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Pixieheart on Nov 16, 2018:

Newbie friendly profile hello. No. 11 Hello from Ohio! Looks like we are both new to swapbot. My mom has been swapping for years and I am excited to start swapping with her. Have a super day!

lemooon on Nov 16, 2018:

Hello Autumn, I'm Naoko from Japan.

I also really like all fruit flavored tea! It's so sweetie, and it's makes me happy. :)

Happy swapping,

Newbie Friendly - Profile Hello #11


Gatzcat on Nov 15, 2018:


Where I live, there is a Shakespere Festival that happens every year. It's not much of a festival as it is a production of plays, but the actors do a good job. It is in an outside amphitheater. You can bring your own food like a picnic or buy food there at their concessions stand. It is quite the ordeal.


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allabouttairra on Nov 15, 2018:

Hello Autumn. I'm Chandler.

I used to have a best friend named Autumn. I've always wanted to go to Thailand. I've heard it's a very beautiful place. We have a lot in common in the literature section. I adore anything Shakespeare. If you love him, then I'm sure you will love Oscar Wilde. He's a genius too. I'm also a huge fan of poetry. I write my own too.

I hope you have an amazing and whimsical day.


aralyn on Nov 15, 2018:


Newbie Friendly - Profile Hello #11

Hello!! I love the name Autumn - how beautiful! I hope you're having a wonderful week!


KatrinaKatrina on Nov 12, 2018:

Hi and Hello! :D :)

Poohtat on Nov 9, 2018:

Newbie Friendly Profile Hello #7

LauRad83 on Nov 9, 2018:

Newbie Friendly- Profile Hello #7

Hello Hope you are well

lorasyl on Nov 7, 2018:

NEWBIE FRIENDLY Profile Hello #4 Hi there !

Belgium is calling ! ;-)

I'm nex here but find this website wonderful !

i've seen you like postcards ! I like them too so if you want to exchange with me, I'll be very happy to send first :-)

Big hugs


ericabella on Nov 7, 2018:

Hi there! I’m one of your partners for Newbie Friendly- Profile Hello #4. I apologize for the delay. Our internet connection is shoddy, so I’m using my dad’s iPhone to leave you this comment. I was so happy to see you “drop an F bomb” (aka, say fuck) on your profile! I love a gal who curses! And, oh dear... I hate spiders, too! I was walking into my bathroom yesterday and saw a daddy long legs on floor. I was like “NOPE” and used the downstairs bathroom instead. Be well and happy swapping!

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