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Hi all! My name is Sarah and I'm a fun loving Aussie in my 20s. I'm an avid tea drinker, book reader and crafter. I have an Honours degree in English Literature, as well as a Bachelor of Writing, and I love all things literature/reading/writing related. I'm a huge fantasy/sci-fi fan and love Doctor Who! I'm a Christian who loves to share my faith, but enjoy hearing about other beliefs, or am ok keeping my beliefs to myself for those who prefer.

Likes + Wishlist

  • Favourite colours are pastels - baby pink and blue, lilac, peach etc and jewel tones - emerald green, maroon, mustard etc
  • I love almost every kind of tea such as chai, black, peppermint, pomegranate etc. Please note I am allergic to ginger and thus can't have a lot of chai or spiced teas (But if you can find ones without it, I'd love them!) - I also like hot chocolate and white hot chocolate sachets
  • I love vintage items, real or reprints such as postcards, tags, images etc, and especially like steampunk and Victorian feel items
  • I absolutely LOVE the 1950's! I like 1950's style pop art, especially Roy Lichtenstein, as well as the Domestic Goddess/man of the house style art
  • I like fantasy creatures such as dragons, fairies/fae, mermaids, dwarves and elves.
  • My favourite animals are big cats (my favourite are snow leopards), birds (my favourite are fairy wrens) and woodland animals like foxes, wolves etc
  • I love washi tape
  • I love journal cards and project life cards
  • I like pretty, embellished stickers
  • I would love to receive stamped images to use in various crafts, especially simple line art ones that I can colour in - I love gorjuss stamps and prima princesses :)
  • I don't mind ephemera if it's something I can use in my crafts
  • I would love to receive pockets or envelopes of different sizes, big or small, store-bought or handmade
  • Cut outs and pages from children's books are awesome!
  • I also like music/score pages, especially vintage ones.
  • I have a sweet tooth so anything chocolate or lolly I'm sure to like (just not coffee!)
  • Pretty much anything paper-craft supplies - stamps, distress inks, card stock/paper, envelopes, bling, twine, grab bags - I love it all =D
  • I'd love any gelli printed paper. I don't mind if it's good sized pieces, homemade envelopes, or just scraps
  • I'm a bit of a geek, and a sure to love anything geeky - check my book/movie favs and fandom section for more details

I've recently gotten into swapping postcards. I'll like anything you send me, but I do prefer artistic designs rather than touristy/cityscape/landscape. I'd love a postcard sent naked, or a few blank ones sent in an envelope so I can get a collection to pass on in swaps. I also like free postcards with artistic images that I can use in my smash books

- Tea
- 1950s
- Steampunk - Wizard of Oz and/or Wicked
- Alice in Wonderland
- Beatrix Potter - Hamilton
----> I want to make an art journal with my favourite book, movie and musical quotes and images so anything from the list above or from my movie/book/musical favs is appreciated.


  • I don't drink coffee
  • I hate blood and gore
  • Please don't send me anything satanic or 'dark' e.g. images such as pentagrams or of devils
  • I don't really like things with skulls on them
  • I prefer patterned paper over a heap of plain colours =)
  • I don't celebrate halloween
  • I celebrate Christmas, but please note it is summer here in December, so no snowmen please! I also prefer Christian themed items over santa etc
  • Sorry to repeat myself, but I'm allergic to ginger, so please try to avoid sending me anything with ginger in it. - If you're sending tea I'd prefer an ingredients list, especially if it's something spiced.



I love fantasy, sci-fi and action movies. I also enjoy the odd romantic comedy every now and then. I watch more TV than movies, but usually wait till it comes on dvd or Netflix.... Although I enjoy going to the movies

Favourite include:

  • Dystopian series like The Hunger Games and Divergent
  • Mulan, the Lion King and anything else Disney
  • All of the Marvel superhero movies
  • Doctor Who
  • Arrowverse
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Sailor Moon
  • Firefly
  • Avatar/Last Airbender

I'm also a huge MUSICAL THEATRE fan!

I've seen (and loved!):

  • Billy Eliot
  • Mary Poppins
  • Love Never Dies (Phantom of the Opera Sequel)
  • Wicked (twice!)
  • Les Miserables
  • The Lion King
  • Rent
  • Cats
  • Into the Woods
  • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Westside Story.

I desperately want to see:

  • The Phantom of the Opera
  • Hamilton (JULY 2021!!!)
  • Heathers
  • Evita
  • Strictly Ballroom
  • A Chorus Line
  • Chicago
  • Singing in the Rain


I know there isn't a huge gaming community here, but I thought I'd add this anyway... maybe a game themed ATC swap is in order!

Favourites include:

  • Destiny
  • Mass Effect
  • Final Fantasy
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Tomb Raider.

Favorite Books

I love fantasy, sci-fi and dystopian novels. I'm a big kid at heart and write young adult fiction, so I still love to read YA books.

Favourites include:

  • Sarah J Maas
  • Holly Black
  • Lois Lowry
  • JRR Tolkien
  • George Orwell
  • Maria V Snyder
  • Ted Hughes (Poetry).

Favorite Crafts

I love:

  • Making my own mini albums and journals
  • Doodling, painting and sewing
  • ATCs
  • Mixed Media and Art Journaling
  • Pocket Letters
  • Planning and Bujo
  • Hand painted mail art

Favourite Preachers

Seeing as how Christianity is such a major part of my life, I thought I would add a 'favourite preacher' section. These are some of my favourite pastors/ministers etc that I like listening to/watching/reading

  • Louie Giglio
  • Canon J John
  • Christine Cain
  • Lisa and John Bevere
  • John and Staci Eldridge
  • Ann Voskamp
  • Bill Johnson.


I 'borrowed' this from someone else's profile who 'borrowed' it from someone else because it is relevant and something I did not think about... thank you @BlueBirdBella and @Siouxx05

If you live outside Australia, it's not a good idea to post seeds/plants, shells, soil/sand, tea with fruit pieces, incense, dried/pressed flowers, raw nuts/seeds, any animal products such as raw hide, feathers, teeth, bones, any wooden items. All of these sort of items will not be allowed through Australian customs and immigration. Sorry :(


I though it would be a good idea to list some of my obsessions for geek-specific swaps (LOL!) This is in no way an extensive list, so if you have any questions PM me!

Avengers + Marvel Comics
- Favourite characters include Dr Strange, Loki, Groot, Iron Man and Black Widow

DC Comics
- I adore everything about the Arrowverse, with the OG Arrow being my favourite. I love Arrow/Oliver, Felicity, Shado, Yao Fei and the Magician
-I've always loved Batman, and his villains The Joker and the Riddler - I especially love the Dark Night trilogy

Doctor Who
- My favourite Doctors (in this order) are David Tennant, Matt Smith and Sylvester McCoy
- Donna is my favourite companion
- The Weeping Angels are my favourite enemy
- My favourite episodes are 'Midnght' and 'Blink'

- Pretty much love everything!
- My favourite characters are Kaylee, Wash, River, and Mal - Jayne's probably my least favourite (sorry!)

Sailor Moon
- My favourite sailor scout is Mars, although it's hard not to love them all
- I adore Sailor Moon and Tuxedo mask together, and the characters in general

Battlestar Galactica - Starbuck and Apollo - enough said ;)

The Hunger Games
- Katniss and Gale all the way ;)
- Effie and Finnick are both awesome

- I love the factions and would be Amity/Dauntess myself (a contradiction I know!)
- I love Tris and Four together

Harry Potter
- Harry, Ron, and Hermione of course
- Remus and Tonks
- Sirius
- Dumbledore's history
- Tom Riddle
- Newt and all his beasts
- Proud Huffledor ;)

Sarah J Maas
- Aelin and Rowan, Fenrys, Dorian and Manon
- Rhysand and Feyre, Azriel, Cass, Lucien
- Hunt and Bryce, Lehabah

The Cruel Prince
- Cardan and Jude

Will add more as requested :).


teddygirl rated for AS: Happy mail pick 3 on Mar 16, 2022
Comment: Thanks Sarah for the lovely items :)
Autist rated for 1st Fandamonium swap on Jan 20, 2022
Comment: WOW!! Thank you so much for the well thought out swap! I loved everything in the envelope!
Response: Thank you so much for the heart! So glad you liked everything :)
fishsteak rated for GS : Intl ATC Any game : RC #2 on Jul 5, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the Xiao ATC! I’d highly recommend Genshin if you like open world games like Breath of the Wild.
derakisu rated for FF: Receiver's Choice Fandom ATC #1 on Jun 28, 2021
Comment: I died a little (in a good way) when I opened your card to find Shemira hidden in there. She is stunning, I am so happy with her ! Thank you lots and lots ! ^_^ (I've been playing AFK for four years and two phones lol and I still enjoy it.)
boriquaz rated for May Disney ATC Challenge #3 Blue on May 23, 2021
Comment: OMG, you did an AMAZING job on this ATC. I love the blue fairy and she looks amazing. Thank you so much! Happy Swapping!
Response: Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun drawing her and am so glad you like her! Thanks for the heart :)
ycuddles rated for GS : Intl ATC Pokémon : Fire type on May 18, 2021
Comment: Hi, Sarah! Thank you very much for this Charmander, this ATC is really cute. I will take good care of it :)
Response: So glad you like it! Thanks for the heart :)
Comment: Ahhhh I'm sorry for rating a little later than usual—I just wanted to wait the two weeks so that I could give you a heart for your swap! You definitely deserve it, and I wanted to thank you for giving me such an amazing ATC with one of my favorite video game characters 😭💕 I was really happy when I first received it around my birthday, and it honestly made me smile when I seen that you picked Jin!! He was one of my favorite characters to play as back in Tekken 6 when I was kid (though my all-time favorite was Alisa!), and seeing him on the ATC really brought back memories of how I would always pick him because I thought he was really cute (because yesss I 100% agree this man is so handsome 🥰😂 I had a crush on his uncle Lars though, but Jin was definitely up there). Thank you again!
Response: Eek! I'm so happy you like it. Thank you so much for the heart and the great feedback <3
boriquaz rated for AMA: Face Time ATC -Feb. on Mar 1, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the Atc, I love it, you did great with the watercolors. Happy Swapping!
Response: Thank you so much! Glad you like it :)
LuAnnP rated for ATCs - Profile Surprise on Feb 12, 2021
Comment: I LOVE the shiny hand-drawn dragon. Thank you also for the interesting post card.
Response: So glad you like it! Thank you for the heart <3
turtles27 rated for AAA: Fox on Jan 28, 2021
Comment: Adorable ATC! My dog is named Foxy and it looks a lot like her!
Response: Oh that's so cute! Glad you like it. Thanks for the heart!
chimerix rated for WIYM -ATC - mythical creatures on Jun 27, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful dragon and fairy ATCs. I really like them. Much aloha
Response: So glad they arrived safely!
Katti rated for Mermaid Mail ARt on Sep 7, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful mermaid letter art and all the extras! Crazy that the letter needed more than 3 months to arrive!
Comment: Your foxy mail art just arrived-- I love it! Thanks also for the memo papers you included for me, and for hosting such a delightful swap.
BLUR rated for WTL: Washi Nature Walk on Jul 12, 2019
Comment: Love the washis you picked :) especially the whates, penguins and coral! I just got the here in MINNESOTA, USA from Australia today (6/12/2019) postmarked (4/23/19). It takes a while, but it made it! Australia is my mom's dream vacation destination! ♡♡
RockyBeach rated for Feather Mail Art on Jul 2, 2019
Comment: Thanks for your feather envelope! I can't tell if it's the original or the resend. I got a brown envelope with pink and green drawn feathers, my name beautifully written in pink.
DRMOM rated for ISS: Mail Art #12 - Tea and Coffee on Jun 4, 2019
Comment: I LOVE your teapot drawing with the flowers. So lovely. Thank you for the assortment of teas, I can't wait to try them. I also liked the stamp you used. Happy swapping.
Meryly13 rated for AS: Stationery Swap on May 15, 2019
Comment: Thank you so so much for the goodies that you sent to me! ... and I love the Bible verse colouring cards that you sent too!! I hope the musical went well!! :-)
Wildspoon28 rated for WTL: Washi Nature Walk on May 10, 2019
Comment: Thank you! I lived the envelope!
ihni rated for FF: March 2019 - Disney on May 2, 2019
Comment: Thank you, what a lovely decorated envelope you sent! I loved it all, especially the postcards.
Comment: what a fab envelope....how clever to make the address section as an open book- and thank you for the scrummy extras x

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teddygirl on Mar 10, 2022:

Happy birthday Sarah, hope you have a great day 🍭🎂

teddygirl on Mar 10, 2022:
CurlyTea on Mar 11, 2019:

Happy Birthday!

Breadzim on Feb 1, 2019:

Thank you so much for sending me that mail art! You didn't have to since I wasn't your partner but it was so generous of you. Loved all the goodies you sent as well! The envelope is so fantastic that I hung it up on my wall!

smadronia on Jan 1, 2019:

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May your 2019 be better than 2018, and your best year yet!


fluffyjunk on Sep 19, 2018:

Thanks a lot for the CPG Pick 2 tag! The sticker sheets are so cute and the coffee flipbook is just fantastic! It was worth the waiting... :)

OrigamiGrace on Aug 6, 2018:

I've removed you from Cheap Postage Group for several unsent tags.

Bhindblueeyes on Jul 10, 2018:

Thank you for the Koala PC for the CPG PC Tag!! I love it!!!

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Thank you so much for the adorable animal pcs from CPG Tag You're It Global! Love them!!

CurlyTea on Mar 9, 2018:

Happy Birthday!

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