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SEPTEMBER 4th-2014 ******hello all. My name is Amanda (Arae407) and I am Jennifer's daughter. I've logged onto her profile because I have received a couple of emails from her swappers asking where she is. As some of you know my mother battles depression. Recently, after a family mishap, my mother had a nervous breakdown and is seeking hospitalization out of state. I introduced her to swap bot and she has mentioned several times how much joy it brings her to send someone something happy. Just like her. I rush home each day to get to my mailbox and see if there is happy mail. I'm sure most of us do. I understand she's been rated some 1's and 3's And I'm asking PLEASE let me make it up for her. She will be so disappointed to come home to a bad rating or kicked out of groups etc. she really truly loves this and as moat of you know gives it her all. Please PM me with anything I can make up for her. My username again is Arae407. Thank you so much for understanding. ******** September 5, 2104 ***** ******** FYI ****** I noticed some comments about Facebook and pinterest account activities, my Dad uses her pinterest account on her phone, which she currently does not have access to until she is discharged, and the Facebook activity is her friend Robin, who is doing her best to keep things to appear normal. The reason for this is because her family is not aware of what has happened with her mental health for 2 reasons, they are the reason she had the nervous breakdown and they believe there is no such thing as depression. I have posted very personal and sensitive information about my mom's medical information that I didn't have to disclose and find it sad that their is people who choose to put negative comments on her profile. I have taken the time to post for all to see and given my information to contact me and I will make up the swap in her absence. Finally my Dad is who gave me permission and asked me if I would post something about all this. I has hoped that there would be understanding and compassion for during this time for my mom who has clearly proven her love of happy mail and that she gives every swap dedication and thought to make it the best she can. Positive Vibes~ Amanda Rae

I'm a wife, mother, and grandmother that is retired from nursing that loves crafts of all kinds.I have a beautiful daughter who is grown and a terrific and handsome grandson an extraordinarily awesome husband . I live with my husband and 5 Chihuahuas named Baxter, Olli, Trixi, Lita and Blanca. I enjoy a variety of things and I have been scrapbooking, stamping and creating handmade cards since 2003. I found the inner artist within myself through stamping and creating cards. Now I do a little bit of everything such as painting, doodling , candle and soap making, recently ATC and homemade postcards, jewelry making, scrapbooking, zentangle is a newly acquired interest, and that is just to name a few things I dabble in. I do not knit or crochet at all . I would love to make a quilt or 2 one day though as my husband and I have been saving our concert shirts since we started dating in 1991 and I think they are perfect for a t-shirt quilt. I am not easily offended and find humor in things others my deem inappropriate. This goes without saying I try to be light-hearted ,not take life to seriously when I have the chance, I am open minded and non judgemental. I live with the belief that the world would be a very bland place if everyone was identical. To each their own and never judge a book by its cover. With that said, I am tattooed with a piercing here or there.. I can be a girly girl when I want to& when feeling good, I like to wear make up and style my hair most days, I also am a tom boy in some ways, I like to shoot guns of all makes/models ( they are my favorite gift to receive along with jewelry, hubby cant go wrong when he buys from those categories), enjoy fishing, car racing, hot rod/muscle cars just to name a few examples . I love to watch the sunrise or sunset, walks on the beach with the ocean washing over my feet and sand between my toes. I am out spoken and strong in my opinions and beliefs,but I never ever push them onto anyone. I believe we all have the right to our opinions and beliefs and I will not infringe mine upon anyone and I expect to be given the same respect I give. I am a person who wears my heart on my sleeve mostly, suffer from major depressive disorder for many years and currently I am doing better then I have in many years and I can say that swapping Here on Swapbot has helped me a lot in trying to cope with my depression. I also suffer with chronic pain due to fibromyalgia,but I refuse to let it get the best of me. I recently decided that negativity breeds negativity and positivity breeds positivity so I choose to be positive about life and what each day brings and I now am feeling better mentally and physically most days. I also believe in giving back and/or paying it forward. I enjoy donating my time and creations to local charitable fundraisers for causes related to helping children, animal neglect and abuse, local pet rescues and sometimes personal fundraiser for individuals that are in need. My hobbies besides crafting something or another include scuba diving,traveling, motorcycle rides when weather permits it, the beach, photography, spending time with my family, I love all animals, with a soft spot for dog's. I speak out against animal cruelty an abuse, I am spiritual but not religious as I believe there is a vast difference between the two. I worship my own higher power along with natural things. I am complicated and simple all at the same time. I am unique and proud of the individual I am. I like a wide variety of different things that may or may not surprise you and have very little dislike except when it comes to foods as I am a very finicky eater. Oh, I can't forget to mention not only do I have a shopping problem when it comes to craft stores but I love shoes and cant have enough. The wilder and more unusual the better, I like having and wearing shoes that nobody else has. I also have a clothes hoarding problem. A girl needs to have a variety of choices when it comes to getting dressed. When I do something I put my best into whatever it is that I am doing. I am trusting an understanding about things, I am always willing to help out if I can. I have found over the past year or so that having that quality is sometimes not a good thing. I am no fool though, just because I haven't mentioned something doesn't mean a person has gotten over on me. I ABSOLUTLY HATE DRAMA and refuse to be a part of it. I left that behind over 20+ years ago in high school & junior high where it belongs. As you can see I really don't fit into any one category of anything. I'm just me. I am a loyal and trusting person who takes friendships seriously . I prefer to a few close friends I can count on, then a handful of so called friends that don't thing about you except when it benefits them. I have recently ended some long time friendships because I realized that they were one way relationships, I always gave and they always took. I don't want or need that in my life. I can say I have found some absoluty awesome people here on SB. There are some that I consider the true meaning of a friend and have only known them a short period of time and never met personally. I feel more love, caring and respect by these people then I have by people I have allowed in my life for 10+ years. I am at a time in my life that I don't have time for people who aren't genuine and sincere. I don't expect everyone to be a friend, but I do expect to be given the same courtesy and respect I give to a person. I don't believe that is asking a lot of anyone I meet anywhere.

Favorite Music

I listen to variety of music heavy metal, rock, some hip hop and a little country. Some of my favorite bands or artists are Metallica, Godsmack ,Disturbed, Killswitch Engage ,3 doors down, Nickelback ,Fleetwood Mac, AC/DC, Eminem, Led Zepplin and that is just naming a few. There are many more

Favorite Books

My very favorite book is called "A Dog's Purpose by Bruce W Cameron. If you love your pet and they are family I recommend this as a must read. Others are Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul, I like poetry books, books with quotes of all topics, and I enjoy true crime books, my favorite author in that category is Ann Rule. When I do sit down to read, I can read a 400+ page book in a few days. If there is a book and a movie I always prefer the book since that allows for my own imagination to develop in my mind and they never match the movie. LOL

Favorite Movies

I like a variety of movies. I don't have cable or dish TV, but do watch Netflix and Hulu Plus. Some catergory of movies I like to watch are action type kick your butt kinda movies, suspense movies, comedies and horror movies are my favorite. I love to watch "B" zombie flicks. One comedy/zombie movie is Zombieland. I do like gory horror movies..the only movies I don't really watch are "chick flick" type movies

Favorite Television

There are a variety of shows I like. I love CSI, Law & Order, NCIS and shows of that nature. I have to watch Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad and of course now on Netflix Orange is the New Black. Old shows that are no longer on regular TV but can be found on Netflix are How I met your mother, Nip Tuck ( I know its old but it is new to me), like documenteries on true crime, some history, shows about nature/wildlife etc. Enjoy watching comedies also. Since I watch Netflix and Hulu Plus I can be anywhere from a day behind to a complete season behind what is playing on cable, so please don't tell me about anything going on with SOA especially since it will spoil it for me. LOL

Favorite Crafts

I am one to try just about any crafting such as scrapbooking, rubber stamping, card making, recently have taken up ATC and handmade postcards since joining SB. I started making jewelry and doing zentangle back in April and really enjoy that . It is a different way to create something al your own. I am not good a drawing but enjoy doodling, just catch drawn specific things. I can do stick figures though. HA HA. I like to paint with acrylics, watercolors and oil paints. I like to alter, recycle or upcycle objects or things. I love patterned or textured papers. I cant have enough. I actually have sheets that I save for only special occasions that I bought and wont use because I just cant bring myself to cut it. I know I have a problem. I Love Love Love washi tape and all the colors and designs out there. I have a vast collection and it continues to grow. I enjoy doing art journals and other types of journals. I like working with polymer clay or paper clays. I recently acquired a sewing machine from a friend that is brand new. I can so simple things and would love to learn more advanced techniques. Mixed media is a real favorite of mine and I try to use it in any craft I do when I can. I also make my own all natural bath and body products with my daughter, such things we make and offer are body butters, bath salts, sugar and salts scrubs for exfoliating. I enjoy taking photos of many subjects with my favorites being by pets or anything in nature and of course my family. I also have a stash of candle making and soap making supplies. A box of Smashbooking items. I have an entire room, (slightly small, but I have it) dedicated to my crafting supplies, I try to keep certain items in plastic tubs all together such as the candle making, soap molds, etc so they are all together when I want to use them. I try to keep my stuff organized in some fashion and do good with certain stuff and other items look as if tornado hit it. My desk needs a professional organizer along with my paper supplies and some embellishement. mostly the paper and desk though. I like to keep things in bins or small baskets for easy access and use. If I don't see something I forget I have it. I find a lot of new an exciting craft ideas on pinterest such as melted crayon art, milk painting and other different techniques I like to try out. I am always looking for and trying new and unusual ways to incorporate into whatever it is I create from ATCs to working on canvas or with clay.


WISHLIST/LIKES There are a lot of things I like or wish to try or have. My very long list is just to give everyone an idea of things that I like and who I am. Some things may seem odd or strange and others not. Anything ocean or beach related I will most certainly love since that is one of my very most favorite places. I love scuba diving and find it to be a beautiful, peaceful place that not everyone has had the pleasure to experience and my favorite under the sea life is blue ringed octopus, I do have my entire right foot tattooed with this tiny venomous creature, sea horse, coral and sea anemones, starfish and that's just the very favorites. Skulls and skeletons, motorcycles, hot rod muscle cars, anything Harley Davidson, skeleton keys, miniature vials, anything Chihuahua related, tattoo related, dark, rude and inappropriate things, oddities, fairies and pixies ( I have a lovely collection of pewter fairy figures displayed in a curio cabinet and a collection of porcelain fairies who have a fairy land built across my dresser, old apothecary jars and labels, favorite holiday is by far Halloween, oh the fun, I like vintage items but my vintage is the era if pin up girls through the 70s, so needless to say pin up girls, corsets, crayons, doodling pens, watercolor pencils, gel pens ,handmade items as I like to have others creations and pieces art anything from cards, atc, postcards etc. the sky is the limit, pretty and colorful handmade envelopes there are so many awesome papers on the market these days to choose from. I also like air mail themed items it can be regular sized or mini sized doesn't matter I will still use them. Oh I cant forget to mention washi tapes, I also like deco and other crafting tapes and use them all, blank notecards (homemade or store bought), greeting cards(homemade or store bought), postcards and they can be handmade or not, tourist or non tourist and can be stamped and naked or in an envelope, I am open to a variety, I really enjoy the inappropriate and rude ones cuz I can only imagine what my mail man thinks. I like handmade jewelry I especially am drawn to the wire wrapped or chainmaile handmade jewelry. I will say I do love my jewelry, hubby knows how to pick out the perfect pieces I must say. guns or bullets are another favorite, sugar skulls, steampunk inspired or themed items, Mayan history I enjoy learning about, stickers as long as they are not from my dislike list or sticker flakes. alphabet stickers and dimension stickers are welcome. Sunrises and Sunsets, beads(no plastic), gemstones, jewelry wire in multiple gages, ear hooks, studs, pins and pendants and other supplies used in creating handmade pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, I have not tried my hand at rings as of yet. I like handstamped metal jewelry tags/items, clay molds of objects I like, polymer clay or paper clay, resin or resin molds, paints, my favorite watercolor paints to use are called shimmering H2Os, they are great to use, shimmering spray mists, dimensional pastes, crystal effects (clear dimensional gel type item can be found in most craft stores) stencils either plastic or metal, canvas, burlaps, cork, textured or patterned scrapbooking papers( please nothing smaller then ATC sized), I like to make collages when I do handmade postcards or atcs, if you are going to send cutouts make sure there is enough for me to make a collage of at least ATC or postcard, I only have scuba magazines so that is what I usually collage or I use tattoo magazines that my hubby has bought. I like letter writing stationary (can be store bought or handcrafted set), art journals or junk journals that I can use in variety of sizes and styles or any other style of mini albums, I like to use alcohol inks and distress inks, rubber stamping, ink pads, mixed media, abstract painting, zentangles, doodling, mail art, subway style and graffiti style art, typography, I like to do paper quilling when I have the time, ribbon, lace, sea shells, hearts both the shape and the anatomically correct heart, love and love letters or prompts to start love letters or notes, the initials J, B or A, zombies, wings, paper dolls, glitter, bling, ATC supplies, sharpie markers and I'm sure more things will come to mind and I will list them as they do. Your free to check out my pinterest boards also, anything I have a board or pin for I like there is also my etsy wishlist that is out of control an amazon wishlist.


I don't have many dislikes especially when it comes swapping because if I don't prefer something I put it away for safe keeping and pass it along to another who would prefer it. This is mostly a list of things I don't use or have a need for. I do not have small children or any children in my home since my daughter is all grown up an a mom of her own, so I kindly ask please do not send anything that is considered children related. Nothing for school, baptism, wedding, etc. If you would like to send something to my grandson, Nolan 9, I'm sure he would enjoy anything teenage mutant ninja turtles or minecraft related. No tiny bits of paper, notebook paper, magazine cut outs. No reward stickers, teacher stickers, or the like. I wont use Disney, kawaii, hello kitty or those types of stickers or items, but I will happily pass them along to someone else. My home is very non traditional in décor and colors and I do not care for items that are traditional themed, country themed or the like. If you have questions about something don't hesitate to ask. I am very easy to please actually and more often then not will like whatever it may be. Nothing religious please. I do celebrate holidays and don't mind holiday related items. Lastly this is my major dislike ,I do not like pretentious, snobbish, holier then thou, look down your nose, or I'm better then you people or attitudes, no drama or being two faced. We are all individuals with individual tastes and I do not judge anyone on what they like to listen to, watch on tv, do in their spare time, worship, the clothes they wear, the color of their skin, color of hair, commonalities we may or may not share,education, location, abilities, social or economic status, job title, or any other things people like to stereotype for. I do not judge anyone, for who am I to judge. We are all entitled to,our,opinions and beliefs and to openly voice our opinions and beliefs, just remember you do not have the right to force those beliefs or opinions on others. I am very intolerant of people who stereotype others, discrimination, animal abuse or neglect , people who are fake, selfish, just outright mean,or otherwise. I will not stand by and allow or put up with such things . If you feel the need to preach or tell me my thoughts are wrong, misguided or, otherwise I will feel the need to tell you how you are wrong, misguided and whatever else. Respect me and the individual I am, along with the people around me and you will get the same in return from me. I was raised to treat others how you want to be treated and nobody is better then anybody else. The world would be very bland if we all were the same flavor, do not judge a book by its cover and lastly live and let live, to each their own. And remember Karma is a bitch, what comes around,eventually goes around.

favorite colors and treats

I love all colors, my favorite hues of colors would be bright ,bold,vivid colors that you find in the Caribbean islands, colors in the sea , colors of the sunrise or sunsets, I also like jewel tones. My least preferred hues tones would be pastel and earth tones, but that does not mean I will not like something pastel or earth tones,or use or create in those colors, I am just drawn to the,colors and find that when given a choice I, prefer the.bright, bold , vivid coloring.

I can't drink caffeine products due to medical reasons so no coffee or teas whether decaf or not. Believe me it sucks I miss having morning coffee, hot tea to relax or,iced tea on a hot summer day. I can get away with chocolate for whatever reason, and love chocolates. If you want to send snacks or the like ,that is fine, either message me or surprise me. I am a junk food junkie with sugar overload. Please no artificial sweeteners.


Cata rated for Handmade Soap (August) on Jan 18, 2015
Comment: Unfortunately I didn't receive anything.
Comment: never received
babswratt rated for *** Blue ATC *** on Sep 29, 2014
Comment: I haven't gotten anything from Jennifer. I have emailed to see what happened. UPDATE: I never heard anything from Jennifer as far as what happened. I am so disappointed.
Comment: I have not gotten my ATCs yet so I'm sorry for the 1, I read about whats going on and I hope you get better soon. I will change the rating when you are able to get back into atcs. Best wishes
notme78 rated for QUICK Etsy Swap #21 ($2-5) on Sep 19, 2014
Comment: Thanks for the ribbon.
Comment: The coordinator angeled and sent me a beautiful page because my partner did not. Ty so much! :)
ArtyBeth3 rated for Swapparoos! Mini Mail Fun on Sep 17, 2014
Comment: I'm sorry to hear you are going through a tough time right now. I will happily re-rate should I receive this swap from you in the future.
cutesygirlynai rated for SWL - rainbow of ATCs #3 on Sep 13, 2014
Comment: will re rate when i receive the lime green atc :)
Lacrimosa rated for Etsy wishlist swap $10 on Sep 10, 2014
Comment: I hope you are ok, and I will happily rerate when you pick up swapping again.
Comment: Jennifer ;) Great job on the ATC! I like the melted crayon and your decision to use one famous photo and turn it into two! Thanks also for all the extras! However, the amethysts weren't in there! Anyhow, I thank you very much I'm going to PM you about the eyeballs ;)
ladydy5 rated for Photos Received In Swaps on Sep 5, 2014
Comment: Get better soon.
BeeMGee rated for *PP* SEASHELLS SUN SAND SURF on Sep 5, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much for the fabulous parcel. I love that you used shells and sand. the shells arrived intact too so that was good. Thanks so much.
zoev1975 rated for TNW-Journal Page on Sep 4, 2014
Comment: I am gutted about this. You contacted me to ask if you could send a day late as you wanted to angel a swap that someone had flaked on for me, then I don't receive anything from you! As of today you haven't been on swap-bot since the 21st August, and it would appear are not replying to messages people are sending to you.
Bookfreak rated for NH: Handmade envelopes on Sep 3, 2014
Comment: I am not happy to give you this rating but I contacted you on Aug 20 and you said you would resend. I still have not received anything. When I do I will rerate.
EmilyT rated for Favourite Swear Word ATC on Aug 29, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much!! Love the colors, of course! That might be the only cuss word I don't use, I have a pretty foul mouth, though! Thanks also for the background papers and little envelopes!
janski48 rated for **USA SEASHELLS ATC** on Aug 27, 2014
Comment: The ATC is amazing! I love it so much! And it's extra special knowing you gathered the shells and sand yourself. :) I have friends that vacation at Sanibel Island and I love Myrtle Beach. We are going there for vacation the week of Thanksgiving! I can't wait. :) Thanks for the extra's and beautiful card. Jan K.
Lorivintage55 rated for Sender's Choice ATC on Aug 25, 2014
Comment: Awesome card and goodies! Thank you so much :)
dana1214 rated for ATC with a book page USA on Aug 25, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the neat card I love it! Thank you for the goodies :)
Comment: Thank you for the atc and the wonderful package. Sorry I'm so late giving you a rating.

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thebragal on Jan 10, 2015:

I'm sorry I cannot approve you for Spoiled Swappers but please reapply when you are well and caught up. Best wishes for a full recovery.

anrtist on Nov 9, 2014:

@Arae407 ... deleted now?
@Scubaroo73 ..I am sorry I had to remove you from the LLL Group. Even though we don't swap the members feel better knowing it is a flaker free zone. When you get right with SB by making up your excessive 1s you may join again if you want to. I Pray you can come home &feel better soon and become healthy, happy and can repair your relationship with your family too ;-)
Blessings, cc

shannonlinde on Oct 3, 2014:

I am so very sorry you are in the hospital. I hope things turn around for you. I wish you the very best and will keep you in my prayers.

PrairieKittin on Sep 15, 2014:

I have angeled the "newbie friendly journal page 5" swap, and have asked her partner not to rate her down for it. I hope that takes a little bit of stress off her family. Hope she feels better soon.

fireyvalkyrie on Sep 12, 2014:

Tc why do you find it necessary to do this to people you are a vicious vicious woman...

ArtyBeth3 on Sep 5, 2014:

The due date to mail the Swapparoos! Mini Mail Fun swap was September 2 and I see you haven't marked this as "Sent" yet. Hopefully you will be doing this soon as I look forward to receiving this swap from you.

TC on Sep 5, 2014:

Jennifer, if you can post on FB and pin every day on Pinterest, you are able to log into SB. Please have the decency to contact your partners.

cutesygirlynai on Sep 4, 2014:

i REALLY hope those FOUR swaps you are in of mine, that you have still not clicked sent, are not going to be flaked on. i am really not happy. sort it out.

kirstyenarno on Sep 3, 2014:

Can you please check your messages and rate your partner for the NH: hm envelope swap.Thank you!

fireyvalkyrie on Sep 3, 2014:

Miss your sweetness on here

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