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About Me

I'm Steph(anie); a nerdly dorkish 40 year old, married to a nerdly dorkish 40-something year old and mother to one nerdly dorkish 22 year old. We all live in Tallahassee, Florida. I'm a homemaker and try to cram as much creative playtime into my day as possible between one boring chore or another.

I am very enthusiastically a homebody, thanks to some major introversion, social anxiety and other personality issues. Art (and swapping) is my way of coping with the internal junk and connecting with people.

I’m obsessed with making things. I’ve been at it for awhile now - crafting for at least 20 years (going back to when I scrapbooked my daughter’s babyhood) and I've tried oodles of things. For the past 12 years I’ve been focused on paper/mixed media art and swapping. Right now I’m all about mail art, gluebooks, ATCs, artbooks/zines, and just generally gluing paper to paper. I got myself a Gel Press for my 40th birthday in 2019 and am over the moon about it.

Beyond art and cleaning up messes, meme, movie and TV references rule my world. I enjoy “airplane naps” on the couch, watching entirely too much TV, road trips, thrifting, exploring historical sites, long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners….oh, wait.


✳️ FALL 2020 | I think I will be taking an indefinite break from organized swaps here, both on the hosting and participation front. It's a lot more enjoyable to exchange on a free-form, organic basis with mail art pals I've made over the years, and connect with new ones at more informal sites.

If you want to keep in touch via mail art on a semi-regular basis, feel free to PM me. You can also find me on sendsomething.net and reach me at my other sharing links above.

Crafty Arty Projects

This is the "artsy" side of my craft cave, where I make all the things. You can usually find me here, avoiding housework.

Favorite Things to Make

  • ATCs, skinnies, handmade postcards
  • artbooks, zines & gluebooks
  • stickered up postcards & empty envelopes ("sticker bombs")
  • stuffed supply envelopes (random or themed)
  • painted papers (gel prints & other methods)
  • lists & questionnaires (creative/handmade, not email)
  • collaborative projects
  • wall art, canvasses, altered art



In general, I like...

  • bright/bold colors, neons, highly saturated colors---all of them

  • nature, animals, history, science

  • busy patterns, bold design

  • 60s-70s-80s aesthetics

  • eclectic, bohemian styles, vintage mixed with modern

  • modern design & art

  • creative, inspiring, funny, sarcastic quotes/sayings & words

  • humor, profanity, weirdness, non sequiturs, salads

  • pop culture, memes, gifs, TV, cartoons

A-B-C Favorites

  • Adult Swim, alligators, Arthurian legend, alt rock (90s), Alice in Wonderland, anthropomorphism, American Dad, anatomy illustrations, At Home with Amy Sedaris
  • Boston terriers, Black Sabbath, Bob's Burgers, Batman, Bob the Drag Queen
  • cartoons, clowns, cheeseburgers, Chevy Chevelle SS, cockatoos, camellias, cosplay, Carrie Fisher
  • Darth Vader, Disney World, Discworld, DC, deep-sea diving helmets/suits, Dragon Ball, doodles, Doom Patrol, dragons, Daiso
  • Everglades, Egypt, Edward Hopper, Edgar Allan Poe, Elvira, eyes
  • flamingos, Florida kitsch, food puns, Frida Kahlo, fantasy, Fashion Angels stickers
  • Gothic art, gibbons, Gudetama, Grim Reaper, gender neutrality, Good Omens, graffiti, gargoyles
  • Halloween (dark, Gothic, creepy style, not cutesie), hibiscus, heavy metal, hands, Hole
  • IKEA
  • Judge Judy, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Juxtapoz, James Jean
  • Kurt Cobain, kitsch, Kathleen Hanna
  • Lynda Carter, L7, Lovecraft Country
  • maneki neko, Mid-Century Modern, Memphis design, Maleficent, Monty Python, Mona Lisa, moon faces, maps, Mr. Rogers, Michael Cheval
  • NASA, Neil Gaiman, Netflix, Nancy (comic strip), Nailed It
  • outsider art
  • psychedelic art, palm trees, Patti Smith, Pitt Bulls, peace signs, postage people, plus signs +
  • q
  • raccoons, Rex Ray, riot grrrl, rainbows, retro futurism, reptiles
  • Skeletor, Spanish Revival, stand-up comedy, skulls/skeletons, SpongeBob SquarePants, Salvador Dali, sun faces, Star Wars, surrealism
  • Terry Pratchett, toadstools, Tara McPherson, tattoo flash, tyrannosaurus rex
  • Uglydolls, Universal Monsters
  • Vincent Van Gogh, vinyl stickers, vintage VW Buses/Beetles
  • Wonder Woman, Wayne's World, Whimzeyland, wizards, What We Do in the Shadows
  • Xena: Warrior Princess
  • Young Frankenstein
  • zebras, zines

If you're a more visual person, most of these and more are represented on my Pinterest boards: CharactersArt"Aesthetic"Misc.Colors

Supply Stuffs

interesting graph/grid paper • FUN, FLAT stickers • painted papers/palette papers • vintage yearbook portraits • speech bubble shaped things • text printed tissue paper or napkins • flat embellishment things • cancelled vintage postage • neon colored things • bold patterned & brightly colored papers • round color coding labels • gold/silver reward stars • images/background patterns from magazines • collage sheet printables • machine stitched strips of paper • maps • colorful, modern, authentic ephemera • Halloween paper items (all year)


Please kindly consider these things strictly off-limits as far as I'm concerned:

  • Sharks. (phobia)

  • Religion. (humanist, not interested in the least)

  • Grocery/beauty items of any sort - this includes tea bags/drink mixes, candies, lotion samples, etc. I have Sjogren's, atopic dermatitis, allergies, sensitive everything, so keep it crafty. Please do not Febreeze or perfume any items sent my way! Chemical fragrances are a huge trigger for me. 😖

Those are the majors. Everything else is just a minor annoyance, really.

Crafting Items I Have No Use For

  • puffy or epoxy stickers

  • faux ephemera, Tim Holtz die-cut people, mass-produced kits

  • cancelled current US postage

I won't get bent if you send me these things, you'd just be wasting your postage as they'll get tossed in the trash. ✌️

Themes That Make Me Go "Meh"

alcohol/pro-drinking • patriotic • presidents/monarchy • religion • holidays (except Halloween) • true crime • serial killers • Lolita, little girl fetish, gendered themes in general • Paris • "keep calm and carry on" + derivatives • random mustaches • babies (human) • Picasso inspired things • tea, coffee drinking • zombies • "gypsy" branded things • steampunk • mixed media that is just a bunch of goo-gahs attached to a surface & covered in paint (you know what I'm talking about....😆)

About clowns:

I do honestly love all types of clowns, except real life killer clowns (like John Wayne Gacy/Pogo) and Insane Clown Posse. If you have some doubts about something, just message me.

Well. Bye!


chimerix rated for Private Halloween ATC Swap on Oct 29, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the trade. I love the gargoyles!! I am so proud to add them to my collection. Aloha
Comment: I love the gothic arch you made. That's not surprising as I love everything you make. I had so much fun with this swap series and I'm sad it's over. I can't wait to add your arch to my book which I've been putting together with jump rings as the swap's progressed. Thanks for a wonderful series and a wonderful swap!
Response: Figures it would arrive the day I sent the replacement. 🤦‍♀️ haha, welp, I had fun making both. Thank you for the lovely rating - I'm glad you liked the arch and the series. 💖
Comment: I love the PC you made. I think the tv was my favorite element from the kit. I used it as well. I just watched a cartoon where they were tracking a ferret down in the 'wild,' so apparently this is a common issue. lmao
Response: Glad you liked it! It was a bit of a challenge (though idk it it's because of the mood I've been in or the swap itself). I love images of old TV sets. Everytime I see a different animal in our backyard (or think I've seen, lol) I feel I'm that much closer to getting a raccoon visitor. A girl can dream! 😁
Comment: Steph I LOVE this page for the book! Everything about it, especially the text; I love text on a page. Thank you!
Response: Yay, glad you love it! I had a lot of fun matching those 2 up.
sweetgypsy rated for CSC: Use the Image #5 on Jul 10, 2020
Comment: Nicely done!! I agree, it is nice having a little more area to work on. Thank you for another fun swap :)
Aeon rated for AB: GA Series - Person with a Flower on Jun 25, 2020
Comment: Thanks for hosting such a fun swap! And thank you for the flower person page! 😍😍 I can’t wait for the assembly part too. What kind of printer do you use? I love the sharpness of your images.
Response: Hope they fit in nicely with your other pages. I have a Canon laser printer.
Poeprincess rated for ATCA: Collage ATC Formula #2 on Jun 18, 2020
Comment: Thank you for this ATC. I love how you combined the elements. Thanks, also for hosting these challenging swaps.
Aeon rated for CSC: Use the Image #4 on Jun 16, 2020
Comment: OMG your zetti style fish is so extra! I love it! 😍😍😍
January rated for AB: One Sheet Art Book on Jun 15, 2020
Comment: I adore the little book you created. Love everything about it - the colors, the images, the feel of it. Sending many hearts for this swap! (PS and thank you for hosting this one!)
Response: I'm so happy you like it! It was fun to make. Thank you for the lovely rating.
rubberduck rated for 9 pockets of ATC supplies on Jun 1, 2020
Comment: thanks for the great swap so many different things to use
Response: You're welcome - have fun :)
Artstamper rated for AB: GA Series - Person with Wings on May 29, 2020
Comment: Love your Mona with the wings! This is a special swap and now I have two special pages! Thank you very much.
Response: It's good to know she has a special place with you - thank you for the lovely comments!
sweetgypsy rated for CSC: Digi Stamp ATC on May 26, 2020
Comment: Steph, it is gorgeous!! I love it so much :) Thank you!
Response: You're most welcome, Tanya! So happy you love it. 🤗
PaperPassion rated for CSC: Use the Image #3 on May 21, 2020
Comment: love,love,love the skinny you made thanks so much.
Bhindblueeyes rated for ATCA: Sender's Choice #2 on May 18, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much!! I am so pumped to get an ATC from you because I always love the ones I see you create!!! It was indeed sitting at the PO waiting for me now that I can get there! :)
Response: Awesome. Glad you like it - I knew I had to send you a flamingo. 😊
Artstamper rated for CSC: Use the Image #2 on May 4, 2020
Comment: Wow! Stephanie, this is so creative and adorable at the same time. Love it. Thanks so much.
Response: I'm glad you liked it, Joan! I wasn't planning on going so whimsical, but that's where I ended up. That's what's making these image challenges so fun for me.
Aeon rated for Artsy Gluebook on May 2, 2020
Comment: I received your glue book today and it’s so fun to flip through in person! 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much for making this for me! I have images collected for you—just need to commit to a book size. 😂😂
Response: Happy you like it - I had a lot of fun making it. 😊
Comment: Wow Stephanie,this is a great start to my book! Love the queen and the deep red of the background, thank you.
Response: You're welcome, Joan! Glad you like her. Thank you for the lovely rating. I decided for this series that I'm going to use a different color of the rainbow for each arch.
PaperPassion rated for ATCA: Collage ATC Formula #1 on Apr 20, 2020
Comment: Great collage for your formula 1.Beautiful crow and use of color.Thank you so much.
Response: Happy you liked the crow - it was my favorite of the 2 ATCs I made for this.
PaperPassion rated for CSC: Kim Collister Inspired Art on Apr 20, 2020
Comment: Wish I could give you 100 hearts I really love what you did with the K.Collister piece.Can't wait to add it to my art journal.Thank you so much.
Response: So happy you like it and it'll have a happy home in your journal.
Artstamper rated for CSC: Use the Image #1 on Apr 9, 2020
Comment: Thanks for your fun skinny with image #1 on it. i liked what you did with it and hope more people join the next one too. Be careful and stay well.
Response: I've got a lot of cool images lined up for future swaps...hopefully they'll entice people. Glad you liked this one.

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MamaD on Oct 26, 2020:

Thank you SO MUCH for the AWESOME Nightmare Before Christmas Goodies! I love it! What a fantastic way to start the week!! Thanks again!!

goosey on Oct 21, 2020:

many thanks for the awesome halloween mailart! so many great parts here! the envie and stamps are the best too! boo-hahaha!

kiddomerriweather on Oct 11, 2020:

Thank you so much for the devil ATC and the adorable Halloween stickers! I love them both! I'm so grateful to have more stephiedee art to add to my collection! Yours is on its way and I hope it'll arrive by Tuesday. Who knows with the crazy mail situation though.

HippieChick on Oct 9, 2020:

It was such a fun deco to work in! I loved it so much I am thinking of doing one for myself. :)

kiddomerriweather on Oct 6, 2020:

Thank you for the "bewitching" ATC (I love it!!!) and the wonderful array of unused postage! I'm especially excited about the vintage dogs. I'm not a dog person, but one of my pen pals is and he'll love getting these in a Halloween booklet I'm putting together for him! You made my day!

kiddomerriweather on Oct 3, 2020:

I totally thought I already commented on Raccoon Day. They haven't been coming around as much as usual, but that's fine with me. They're too aggressive, at least "Slappy" is. I don't mind Rascal and "Sylvia Plath," the runt. The other night "Slappy" tried to run in the house. It hasn't attacked me anymore. (((knocks on wood)))

goosey on Sep 22, 2020:

steph, your rak postcard made my day! thank you so very much ..... it is perfect!

MamaD on Sep 22, 2020:

Thank you so very much for the wonderful ATC OMAE RAK!! I absolutely LOVE it!! Very much needed happy mail! Thanks again!!!

kiddomerriweather on Sep 21, 2020:

Thank you for the OMAE RAK Attack sticker slapped PC! I love all the stickers you used. You picked things off my profile you knew I'd love. Thank you for thinking of me this month. =D

bigmamabird on Sep 10, 2020:

Many thanks for the sweet OMAE paper bomb, Steph! It was right in time to help cheer me up and I love the selection you chose for me..!

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