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About Me

Hey, everyone!

My name is Krista, though I'll also sign off as Avery. I'm a 30 year old English teacher living in South Korea, though I grew up in Florida. I am teaching 1st-6th graders, who have an English level from zero to intermediate. I also enjoy reading, and write little fantasy things sometimes. I like to go for walks and have begun to take photos of the things I see when I do. I play the trumpet, speak Spanish, and pretend that I one day I'll have pretty, flowy handwriting.

Swapping is still a mostly new concept to me, and I'm a craft-illiterate, so sometimes it's very difficult for me to understand what is expected, or where to find it in Korea. I will do my best to stay out of crafting swaps, though sometimes I may be brave and try, but if your profile only has craft-based likes on it, I will panic and send you a "please help me know what I can do for you" message, because I always try to be recipient-specific in my swaps.

Listing what I like is strange and difficult for me, but I've realized how much I appreciate it in others' profiles, and will give it a try! Feel free to offer any gentle guidance. :)

However, just because I've not listed it doesn't mean I wouldn't be grateful. I'm forever thinking of more things that I adore that could have been added to this list!

Swap Ideas

Best thing ever: I like to hear about people and the sentiments and reasons behind items. A letter included in any swap just absolutely makes my day! I'm less of a visual person and more of a words person. And I send the same. You'll probably be getting a letter from me if I'm to swap to you. And it's highly likely that I may ask if you'd like a post-written response, or I may just send one.


  • I have a number of penpals, and I love and use all forms of stationary because of this. (AND I love letters from folks! I can't help but to reply, and adore making new friends through post, so if you find me as a swap partner, and want to reach out in a letter, I'd definitely respond!)

  • In Korea, the only postcards I can find that are of any quality are "tourist" postcards. Sets of blank postcards are awesome, because then I don't have to live in constant fear of getting a swapper who hates "tourist postcards" and having to receive them anyway.

  • In Korea, there aren't any of the traditional holiday treats I'm used to in America. "Common" holiday treats from Americans are so, so loved and appreciated. (But I also love other cultures too, and would be thrilled to learn about your common holidays items if you're so inclined!)

  • Keychains and mugs are my favorite sorts of souvenirs.

Decorative Ideas for Any Decorative-like Swaps!

Note: I'm not actually picky, but I know ideas are appreciated! In the end, I am very grateful just to receive a thoughtful swap.

  • I gravitate toward "cool" colors, and sapphire blue is my favorite of them. Pastel "warm" colors are always nice as well.

  • I love insects (butterflies, dragonflies, anything that's wouldn't be considered a roach or mosquito, really!).

  • I adore outdoor scenes, especially of rivers and their surrounding plants. But anything 'nature' is loved!

  • Transportation-themed things are really cool in my book, especially hot air balloons, ships, and trains.

  • By extension, I love anything representing an area, especially it's nature or is an older monument of an area. (Not newer things like theme parks though!)... I do like touristy things, though not really advertising/multi-photo view sorts. Informational sorts are always awesome though, I love to learn.

  • While I most certainly do have a "tomboy" streak in me (superheros and catching insects and running around like a woodland nymph, yay!), I love all things feminine (but those are things are also cool!).

  • I would love KJV scripture items. KJV Bible is awesome, but I ask that other Christian-related materials not be the focus of any given swap. I'm neither Catholic or into fads that turn up, which I know is the easiest sort of materials to find.

  • And I love quotes.

Less Enjoyable

  • I don't like pet images, really. If it's an animal that can be a pet, I feel all ready overly saturated with these things.

  • I am from Florida originally, and really don't enjoy theme-park related things because of over saturation as well.

  • If it's not "PG", I'm probably not the one to send it to, on the flip side, I wouldn't know what to do with baby-themed things. :)

Favorite Crafts

I was that kid back in school that everyone knew was an artistic idiot. I will do my best to avoid craft swaps, and so craft items are not useful to me.

However, I DO love crafts, both doing and receiving them.

It tickles me to no end to receive something someone's obviously done themselves. So never fear that I won't like something. I'd probably think you're like the most amazing person alive.

If I do try to send something crafty as an addition to a swap, please be kind with it. It took a lot of care and time, but it came out looking like a 3 year old's work anyway.


clcinmn rated for the 15 questions-swap #6 on Sep 22, 2015
Comment: Thank you sooo much.
cynlen rated for APDG ~ Night Sky/Space Swap on Jul 6, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the fabulous night sky pictures! Staring at the sky is one of my favorite things to do. :-)
erzsebet rated for AveryHart and Erzsebet Private Swap on Jun 26, 2015
Comment: I loved every bit of it! I'm sending a reply letter in the next few days.
Rattie rated for The 10 Pager Pen Pal Letter May 2015 on Jun 23, 2015
Comment: Thank you!!
jakeandnicksmom rated for APDG ~ June Picnic Challenge on Jun 23, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the awesome picnic pictures!
Breggie81 rated for APDG ~ June Picnic Challenge on Jun 20, 2015
Comment: Thanks for the nice Picnic pics!
SuZignomeMoM rated for APDG ~ June Picnic Challenge on Jun 20, 2015
Comment: Ɣ⋓ᙢ! Fantastic picnic sites. I would love a hammock to just chill out in. Have a wonderful weekend.
Snuggles555 rated for (PCG) May - Themed (Art) on Jun 1, 2015
Comment: Loved the pc, thank you so much. :-)
Pitak rated for I Want A Postcard Pal! on May 30, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the great postcard.
medford8330 rated for I Want A Postcard Pal! #2 on May 29, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful PC and the information about it!
ManitoulinGirl rated for APDG ~ May Flowers on May 26, 2015
Comment: Lovely. And nice that they are your own photographs.
MaryWolfe rated for APDG ~ May Flowers on May 23, 2015
Comment: Absolutely LOVELY pics! How fortunate to be able to live where you can see them! Thank you!
anrtist rated for APDG ~ UnBirthday Party on May 23, 2015
Comment: THANK YOU so much for the lovely PEACOCK UNBIRTHDAY PARTY!!!! ;-) It brought a smile to my face!!! ;-) Very fancy I must say! HEARTS & Blessings, cc
jesslynne rated for APDG ~ May Flowers on May 23, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful flowers! You have some really wonderful scenery around you! <3
cynlen rated for APDG ~ UnBirthday Party on May 18, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the neat favors and balloons! Merry Unbirthday! :-)
SuZignomeMoM rated for APDG ~ UnBirthday Party on May 18, 2015
Comment: ♥ Wally and Søren would disown me if I took a stick to that cute little gnome. Such cute images. Thank you so very much.
Keruka rated for Overcoming Fear and Insecurity Study on May 17, 2015
Comment: Thanks for sharing. Praying for you <3

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yvonne401 on Jan 1, 2017:

yvonne401 on Dec 14, 2016:

"And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled 'till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store? What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little more? (Dr. Seuss from "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas")

Yes presents, decorations, cookies and good food are a wonderful part of Christmas but we must never forget the true meaning of Christmas.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



yvonne401 on Nov 23, 2016:

yvonne401 on Nov 1, 2016:

dodothefairy on Jul 11, 2015:

APDG ~ June Picnic Challenge - resend

A fresh Mango Smoothie and tortilla for our pic-nic

techgrlkay on Jun 28, 2015:

APDG ~ June Picnic Challenge

We have had so much rain lately I did not think it was the proper weather for a picnic. The past couple days the sun finally came out. (Thank goodness) Things are drying out and a picnic is in order.
So -- we need a few things: Some lovely picnic foods would be a great place to start... and a nice location.

Just look at that view!

I do hope no critters show up. They can be so annoying.

Oh my... I am so glad we decided to picnic by the water. Looks like our original spot might have had a visitor!

I do hope you enjoyed your lovely outdoor picnic.


dodothefairy on Jun 27, 2015:

APDG ~ June Picnic Challenge

Veggie tortillas and a fresh strawberry juice fou our picnic!

anrtist on Jun 13, 2015:

Hi! I am so glad the weather is beautiful today for our APDG ~ June Picnic Challenge ;-) My contributions to the picnic are:
MEMORIES, Reminiscing & keeping up family traditions ;-)
IN THE TRADITION OF MY GRAND DADDY I WILL BRING HIS GIANT GALVANIZED TUB (That I still have ;-) FULL OF ASSORTED BOTTLES OF SOFT DRINKS! ;-) He did this for our large family reunion at the LAKE every June! When I was little he would load me and everything in the back of his truck (Early in the morning) and we would go to the Icehouse to get huge blocks of ICE in the tub;-) Then we would go to the Pavilion Early. He would chip the ice up & I would put the drinks in ;-) It was so cold to your hands to pull one out of that ice water at the end of the day! There were always plenty for everyone too, 2 or 3 ;-)
And when I got older I always brought a favorite ;-) The punch bowl cake! I would divide the BUTTER cakemix into 3 pans & bake.
Open all cans & SEPARATE out 10 pretty strawberry Halves for decorative topping ;-) In the puncbowl layer;
1.) 3/4 can of Strawberry pie filling in the bottom
2.) 1/2 of a Large COOL WHIP
3.) CAKE
4.) 1 can of Blueberry pie filling
5.) 1/2 of a Large COOL WHIP
6.) CAKE
7.) 1 1/4 cans of Strawberry pie filling
8.) 1/2 of a Large COOL WHIP
9.) CAKE
10.) 1 can of Blueberry pie filling
11.) 1/2 of a Large COOL WHIP
12.) Strawberries & Chopped Pecans topping ;-P
Enjoy my PICNIC Memories! ;-) I have already had 2 picnics this year!!! I hope you have many nice ones too ;-) Blessings, cc

mydreambook on Jun 10, 2015:

I enjoyed reading your profile.. if you ever want to do a private swap let me know! Greetings from The Netherlands :)

NaomiD on May 26, 2015:

A few more items to add to your ADPG Unbirthday Party.

The perfect setting: the garden of a French castle. Hot air balloon rides for all the party guests, including the Unbirthday Girl. Some cute butterfly party bags, since you like butterflies. Enjoy your special day!

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