When I am not working or playing with my 2 young boys, I enjoy sending postcards, taking pictures, drawing & painting and writing/pasting/doodling in my art journals and gluebooks. I am frequently caffeinated thanks to our nearby Starbucks & the cafe in my bookstore.

I love making mix CDs, both for myself and any fun Kids music I can listen to over & over with my sons that doesn't make me pull my hair out. Believe me, that can be a real challenge!

I love camping, hiking, swimming, and being outdoors in the sun. I also love to curl up with a book that grabs me right away- bonus points if it's raining outside & I'm snuggled under a quilt.

I've recently been feeling uninspired but overwhelmed by my stationery, art & crafting supplies, and figured swapping would help me pare them down, while adding new items from like-minded individuals. I'd also like to try my hand at trading mix CDs with anyone. I know I'm not the only one who gets bored with their tunes occasionally.

Looking forward to sending & receiving. :)

Favorite Music

SONIC YOUTH, Radiohead, Sleater-Kinney, Shins, Weezer, Beastie Boys, Belle & Sebastian, Spoon, Tom Waits, Pavement, Beck, Built to Spill, the Lucksmiths, Johnny Cash, the Pixies, Flaming Lips, Dinosaur Jr., Bob Dylan, Gossip, Cat Power, Neutral Milk Hotel, Rihanna, Bjork, Arcade Fire, Patsy Cline the Beatles, Velvet Underground, Mirah, Nina Simone, Rolling Stones, Yeah Yeah Yeahs Camera Obscura, Iron & Wine, Neil Diamond Bob Marley, They Might Be Giants, Holly Golightly, Goldfrapp, The Who, New Order, June of '44, Kimya Dawson, New Pornographers Apples in Stereo, Nirvana, Stereolab, Joanna Newsom, Beirut, Black Heart Procession, the Decemberist, the Pretenders, John Legend Duran Duran, Sufjan Stevens, the Vaselines, Buddy Holly, Cars, Mumford & Sons, Magnetic Fields... just to name a few.

Favorite Books

I love looking through craft books for inspiration. There are two really good Art Journaling books coming out this Spring: Journal Junkies & Creative Wildfire - just Can't Wait!

When I read fiction, I love everything & anything by: Paul Auster, Vladimir Nabokov, William Faulkner, James Ellroy, Kurt Vonnegut, Chuck Klosterman, Truman Capote, Harry Crews, Dashiell Hammett, David Sedaris, Patricia Highsmith, Danny Gregory, Jim Thompson, Feodor Dostoevsky, Edith Wharton, Milan Kundera, Leo Tolstoy, Toni Morrison, Henry James, Raymond Chandler, Bill Bryson, Chuck Palahniuk, poetry of Pablo Neruda, poetry of Leonard Cohen, and musician biographies.

My favorite Children's literature authors right now are Mo Willems, David Wiesner, Judy Sierra, Kate DiCamillo, David Shannon, Anna Dewdney, Jerry Pinkney, Lane Smith, Shel Silverstein, and many others. I am just starting to re-read the Independent Reader and Chapter Books I loved as a child, like the Encyclopedia Brown series, the Boxcar Children series, and many others. It's an exciting time to be a bookseller!

Favorite Movies

movies directed by John Waters - "Polyester", "Pink Flamingos" Terry Gilliam Jim Jarmusch Coen Brothers - "Big Lebowski", "Raising Arizona" Woody Allen - "Hannah & Her Sisters", "Annie Hall" Wes Anderson - "Rushmore" Barry Levinson - "Avalon", "Liberty Heights" Alfred Hitchcock - "Dial M for Murder" Marx Brothers movies Everything by the little tramp, Charlie Chaplin Terence Malick - "Days of Heaven" Gus Van Sant - "Drugstore Cowboy" Stanley Kubrick - "The Killers" Billy Wilder - "Some Like It Hot" Tim Burton John Hughes - "Sixteen Candles" Roman Polanski - "Rosemary's Baby" Lasse Hallstrom - "Shipping News"


Color - PURPLE
Animal - Rhinoceros
Shape - Stars! Polka Dots!
Holiday - Arbor Day (I'm a bit of a tree hugger)
Pens - Sakura Pigma Micron 01, any Ultra Fine Point Sharpie
Number - 13
Letter - L
Foods - Cheese, sushi, most fruits, nuts
Drink - COFFEE
Fruit - Bananas or Mangoes
Car - Volkswagen
Job - current one, as a bookseller
Sport - Swimming
Season - Fall
Candy - Fireballs

fAvOrItE pOsTcArDs

Here are some of my FAVORITE types of postcards to receive, but I will be happy with almost any PC you send me, as long as it follows the directions in the swap:

RHINOS ( hard to find, believe me, I know)
Coffeehouses, coffee mugs, etc.
Libraries, bookstores, people reading
Photographs of famous authors
Covered Bridges
Mailboxes, Post Offices, stacks of letters
City scenes
Forests, or calming greenery scenes, with trees
Vinatge scenes of what a city area used to look like
Animals in their natural habitats
Edward Gorey
State map cards
B&W images
Odd Roadside Attractions
Airstream trailers, or other camping vehicles
Postcards of artwork, such as those bought in a museum
Cats (wild or domesticated)
Laughing children, or children having fun
Book illustrations or engravings


shirleyinCA rated for 5 Postcards to 2 Partners #195 on Jul 11, 2020
Comment: Absolutely love each card - thanks so much for matching my profile and for adding the Flow magazine extra! The heart clouds is so delightful as are the Flow bikes! Don't have that classy Cavallini Yosemite card yet nor that Klimt portrait ! Cool typewriter with humorous message and I don't have the Instructional Chart card in French about leather either! Many thanks!!!!
Response: Aww, you're so welcome. I love when my postcard swap partners have a well filled out profile. I'm really glad you liked the ones I sent. Thank you for the 5 rating & heart. I'm sure I'll swap with you again. Take care until then. ;)
LiliLuv rated for Black Lives Matter PC Swap on Jul 11, 2020
Comment: I love the colorful postcard that reached me today! What you are doing with teaching your son is one of the most important things anyone can do for this movement! I hope you have a nice summer despite everything and thank you for the postcard!
Response: Thanks for your kind words, & for the heart. Education is important for all of us, as is admitting when we don't know something and are still learning. I have conversations about the Black Lives Matter movement with my other mom friends, just as we discuss how we handle school issues, finicky eating habits, sharing, consent, etc. It's part of parenting, and teaching our children what is right from wrong. Plus they have a great innocent loving perspective that I appreciate. I hope you have a lovely summer despite it all too. <3 Take care ;)
Comment: Cute owl stamp! And beautiful stamps! Loved how it matched the theme!
Response: Thanks so much, and for the heart. Take care ;)
susieq11 rated for Three Postcards in an Envelope #7P on Jul 9, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the awesome swap (as always!!). So weird how long they’re taking but it seems to be all over the US that it’s slow. Definitely worth waiting for, as I love the postcards and your note and FUN envelope!!!! Thank you soooooo much!!! You made me smile! : D
Response: Hiya Susan, I'm so glad you liked the ones I sent, & the envelope. I've noticed the mail is slower too, it's frustrating, but hopefully not permanent. Take care & keep cool!! ;)
carol rated for Black Lives Matter PC Swap on Jul 8, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the card (perfect!) and note. I LOVE that your Mayor had "Black Lives Matter" painted on the street leading to the White House and renamed the plaza, too, I believe. It's long overdue for change here. I am hopeful that it will actually happen this time.
Response: Hi Carol, thanks for the 5 & heart. I'm hoping some lasting changes are made too, as they are long overdue. I hope the focus stays on the Black Lives Matter movement, and that more folks take time to learn about it. Take care ;)
colleenbUSA rated for PH: Scavenger Hunt For Pcs #107 on Jul 8, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the postcards! I’m not enjoying summer it’s been way too hot!
Response: Hi Colleen, thanks for the 5 & heart. It's only recently gotten HOT here. I hope you can find ways to stay cool. Take care ;)
penpallingfool rated for 3 Things In An Envelope #4 on Jul 6, 2020
Comment: Thank you for swapping I really enjoyed my items xx
Response: I'm so glad. Thanks for the 5 and heart. take care ;)
Comment: Thank you for the cool postcards! I absolutely love all the kitty cards you sent! ❤
Response: Yay! You’re welcome, I’m glad you liked the ones I sent. & the kitty freebies. Thanks for the heart! Take care ;)
susieq11 rated for Handmade Envelopes - June 2020 on Jul 6, 2020
Comment: Ooooh what fun mail!!!! : ) Thank you for ALL the awesome envelopes made with such cool paper! I’m in love with the stickers and labels too! So excited to write now! Thanks for the lovely note and book recommendations. I have Hidden Valley Road on my list! I haven’t really hit 20 current swaps in a while but if I have anything coming up I just host fewer swaps! I’ll host this again this month, check back soon! XOXOXO
Response: YAY!! Oh I’m glad they arrived at last. & that you like the papers. You’re welcome! Thank you for the 5 & heart Susan. And for hosting!! I’ll definitely be watching for the next 1. Take care XO ;)
riverwatcher rated for Recipe Postcard on Jul 2, 2020
Comment: Hi neighbor. Thanks for the postcard. You don't live that far from me. I was giggling because I also send the crab soup postcard to people. 😂 Have a great week.
Response: Haha, I knew it! That one and I think there's a a blue one about making crab cakes. Thanks for the heart. You have a great week too! ;)
Comment: Hi! Thanks a lot for the card. I think it's great & I especially like your reason for picking this one!!! Thanks again & hope you have a wonderful day!
Response: Yay, I’m glad you liked it! Thanks for the heart. I hope you have a wonderful day too. Take care ;)
zeroeoj rated for 3 Things In An Envelope #4 on Jul 1, 2020
Comment: I wish I could give this 10 hearts! Thanks so much for all the amazing goodies.
Response: Yay, you’re welcome. I’m glad you liked the envelope of happy mail. Thanks for the heart. Take care ;)
noone7212 rated for Animal Postcards USA #8 on Jun 30, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the cute card! Elephants are amazing animals :-)
Response: You’re welcome. They truly are! So majestic, and seemingly wise. Thanks for the heart. Take care ;)
fromkamy rated for 3 Things In An Envelope #4 on Jun 30, 2020
Comment: Thank you for all the wonderful things you sent me.!. I loved every single thing you sent. Especially the cards, gold birds & whale sticker. I know some kids who will love the kids stickers. Thank you again.
Response: Ah good. I’m so glad you liked those little bits. Thanks for the heart. Take care ;)
susieq11 rated for 5 Postcards to 2 Partners #194 on Jun 26, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the great note and postcards! I love the bats!!! The one with the little pixies/fairies is precious! Thanks for the extra and the mail art envelope too. So glad you’re back at work!!!! Woo hoo!!!! I’m so happy you joined my swap xoxo
Response: Hi Susan, YAY I'm glad you liked the ones I sent. Yep, back at work and enjoying being around books, & the (ususally) pleasant strangers who come in for them. Thanks for the heart, and for hosting. ;)
Lonestarchild rated for 5 Postcards to 2 Partners #194 on Jun 26, 2020
Comment: Oh, wow. These are really wonderful! and such a cool envie too. Thanks so much for a great swap!!
Response: Yay, you’re welcome! I’m glad you liked the happy mail. Thanks for the heart ;)
ToujoursMoi rated for Not Your Country Map PC #4 on Jun 23, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the great German postcard
Response: You're welcome, thanks for the heart ;)
Vickyen rated for Favorite Vacation Postcard on Jun 23, 2020
Comment: Hi Lisa! Thank you for the pc and lovely memories that you shared! Hugs and Happy Swapping! ;)
Response: Thank you for the heart rating, Take care ;)
Comment: Love the tulip card!
Response: Yay, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the heart ;)
nanadiana rated for Animal Postcards USA #8 on Jun 23, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the cute laughing girl and camel postcard. Gave me a chuckle! I like the vintage stamps too. Thanks for making my day! :)
Response: Ah that's good. I like the image too, I wonder what she was laughing about...? Thanks for the heart. Take care ;)

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