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UPDATE 24th JANUARY 2023 If you are my international swap partner, please keep in mind that postage between some countries is still very slow. Therefore please be patient when rating. If I have marked an item as sent, you can rest assured that it is on the way no matter how long it may take! I NEVER FLAKE!!!

HI, my name is Mark. I'm 60 married for 39 years , & we have 2 sons aged 37 & 28. I was born in the UK, but lived most of my life in Australia. Mostly in Western Australia, but we've also lived in Tasmania & Queensland. I enjoy outdoor activities such as canoeing/kayaking & bush walking (hiking), but due to long term health problems I'm not able to do these as often as I'd like. I like older films & TV shows. I like a wide variety of music, including folk from many countries, trad country, old time mountain music & bluegrass, old-time R&R, classical, jazz & lounge. I also play guitar, uke, jews harp, kazoo & spoons (far from professional). I've also recently taken up the Mountain Dulcimer. I read mostly Non-Fiction, but also enjoy some classics.

I've collected postcards on & off (mostly on) for over 25 years, & I always do my best to send quality items to other collectors.


So please message me if you don't receive something & I'll resend. Please note that mail to/from Australia/USA can take anywhere between 9 days & 7 weeks! Mail to/from South America & Eastern Europe can take even longer (The postal service moves in mysterious ways).

I ALWAYS RATE PROMPTLY!!! If I haven’t rated, I haven’t received it! I don’t like giving poor ratings. If I haven’t received your swap, I will always endeavour to contact you before rating.


  • I collect POSTCARDS on the themes of: (In no particular order):

    Traditional crafts/ lifestyles/ occupations.

    Books/ Bookstores/ People reading (Photographic or Art)/ Libraries (Personal or public)/ Postcards signed by authors (Any).

    British comedians (Pre 1980 eg: Morcombe & Wise, Tommy Cooper, Norman Wisdom, Arthur Askey, Jimmy Clitheroe, The Goons, etc).

    Unusual tourist attractions & Roadside oddities (eg: Door to Hell- Turkmenistan, Buzludzha- Bulgaria, Route 66- USA, Musa underwater museum of art- Mexico,
    "Big " things, etc).

    Ghost towns/Interesting abandoned buildings.

    Wooden Indians.

    Pickup trucks/Utes (Pre 1980: Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, International, Toyota Stout, VW, Commer etc.)

    Old trucks.


    Camper vans.


    Museums (Any kind).

    "Did you know..." Or similar postcards.(With information on the front).

    Ships (Non-military).

    Submarines/ Diving bells/ Deep sea diving.

    British canals/boats/ aquaducts

    Suez Canal, Panama Canal (Especially vintage postcards)



    Aircraft (Non-military). Especially sea planes, flying boats & Concorde.

    Hot Air Balloons, Airships/Zeppelins/Blimps

    Architecture (Not religious, except Himalayan monastaries).


    Musical instruments (The more unusual, the better).

    Pop/Rock musicians (Pre 1970 eg: Chuck Berry, The Beachboys, Hermans Hermits, etc).

    Country music (Pre 1980 eg: Carter Family, Slim Dusty, Johnny Cash, Don Williams etc). Singing Cowboys.

    Folk musicians (Any country). Old time mountain musicians from the Appellation/Ozark Mountains.

    Blues musicians/ Jug bands.

    Australian bush bands/Musicians. British skiffle groups/Musicians.

    Sci-Fi (Pre 1970).

    UFOs/Area 51/ Roswell etc

    Cryptozoology (eg: Bigfoot, Nessie, Mothman, Jackalope, Champ, Tantanoola Tiger, Yowie, Tahoe Tessie, Lake Monsters etc).

    Postcard from The International Cryptozoology Museum, signed by the owner Loren Coleman (Portland, Maine, USA).

    Dinosaurs/ Other extinct animals & birds (eg: Thylacine, Dodo, Moa, etc).


    Unusual wildlife (eg: Aadvark, Okapi, Pangolin, Armadillo etc).

    Postcard of a Giant Anteater in defensive stance (On hind legs)

    Wildlife (Gorilla's & Sloth's are my favourite animals).

    Unusual marine creatures (eg: Blob Fish, Goblin Shark, Giant Squid, etc).


    Interesting plants (eg: Corpse Flower, Carnivorous Plants, Joshua Tree etc).

    Cacti (Especially Saguaro).

    British Bulldogs.

    Sphinx Cats.

    Volcano's (Prefer erupting).

    Aurora Borealis/ Australis.

    Unusual cloud formations (eg; Lenticular).

    Extreme weather (eg: Lightning, Tornados, Waterspouts, etc).

    Satellite dishes/ Telescopes/ Observatories.

    Astro photography.

    Pyramids/ Sphinx.

    Interesting geological formations/ Caves/ Lava Tubes.



    Meteorites/ Meteorite craters.

    NASA/ Space.

    Science (eg; Wall charts of Botany, Anatomy, Ornithology, etc. Laboratories, Scientist's).

    Curiosity Cabinets.

    Curio shops.

    Maps ( Australian & USA State maps, Antique maps).

    Scooters & Mopeds

    Bicycles/ Cycling.

    Vintage postcards of Unusual Tourists Attractions (eg: Theme Parks, Resorts, Exhibits, etc)

    Postcard of the Enterprise from VULCAN, ALBERTA, CANADA. With a nice, clear postmark.

    Authentic Vintage Black & White or Colour postcards of any themes on my list.

    Anything interesting or out of the ordinary (eg: The most unusual thing/place etc in the town/ area where you live). Remember, something you are familiar with, may seem unusual to someone in another country!

  • If possible, tell me something about what is on the front of the card. I enjoy learning new things!

  • I prefer postcards to be posted naked, unless the swap states otherwise.

  • I have no objection to ZAZZLE or Free postcards, provided they are of subjects on my Wantlist. :-)

  • I also collect BOOKMARKS, SOUVENIR KEY CHAINS & MAGNETS (Not flags).


  • COINS from anywhere


  • PINS/BADGES from Museums & other interesting places.


    NEWSPAPER & MAGAZINE CLIPPINGS relating to UFO & Cryptid sightings.

    Any small souvenir from any Cryptozoology Museum (eg: Bigfoot etc), Space Museum (eg: NASA) or UFO Museum (eg: Roswell) suitable for display cabinet.

    Teeth (From animals, sharks etc) to display in curiosity cabinet.

    Any unusual small item to display in curiosity cabinet.



  • No Homemade Postcards

  • No Washi Tape

  • No glitter

  • Please do not stick anything on or write on the picture side of postcards.


I look forward to hearing from you! :-)


Gnoe rated for A-Z of SCIENCE PC - β€œG" on May 27, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the Bungle Bungle Range PC on which you can see the passage of time through geology lines!
Ruthless rated for Postcard Space #2 on May 24, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the awesome space postcard. A holiday at the beach sounds better than space travel! Lol! Although I’d probably look much better in the space suit instead of a bathing suit! LOL! Have a wonderful week!
Aleesha rated for Postcard Space #1 on May 22, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the awesome space postcard and space themed stamp! It took a month and a half to get here but it finally made it!! Thanks again.
Lolle rated for A-Z of SCIENCE PC - β€œF on May 8, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful pc, Mark! I used to live in Florida and we had thunderstorms all the time, not so much here in NZ.
Response: Glad you liked the PC> :-)
KatKit rated for Vintage Tourist Card #35 on May 6, 2023
Comment: Interesting ship. Not a ginormous cruise ship we see today. I bet the Dolce Vita Cruise was quite lovely back in 1971! Thanks for this card. Crazy that it's been 4 years between swaps.
Response: You are welcome. :-) Yes cruise ships have certainly changed a lot over 50 years!
kssunlover1947 rated for PCS: Joker's Wild #6 on Apr 27, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the great Joker cards. Also the blank coloring cards. I don't have that full set but i have been sent some from it. Great to hear from you again.
Response: You are welcome. :-)
Comment: Hi Mark! Thanks for the card and this swap series πŸŒ•πŸŒ–πŸŒ—πŸŒ˜πŸŒ‘πŸŒ’πŸŒ“πŸŒ”
Response: You are welcome. I'm glad you are enjoying this swap series. Another card is on it's way to you today!
JaneG rated for A-Z of SCIENCE PC - β€œE" on Apr 6, 2023
Comment: Thanks so much for Hieroglyphics card. Your science swaps are great fun!
Response: You are welcome. I'm glad you are enjoying the swaps. :-)
craftynut rated for PROFILE BASED POSTCARD SWAP on Apr 6, 2023
Comment: Thank you for a fantastic choice of postcard.
Response: You are welcome. :-)
Karen07 rated for A-Z of SCIENCE PC - β€œD on Mar 30, 2023
Comment: Thank you, Mark! I learned something!
Response: You are welcome. :-)
mle rated for Well That Postcard's Kinda Weird on Mar 27, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the interesting and educational postcard.
Response: You are welcome. :-)
bringitb rated for PCS: Story of these cards #7 on Mar 27, 2023
Comment: Received your cards todayβ€”great selection, thank you! I appreciate the bonus stickers, too. I will definitely put them to use. =) Thanks again!
Response: You are welcome. :-)
Comment: Cheers! I had a Guiness last night! Thanks for the cool cards.
Response: You are welcome. :-)
Karen07 rated for PCS: Six cards for two partners #6 on Mar 8, 2023
Comment: Hi Mark. The cards made it! Thanks a bunch! Like the postcard, too.
Response: Glad you liked them. Another Postcard will be on it's way to you tomorrow for the A-Z of Science-:"D" swap.
dancingtiger rated for A-Z of SCIENCE PC - β€œC" on Mar 8, 2023
Comment: did not realise computer science was called such so long ago
Response: Deltiology can teach us so much! :-)
Comment: Thanks for the neat card!
Response: You are welcome. :-)
Comment: Thank you Mark! I love this postcard! I hope all is well Down Under! Cheers!
Response: You are welcome. I'm glad you like it. :-)
LadyGuenevere rated for Vintage tourist card #32 on Feb 27, 2023
Comment: Thank you so much for your swap! I collect vintage cards, and yours has a place in my scrapbook! - Alayna <3
Response: You are welcome. :-)
Comment: thanks for the Greek lesson
Response: You are welcome. Card "C" is on its way. :-)
Comment: Thank you for the postcards, the dinosaur one is on it's way back to you today.
Response: You are welcome :-) UPDATE: My dinosaur PC arrived home today (17th March). Thank you.

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bluehairedmary on May 9, 2022:

Happy Monday from NYUP group!

Stargazer008 on Jul 26, 2020:

Hi Mark, hope your are well. To be honest I am missing your wonderful swaps: these challenging, creative topics. Well I should better say these little treasures in my letterbox! Sunny smiles from Germany, Joana

MamaMangrove on Jun 7, 2020:

Missing your swaps. Hope you'll be back with us soon.

mamajoy on May 5, 2020:

Mark: I'm so sad that you are not doing international postcard swaps right now. I totally understand, but I do miss your creative themes. Stay safe and hurry back. Joy

momto8cats on Oct 19, 2019:

Thank you again, for more surprise bookmarks & the cool alien postcard!

Cariboocarol on Sep 28, 2019:

Hi Mark - we finally made it to Vulcan so a postcard is on its way to you, hopefully with a clear cancellation! Better late than never!

momto8cats on May 3, 2019:

Thank you so much for the surprise bookmarks, erasers, and postcards! That is so thoughtful of you! How did you know the piano is my favorite instrument?

hazelwitch3 on Jan 10, 2019:

Thank you so much for angelling the Ephemera swap and for sending me such a great selection of ephemera! I'm looking forward to crafting with it.

jenmcjen on Dec 9, 2018:


jenmcjen on Dec 9, 2018:

Hi, Mark! WHY ARE ALL YOUR SWAPS SHOUTING!?!? I love your new postcard series, and look forward to participating. :D

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