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Rating and Such

~My ratings are very important to me, they are a reprensentation of my word and I value that highly.~

With that being said please read the rest of my profile, it does get better the farther down you go. Have a wonderful day.

P and S: I Will always send my end of a swap. I've been burned several times already and will not do that to another. If ,IF for any reason it is going to be late I will contact you.
If you don't get something from me in a timely manner, PLEASE contact me I will resend, I want you happy with your experience and I don't want a low rating. Thank you so much, Seren.

OH and this has happened far to many times. IF you are NOT rated, I did NOT get a thing from you. There seems to be a lot of hoopla over rating...


If a swap has been sent from over seas and it is lost in the mail and I believe my partner. ~~I will NOT make them resend, it is far to expensive and I will NOT rate them~~ . It is not their fault that the swap was lost. I will not give them a one if I truely believe them to be honest, I will leave it open. I also contact them and give them opiton to resend or just not be rated...

~~I DO RATE EVERY SWAP I GET...~~ I also rate in a timely manner. If you have not been rated by me, please feel free to contact me. I am a frim believer in communication.

I am human and mistakes do happen. I will let you know if for some reason I rated late.

I am a very good, loving person, I am considerate and am not hard to talk to. I understand life and hardships getting in the way of fun stuff. I understand how things come up. Those who have contacted me I am so thankful for your communication.

Sorry to have to talk about the bad stuff right off the bat, but to be so new and still deal with flakers is just amazing to me. I will stop complaining now. Thank you for reading.

~~Good Karma everyone... Good Karma~~.

I am a midwest girl trapped in Texas. I lived with in 7 miles of my hometown all 40 years I lived in Michigan, 7 years ago I and my two children moved to South East Texas close to the gulf {Corpus Christi} and the border of Mexico. So that my children could have grandparents and family.
Side note: In August of 2012 I and my two children moved to California. Man two cross country moves in one life time. NEVER again.

I love anything vintage and prefer to be surrounded by things that are old... I am new to ATC but am having a great time finding my own way of doing them. All the jewelry I create is vintage things or upcycled. I love to upcycle most anything.

I'm a lover of paper, all kinds of paper. Ephemera is something I collect, I'm not sure what to do with it, but it's a love of mine. I love gemstones and vintage findings.

I've made a living from restoring antique wicker and rush, splint, cane furniture etc... for folks all over .That is my greatest love. I enjoy using my hands and creating.

Favorite Music

I love most all music, but I am partial to Rap, R & B and Opera... OH and I love old school blues. Etta James, Billy Holiday, Howlin Jack Hawkins... when the blues were blue.

Favorite Books

I just love books. I read just about anything, my shelves are brimming with books on nearly every subject.

I am partial to fantasy, you know mystical fantasy.

It's really hard for me to put a list of books or authors. My love ranges from Shakespeare to "Do it yourself" decorating.

More Me Stuff:

Most of all my free time is spent doing some sort of artsy thing with my hands.

I have recently discovered that there are sharpie markers out there. LOLOL who would have thought I would discover the love of them. so now I draw 99% of my envelopes.

My mother passed on to me my love of reading and my father any artistic ability I have. I am pleased to see that both my children love reading and drawing, creating. The creative process is so important to a person, it's not perfect and there is nothing perfect that I create.

It's my hope that what I make will be pleasing to my partner here on swap-bot. I am always looking to improve myself.

I love anything that has to do with nature. I come from a place filled with lakes, ponds, marshes, Trees... I now live in the desert so all the vegetation I have loved my whole life isn't no where around here.

So Trees and nature are very important to me. I have always since I was a child dried flowers, grasses, leaves and gathered things from nature to bring into my home {just to have and look at}. All my ATC are made using foliage of somekind. I have an ongoing journal I have named My "mood journal" it is where I put entries in using only dried foliage, no words save the date. It's all based on nature and the mood I am in.

I have several {unused and abandoned} bird nest I've brought in the house... {laughs} and a few wasp nest too. I love leaves, branches and I have a very nice collection of rocks. All my friends know when on vacation that a really cool prize for me is to get me a rock or crystal.

I collect vintage playing cards. Sometimes I pass some on to swappers. I have a rather large collection. But I just adore them. I have a large collection of fibers, Laces, Ribbons things like that which I use in my journals.

~~I am a self confessed Texture Freak, if it has an interesting "feel" to it, I'm going to love it.~~

I love boxes, I can't tell you why, but I am a box nut. doesn't matter the size or material.. My Sweetheart man just surprised me this morning with a tiny tiny 2x2 in box.. now the smallest I own.

Things I Love

Fixing and upcycling furniture pieces. Finding new purposes for anything to avoid the landfill. {I took a chair and used the backs as places to put my earrings. Pictures in flickr}

Mixing new and vintage things together to create something stunning.

I Love to garden.
Love to grow and create things. It's my saving grace during hard times. Quilting, ATC, Jewelry design, Drawing, Candles, Dried flowers, Gathering Quotes, Vision Boards.

I enjoy making bookmarks I make them using a vintage wire I found one wonderful day. All the book marks I create are OOAK\Limited edition.

Journals: I love journals. I am currently in 5 private journal swaps off of here. They are "Get to know Me, Art Journals" I love doing prompts mixed with art and other fun stuff.

I love and collect all sorts of things. Seaglass... Cast Iron skillets... Cast iron trivets. Chair backs {those with interesting details}... I'm a lover of natural elements, I love Wood, Iron, Earth, Water... in all it's forms.

OHHHH, and if anyone can tell me the smallest scrap you use to make a dottee doll I would so appreciate that. I don't know how to make them {although I have really admired them} but I have tons of fabric I'd like to pass along to dottee makers so if you can give me some idea how much it takes to make one I can start adding that in as something to give to partners.

I may have to add things later. I didn't realize that so many folks want to know your favorite colors. So mine are the colour of a bruise.. No joke, they are... black, Purple, blue, pink.. dark colors... but I seem to be having a love affair with the color red right now.

You know, I am so easy to please and I am thrilled to just have and take part in things. so what ever I am given I am most thankful for. I pass out hearts based on the effort of the swapper. I think art and a persons artistic experession should be rewarded..


basykes rated for Composition book journalling fun on Jun 10, 2013
Comment: Wow!! I haven't had a chance to go through the whole book yet, but I'm blown away. Makes me embarrassed to think about what *I* sent out! Great job!
Response: Thank you so much for my rating and heart basykes. I really enjoyed making this book. I would be interested in what you think once you've had the chance to go through it. Feel free to contact me anytime. Namaste Seren
BlossomPaper rated for Handmade-No Paper- Bookmark on Apr 11, 2013
Comment: Your Bookmark is AWESOME and I love it so much! )O( thank you for the extras, you are very talented! LOVE ALL!!!
Response: Thank you so much Blossom, I am thrilled you loved every thing and I am so so happy it got to you safely. I was worried for a bit. Many blessing Blossom and thank you for the heart. Namaste
pearlbustard rated for Handmade bookmark swap on Mar 11, 2013
Comment: Thanks so much! Love the bookmark and all the other "goodies" you included. :)
Response: Thank you sweetie, I am so glad you like it and the other goodies. Namaste Seren
Toupti rated for Get To Know Me Journal Swap on Aug 15, 2011
Comment: OMG... WOW... I'm speachless. I just received your journal. What an AWESOME & AMAZING piece of art. I just can't believe it. Even my husband (who's usually not really curious about my swaps) wanted to peak in the box. I haven't have time to read it yet and I'm going to do it slow, because I want to enjoy every page of it. Thanks again for this great swap. Hugs. =D
aether rated for Open Theme Journal *edited* on Aug 11, 2011
Comment: Wow, you really went all out on this. I can't believe you were able to part with it. Thank you. Sorry for taking so long to rate, I haven't been home for a while.
Response: I'm glad you liked it Aether. It was a lot of fun to make. I love artjournaling. Thank you for rating and for the heart. Blessings. Seren
Pyxidragon rated for The Journal Of Me on Jan 22, 2011
Comment: Baby, just finished reading the journal. You are absolutely amazing and I am honored to have you as my friend.
Response: Thank you so much Pyx I had so much fun doing this with you. I loved getting yours and learning more about who you are. it was special, thank you for being my friend. I love you. Blessings.
Sweeturoc rated for Julie and Seren Hippie Journal on Nov 21, 2010
Comment: Serenity has out done herself once again. Your creativity is beautiful!!
Response: Aww girl I can't wait to start Our new journal. it's going to be even better.
marcsgrl rated for between marcsgrl and Serenity on Nov 15, 2010
Comment: Super super amazing person. Thanks for everything!
Response: Thank you sweetheart for the heart and for being a friend.
coleenfranks rated for Serenity/Coleen private swap on Nov 14, 2010
Comment: Yay! It arrived.
Response: Coleen I am so glad you got the package and you liked what was in it. It's super fun to get a package... I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond thank you for my heart. I am answering your PM today. smile Many Blessings Seren
woopsydaisy rated for Open Theme swap on Oct 4, 2010
Comment: BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL cards! I just love them and the special meaning behind them. I will cherish them. Thank you!
Response: Thank you so much for your compliment and for the heart. I am sorry it took me so long to respond. Thank you for appreciating my Tree and the importance of it. Many blessings.
17Papergoddess rated for Open Theme swap on Oct 3, 2010
Comment: nice dedication & work entailed :) thank you for your thoughtful creation
Response: I'm sorry it took me so long to respond, I am doing a catch up on that today. Thank you so very much for my heart. I appreciate you seeing the work it took to make the Tree. Many blessings
jannieb rated for Open Theme swap on Oct 1, 2010
Comment: Thank u for the ATC's & the lovely letter. I appreciate the time & effort that you put into making them. They are lovely & not too lumpy at all! Thanks!!
Response: Oh thank you so much for the rating and the heart. I'm so glad you liked the ACT, I love making them and I am THRILLED they are not to lumpy. they are very neat to touch if you haven't..
patumma rated for FIBER FREAK Swap on Sep 14, 2010
Comment: What a lovely assortment of fibers! I love every one! They are very different from what I have so they will be very useful to me. It is WONDERFUL to have such a nice variety! Great swap idea! I love the charms you sent thank you !!! Pat
Response: I'm so glad you liked every thing. It makes me happy and on today I needed this bit of happy, thank you for that.
jjcob rated for Art Journal Fiber Swap on Sep 6, 2010
Comment: What a GORGEOUS array of colours to come out of the envelope-I loved it!!! Thank you so much. :)
Marshmallow rated for Prescription of Quotes on Sep 1, 2010
Comment: Cute! Thanks for the great prescription, I'll be sure to take it daily :O) UPDATE: I picked up the envelope today and was surprised to find your ATC and note inside...somehow they got stuck inside. I love your beautiful ATC, what a wonderful Palm Tree I wish I could make ATC as well as you can...thanks for the extra :O)
Response: Thank you so much sweetie for my heart I really appreciate it. I'm glad you like the prescription I hope that I chose some good quotes. Blessings for you.
Wibbly rated for 43Things Friends on Aug 11, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the great 43 Ideas , I enjoyed reading them.
Response: Thank you honey, you are a joy to know, I hope that we can become better friends on 43. Namaste Seren
Sweeturoc rated for Happy Hippie Journal on Aug 9, 2010
Comment: Seren, I love seeing your creativity. It blows me away every time to see your work. You put so much of your heart and soul and it truly shows. Love you! Julie
Response: Awww girly.. Thank you so much for my heart and giving me my first star... I love having stars. You ROCK and I'm gonna love doing more swaps with you in them. folks have a great partner when they have you.
creationsbytee rated for July Sender's Choice on Aug 4, 2010
Comment: I am awed at the technique you used! Very Unique! I love weeping willows! My neighbor had one for years until a storm a few years back damaged it, and it had to be cut down. I am so glad to have received this one! Thank You so much. And also thank you for all the extra's you sent! The stamps and fabric were greatly appreciated! Teresa
Response: You are welcom Teresa, I'm so thrilled you loved the weeping willow. I'm glad you liked how I made it too. I have three other types of trees I make. I just love making them, you've been a great partner to create for. Thank you for my heart. Blessings.
PinkElephantPrincess rated for 43Things Friends on Aug 3, 2010
Comment: Thanks! Added you!
Response: Thanks for the rating I do so appreciate that.
holesinhistory rated for 43Things Friends on Aug 3, 2010
Comment: thanks for all the comments/feedback :)
Response: Thank you for the rating. I do so appreciate it.

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Hi gorgeous! Drop me a line, letting me know when I can call, k?

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got your msg & wanted to let you know that your beloved dad, sis & you are in my thoughts & prayers. take care seren! xo mary ann

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Hi Serenity! Stopped by to say hi! :) Sending you some positive energy for your family's health, and good luck for your swaps you are hosting...glad to be a part of it. Namaste

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