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I am just individually me

my latest hospital visit/stay

Posting this picture as proof of several things: 1 - I am 19 2 - I really AM sick 3 - I've been in the hospital and have had a lack of creative time to make/write anything :(

I miss the bot!! i can't wait to dive back in

I am aware I am partially suspended, I am aware why and it is a quick and easy fix, however to keep myself from swapping during my busy season I am going to keep my account open and await a calmer time in my life to start back up on the bot and to un-suspend it. If you wish to keep in contact with me, please message me. I will miss the bot!!!! But I am doing this for my own good, and don't worry, i'll be writing, crafting, and more in my down time from the bot. Feel free to message me if you have questions etc. 10-6-10

10-6-10: Rest in Peace my dear sweet Rose, you never did make it out of your bud form, but you were beautiful. Happy 1st birthday to my little flower, I love you dearly and hope you and Daddy are happy up their, I await the day that I will see you once more, good bye my baby girl.

I am young, 19 and single though have been engaged and had a child... Rest In Peace my dear Austin and little baby Rose.... I pray I will see you up there one day... You will forever be in my heart.

~~~Due to age and job status being STUDENT please keep in mind that I am not a money flowing machine. I make what I make, save a bit, use half to pay bills, and whatever ends up being left is what I have for that time until I get my next paycheck and the cycle returns~~~

I have always had an interest in Art Cards and began them when I was about 12 years old for my art class in middle school.I have never swapped them through the mail though. I will start out slow and small as I am still in college and spend most of my time working on class work.

I sketch, design tattoos for friends, have the capability of crocheting though need to get back into it to see if I can remeber how to make my little plushies again :) I enjoy taking photographs of just about anything, though I refuse to edit most, there are only a select few that I will edit, other then that, you get my straight photography. I write poetry, song lyrics, and at times short stories, what I write is reflectant of my current mood on that given day. OH! And I'm a GLEEK and proud to be!

Lets see, more random facts! My life has been hard and I am terminally ill.... That may seem just a bit hard to just put out there, but I have come to terms with it and do not let it stop me from my dreams. I will keep fighting until the days I no longer can and I have every intention of stayin around Earth for quite some time.

I am a theatre major who enjoys poetry, photography, sketching, vampires, makeup (I have worked behind stage as a makeup artist), and the like. However, being in stage productions also limits my time. Meaning that, yes I will get my swaps sent out however I will have less time to make swaps through snail mail so I ask that you all please bare with me. I am currently in a production of Fiddler on the Roof Yes, my picture IS me.

You will find that when on a good minded day, I will have much to type. When I do not have much to type is when as my friends say, "Emms needs sugar or we're loosin' her!" I love my friends dearly and without them... Well I would not be here today, who I am, what I am, and thinking as I am. And if you do not like who that being is, well please get over it. I am a human being, I have feelings, I do not like being yelled at because one thing I said was not EXACTLY what you wanted to hear. I can be blunt at times, it is just whom I am.

I spend a lot of time indoors which usually means on my lap top. I am allergic to many things outdoors, so I find it hard to stay outside for too long without the symptoms of an allergy attack arising. I do not have a ton of money fyling around me, thus I will not do pricey trades and would prefer not to send out of the USA - which is a pitty as I love my fellow Brits (I'm an Ameri-brit, born in London and yes, I still have my accent). Majority of my swaps, as a calling card I will place a purple oragami heart somewhere within the envelope, package, email, etc. Yes, I do make them. I spent many a day in high school folding up to 300 hearts at a time then handing them out to friends, placing them in lockers, on lockers, etc.

And well, that seems to be about all I can think of for now in this section. Sorry that I have a lengthy profile, but I like to write when I have the inspiration, plus I am procrastinating from reading 300 pages due tomorrow for my American Literature course at Uni.

Be well, take care, and thank you for your time in reading through this monstrosity, this, spew of words that have landed so upon this page.

**************UPDATE*************** as of today.... 10-4-10 I am apparently partially suspended... but I truley DON'T know why.... :/ is confused

Likes and Dislikes

Hmmm... Well lets see I am going to devide this section up into likes and dislikes... I'm too lazy to type it into 2 different boxes lol

Well for starters, Likes:

ALICE IN WONDERLAND AND NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS I AM OBSESSED. no other way to really put that. My purse has the queen of hearts on it, I have earned the nickname queen of hearts, AND the nickname sally. I have my nightmare before christmas VHS next to my TV in my bedroom 24/7. I would love ANYTHING to do with either of these !!

I am obsessed with cupcakes :D My best friend and I made buttons that said cupcake sisters :) I also LOVE drawing them :D mine are cartoony with little faces and expressions

photography and images from different angles especially as ATCs

kawaii omg yes, I LOVE it !! ANYTHING kawaii is adorable !! ESPECAILLY cupcakes...cough....haha

matchboxes !! oh the things are adorable !! sadly though... I do not have any nor can I figure out how to make them... ~sigh~

little trinkets or just tiny little necklaces, bracelets, keychains etc.

buttons, not like the type that hold blouses shut, more like badges or pins with cute pictures, sayings, etc.

little key chains – The word in my profile image is one of my favorite key chains

STUFFED ANIMALS! Sorry, but I love them

Eye makeup and lip gloss, I am obsessed. I love bright, rich colors that really POP and yes, sometimes people call them hooker style, for the simple reason that I love them dark and bright, not little simple soft blues or golds. I have no skin allergies so any brand is fine. My fav's are Urban Decay and Bare Minerals ((grew up with B.M.)) CURRENTLY SEARCHING FOR: ~a pallet of rainbow creme eyeshadows ((especially pink, orange, yellow, and red ^-^))

starbucks mmmmmm..... yum. I go there any chance I get to buy either a venti mocha frap or whatever else looks appealing at that time period


well...lets see...

~Garbage. No explanation needed

~snobs, they annoy me and agrivate me

~tea !!! ICK !

~gory movies. sorry, not as bloody a gal as some

~FLAKERS !!!! grrrrr......

~screamo and hard core music. Sorry, but I do NOT like things that hurt my head and that I can't sing a long to

Favorite Music

let us see here... Did somebody ask about my music preferences? hmm.... well then ~giggles~ as stated above I am a theatre major and proud to be. But also in being so I am a singer :D I like just about any songs that I can sing or hum along to, which yes does rule out screamo and hard core rock. Just don't feel that I mainly sing things like Carrie Underwood, Evanesence, and then LOTS and lost of show tunes.

Seriously, I enjoy any type of music... If I ever swap playlists you will notice the variety from theatre, to rock, to hip-hop :P

Me and My Camera

My camera is kind of like my best little digital friend. I love it to death (though the screen just cracked recently) and take it with me anywhere I go. I have had some people say that my photos are on the "obvious" side. Well so be it, I enjoy photography as a stress reliefe and relaxent. I am working on posting some of them up here but haven't figured out how yet ^-^ oh well, if I trade ATCs with you you may just get some in the mail ;)

me number one





my swap bot pic


me - an actual pic of me smiling

me and liz

me goofing off

me nerd style

~~more to come, I am currently writing a 6 page editory about myself that is a pain in the butt giggles~~


~Scrabble tile neckalces, bottle cap necklaces, that sort of thing :) I love them and then necklaces with sayings about love, peace, happiness, etc :)

~I would REALLY love a crocheted/knitted small critter or a cute little cottee doll. I know that these are a bit bigger.... But idk, I'm not expecting much :) I would just love one ^-^


~ANYTHING Alice in Wondeland, homemade or not it does not matter. My favorite characters are the cheshire cat and the queen of hearts ;)

~badges, the type that comedy central often makes fun of by having the overly happy waiter with suspenders and them SMOTHERING the poor elastic bands. Preferably the smaller round ones, the larger ones create more bulk and are harder to put on things ;)

~of course gift cards are always awesome :P

~kawaii plushies :3

~any plushie

~JOURNALS!!! ---> I am constantly filling them up !!! I prefer a minimum of 5x7 but other then that anything is fine - composition notebooks, fancy notebooks, anything like that. Just PLEASE! NO SPIRAL BOUND NOTEBOOKS! UNLESS the spiral is covered somehow - I always manage to stab myself on them :(

~anything you feel like sending to me after reading through this profile lol

~-Side Note-~ I do not mind any use of profanity whatsoever. Adult theme is fine

A Snapshot of My Room

This section is just a description of my room as I look around it, just to give you a feel of what I like, what I do, my focuses in the room, etcetera etcetera etcetera, and well, I think you get the idea :)

Upon my lavander shelves are rows upon rows of booke that have been shoved into every nook and crany the shelves have to offer. Upon the top of the shelves I have my alarm clock, laptop (when not in use), and a lava lamp, as well as smaller things like a little wooden puzzel of a kangaroo, small glass animals upon a hand carved wooden leaf, a rather large white ceramic piggy back that my great grandmother gave me when I was a mere 2 years of age. I also have a pink teddy bear propped up around other various "treasures"

I have 2 shelves upon my dresser in the outcove of my wall. They are cluttered, yes, but my room is small and lacks proper housing for majority of the items until I clean my office for proper use. I have a various assortment of soccer, dance, basketball, and softball trophies as well as ribbons from years past of baking contests, the random talent show entry, and just the sort of ribbons that friends give you to brigten up your day and leave you with the whisper of a smile upon your face. I have at all times myblack, square, mini telivision, one of the old ones that I had as a child to watch when not playing with the old VHS player built in that has gone through many years of my childhood, pressing stickers around the screen of it. Next to it you can find my little pac man joy stick plug in so I may play on my television when so driven to do, and my original VHS copies of Alice in Wonderland and the Nightmare Before Christmas. Among the other space on the bottom shelf you can find various books, CDs, lotions, perfumes, trinkets, clothes, and those likes.

Now for the upper of the 2 shelves. Upon this shelf you may find gag gifts, displayed from friends. A puzzle orb that took me a mere 20 minutes to complete, as well as a polk-a-dotted bucket containing random objects from my childhood, one time I reached in and pulled out a pirate Ken head :). There are various hatts and collections displayed across one section of the shelf, and other then generic clutter that is about all there.

My bed is my wonderously warm safe haven, when ever I am in a down mood you may find me curled up underneath my warm green comforter that fades from deep grass green, to the yellow-green crayola would try and trick people into believing was a true green ((pssst, it's really yellow, but don't tell ;) )). I take up a mere 6th of my bed while sleeping, so at any given time you may find heels, clothing, pillows, blankets, plushies, markers, coloured pencils, sketch pad, jewelry, pens, hair brushes, makeup, and well, I think you can get the point ^-^

At the foot of my bed is an eliptical, :P. Beyond that point is a lime green chest that pre-dates my birth containing a random assortment of objects that I fear to open it and find. Upon it is a stack of shoe boxes and clothing as well as NUMEROUS pillows.

Beside the chest I have aqquired a stack of 3 navy blue drawers to place my objects into. The bottom drawer is filled with my memories time spent in Australia. I absolutely adored it there! The middle drawer is more craft supplies and yarns with my crochet hooks :) The top of the 3 drawers my random junk drawer as all people have. You may reicive something from this drawer if you are my partner in any random trades or stuffed envelope style trades. Upon the stack of drawers you will find my favorite birthday gift I have recieved - a hand made pet rock made from a river rock that my friend painted into the face of the Mad Hatter and then preceeded to put orange hair upon it, a gap between the teeth, and a hat with the PROPER fraction tucked inside the band of the top hat. You may also find a globe with little dots of where I have traveled to and an amber geode that I cracked somewhere in North Carolina some years ago.

Well..... that sounds about it I think. If I change my room around, I'll let ya know :P

Things I do NOT wish to get

okay, so this might seem harsh, but see... I do not want someone to go off and try to get these wonderous things, only to be sent to me and I not appreciate them. That being said here are a few objects that I do not wish to recieve:

~random wooden pencils

~TEA AND COFFEE - I do not like tea, nor do I enjoy coffee

~GARBAGE, I mean c'mon now, that is just rude.

~random scraps of paper, I mean things like a full pad of post its etc. is fine but not like I post-it



I pledge addiction, to the swap-bot,of this earthly internet. And to rate and reply, for all swappers, one rating at a time. Individually, and personally with proper ratings for all.

lol alright, basically what the above is meant to say is that I promise to do the following for all swaps.I promise to: ~NEVER flake unless i have an extremely valid excuse ~always rate and leave a personalized comment ~try my best to give a heart worthy package ~send everything ON TIME ~reply to all rating comments ~be a swap-bot ADDICT!

My Swap Items

The following are lists of items that I DO have to trade:

SCRAPBOOKING SUPPLIES - My mother used to own a scrapbooking company and uh, well... I have plastic bins filled with stickers etc. that I can trade :D

Inchies - I love the little sizes ^-^ I can sit and make these in a few minutes, to a few hours depending on what they are of

SILLY BANDZ - I ligitimatley have hundreds of these things, rings and bracelets that I am willing to trade, majority of them having doubles in my collection

for now this is all... as it comes seasons that I have more time to craft, I shall do so, but UNTIL THEN!!!!

Thanks for making your way through my uberly long profile ^-^

ciao, au revior, adios, buenos noches, so long, farewell, alfeterzaine, GOODBYE!!!!!


Amberingz rated for Make new swapbot friends! on Oct 16, 2010
Comment: sorry sooo late
Response: better late then never :)
DanaJeanWard rated for share your pets pictures on Oct 14, 2010
Comment: Thanks so much! Enjoyed it!
Response: glad you did !!! :) thank you for swapping!
toothteri rated for Make new swapbot friends! on Oct 11, 2010
swapquest rated for Alphabet Inchies F - J on Oct 6, 2010
Comment: Dearest Emma, You are a rare girl. Such an in-depth profile and fantastic inchies. I can not draw a straight line with a ruler and for you to hand draw all those inchies: well, I am truly impressed and pleased. The J (nightmare before christmas jack skellington) is awesome. Thank you for the cute inchies and the stickers! I hope you come back to swapbot soon as your talent is a treasured thing to this community. Thanks again, Pam (swapquest)
Response: 0-0 I'm really glad you liked them!!! I actually had to redo the J one which upset me greatly because I couldn't find the one that I had made previously which had Jacks smiling face on the outside and when you opened it up it was a sketched out picture, that one I had done entirely on black with 1 white pencil and 1 orange pencil (for Zero's nose). I shall return as soon as I can but for now, seeing as I believe I have been home and awake a grand total of about 3 hours on average and taht time is spent on papers, presentations, exam prep, etc. I'm glad you liked my inchies though, that was the first inchie swap that I have ever participated in >.< Great swapping with you!!! sorry if I rambeled on here, I am currently on adrenalin from a 5 mile run...heh Love and Hugs, Emma
Comment: I loved the smiley face
Response: :) thank you i wasn't sure wether or not people liked my photos :D
Comment: Thanks for the awesome conversation of comments we had :P
Response: oh contrare, thank YOU ;P
mutantpenguin rated for Make new swapbot friends! on Oct 2, 2010
vertiigo rated for Make new swapbot friends! on Sep 30, 2010
Comment: Thanks alot for your comment!
Response: no problem!! Thank you for participating in my swap!! love and hugs Emma
Comment: Thanks for the comment. You can tell your best friend to try to look for jobs here in Japan.
Response: Alrighty!!! I will
Comment: Lovely comment, thank you! If you ever want to do a chocolate/candy swap, let me know, I am happy to!
Response: I'd like to when I get some more free time...and money.... on my hands haha!! I just need to figure out how to send it so it doesnt melt
institches rated for Silly Bandz on Sep 18, 2010
Comment: Thanks Emma! Wearing the ones that fit now. Will give the little ones to my nephew. Love the dragon!
Response: sorry about the ones that don't fit !!! I'm glad you like the dragon :)
Comment: thank you for your comment on my profile
Response: thank you for participating in my swap !
Florcis rated for "Arranged Objects" Photo Theme Swap on Sep 17, 2010
Comment: Hi, Emma :)) Thanks for the pictures!! Yummm that cake looks great ;))
Response: thank YOU!!!! I don't like my photography lol I think I'm bad But I enjoy doing it xD
rockyhorrorgerri rated for Silly Bandz on Sep 17, 2010
Comment: OMG I loved the selection of silly bandz you sent me, especially the toy story ones. I've wanted any Disney set but a tad expensive. And you sent soo many. Wish I could give you more hearts!
Response: lol ^-^ I'm just glad they got to you !!!!! My mail system has been a bit wacky currently. I'm so glad you liked them !!! I saw that you liked disney...and well.. I had the toy story ones and yeah lol I actually send that many to really anyone who does silly band swaps with me haha and I was sending out 4 envies of them that day. I'm glad I found something you liked so much !!!!! talk with you soon !!
principeta rated for Make new swapbot friends! on Sep 17, 2010
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Response: thanks for a five
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Comment: Thanks she is gonna love them!!!
Response: I hope so !!!

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Amberingz on Sep 20, 2010:

hey girly! Blessings to your deep self! I am a makeup artist and get forty off MAC so if u ever need a hook up!


nanascrafting on Sep 19, 2010:

Hey, My name is Pam and I am one of your partners for read my profile and leave a comment. I enjoyed your profile and talking about your room was really cute. Your pictures are great and you seem to have great talent. I am sorry to read you are sick. I pray you will do well in your life.

lageodesign on Sep 19, 2010:

Great pictures!

I really enjoyed your description of your room... Not something I would do, since my house is a constant mess. With 2 girls into dance, the oldest, she's 11, started at the Artez dance academy (they have a program for young talented dancers...) She wants to be a musical actress/dancer someday... I just don't have the time to keep everything in place...

Internet in school? Wow, we were already happy with a comodore 64 in school... And that wasn't so long ago... (What happened with the time?)

eurydike1 on Sep 17, 2010:

hallo it´s not odd ;) i joined a lot swap fast and my cards almost all going to the united states... so they need to travel. :) but slowly I get my first ratings ;) hope you´re doing fine greetings michaela

TangerineLemons on Sep 17, 2010:

Thanks for your comment on my profile!

I hope you didn't pop a blood vessel! O_o I agree, we do defiantly need to do a private swap! I'm up for a Kawaii swap for some inchies or ATC's.... I've never actually gotten one, or made one before!

I've also got a little Kawaii plushie I don't want I would be willing to swap :D I noticed you liked plushes :P

It is so good to see someone from the same age group on this site! Everyone is nice, but most are older :P.


Brooklyne on Sep 17, 2010:

No holiday items - I feel you on that one. Maybe I should add that to my profile. Though, I like pumpkins, Nordic Santas and decorated eggs, I do not like any holiday associations with these things. Pumpkins are just pumpkins. Santas are just a guy in kewl embroidered outfits. And have you seen some of the egg art out there? It's amazing! There's an artist that carves Ostrich egg shells. THAT stuff is beautiful.

I like your makeup. You have the face for it. Full lips, petite nose, big eyes, high cheek bones. If anyone can pull it off, you can (and do).

Cupcakes are awesome! Enough said.

I hope things work out between you and your estranged father. I just talked to my mom for the first time since May and I hated every minute of it. She asked when I'm going to forgive her and I said, "when therapy starts working." We can't choose our parents, but we can choose who affects us. Taking care of yourself is all you can do. I hope it all works out for the best for you. Best wishes!

<3 Read and Comment on your partner's profile! <3

busycrowstudio on Sep 17, 2010:

Hi, this is Laurie your partner from the Comment On Your Partner's profile.....I like your pictures, my favorite is the black and white one with the blue eye enhancement, and the color photo just below that one. You are the same age as my son! He was in a theatre play in school only once, and I always tried to persuade him to do more, because I told him you will meet such interesting people (and after reading your profile, I am convinced I am right ! : ) I think it's great that you leave your little origami hearts everywhere, it's like sharing a bit of yourself wherever you go. Keep up the photography and forget about so-called 'critics' (I've been drawing skeletons - LOTS of them - lately, and you should hear some of the comments my family has! : ) You should start an account at Zazzle.com (it's free to do so) and you could post some of your photos for sale in the form of postcards, posters, binders, and more, I think you'd find fans! Happy swapping....

mutantpenguin on Sep 17, 2010:

Howdy friend! Happy to have you as a partner in the profile comment swap! As you know I just LOVE your name! Lilac is one of my favorite flowers AND colors! Wondering what kind of stuffed animals you are collecting at the moment. Have a great day and keep up the fabulous camera work! - Lynn

wandaibenitez on Sep 14, 2010:

Hi sweetie, you look like my daughter, so tough and fragile at the same time. So strong hearted, made me wish live near to you to cuddle you on that days so heavy to keep going. Sorry about my english, dont want to be misunderstood. Nighty Night, girl.

Pennylane78 on Sep 2, 2010:

Hello there! I love your profile! You have so much to say and it's an interesting read! First of all, I would love to hear your music! Do you have it posted somewhere? I love hearing other people's singing abilities...as I'm not so great myself (thought I do love to sing along!)

I love that you pulled out a random Ken head out of your childhood memories bucket! That's hilarious!

I like that you make little cupcake drawings...I'm slightly obsessed with little cute creatures with faces (that wouldn't normally have a face, if that makes sense).

Well, I hope you are having a fantabulous day! Pennylane78 (Profile Comment Swap #2)

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