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Sati's Human?

I'm really, really interested in acquiring/trading foreign currency.

Sati is my cat. I am her human. She passed away in Jan 2020, but she is still my baby, hence my username. I also have four other kitties, Gravy Boat, Isis, Peta, and Elliot. Yes, I am a crazy cat lady and I love my animals more than absolutely anything else on this planet.

After cats, my other favorite animals are flamingos, seahorses, hedgehogs, frogs, penguins, turtles, llamas, geese, snakes...pretty much anything that isn't a spider is cool with me. I like animals more than most people, which is why I spend lots of time introvert-ing with my cats.

I love foreign things - languages, people, cars and alcohol. If you speak a foreign language and want to tickle my fancy just write something in it. I don't even care if you translate it for me, I just like the way it looks! I also collect foreign currency and spoons.

My favorite color is purple. I'm also fond of green, orange and silver.

I love Jon Bon Jovi.

I am an atheist, child-free by choice, pro-choice, vehemently liberal, pro-LGBTQ rights, a mental health advocate, an avid reader, into body modification, and a letterboxer. Some people may warn their children about people like me because I'm heavily tattooed and pierced. But I promise I'm harmless.

I am impossible to offend. The raunchier, the better. I love adult coloring books (by which I mean curse words, sexual innuendo, offensive themes). While I like to laugh at things that most people dislike, I don't condone hate speech or cruelty.


  • Alice in Wonderland is my passion. I am primarily interested in the Lewis Carroll version with the original illustrations by John Tenniel, but I also like the Disney and Tim Burton versions. The Cheshire Cat is my favorite character.
  • Harry Potter (Hufflepuff)
  • Coca-Cola
  • Jagermeister
  • Foreign currency
  • Canada
  • I letterbox as well. I am Sati's Human on Atlas Quest. I am also a member of Postcrossing.com.


  • dark chocolate
  • caramel
  • chai tea latte
  • coffee
  • Toffifee/Toffifay (depending on which country you're in)
  • Maple Nut Goodies
  • anything from Trader Joe's
  • Yuengling
  • Magic Hat #9



Eurotrip, Dodgeball, The Usual Suspects, The Wedding Singer, Miss Congeniality, Dangerous Beauty, Shrek, The Princess Bride, The Crow, Office Space, most anything from the MCU


nip/tuck, Dirty Jobs, Scrubs, Family Guy, Intervention, The Office (US version), Weeds, Breaking Bad, The Big Bang Theory, Tosh.0, The Daily Show, Ren and Stimpy, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black


80s! Bon Jovi, Poison, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Guns N Roses, Duran Duran, Firehouse, Nelson, Cinderella, etc.

I love Fleetwood Mac.

And of course the music that characterized my angst-ridden teenage years - Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Korn, Tool

The last concert I attended was Bon Jovi (of course).

Since there aren't any strictly 80's or angst-ridden stations around here, I listen to classic rock during the day. My favorite morning show is 2GNC.


I will read anything you put in front of me. I like fiction, erotica, autobiographies, murder mysteries and feminist literature. David Sedaris, Anne Rice and Jeanette Winterson are just a few of the authors I enjoy.

Swap Interests

You can get a pretty good idea of my interests by taking a glance at the groups I'm a member of. I really like learning paper crafts (especially one page wonders), mail art, profile surprises, coloring collaborations, postcard exchanges, and making lists.

I appreciate when someone takes the time to personalize a swap or includes a special tuck in. I don't hold hearts hostage based on this, I recognize the hard work that goes into every swap.



  • chapstick
  • It's Happy Bunny
  • Flying Spaghetti Monster
  • Harry Potter (especially the Weasley twins and Hufflepuff)
  • Luxo Jr. (the Pixar lamp)
  • mermaids
  • She-ra Princess of Power
  • long, dangly earrings
  • silver jewelry
  • Duke Blue Devils basketball
  • Appalachian State University (my alma mater)
  • anything ostentatious


I'm very easy to please. I'll take new, storebought, freebies, ads, homemade, and Zazzle cards. I have no preference if it is naked or in an envelope. I like all kinds of postcards; the weirder, the better. If you have a postcard you don't know what to do with or that you think no one will like, then send it to me. I like postcards from foreign countries (preferably in their language), tourist cards, unusual places, something you made yourself, a card you made yourself that represents one of my interests (for instance, the Appalachian State University logo, a bottle of Magic Hat #9, a TPS report, or a Canadian flag). And if you really want to make me scream like a little girl, I love to receive cards with:

  • flamingos

  • giraffes

  • pelicans

  • penguins

  • chinchillas

  • cats

  • emus

  • llamas

  • spoons

  • mermaids

  • Harry Potter

  • Alice in Wonderland

  • cupcakes

  • hedgehogs


  • having my name misspelled
  • people singing along with the radio
  • grape or cherry flavored candy
  • the color gold
  • bags of any type
  • gummy candy (bears, worms, etc.)
  • powder based things like Jell-O or Koolaid
  • overtly religious stuff
  • anything child related (Anne Geddes, Precious Moments, etc.)
  • anything that pertains to babies, having babies, weddings, “kiddish” items, teaching stickers

The Christmas Contradiction

I love Christmas but I am not religious. For me it is all about sensory indulgence. I love the lights, the smells, decorations, ornaments, cards, trees, presents, and carols. I love the commercial hype, not the proselytizing.

Swap Policy

I promise to send and rate on time. If you don't receive something, please let me know.

However, I am not a Swap-zi. I am not going to count the days between the deadline and the postmark, unless it is an egregious amount of time. We are all here to have fun and I understand that life happens. If there is an issue, just let me know. That being said, I mark my items as sent when I click send or put them in the post. If it is after the collection time or a holiday, the mail will be picked up the next day.

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monsbrick rated for AMA pass and paste postcard # 112 on Feb 24, 2024
Comment: Hi Sherra I love what you added! I’ve considered using some of my nail polish and you’ve convinced me! How fun!
isabellasnow rated for USAPC: 3 Elements ATC #88 on Feb 23, 2024
Comment: Hi Sherra . . . thank you for the sweet ATC and thanks, too, for joining!
Kairbear rated for SMSUSA: Scattegories #11 on Feb 22, 2024
Comment: Thank you for your nice note and your great answers! We had some of the same answers!
MarHelene rated for Coloring Collab 2024 #2 on Feb 20, 2024
Comment: Will finish card and send it home.
Comment: Thank you for this fun postcard and for sharing ❤️
03Scarlett rated for SONG THEME #27 on Feb 9, 2024
Comment: Thanks so much for the cute postcard and for your list of songs. Have a nice weekend! 🌹🌹🌹
LaureAndLucky rated for IFM: Make a List #5-Animals on Feb 6, 2024
Comment: Thank you so much for sharing all this with me, I love your small letter and I would have happily read 10 pages describing each of your cats ! They sound amazing to have around ! Animals are the best, I'm also a big introvert, and spending time alone with my dog is my therapy ! I wish I could have way more cats/dogs ( and also a whole farm/zoo honestly ), when I'll get holder I will go live in the countryside with a huge garden to rescue every animal I can ahah ! Say Hi to your dear cats from Lucky & I !
Response: I'm so happy that you enjoyed reading about my cats! My future includes many, many animals as well. I can't imagine my life without my fur babies. I have so much love to give and I know they do too!
Stampalia rated for SONG THEME #26 on Feb 5, 2024
Comment: Thank you so much for a wonderful swap. You were generous to send an extra Harry Potter postcard and your list is great. So many awesome songs. I totally forgot Adele and I am secretly in love with Hozier. Please don't tell my husband lol This really made my day. Thank you :)
Response: I'm so glad you liked everything, thanks for the heart!
Comment: These are also one of my favorite types of swaps! Love your starting section and looking forward to adding my own <3
kssunlover1947 rated for Coloring Collab 2024 #1 on Jan 28, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the Winter Dreams Card. I will finish it and get it sent home. It looks like a fun one to color. Annabelle says Hi to your cats.
Response: They send some purrs back!
wolfeagle rated for AMA: Inkbox card - 24 on Jan 25, 2024
Comment: Thank you.
tizzicat rated for (Electronic Swap) Boredom Buster #2 on Jan 22, 2024
Comment: Thank you. I grew up in a village, but it was quite a bit bigger than yours, I imagine.
annim rated for (E-mail Swap) 20 Questions on Jan 22, 2024
Comment: Thank you
myancey rated for SONG THEME #24 on Jan 20, 2024
Comment: Great list! Never heard hooker with a penis before wow 😮 I love the flamingo postcard so cute!!!!!
Comment: I love this swap and your note and the extras you enclosed. Thank you so much for everything. Oh, yes, it just arrived today...not postmarked at all. I wonder where it's been hiding! LOL
Response: Wow! I'm glad it made it to you and happy that you like it. I guess the postal fairies were working in our favor.
nanadiana rated for PH: Scavenger Hunt - Places on Jan 17, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the nice selection of postcards. I can use all of them! :)
CMBOND rated for IFM: Washi Postcard on Jan 16, 2024
Comment: Thank you for this fabulous washi-ed postcard!!!😍
MeetSarah87 rated for (E-mail Swap) 20 Questions on Jan 15, 2024
Comment: Thank you for sharing. I like pineapple on pizza too. Rummy is one of my favourite games. Would love to see the pyramids and other historical sights in Egypt too.
kasa rated for (E-mail Swap) 20 Questions on Jan 15, 2024
Comment: Thank you for sharing. You made me laugh about cats and jigsaw puzzles. Like you i dont believe in NY resolutions.. I hope you get to go to Egypt and explore everything that , that country has. Happy New Year.
Response: Thank you!
DParker85 rated for Favorite Book Quote- PC on Jan 13, 2024
Comment: What a cute llamacorn!

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wolfeagle on Oct 23, 2023:

Thank you so much for the ephemera and blank ATC coins that you sent for the Send to the person above you tag. They will be great to use in some art.

LauraM540 on Oct 8, 2023:

Thanks fo the Alice themed envelope from the PF Tag!

MuggleMom on Sep 1, 2023:

So happy to see you in the Purple Craze group!



ladyaries7 on Oct 29, 2022:

Thanks so much for the note, postcards and stickers from the swap tag us tag! :)

lilmissthrifty on Oct 2, 2022:

Thank you Satis Human. I love all the notecards and will put them to good use. Happy mail day!!!

lunatenchi on Sep 16, 2022:

Sherra, thank you so so much for your letter and goodies! Alice in wonderland is great!! lolol <333

iowa05 on Sep 13, 2022:

Sherra!! 💕 Thank you so much for the sweet, chunky package of goodies for the 'Send to the Person Above You' trade. I loved everything - especially the holographic stickers and floral bookmark. 😉 You're a gem!

user6937 on Sep 9, 2022:

Sherra, I've received ANOTHER postcard (love Animal Box and TY SO MUCH for the quarters) and answer to my question about your fave food! I'm actually having a toasted tomato for lunch today (it's a Heritage Tomato I just bought at the Farmer's Market that just opened up ($3.09 for the tomato, but I'm going to save the seed and plant them next spring). Thanks again :)

user6937 on Aug 30, 2022:

Hi, Sherra! I've received the Postcard Question tag today; I love tomatoes, too (I have a LOT of little tomatoes growing in my garden that I get to eat whole) - my favourite is a toasted tomato sandwich, and my favourite dish is spaghetti. Thanks so much for putting it into an envelope.

Craynie on Aug 30, 2022:

Thank you for swapping with me! It was great to receive your package!

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