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02/21/19-03/09/19 I will be out of the country at this time, except for 3 days that I will be in CA/TX. I tried to get a bunch of mail out in my short week back at "home," and I'm so excited to see that I actually got them out on time lol. (It's always exciting to see the ratings come in, finally knowing that the mail made it out haha). If you find that you're missing something, it could slipped through my notes or some kind of mishap if overseas, but I always end up sending or re-sending if needed.

02/09/19 Slowing down on hosting the new bigger swaps :(. I’m trying to get caught up on angeling for people that got legitimately flaked on by the user mentioned below. There is another user as well who I’m trying to send mail in place for but can’t recall the person, I only have their “owed to” written down. Some people I’ve sent my angeling before my own swap with them lol, so when I see their name I think they’ve already received from me when they haven’t. So generally I’ve confused myself! Lol. I’m still active on here, but I’m now super behind between some of my swaps and getting the flaked users’ mail out as well. Please send me a message if you’re missing something from them or myself, these messages get lost in the inbox too easy for my liking so don’t hesitate to message me more than once in the week!

I don’t think I will be participating or hosting Disney postcard swaps anymore :(. I’ve gotten multiple messages of people not receiving mine and these are THE simplest and THE cheapest things to send. I’ve re-sent multiple times to some especially if I sent the first from out of state and half will receive and the others will not. People have received my envelopes with 20 stamps on it, bulky and all. But not the postcards. :/

02/01/19- Currently will be out of town until end of next week. I believe I sent as much as I could early in some of the swaps. But as always, please shoot me a message if you didn't receive something in January that was due before today! I have 2 I am still trying to figure out the locations on so far.

01/17/19 So as many of you unfortunately know, the user @BabyBee78 had been a part of a LOT a LOT of swaps in December or so. She had a great history of sending actually before and had awesome ratings so she was approved for lots of swaps including many I hosted. A lot of users got flaked on and I tried to make private swaps between them and myself to still be able to send and receive what was missed out on in ones I hosted. For the majority of them I think we're squared away but some I mixed up and didn't send "my" swap to my partner because I had a new private one for the person who got flaked on, and some did get their swaps from me but not the banned user. Wishy washi-ness like that lol. So if you're missing something from me, or from BabyBee78, just message me and we'll clear it up! Sometimes you have to message me 3 days later because your messages get lost completely in all the hundreds I get :(. As a host, you know you get a ton of messages and those who have never hosted, WE GET A TON OF MESSAGES lol.

My super wish list! Lol, like food I just have a overwhelming desire for these currently lol

-playing cards with different backgrounds rather than the generic pattern :). Literally just 1 card from the collections you use for washi samples and ATC’s! I don’t know when this obsession started but I only realized it recently :) if you have the number 9, even better!

-Disney anything (except for tsum tsum/tsum tsum stickers only B.C. I have all of them I think. Ironically I don’t have the ones in my Disney likes lol). I hope to swap for some Disney things from other countries especially!

-ephemera, or drawings, or stickers, paper... ANYTHING that has a postal/envelope theme, cameras, eyeglasses, gumball machines, bicycles or cute dinosaurs lol

-tiny, TINY stickers... small enough to fit on your nail but are not nail stickers :D

-a piece of paper with my name written on it. That would be awesome if your whole family did it and I have like 5 pieces with my name on it in different writing lol.

Some Info

To other hosts: MY RATINGS OF 1 and 3

Rating of 3- please see the comments referring to it by scrolling or clicking on the 3. I can gather you can understand both our sides on this by reading through it.

1 rating- These flippin' postcards! I'm so frustrated with them, lol. My Disney ones are not getting to their destinations (if you no longer see a 1 for Disney things, then I either re-sent a Disney package in place of a postcard or they finally received it lol). Other 1 rating- It was just a simple postcard that refused to arrive. The intended recipient was very polite and kind and kept giving me time to re-send but after 3 cards sent, I'm going to assume a goblin likes to eat my mail to her :(.

Swap-bot shows your "1's" but not how many times you have angeled :)


OMG I flippin' absolutely love hosting swaps! I hate banning people and I normally will not because I am more than happy to angel for people anyway! Especially small things like postcards and stickers, I'll be happy to send away :). If it's in the middle of a big swap and something happens to someone's partner, I normally will create a private swap for myself and the flaked on and swap the items, or just angel for the person period.


Just as when I host things, I don't see the purpose in banning someone who has 300 swaps and like 3 "1" ratings. I see that some issues took place but I don't neglect the amount of positive swaps the person has. That's ridiculous to me so in my own swaps, I don't ban them for that. Only when someone is really, obviously not sending a multitude of things and are doing nothing to help the situation. There's a huge difference between people who have a great track record with a few nicks versus someone who is an actual flaker or scammer, so please understand that when you see these 1's and 3's.


So, I do have a life. lol, believe or not many of us go to work, have families to take care of, and have things to take care of outside of swapping. I know many of you are lucky to be able to just stay at home or have time to concentrate on this hobby 24/7, but I do not have that luck. I work 6 nights a week, 12 hour shifts, leaving 1 day and the hours in between to be able to do fun stuff. I don't agree with only participating in 1-2 things at a time as I am a busy person, like to stay busy, and like to always have things going on. Truly, I am more likely to miss my swaps when I only have 2 to focus on lol.


I really love sending mail and creating things. It helps me in my life and just adds an incredible happiness to my day. I work 6 nights a week, 12 hour shifts, but I'm always, always (trying) to do something crafty at work to keep me sane, lately it's been hard to do that though.

This idea of swapping is incredible fun to me! I have a lot of fun reading through your profiles and really try to match things in your likes, even if the swap isn’t specific for it. It makes it fun for me and just as fun for you!


I'm a cardiac nurse at the hospital I pretty much live in. I actually graduated in 2010 but didn't pursue the actual job until 2016 I think. I go out of town way too much for work, and sometimes I wish it wasn’t so. I love flying but time is also flying by. (I wish I could consider traveling a job lol). I also used to work as a bartender, gogo dancer (not stripper!), though I did bartend at strip clubs before haha. I was a wedding photographer, a door to door AT&T sales person, I used to show senior citizens how to use tablets and cell phones and I used to teach toddlers soccer. I had to drop out of my masters' program this year for family reasons but eventually I hope to be able to teach nursing classes one day and/or get into nursing forensics as well. As you can probably tell, my mind is all over the place haha.

Right before this job, I was a daycare teacher for a class of ten 2-year olds, who I miss so, so much. I used to cheer whenever my toddlers would poop and pee, and now I do that for adults! I don't have any kids of my own, so I will gravitate to any friend who has a baby or child under 3 haha. I do have 3 siblings younger than me who are still in college, and I'm the only one with the big kid job so far. I try to help out my dad as much as I can but the bills seem to be more than my normal paychecks... but, 'tis life. :)

I really am lucky I work with the people I do because I have to pick up so many shifts, it makes is a tad more do-able to work with awesome people. It's my first nursing job and though we are the lowest paying state in the country, here I am! Haha.

More more!


I was raised in California, and I used to live an hour from the mountains, an hour from the beach and an hour from Disneyland. IT WAS PERFECT! lol I moved to Texas for a few years and now I live in Kentucky! I was only intending to move here for 2 months but 4 years later, I'm writing this from Kentucky :).


I love soccer, playing more than watching. Dancing is another love of mine. I love to travel, although overseas is still on my list :). I love foods, desserts especially and mac & cheese, also pot roast. I babble a lot so I pre-apologize for postcards that are just ramblings from me :).


My number one is Disney anything all day everyday lol. I love all things Disney except for tsum tusm stickers lol (got too many).

I used to study AT Disneyland in college! It was only about half an hour away when I lived in CA so it was only logical to study there when I was stressed in nursing school :). I still have an annual pass although I don’t live in CA anymore. I would love to receive brochures from the Disney’s in other countries! I only have the brochures from the last 2 years at Disneyland so even if you have things prior to that, I would be a happy recipient!

I really love anything related to the castle, Chip & Dale, Aladdin/Jasmine, Lilo & Stitch, Peter Pan, Mulan, Little Mermaid, Boo from Monsters' Inc, Alice in Wonderland and the baby Oyster, Malificent, Chip from Beauty & the Beast, Jack Jack from Incredibles and Violet, Mickey and Minnie characters and things shaped like their heads, haha.

General Likes

A: avocado (cartoon/drawn) images/stickers

B: BMO from adventure time, blankets, bicycle/bike images/icons, Betty cool

C: Charmed, Camera images or prints with them on it, castles, California, clocks

D: dolphins, Daria, die cuts, (cute/kawaii) dinosaurs, Dot from a bugs life

E: Egypt, ephemera!!, cute/cartoon baby elephants

F: Flipbooks, fairy tales, cute food images/stickers/icons, film strip images

G: Groot, glittery things, gold foil accented items

H: handmade projects big or little, HOCUS POCUS ANYTHING, hermoine, Harry Potter, cute/cartoon hedgehogs


J: journals of all sizes, gravitate toward the hand sized

K: Katrina’s name on it, keys shapes

L: little things

M: Miniature things, maybe cuz I’m little lol, mermaid themed anything, MAILBOX themed

N: notebooks, numbers 9 and 19

O: Once Upon A Time

P: Precious Moments anything, project life cards, postal pictures/images (pictures/stickers with envelope images or mailboxes), photography related

Q:quirky things/sayings

R: rugrats

S: socks with cute prints/patterns, stuffed envelopes, swaps, stickers with a clear background or vellum backing, miniature stickers lol

T: tombow pens, tote bags, travel themed anything

U: unicorn themed anything, umbrella images/icons

V: vintage ephemera, vintage themed things (not necessarily old papers but moreso the clocks, keys, old dresses type of vintage)

W: writing prompt books, Wonder Woman

X: Xena




Foods in mail, unless it's chocolate from overseas lol. Vintage paper scraps or old sheets- although if I do get them, I'll use them in swaps! Ribbon/lace. Animal prints, animal stickers, lime green or yellow, punch outs (I have so many!) :(. But it’s okay if you send it! I can send it off in some happy mail as well :).

Swap likes


glitter, blue in all shades, pink, gray, gold, rose gold, red, black


I only recently discovered the word ephemera! AND I LOVE THEM!! haha. Of course I gravitate toward the vintage themes like older clothing styles, the mannequin thing to hang dresses on, older clocks/keys that kinda thing. I love hand-lettering! Please consider sending a random piece of paper with my name written on it by you lol.


Pocket letters and flipbooks! Currently learning of new others :), but I have not had any time to make them :(


I love little tiny images that resemble stickers or are the size of it.


I love to swap pages of stationary or memo sheets! I use them in my journals (don't ask me how many haha). I just like everything in general really :D



I WILL sometimes be late more often than I would like, I am a procrastinator by nature, lol. Ever since I was in junior high. But even when I have every intention of sending things early, I will sometimes have something come up- usually regarding work, which usually will involve some kind of traveling too. I never flake because me not sending is not purposeful. I hope seeing the ratings help you see that I do always intend to send mail lol. I highly appreciate every single person who has been patient, kind, messaging me, and just incredibly sweet when it comes to re-sending or re-doing, or just waiting. You are lovely people that deserve more stickers and more ephemera that you can handle. I've only run into one butt-face on here amongst the millions, so I have been lucky. I don't and will never claim to send every piece of mail out on time. I go out of town so much for work/life, I send from different states/cities, I've had un-expected mail rain ruin my mail and outgoing mail, my mail get sent to 3 different addresses from a move FOUR months ago (still happening) -_-. and I just deal with more than what the average person deals with in a different way. However, I always get things fixed when there is room to :)


I appreciate so much of your patience to those who message me about missing things. I have no problem at all being bombarded with reminders/messages as I do realize by now some of my things don't get sent out depending on what city/state I've mailed from. Either that, or what normally happens is your name is repeated in our swaps and when I think I've recalled sending to you, it's actually your swap from 3 swaps ago! I didn't realize how many times we end up seeing each other's names get repeated in these swaps so, ah! I'm learning this as we go :).


When it comes to postcards, I'm always going out of town and mailing from every post office box, hotel, wherever I can reach. Some places, mail is not as reliable as others- as some of you have discovered. So please let me know if you realize you didn't receive mine. 1. I'll send it from somewhere else, haha. 2. Postcards are so simple to mail, there's no reason for me to not send more than one.

I go out of town a lot, as I live in one place and have family in 2 states AND work sends me out of town. So between everything I’m pretty much out of town every month, and many times not by choice and last minute :(. Sometimes my mail is on hold at the post office, other times I have family pick it up for me at the house so I don't lose it. If you don't have ratings from me, please send me a message so I can look into it! I get paranoid about my mail and I know we all are concerned whether people receive ours or not. Please feel free to ask me about them at any time!

12/09/18 I'm back in town :). Trying to play catch up on any mail I have missed, incoming or outgoing. Please message me if you're missing anything from me. Being here is a part of the "good" parts in my life, so please don't feel like you're bothering me when you message!

If you don't see me logged in here for longer than 3 days, please email if you'd like about anything missing. Some of my workplaces I go off to don't allow certain websites and by the time I get back to where I'm staying I'm too tired to even look at anything fun. My emails get checked fairly FAIRLY often and I can check them at work too ;)

11/15- Hello! I'm currently out of town for work. It was such a last minute choice to send me out that I can't even get my crafty things together to lug along with me. Plus with losing my luggage of craft items in the past, I doubt I would like to do that anyway :(.


Comment: Katrina agreed to re-send two different days and I still have not received anything.
Comment: Never Received anything. Happy to rerate If I recieve!
Comment: Never Received anything and she hasnt been on in a year. Happy to rerate If I recieve!
shellbee8 rated for Unicorn swap #1 on Feb 6, 2020
Comment: Never Received Anything and see she hasnt been on in a year. Happy to rerate if I hear from her!
Emilycatherine1989 rated for Disney Themed Flipbook! on Nov 2, 2019
Comment: It's sad I never got anything. =(
angdiane rated for Disney swap!! on Jul 18, 2019
Comment: Swap partner said that she resent when I first contacted her about the delayed swap. Haven’t received anything still.. will re-rate if I ever receive anything.
neea1989 rated for International Washi Swapping #2 on Jun 25, 2019
Nehalennia rated for Halloween Pocket Letter on May 1, 2019
Comment: I gladly will change the rating once receiving this swap
Comment: Never got anything or even won’t respond to my emails that is sucks she is the hostess
Comment: Did not receive anything from her own hosted swap.
Hyshu rated for Memo sheet/stationary sheet swap! USA on Apr 7, 2019
Comment: Never recieved swap
Comment: I sent your package and I messaged you a reminder to rate me...which you never did and I never recieved your package. 😡😫😭
Noodles84 rated for Sticker Swapping Your Extras on Apr 2, 2019
Comment: Nothing received
neea1989 rated for Another Disney Postcard Swap #2 on Mar 31, 2019
Comment: It's been like five hundred years and I still haven't received anything.
CarlyJo rated for 60 Stickers Swap! *International* on Mar 28, 2019
Comment: Never received anything.
Purplmyst rated for Profile Based Mail Package on Mar 23, 2019
Comment: No reply to PM, and never received anything
sweetgypsy rated for Happy Junk Mail USA *2 Partners* on Mar 22, 2019
Comment: Sadly nothing ever arrived :(

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TC on Feb 7, 2023:

Aka @notenoughchocolate

JudalineZ on Apr 22, 2019:

Katrina asked me to send her message to everyone who is in her swap. [email protected]

Hi! Hello! I’m trying to message people who’s emails I found through swaps that I printed out over time. I’m the user @KatrinaKatrina I had been out of town for a few weeks in February/March and when I tried to login when I came back, my password wasn’t working. For some weeks now I’ve been locked out of my email that I used to sign up :(. I keep getting a roundabout message for logging in and re-setting and can’t get it fixed so far. I needed to login to mention that I’d be taking a break for a few months for work after getting all my hosted swaps out, but I couldn’t even get logged in to post that message before the deadlines hit. And so, everyday I check my page and see that more and more people are posting that they haven’t received my swaps yet :(.

I had logged into swap-bot when I was out of the country at a public computer area, and since then I can’t access my email or swapbot. I have no idea if my incoming address was changed or what info was accessed but I have received mail recently from users. I’ve tried to email other people in the last few weeks about 2 at a time, but I guess my emails go to spam most of the time? Or they think this email is spam. I tried to create another account just to be able to message people to ask for addresses from mail I owe, but I can only use my address once, which makes sense. I was hoping to reach hosts so they could email my partners for me but most of the swaps I was in were ones I hosted so there’s no one I can reach who can message multiple people.

I know that it’s kind of scary to receive emails asking for people’s addresses so I completely and understand the reasoning for why someone might not respond. If there was a way to prove how many years I’ve had this email, I’d be happy to show that! Lol. Since it’s similar to my mkatts19 email. I have no idea how to reach people who’s emails I don’t have, and I feel like all I am doing is waiting for my account to be completely suspended which is completely saddening. I hope my sending history and ratings kind of back up what happened with my swaps so far, but the negative is adding up quickly and I’m not sure what the limit is. If I do owe you mail, I am more than happy to send it it to you! If you happen to be able to message users that I owe to email me here, I would be super grateful for that! Even if you’re not comfortable sending me your info, if you come up with solution, I am more than willing to listen. Thank you for your time! I’ll try re sending this in a couple days without certain words in it in hopes that it doesn’t go to an alternative receiving folder.

Thank you for your time <3 Katrina Manio @katrinakatrina

NorthStar07 on Feb 22, 2019:

Hello! This is regarding the Unicorn swap #1. I hope you got my Unicorn swap by now. Waiting anxiously for your reply.

NorthStar07 on Feb 22, 2019:
nancylee on Feb 14, 2019:

Lovie mine - animal valentine profile decoration Sending you Valentine love from all our creatures large and small :)

nancylee on Feb 14, 2019:

Share the love- profile decoration

I hope you had a beautiful day! Thank you for joining these are bonus images :)

arimails on Feb 14, 2019:

Hi @katrinakatrina :) I received your swap for "Send Me a Mix of Happy Mail #2" and saw that you mentioned how the post office sent back some of your letters. The same thing happen with a few of mine just the other day! I sent out my mail and a couple days later they were in my PO Box postmarked and all, so strange. I talked to the people at the post office and they kindly resent my swaps in an envelope of their own so I didnt have to pay for another stamp or extra postage. Definitely ask your post office if this happens again and maybe save yourself some stamps! Sometimes there are mix-ups at the post office that are just out of our control. Hope you have a lovely Valentines day and thanks again for such a sweet swap.

MLouiseO on Feb 14, 2019:


This is for the Share The Love Swap. I hope you enjoy these.

Happy Valentine's Day.

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

annim on Feb 14, 2019:

Share the love- a Valentine profile decoration

uliaya on Feb 13, 2019:

Happy Valentine's Day! ❤️❤️❤️ Lovie mine - animal valentine profile decoration

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