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Giveaway Suitcase Cleanout

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Swap Coordinator:Lemonine (contact)
Swap categories: Letters & Writing 
Number of people in swap:50
Location:Regional - United States
Type:Type 1: Electronic
Rating requirement:4.80 (unrated swappers allowed)
Last day to signup/drop:July 14, 2020
Date items must be sent by:July 21, 2020
Number of swap partners:6

NOTE I am the only one sending anything in this swap!

I am visiting the United States for the summer and have accidentally collected too much stationery to fit in my suitcase! (Well, it fits, but it's WAY too heavy).

So I decided to do a giveaway for six people in which I will be giving away the following:

-Various seasonally patterned papers

-"Farmhouse" patterned papers

-Seasonal Writing Pages (unlined)

-Writing Pages (Floral and sunset) (lined)

-Blank notecards (Purple, pink, or teal)

-LOADS of washi tape samples

-Dainty cartoon stickers (rainbows, butterflies, cactuses, phones, cats, solar system, shoes, music, flowers, gemstones, cars, sushi, suitcases, seashells, sloths, mugs, hot air balloons, dogs, crowns/tiaras, llamas, dinosaurs, cameras, robots, books)

and a few crafts that I've done whilst here that I won't use...

-Handmade envelopes (seasonal and patterned)

-Glossy photo-printed stickers of my rabbit

and a few things on offer just further to destash my stationery

-Bunny-stamped envelopes, cards, OR both (purple, pink, or teal)

-A handwritten penpal letter about my rabbit

-A handwritten penpal letter about myself

Themes available for the penpal letters: Floral, sunset, Charlie Brown

To enter please make a comment noting what of this list you would like to receive. You may request as many items as you want or request "a little bit of everything." You MUST be in the USA as this will be a pretty fat envelope.

When you are assigned your partner please rate them a 5, hearts are up to you.

This giveaway is open to anyone with a well filled out profile and at least a 4.8, unrated swappers are welcome as long as you have a VERY well filled out profile.


Jjean 07/13/2020 #

Wow, how neat !! I will take any of the washi tape samples - a few stickers and would love to have a letter about your rabbit.... Thank you.

YolandiLetters 07/13/2020 #

I hope to receive washi tape samples! And even if I don't get any this is a very sweet gesture for the giveaway and I'm sure all the recipients will be very happy :)

1koolkrafter 07/13/2020 #

This is so cool....if lucky...I would like the seasonally patterned paper...some stickers...and some Washi Tape.


myancey 07/13/2020 #

I love stickers esp llamas and a handwritten letter bout yourself. And anything else u choose to send

heatherg2 07/13/2020 #

So fun! I would love any washi, dainty (love that word) stickers, and handmade envelopes, but would happy to receive any paper or notecards too! Thank you so much for your generous giveaway, and safe travels back home!

alexalgebra 07/13/2020 #

This is so generous <3 I would love anything having to do with your buns, please! And the bunny envelopes <3 Thank you!

fiennesgirl 07/13/2020 #

Very generous offer!! I would love washi because I can never get enough of it! Seashell and/or hot air balloon stickers would be nice or any you want to send. A Charlie Brown themed penpal letter? What? I love, love, love Charlie Brown! Handmade envies are nice too so I’d be happy with anything you sent! Did you enjoy your summer here well as much as possible with the COVID mess kind of mucking things up!

SkyFairies 07/13/2020 #

Hi! Thanks for doing this giveaway :). I'd love the seasonally patterned papers, seasonal writing pages, writing pages, washi samples, and stickers! Kind of a bit of everything haha. Hope your visit is going well!

Jsereg001 07/13/2020 #

Thanks for such a generous giveaway!! If I get picked I would like just a mix of everything. I’m not picky and I LOVE surprises and envelopes full of mixed odds and ends so I think it would be fun to get a mix of whatever you choose to send!! Good luck to everyone!!

mcorbus 07/13/2020 #

Thank you for the give away. I like a little of every thing. Right now I love pc 's and atc

DragonflyDreamer 07/13/2020 #

How wonderful of you! I could really use the lined stationary.

TheQueenofHearts 07/13/2020 #

This is very kind! Thanks for the opportunity! I'd be glad to receive anything listed, especially the washi tape and stickers! xx

paperlover 07/13/2020 #

What a fun swap and so generous of you. I would like a little bit of everything if I'm one of the lucky winners

Hyshu 07/13/2020 #

Welcome to the USA! I would love to win a little bit of everything!

Thank you!

Ukucaitie 07/13/2020 #

Hello! Thanks for this RAK! So exciting! I would love the stickers (both kinds bunny and regular) and washi but would love anything :D

swiftbrooks 07/13/2020 #

WOW!! How very sweet and generous of you! Thank you for this fun opportunity to win! It sounds like you have been having a lot of fun despite the virus trying to dash your plans!

I would be interested in the various seasonally patterned papers, "Farmhouse" patterned papers, LOADS of washi tape samples, any of the stickers, but especially the seashells; sloths, mugs, hot air balloons, dogs, crowns/tiaras, llamas, dinosaurs, cameras, robots, books. I would also love the handmade envelopes (seasonal and patterned), glossy photo-printed stickers of your rabbit, bunny-stamped envelopes, cards, OR both (purple, pink, or teal), a handwritten penpal letter about your rabbit, and a handwritten penpal letter about yourself!

I hope that you will have a safe trip back home!

divamagenta 07/13/2020 #

Thank you! If chosen, I would be happy with anything on the list, but my favorites would be the cards (pink and/or purple), floral and/or farmhouse paper, and washi tape. P!us, a letter is always wonderful! (Floral) 😀

kristid1970 07/13/2020 #

What an awesome idea! I wouldn't mind a bit of everything! And a letter about yourself sounds interesting! Thank you!

cynaemon 07/13/2020 #

I would love anything with the rabbits or bunnies on them. Thanks so much. This is a really cool swap.

Rabbitfreedom 07/13/2020 #

Did you mention rabbits?? I would love to accept anything featuring your rabbit or any other rabbits if chosen. Thank you!

Maud1916 07/13/2020 #

Blank notecards, washi tape, stickers, handmade envelopes

Thank you and safe travels! ! <3

TreeAnn629 07/13/2020 #

pick me pick me Wow so nice of you anything you would like to send. Please and thank you.

aero 07/13/2020 #

Thank you for your generous offer 😊 I would appreciate the flower and sea she'll stickers, farm house patterned paper, and washing tape. I appreciate the wonderful opportunity 👧 Blessings and Good Health 🙆

Bluegem 07/13/2020 #

Hi I hope you enjoyed your vacation , and what a really nice RAK!! Your kindness is truly wonderful. Wow so many items too hopefully choose some. It was so hard to make that choice . I would like to recieve a letter about you and your rabbit . I will leave the rest up two you too choose for me after the letters. Thank you again for a lovely giveaway.Stay Safe and Happy future Of swapping.

bluecrayons 07/13/2020 #

thank you for the generous offer. i'd accept a lil of everything EXCEPT stickers.

CookieMomster78 07/14/2020 #

I would enjoy reading the Charlie Brown themed penpal letter about yourself and your rabbit (as it seems to be an important part of your life too). Additionally, it would be fun using some of the stickers in my journal specifically:

rainbows, phones, solar system, shoes, music, cars, dogs, cameras, & books

Thank you for offering the opportunity;-)

I bid you safe & happy travels as well! ✈️

NettieBird 07/14/2020 #

Wow! This is so kind and generous of you. I would love a pen pal letter from you and your rabbit. Washi tape is always a want. Envelopes and writing papers of any sort would be awesome and sushi stickers because why not. Be safe and stay well.

Sunnydays 07/14/2020 #

I hope you are having a good visit here. This is a very generous thing you are doing. I would appreciate anything , especially the patterned papers, handmade envelopes, washi and book or other stickers. A copy of your pen pal letter would be good as well Enjoy the rest of your visit!

Nevi2018 07/14/2020 #

WOW!! What are Great Giveaway/Ideas!! I am truly Grateful for this opportunity to just enter. I feel awkward telling someone I LOVE YOUR STUFF send me this and that. But since you did say to DO THAT!! Haha I guess I will.

I really LOVE Farmhouse things so I think that will be where I will start. Next I love seasonal Especially CHRISTMAS!! So paper and Stationary would be GREAT!! Sunset writing pages would be cool too since I can’t write in a straight line AND since my mom died I really started cherishing Sunsets and SunRises. I wouldn’t mind some washi Samples! I love Handmade envies Because they are made BY YOU!! Those cute bunny stamped envies and cards sound adorable too A Handwritten letter by you about you and your rabbit And Charlie Brown is my Nieces Favorite Character so I think I will choose that. I should probably have started with what I didn't want. I just don't like cartoon things HAHA!

Again thank you for the Opportunity. Sending you a HUGE thank you for your generosity and a Humble Congrats to whoever wins!!

Poohtat 07/14/2020 #

What a great giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity and for your generosity. I would love a little bit of everything. I love surprises. Happy swapping and stay healthy

bpl76 07/14/2020 #

Great idea and thank you for this swap !!!

washi tape samples love washie !!! stickers ,anything about your rabbit and what ever else you would like to include

pammie 07/14/2020 #

Thank you for the great swap. I love Washi tape, Blank note cards, and home made envelopes. I love surprises. Thanks again!

bringitb 07/14/2020 #

Love this idea -- thank you for offering such a generous giveaway! If matched, I'd be happy to receive anything you have to share. And, I'd really love to hear how your time was in the States this summer! =) Curious what you had an opportunity to see (especially with so many things closing down). Safe travels back home; hope we can help lighten your suitcase! ;)

beachchicken 07/14/2020 #

Thank you for doing a giveaway! If I won I would love to receive anything, I love surprises!

institches 07/14/2020 #

How fun! A little bit of everything would be wonderful!!

thebragal 07/14/2020 #

Very sweet of you! Hope your visit was/is amazing. I’d love Various seasonally patterned papers

-"Farmhouse" patterned papers

-Seasonal Writing Pages (unlined)

-Writing Pages (Floral and sunset) (lined)

-Blank notecards (Purple, pink, or teal) -LOADS of washi tape samples

PS I have a USA addy to send to

carol 07/14/2020 #

What fun! I have to say that I have been in a similar situation and had to ship stuff home. This is much more fun. I would love the floral or sunset writing pages, washi tape, and a penpal letter about you! Thanks so much!

Kittybob83 07/14/2020 #

Very nice of you!! It all sounds cool, im not a picky person. I love some of the kindness shown on swapbot. It makes up for all the flakes and not so good things!

Tricia22 07/14/2020 #

Thanks for the chance to win, hope your trip to the US is enjoyable!!

washi tape samples

Handmade envelopes

A handwritten penpal letter about my rabbit

A handwritten penpal letter about myself

Cindymt 07/14/2020 #

Very nice! I hope you enjoy America! I would love the Teal Bunny Envelopes and Notecards and the Washi Samples!

CrochetJodie 07/14/2020 #

I would love some stickers and stationary paper. I’m open to which designs. I’m a newbie here so thank you for an opportunity!

Kristipye 07/14/2020 #

I would love glossy photo printed pics of your bunny and whatever else you would like to send me. Thanks bunches for offering this RAK. I hope you are enjoying your vacay!

LavenderSprinkles 07/14/2020 #

Thanks for the opportunity! Since I just lost my pet I would love to hear about your's and see pics. I love rabbits very much and a few live outside in my yard (in the wild). So, anything about your pet or stickers interest me! I can always use stationery and paper supplies!

Burger1girl 07/14/2020 #

Thank you for the giveaway !!! I would love notecards, stationary letters, and stickers!! ALso a letter from you!! Thanks! Happy Swapping!

Moxieroe 07/14/2020 #

What a lovely giveaway. I like all the things. So I guess 'a little bit of everything'. And the penpal letter about your bunny. I love learning about other people's pets.

alafour 07/14/2020 #

Wow how nice of you! I wouldnt mind a little of everything.

MsBellaDonna 07/14/2020 #

I hope you have enjoyed your time here in the USA :) And thank you for your very generous give-away! I would be most interested in notecards, washi tape, handmade envelopes, and pen pal letters!

Somewhatfanciful 07/14/2020 #

What a fun and nice thing for u to do. I think a little of everything would be grand...and what I couldn't use could be passed along...fun fun fun...thanks so much!

ChickenSoup 07/14/2020 #

A little bit of everything is fine, Hope you're staying safe the USA is a bit of a mess at the current moment but I hope you enjoyed the stay!

qSamantha 07/14/2020 #

I would be interested in a little of everything! Thanks for hosting this giveaway, it is very generous!

captkristi 07/14/2020 #

I don't think my comment saved as I can't see it anywhere :) Thanks so much for this offer. I like most anything to do with paper. Particularly sounding awesome is patterned paper (farmhouse is my fave!!) as well as homemade envelopes and stamped items. I am pretty easy going to if I win I would be happy with whatever comes my way. Thanks so much!! I hope you are having a really awesome time in the States!!!

Ace330660 07/14/2020 #

Thanks for the giveaway ! These are the items I would be most interested in. Washi, Notecards, Stickers, or Handmade Envelopes

atomita2 07/15/2020 #

Anything. Surprise me I guess?

HippieChick 07/16/2020 #

This is very kind and generous of you but I do believe this should be labelled as a Type 1 swap, not Type 2 as you are the only person sending anything. To keep it a Type 2 swap would be giving false ratings that were not earned.

Sunnydays 07/17/2020 #

I don’t understand why we would be rating anyone other than you since you are the only person sending something.

HippieChick 07/17/2020 #

@Sunnydays even if only the host is sending this is still a SWAP and ratings are required, otherwise you will be labelled as a non-rater.

Sunnydays 07/17/2020 #

Thanks for the information. I’ll rate all the people who have rated me. 😀

fiennesgirl 07/23/2020 #

Do we have winners yet?

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