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Date Joined: December 30, 2009
Last Online: September 25, 2023
Birthday: July 20
Country: United States
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my photography project

I am Zoey... Zoey I am


My passion and my dream "Photography" i love being able to capture the world as i see it and share with others to enjoy.

The past few years as life sent me into a few flip flops, I renewed my love of Painting, I paint Rustic Farmhouse scenes and I have a local craftsman that frames my art in rustic barnwood

~I am a mother to two grown children, & mommom to two adorable grandchildren,

so the low down is..Zoey Rayne is my Artist Name...Peppie is my everyday life name...

you will most likely find me in my art studio most days ~Life is good~

I am a artist. crazy at times.shy.eclectic in many ways.a true friend.very emotional.a lover of life.quiet.I miss my family.time slips by me.hate to cook.picky eater.moody Dreamer.Pretty~~Shiny~~things catch my attention~.


I ♥ Quotes

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. ~Pablo Picasso

An artist is a dreamer consenting to dream of the actual world. ~George Santayana

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep." ~Scott Adams

"Creativity is a drug I cannot live without."~Cecil B. Demille

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home. ~Twyla Tharp

It's what I Love

  • I would like to add to my sand/dirt collection from all over the world if you could send a small baggie 30 ML/ film canister amount~ i would love it, please include the location..... i could even swap with you if you are interested in any sw florida beach sands :) or WV sand

  • I collect Gems/Crystals Rocks I love Rough and or Tumbled Smooth

  • I enjoy Oracle Cards/Decks
  • I enjoy the color Teal
  • Beach Theme anything from the beach, beach finds are a collectable love of mine
  • Tinkerbell anything and everything Tink
  • Anything with the word "DREAM"
  • Anything "The Happy Planner" All sizes
  • Scented wax cubes
  • Smashed Pennies
  • Hello Kitty
  • Kawaii anything Love the cuteness
  • Artist paint brushes (you can never have enough i say )
  • Acrylic paint tubes
  • cabinet of curiosity stuff & (tiny stuff)
  • Tim Holtz....anything
  • 7 Gypsies..Ten Second Studio..Graphic 45
  • anything small metal...odd different even better
  • Vintage Ephemera (is transitory written and printed matter not intended to be retained or preserved)
  • handmade blank journals/altered journals
  • handmade paper-specialty/exotic paper
  • mixed media/art paper-mulberry/banana paper
  • tiny things
  • Smash book stuff
  • watercolor pencils
  • stickers Deco..Sticko..K&Company..labels
  • Artist Markers (Copic or any such as that)
  • altered art
  • fibers
  • postcards vintage used/or new
  • anything handmade with TLC
  • Anything Kitty related ( i have 2 furloves)
  • unique/crazy fabric
  • vintage photos
  • charms (handmade is awesome)

Favorite things in life

  • My Decorating style

  • Retro 50's 60's

  • shabby chic

  • Industrial Chic

  • Farmhouse

  • Country

  • Beach Theme of course :)

  • Going to Thrift Stores

  • Smell of Rain on the concrete

  • Spending time at the Beach

  • coconut Fragrance

  • Moonlight walks on the Beach

  • Nappy nap times

  • I collect sand/dirt from places I have visited (put into glass jars) or friends bring me back some from their visits...

Not so much.....

*** Chocolate/Peanuts *(allergic to these)

***Spiders (Real ones that is) they scare me

*** Snakes yea they scare me too

***Fake people

*** Rose Scent

***Smoke/things that smell of smoke

*** Little to no effort in a swap.. just thrown together to say its done

Lil' bit more bout me

Well if you have made it this far i haven't bored you too much.....

Back in West Virginia sadly had to leave my love The Beach...someday i will return... I live in SW Florida so i love the outdoors and the sunshine, relocated from NE Ohio..left many friends sadly enough...grew up in West Virginia

I am always open for personal swaps, especially Altered Art~~Canvas Art~~Journals~~anything Photography~~or just anything you might bring to my attention...PM me anytime

I am a collector by nature, and my pack-rat tendencies are always with me, whether I am at a thrift shop, junk/yard sales, antique stores, down to bookmarking websites, or downloading Photoshop brushes (which i have a such an addiction). I like to call myself a sentimental pack-rat....others just see junk and clutter, I am a very disorganized wanna be organized individual!!

  • Fav Season:Fall
  • Fav Holiday: Halloween
  • Fav Quote: The Journey is just as important as your Destination
  • My Inspiration:My Parents
  • Fav Colors~Teal & Pink pink/purple~~Pink/Brown combo~~ minty green/pink~~

TV/Movies & shows that i enjoy

  • Game of Thrones
  • The Voice
  • Criminal Mind
  • The 100

I enjoy Geocaching..it must be the pleasure of finding small treasures, it has been fun and i need to get out there more.

What i enjoy doing---

  • Rag Quilts
  • Multi Media Canvas Art
  • Painting
  • Art Journals
  • Sew Art
  • Inchies/Atc's

I love playing MMO's I play GW2

My dream someday would be to live in a smallish cottage on the beach..i would decorate it in a really sweet shabby chic style....my art studio would ideally have a huge window overlooking the water...and a pool on the side of the cottage....I would drive a really cool VW bug creamsicle orange...awhhh that would be the ultimate....just a simple life

Art with Style

Just a view of Art Styles that i really enjoy although i can & do appreciate all

  • Shabby Chic
  • Art Assemblage
  • Rustic Goth
  • Fantasy Art
  • Erotic Art
  • Altered Art
  • Street Art
  • Primitive/Grunge
  • Dark Art
  • Recycled Art
  • Outsider Art

I like to listen to *Muzik*


I love listening to Music...all genres:

  • Florida Georgia Lin
  • Hardy
  • Imagine Dragons
  • Pretty much any Country

I also enjoy World/Celtic as well such as:

  • Loreena McKennitt
  • Enya
  • Celtic Woman

My all-time heart throb would have to be

  • Tim McGraw

If you have a fav that you would like to share please let me know i love learning and listening to music that i may not be exposed to

Wanna Curl up with a Good Book

I am a avid book reader, mostly murder mystery some of the authors in my collections are

  • John Sanford (Excellent),
  • Patricia Cornwell,
  • Kay Hooper,
  • Nicholas Sparks (a little romance never hurts) and my latest love is
  • Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer

It's How I Roll

If I am your partner and you do not get my swap then please let me know before you rate me. So we have a chance to figure out what happened/ I will send my items right away so it gives enough time for the packages to reach its destination. I will definitely resend any swaps that don't make it through. But i must know, so no confusion occurs...please..I only want happy experiences.

I make a great effort to rate the packages I receive just as soon as I open them. So if you have not been rated I may not have received it yet. If it's been awhile and you are concerned, please feel free to contact me. PLEASE Contact me BEFORE a deadline if you will be late sending.. (life happens: & I understand much better with communication)....

If you are in a swap that i host and you send late without communication, more than likely i will not allow you in other swaps, because i take deadlines very serioulsy

We all have different skill levels & strong points, but the quality of your work shines through when you put your best into it. please send what you feel is the best example of who you are and how you want to be seen as a artist or crafter.

Take Note:

Received the swap item and followed the guidelines of the swap. 5 (only exception is: if late and full communication and a understanding has been met, then and only then will i consider different)

Received the swap item but the guidelines were not followed. 3

Did not receive the swap item. 1

I give hearts for heartfelt swaps

I would like to take this time to thank my partners that i swap with, I appreciate your time and thoughts that go into your swaps.

makes me sad

ok time to add the flaky flakes......all have been Angel'd by awesome friends..Thanks so much

Two favorite photos #1 - landscapes no send from @amiliasmomma *****Angel'd by @Scuslidge on 11/18/10, so very thoughtful & absolutely stunning photos...thank you

Tourist Brochure Swap #4 no send from @dawnmarie ******Angel'd by @jannieb on 10/13/10, so very nice & thoughtful of her

painted records!! no send from @bronzfrog

altered pop top no send from @slowlydrowning4u Angel'd by @TARAism so sweet of her to offer and what a fantabulous job she did! ty

Naked Mail! no send from @Collie *****Angel'd by the wonderful host @alliefierce


wolfeagle rated for EASU: Found Poetry ATC on Sep 14, 2023
Comment: Thank you. I find these challenging but fun also. ;)
RockyBeach rated for AMA: Triad of Colors -July on Aug 14, 2023
Comment: Thank you for your little house / home. :)
Comment: Love the Puss In Boots! Especially, the feather in the hat! Thanks ❤️
DaisyNY rated for AMA: Triad of Colors - June on Jun 30, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the collaged ATC - it's almost like a flag.
Comment: Loved all the purple, inside and out & your entertaining note and great stuff you enclosed, sure glad you’re back, pard-ner! We did have one postage stamp we both used but of course I didn’t have your special 2010 customized tynkerbelle stamp and now I do!
Comment: Thanks for this beautiful watercolor piece! I love it! I love the beautiful bright yellow environment, with the special address stamp too! BTW, I also collect sand from all over. I have small glass vials, that I put it in to send. Ours is black sand "guaranteed" to have gold in it. PM me please. Stay safe and healthy! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Lealie rated for AMA: Triad of Colors -May on May 24, 2023
Comment: Aw, such a cute peacock! And that notecard is gorgeous, too! Thank you <3 Edit: sorry for the spelling mistake!
Response: you are so very welcome..i loved how i found the notecard for inspiration .. happy swapping I appreciate the heart & rating
Comment: Thank you!
Response: Thank you...so glad it arrived...appreciate the patience ... happy swapping I appreciate the heart & rating
Created46 rated for AMA: Sender's Choice Mail Art -04 on May 15, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the swap. I love your inspiration, as when I was a child this was totally me.
Response: so happy it gave you inspiration...i agree...wish we all could continue to be carefree as children... happy swapping I appreciate the heart & rating
Comment: As always, love it! Thank you so much.
Response: So glad he arrived and you loved it...I must say it was a piece of art i had a really hard time parting with...i just thought it turned out way better than i ever imagined..and that does not always happen lol...you are so welcome...and thanks for hosting this theme...love them.. happy swapping I appreciate the heart & rating
Comment: HI Peppie! Love your abstract ATC! This technique was so much fun that I think I will have to use it again in the future! I am also used it with alcohol inks, bunching it up to make almost like veins on the paper, also a cool look! All the best! Hugs and Happy Swapping! ;)
Response: so glad that you loved it...i agree i will use this technique more often..i think it gave a very nice effect, and using other mediums might be fun...happy swapping I appreciate the heart & rating
Poeprincess rated for ACTS Monthly Holidays - April on May 2, 2023
Comment: Love your whimsy birds & the haiku. Thank you for using different denomination stamps to mail. I like saving them.
Response: glad you could use the stamps..i try to use as many vintage as i can...gives a nostalgic look...and happy you enjoyed the birds & haiku...i love whimsy art....happy swapping I appreciate the heart & rating
Comment: Love it. I think that is my first ATCoin. And thanks for extras too.
Response: So glad you enjoyed it...i rather enjoy the atc coins..a different look for sure....happy swapping I appreciate the heart & rating
Comment: I love this piece of art - so cute and creative!! I'm glad you enjoyed trying this technique, it's definitely a challenge if you like to color inside the lines like I do, lol!! Thank you so much - it's going up on my bulletin board mini art gallery I have in my office!
Response: Thank you so much for the lovely compliment...yes it was a challenge but i love being open to new techniques that i would otherwise not attempt...it was most certainly like painting with no control in a way :).....happy swapping I appreciate the heart & rating
Comment: Thank you for the lovely swap. It's a lovely poem and the photo works so well with it. /thank you. 😺
Response: You are so very welcome....i have always thought about putting together a small book...my photo adventures and my poetry...Goals :) Thank you for the encouragement much appreciated... happy swapping I appreciate the heart & rating
user6937 rated for ACTS: Monthly Holidays - March on Apr 12, 2023
Comment: Thanks for joining!
Response: always so much fun....ty for hosting happy swapping I appreciate the heart & rating
Ikat78 rated for AMA: Triad of Colors- March on Apr 10, 2023
Comment: Love the black/white with the red heart! Thank you for the beautiful art. I’ll keep WV Penitentiary in mind. I’d love that!
Response: Glad you liked it..i have a big wall canvas that I painted very similar, love the look...and yes i hope one day you can venture your explorations into WV there is actually quite alot of places to visit..if you do love to hear of them... happy swapping I appreciate the heart & rating
birgitph rated for AAA: Postage Stamp March on Apr 8, 2023
Comment: Love it! Great combination of stamp and image!
Response: It was very fun creating that one for sure...tyvm :) happy swapping I appreciate the heart & rating
Comment: Thank you for the beautifully decorated envelope, the gorgeous atc, and kind welcome message. Much appreciated!
Response: you are so very welcome, glad you enjoyed it all...hope to swap again..Happy Spring...happy swapping I appreciate the heart & rating
explore rated for AMA: Sender's Choice Mail Art-03 on Apr 5, 2023
Comment: Peppie, thank you for the hand-drawn fox. Very cool! I like the simple colors. Happy April!
Response: You are so welcome...i have come to enjoy trying my hand at drawing animals, especially foxes :) Happy Spring...happy swapping I appreciate the heart & rating

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